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80+ Band Jokes That Are Abso-Flute-ly Hilarious

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Band usually refers to a group of musicians who play numerous instruments but for a fixed tune in a synchronized beat.

Music bands are extremely famous all over the world. Nowadays people absolutely love listening to songs and music of rock and metal bands.

A marching band refers to a number of musicians who play instruments while marching together. Usually, every school has its own marching band. A rock band usually consists of a lead vocalist, a guitarist, a drummer, and a bassist. Grab your guitar, blast away some chords, and enjoy these wonderful jokes!

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Jokes About Bands That'll Rock You

Be it good band jokes or bad band jokes, we have them all here to make your day rocking. Here you will find the funniest band jokes.

1.What is the favorite band of the US Air Force? It definitely has to be 'Air Supply'!

2. What is a band called if a computer programmer opens it along with a couple of his friends and a former vice president? It is called 'Al Gore Rhythms'!

3. Which famous high school boy band's name is highly influenced by the direction of flow of diodes? It definitely is 'One Direction'!

4. If a couple of colleagues decide to open an office themed band, what would be the perfect name for them? The best name should be 'Rubber Band'!

5. Why did the one-man-band refuse to perform at the concert? Because he thinks he's an underground artist!

6. How did all the members of the choir pay tribute to the guy who played the triangle when he retired? They thanked him for every-ting!

7. What would be the best name if a couple of Alzheimer's patients form a band? The perfect name would be 'The Who'!

8. Which band do mechanics like the most?

They love listening to 'Nine Inch Nails'!

9. Which band does Ferengi hate the most? He most definitely hates 'The Lost Prophets'!

10. What could be an ideal name for a band that comprises sled dogs? You call them 'Mush'!

11. What would be the perfect name of a band having Edison and Tesla in it? It most definitely would have been called 'AC/DC'.

12. Why is it advised to not let young kids watch angry and aggressive choir performances? Apparently, because they have too much violins in them!

13. What happened to the new band called 'Fizzy Tablet'? Though they came up last year, they dissolved very soon!

14. While on tour, which band opened for 'The Doors'? There was a cover band in which my brother played. It was called 'The Hinges'!

15. What is the band called, which was started by Dr Seuss? It was called 'The Who'.

16. What is the name of the band that produces light energy? They are 'The Lumineers'!

17. Which band's poster can be seen stuck on tree trunks all over the neighborhood? A band named 'The Lost Cats'.

18. What did the vocalist of the band tell the guitarist before their highly anticipated show? He said, "No matter what happens, don't fret".

19. What is so funny about the band which writes the majority of their songs based on pickpockets of London? It is Oliver with a nice twist!

20. What would be the perfect name of a band if Stevie Nicks and Richard Cheese formed it together? It would be named 'Fleetwood Mac and Cheese'.

21. Why was the guitarist unable to remember dreams about an alternative progressive rock band? Because perhaps the dreams were in his R.E.M sleep!

22. What would be the perfect name of a rock band if an oyster suddenly decided to open a band along with other mollusks? It would definitely be called 'Pearl Jam'.

23. What would you say if Gautam Buddha opened a grunge band along with his disciples? It would most probably be called 'Nirvana'.

24. What would be the favorite band of a cookie monster? Oreo Speedwagon!

Funny Music Jokes For Kids

Young street musician playing the tuba near the big blue wall.

Here we have some funny orchestra jokes, trombonist jokes, flute jokes, and tuba jokes that are for the kids and the parents to laugh together as a family. These are also jokes which only musicians will understand.

25. What happened that the printer all of a sudden decide to leave its job? It wanted to form a band as it was always jamming!

26. What is the favorite music band of the furniture makers? They love 'The Carpenters'.

27. What would be the name of a band if Thor, Odin, Loki, and Lady Sif opened a metal band in Asgard? It would definitely be called Ragna-Rock!

28. Why was the band that was called '2047MB' very upset? It was probably because they didn't get a second gig!

29. What would be the perfect way to name the fans who absolutely love listening to songs of U2? They would be known as pro-bono!

30. Why was Indiana Jones very angry? Because his friends made him listen to songs of the band 'The Rolling Stones'.

31. What would be an appropriate name of a band that wrote songs about cooking? They would be called 'Spice Girls'.

32. Why was the courier asked to leave the rock band? It was probably because he could no longer carry the tune of the band!

33. Why do rock bands always perform with smoke and fog machines in their shows and concerts? Because they don't want to mist any opportunity to be cool!

34. What would the name of a band if a group of female chemists starts writing heavy metal songs? They would be called 'Iron Maiden'!

35. How would the members of Pearl Jam complain to one if they became bored with their sound? They would probably say, "Hey listen, I don't think we are getting Eddy Vetter with this sound".

36. What was the main purpose of the cover band named 'The Radiators'? Before the main performance, they would always warm up the audience!

37. Which member of a heavy metal band is most important? It would most definitely be the lead singer!

38. What did I say when my brother and I visited the famous band U2 with two other different fans? I told my brother, "Hey, so I am with U2, you too, and you two".

39. What was the name that we gave to our friend Benedict who always spent time jamming with his band? We called him Ben-jamin!

40. Why is it so difficult to find the best tribute band in the world? It is virtually impossible to trace them as they can cover their tracks really well!

41. What is the name of the band that all the planets of our solar system formed? It's called 'The Asteroid Belt'.

42. What was the name of the band, which consisted of angry factory workers who beat their instruments to make sound? They were called 'Rage Against The Machine'.

43. Which was the first music band to prioritize professional social media interaction among fans? It was LinkedIn Park!

44. Which popular pop band has taken the world by storm in the midst of the pandemic? The band which is called 'Widespread Panic'.

45. How does a trombone player decide what time it is when he doesn't have a clock with him? His neighbors inform him by screaming, "Who is playing trombone at 3 in the night?"

46. Which band helps in measuring the exact distance between two fixed points? It most definitely is a parade!

47. When did the musician know what key he was playing when he first went on tour to a new city? He knew which key when he played at KeyWest!

48. Which fruit did Beethoven and his band like having in the middle of a performance? It most definitely was a Ba-na-na-naaa-naaaaah!

Best Band Jokes That'll Make You March

Here you'll get some of the best and funny band jokes, musician jokes, saxophone jokes, and jazz jokes that'll make you laugh and crave some good music at the same time.

49. What would be the best way to tell if some trumpet or some flute players have rang your door? It would always be too high and too early!

50. Which herb was a music icon among the other herbs and vegetables? It was 'Elvis Parsley'.

51. What is the most unique method to sound like a French horn while playing a trombone? One just needs to put their hand on the bell and repeatedly miss one half of each note!

52. What did the angry band director say when their esteemed musician came to practice late? He said, "No matter what, you just can't waltz in and out whenever you want".

53. Why was the stand-up comedian turned musician upset after his performance? He thought all his jokes were not tuba-d, but unfortunately, they fell flat for the audience!

54. How can you identify the band is not in tune when it is marching? When you can hear all the instruments along with what the trumpet player is playing.

55. What is the perfect way to define a documentary about trombone players? It would be defined as a slide show!

56. What happened to the pianist of the band who fell down a mine? From then onwards, he always played on the key of A-flat miner!

57. What kind of music is played when the band is playing 'A Patella'? It usually involves a lot of knee-slapping!

58. In which time signature did the band always regret playing together? It was whenever they played in 'Appologgiatura'.

59. Why are the kids of a trombonist very easy to identify in a park? Because they can never use the swing and the slide properly!

60. Why do the musicians of any marching band not agree with Einstein's equation of E=MC2? Because the musicians believe that E = Fb!

61. How many trumpet players does it take to change a light bulb? A total of seven. One to change while the rest 6 to argue how their teachers would have done it in a much precise and refined way!

62. Why couldn't the band from China not play any music? As they were called Too-Ning, they kept on tuning peacefully the whole time!

63. What did the band manager get when he put a piccolo over a clock? He got one flute over the cuckoo's nest!

64. Why were the chickens in a rush to cross the road? Because they wanted to get as far away from the trumpet players as they could!

65. Songs of which band are on high popular demand on radio stations during Halloween? 'The Smashing Pumpkins'!

66. What is the main difference between a lawnmower and a saxophone? A lawnmower always sounds better in small enclosed places!

67. What is the main difference between a chainsaw and saxophone with a low baritone tuning? The significant difference lies in the vibrato!

68. How does a musician teach his son to cross the road properly? He simply says, "You should always C# else you will be just Bb".

69. Why are drummers very good chess players? Because they are always very hard to beat!

70. A tuba player went to the music store and started copying some sheet music. The store clerk asked, "Sir, are you plagiarising that music?" to which to tuba player replied, "No, I'm just taking notes."

71. In the middle of an argument, how did the saxophone insult the French horn? The saxophone just said, "It doesn't matter for me, but it's tuba-d you are small."

Knock Knock Jokes About Music

This is the list of knock-knock jokes about musicians and music, along with some conductor jokes and an orchestra joke that'll help you up to your music and orchestra humor.

72. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Benjamin who?

Benjamin to the band's music.


73. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Daisy who?

Daisy me rollin', they hatin'!


74. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Nadia who?

Nadia heads while the band plays.


75. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Oswego who?

Oswego marching, marching home!


76. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Tuna who?

Tuna your guitar, then you can be in our band.


77. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Turnip who?

Turnip the volume cause it's my favorite band playing.


78. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Weevil who?

Weevil, weevil rock you!


79. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Razor who?

Razor hands up, the band's playing our song.


80. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Wok who?

I wanna Wok and Roll all night.


81. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Harrison who?

Harrison for the broken-hearted.


Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Band Jokes then why not take a look at music jokes, drummer jokes, or guitar puns.

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