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40+ Farmer Jokes That Are Sure To Harvest Tons Of Laughs

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A farmer is not known only for the work that they do but also the other farm elements that add to their personality, and these elements sure make up for some hilarious jokes.

There are many interesting factors that make the farmer and their techniques funny joke material. Funny farming jokes are based on their ways of life and work.

Everyone loves great jokes, and when it's something interesting as funny agriculture jokes, it changes the way one looks at this difficult profession altogether. The same goes with the farmer one-liners, corny farm jokes, and the old country jokes and whoever cracks them is a great comedi-hen! Plowing, planting, harvesting, feeding, and taking care of animals is what a farmer spends his life doing. All these tasks make for some really funny farm jokes, harvest jokes, dairy farmer jokes, and make farming humor exciting. So, if you are looking for some farm humor, you're in luck. This list has some best farmer jokes, jokes about farming, as well as some classic old farmer jokes.

If you want something more, these Cow Jokes and Pig Puns are for a different perspective on a farm joke and puns related to animals.

Jokes About Farmers

Farmer humor can make some hilarious farmers jokes.

Farmers give everything to their profession and hence deserve to read such funny, relatable jokes about themselves to have a laugh. Plow through these farmer related jokes to have a quacking time.

1. How did the farmer find the cow? He tractor down.

2. How did the farmers get the highest marks in the math exams? They were all pro-tractors.

3. What conversations does the farmer have with the cow while milking? Udder nonsense.

4. What should the farmer say to the cow when it comes in his way? Mooooove!

5. What did the farmer say when one of his cows went missing? "Oh! I have made a terrible miss-steak."

6. What does the farmer refer to his next-door horse as? His neigh-bor.

7. What kind of things does a farmer get to make crop circles with? A pro tractor

8. What would you get after crossing a farmer with headphones? Beets by Dre.

9. What would you get after crossing a robot and a tractor? A transfarmer.

10. Where did the farmer take the horses when they were sick? To the horsepital.

11. Where do farmer's kids go to grow up? The kinder garden.

12. Why do the farmers go to watch movies often? To watch the trailers.

13. Why do you think the cow jumped over the moon? Because the farmer had cold hands.

14. Why had the farmer buried cash in his soil? He wanted to make his farmland rich.

15. Why wouldn't a farmer laugh at any jokes? Because all the jokes were very corny.

16. What do you call a happy farmer? A Jolly Rancher!

17. What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? He said, "Where is my tractor?"

18. What will the farmer say to the cow when it cannot sleep? "You should really get some sleep, it is pasture bedtime."

19. Why doesn't a farmer talk about jokes in front of a cow? Because the cow has herd them all.

Farm Animal Jokes

Cows are the first animals that come to one's mind while talking about farmlands.

Ever wondered how farm humor can make a farmer joke even funnier? They sure make for some hilarious jokes for pastureland creatures. Check this list of farm animal jokes.

20. What did mummy cow say to baby cow at night? It is pasture bedtime, dairy.

21. What do you call a cow without a calf? De-calf-eineted.

22. What do you call a bull that always falls asleep? A bull-dozer.

23. What are the favorite martial art moves of pigs? Pork chops.

24. What did the farmer get after crossing an owl with the goat? Hootinnany.

25. What is a horse's favorite game to play? Stable tennis.

26. What is a sheep's favorite game to play? Baaaa-dminton.

27. What is the dog on the farm called? It is called a corn dog.

28. What would you get after crossing a moody sheep with an angry cow? An animal with a very baaaaaaaa-d mooooooooo-d.

29. Which farm animal keeps the time-check? The watchdog.

30. Who tells chicken jokes the best? The comedi-hens are excellent at telling chicken jokes.

31. Why do you think cows have hooves instead of feet? The cows have hooves instead of feet because they lactose.

32. What did the sad pig say to the farmer? It said, "You tell me sad pig tales and take me for grunted."

Agriculture Related Jokes

Farming cannot be without agricultural support for it. So here are a few fun ideas of agricultural jokes that you'd enjoy.

33. Did you hear about the magic tractor? The magic tractor turned into a field of crops.

34. Did you hear about the milk incident that happened on the farm? It was udderly disgusting.

35. Did you hear about the wooden tractor? It had a wooden engine, wooden wheels, and it wooden even work!

36. What did the baby corn ask the mother corn when he wanted to play with his father? "Mom, where is popcorn?"

37. Who looks after the farm when the farmer is sick? The farm-assist.

38. Why are people jealous of agriculture majors? Because they always get a job in their field.

39. Why did the farmers plow their field with a steamroller? To get some steamed potatoes.

40. Why shouldn't you keep any secret on a farm? Because on a farm, the potatoes have eyes, and the corn has ears!

Jokes Related To Harvesting

Check out these funny jokes about harvest season.

41. What did the corn farmer say after a good harvest? "There's polenta more where that came from."

42. What would one witch say to the other at the harvest festival? "That's macabre."

43. What is the harvester's favorite music artist? "Hall'n Oates."

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Farmer Jokes, then why not take a look at these eggcellent Egg Jokes, or for something that is highly stuffed with fun like Turkey Jokes.

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