45 Farmer Jokes That Are Sure To Harvest Tons Of Laughs

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Originally Published on Jan 05, 2021
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Ever wondered why farmers have such a great sense of humor? It's because their lives are brimming with elements that are just perfect for cooking up some belly-laugh-worthy jokes!

There's a unique humor to be found in the farmer's life and work. From sunrise to sunset, their routine of plowing, planting, harvesting, and tending to the animals unfolds in ways that can tickle anyone's funny bone. By adding wordplay and puns to the mix, you create an entire harvest of hilarity!

It's not just the funny farmer one-liners, the corny farm jests, or even those well-aged country quips. It's the sum of all these that turns anyone who tells them into a veritable laugh-farmer if you will.

From dairy farmer jokes to crop-cracking farmer jests, there's a rich variety of humor to explore. So, whether you're after a quick chuckle or a full-blown guffaw, you're in for a treat.

You've got a bumper crop of farming humor right here, featuring the best, the funniest, and the corniest farmer jokes that are sure to brighten your day! So, buckle up and get ready for an amusing journey into the funny side of farming.

Jokes About Farmers

An Indian farmer collecting harvested bundles of wheat stalk

Farmers pour their hearts into their work, don't they? And who says they can't have a heaping dose of humor along with their hay? Let's dive into these farm-tastic jokes that'll surely bring a smile to any farmer's face.

Prepare yourself for a barn full of laughter as we plow through these rib-ticklers. Ready to have a quacking good time? Let's go!

1. How did the farmer find the cow? He tractor down.

2. How did the farmers get the highest marks in a mathematics exam? They used pro-tractors.

3. What conversations does the farmer have with the cow while milking? Udder nonsense.

4. What should the farmer say to a cow when it is in his way? "Mooooove!"

5. What did the farmer say when one of his cows went missing? "Oh! I have made a terrible miss-steak."

6. How does the farmer refer to his next-door horse? His neigh-bor.

7. What kind of things does a farmer get to make crop circles with? A pro-tractor

8. What would you get if the rapper Dr. Dre was a farmer? Beets by Dre.

9. What would you get after merging a robot and a tractor? A Transformer.

10. Why did the farmer feed the pigs sugar and vinegar? He wanted sweet and sour pork.

11. Where did the farmer take the horses when they were sick? To the horsepital.

12. Where do farmer's kids go to study? The kinder-garden.

13. Why do the farmers go to watch movies but not sit till the end? They love to watch the trailers.

14. Why do you think the cow jumped over the moon? Because the farmer had cold hands.

15. Why had the farmer buried cash in his land? He wanted to make his farmland rich.

16. Why wouldn't a farmer laugh at any jokes? Because all the jokes were very corny.

17. What do you call a happy farmer? A jolly rancher!

18. Why are farmers cruel? Because they pull corn by the ears.

19. What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? He said, "Where is my tractor?"

20. What was the result, when the farmer crossed a chili pepper, a shovel, with a terrier? He got a hot-diggity-dog.

21. Why doesn't a farmer talk about jokes in front of a cow? Because the cow has herd them all.

Farm Animal Jokes

Ever thought about adding a dash of farm humor to brighten your day? It can make your giggle game strong, especially when farm animals are the stars of the show!

Here's a list of knee-slapping farm animal jokes that will have you rolling with laughter. Let's dive into the world of clucks, quacks, and neighs for some hilarity. Ready for some udderly ridiculous fun?

22. What did mother cow say to baby cow at night? It is pasture bedtime, dairy.

23. What do you call a cow without a calf? De-calf-eineted.

24. What do you call a bull that always falls asleep? A bull-dozer.

25. Which martial art move are pigs afraid of? Pork chops.

26. Which farm animal keeps the best time? A watch-dog.

27. What is a horse's favorite game to play? Stable tennis.

28. What is a sheep's favorite game to play? Baaaa-dminton.

29. What is a dog in a cornfield called? A corn dog.

30. What would you get after crossing a moody sheep with an angry cow? An animal with a very baaaaa-d mooooo-d.

31. Who tells chicken jokes the best? The comedi-hens.

32. Why do you think cows have hooves instead of feet? Because they lac-tose.

33. What did the sad pig say to the farmer? It said, "You take me for grunted."

Agriculture Related Jokes

Farm life has its funny side, and what better way to appreciate it than by cracking up over some agriculture-related jokes? Here are a few gems that promise to leave you giggling amidst the cornstalks. Ready to harvest some laughter? Let's sow some humor with these delightful agricultural quips!

34. Did you hear about the magic tractor? The magic tractor turned into a field.

35. Did you hear about the milk incident that happened on the farm? It was udderly disgusting.

36. Did you hear about the wooden tractor? It had a wooden engine, and wooden wheels, and it wooden even work!

37. What did the baby corn ask the mama corn when it wanted to play with the father? "Mom, where is pop-corn?"

38. Who looks after the farm when the farmer is sick? The farm-assist.

39. Why are people jealous of agriculture majors? Because they always get a job in their field.

40. Why did the farmers plow their fields with a steamroller? To get some steamed potatoes.

41. Why shouldn't you tell any secret on a farm? Because the potatoes have eyes, and the corn has ears!

42. What is a scarecrow’s favorite fruit? Straw-berries!

Some Jokes Related To Harvesting

When the leaves start to fall and the crops are ready for gathering, that's right, it's harvest season! But did you know it's also the perfect time for some hearty laughs?

Well, you're about to find out. Get ready to rake in the chuckles with our shortlist of hilarious harvest-themed jokes. Who knew the season of abundance could be this amusing?

43. What did the corn farmer say during a good harvest? "There's polenta more of where that came from."

44. Why did the pumpkin win first place at the harvest festival? The judges said that it was gourd-geous.

45. How did the organic vegetable die? Natural causes.


And there you have it, folks! Our collection of farm-tastic jokes is guaranteed to sow seeds of laughter and joy.

On one hand, you might argue that some of these jokes are a bit corny, but isn't that the essence of good, wholesome fun? The beauty lies in their simplicity, allowing even the youngest jokesters to share a chuckle. Don't hesitate to spread this good-natured humor around; it's a wonderful way to make learning entertaining and memorable for kids.

So go ahead, get creative, and weave these jokes into your conversations or bedtime stories. Next time you need a chuckle, don't forget to plow through this list.

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