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Arms are one of the essential mobile organs of the body.

Human beings have a pair of arms that immensely facilitate our movement. The arms consist of three portions-the upper arm, the forearm, and the hand.

The upper arm starts from the shoulder girdle or the glenoid cavity and extends until the elbow joint. The forearm starts from the elbow and extends to the wrist joint, while the hand consists of the wrist joint and the fingers. The forearm has the most important bones of the body, the radius, and the ulna.

The elbow is a synovial joint and thus, helps in the movement of the arms. Arms also consist of some of the strongest muscles like the biceps and the triceps, which also help in locomotion and movement. Our arms also have a vast number of nerves that reach the tip of our fingers, thereby carrying the sensation of touch. Blood supply is maintained in the arm by numerous arteries and veins, like the brachial artery and the cephalic veins. So, these arm puns are related to your anatomy too and one can enjoy them at any time of the day.

Dip your arms in our pool of arm-azing arm puns that include some funny arm sayings and funny arm quotes that you can use as Instagram captions. If you want to check out other ligament puns, you can look at knee puns and hand jokes.

Funny Arm Puns

Little feet of newborn baby

A funny one arm pun or joke shouldn't be out of your hands' reach. Here you'll find some of the best hilarious arm puns, wrist puns, and elbow puns. So, these arm puns are related to any part of your arm.

1. I lost my wristwatch today somewhere near our house. I guess now it is the neighborhood watch.

2. Not every person is humerus. I always tell them that they should arm themselves with more jokes.

3. I was at school and had to say an impromptu speech on the cloth piece that encircles our wrists. I was speaking about the cuff off the cuff.

4. My wrists always hurt whenever I'm driving to work along with my co-workers, and we go through a tunnel. I'm starting to think it may be carpool tunnel syndrome.

5. My brother was working on my motorcycle with me yesterday, and he exclaimed: "Oh God! This is impossible. It's like I need four arms for this".

6. Everyone always tells me that I have my right to bear arms. But I never want to fight any bear for its arms.

7. A mime in the town got arrested after he got involved in a bar fight and broke his left arm. Well, he still knew his right to remain silent.

8. I cut the arms of my already broken doll to make it new again. It was one of the best decisions I made, hands down.

9. I've decided to get the numbers 1 through 20 tattooed all up my one arm. That way, people will always be able to count on me.

10. I recently found out that my sister got a tattoo of diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts on her arm. I guess I'll have to deal with her later.

11. One arm told another arm a joke. The other arm found the joke very humerus.

12. I am directing a musical about a girl with a fractured arm. It has an excellent cast.

13. A genie granted my wish for longer arms. But he cautioned me that my request could have far-reaching outcomes.

14. I always wear jackets with no sleeves and no arms when I'm going out to do something serious. That's how you'll know that I'm in-vest-ed in it.

15. I got in an accident last month, and the doctors told me that they would have to remove my left arm and left leg. At that time, I realized that I had no more left to lose.

16. The weatherman of our local TV channel recently broke both his legs and arms in an accident. He called in from the hospital to mention the forecasts.

17. Magicians always have rabbits inside their hats because they usually have trix up in their sleeves.

18. Some stranger cut off both my favorite doll's arms and legs a week ago. It's ok. I don't hold crutches.

19. I got my arm transplant at such a great price yesterday. It was discounted at a second-hand store.

20. My friend broke his arm recently. When I went to see him, I saw that he was eating a giant bowl of herbs. When I asked why he was eating that, he just said, "you know, because thyme heals all wounds."

21. My right arm was hurting horribly between 9 A.M. and 11 A.M. It was the worst case of the ten-ish elbow.

22. I bumped my arm last week when I was digging for gold. It was a miner injury.

23. There was an explosion on an aircraft carrier that damaged most of the crew's legs and arms. The clean-up of the disaster was all hands on deck.

24. Sometimes, I just squat down and wrap my arms around the knees to lean forward. That's how I roll.

25. The date of my upper arm surgery got moved to a sooner date than I anticipated. Well, I guess that is a wait off of my shoulders.

26. There was a boxer in our area who had a problem lifting his arm. It seemed that all his opponents had the upper hand.

27. I called my boss to say that I couldn't get into our office's security system al-arm when I was locking up the office last night. She sounded unal-armed.

Arm One Liners

‍If you love starting your day hand-ing out laughs among people, then we're sure you're going to love these one-liners, and they will make your day.

28. I got back from the Transformers convention today, and boy, my arms are tired.

29. If you swat a mosquito on your arm, he died in vein.

30. A man walked into a shop with a roll of tarmac under one arm and said, "one box of orange juice to stay, and give me another for the road."

31. A person with no arms and a knife in his mouth can still technically be called armed, just only to the teeth.

32. I was waking up, and suddenly out of nowhere, a fly fell on my wrist. I saw it die on my watch.

Arm Jokes

Broken arms can be annoying, but we think broken arm or not, you will find an arm joke that will ease your pain.

33. What would happen if you started reading 'The Pirate's Wrist? You'd get hooked.

34. What is the one piece of jewelry that Sigmund Freud always used to wear on his wrist? An ID bracelet.

35. Why is it better to amputate close to the shoulder? Because it's twice as much work cutting off forearms.

36. What would you call a group made of arms? They'd be called an army.

37. Did you hear about a poker player that lost his arm and got a prosthetic replacement? He's been finding it hard to deal.

38. What would you call t-shirts with their cut off arms? Ampu-tees.

39. What did the doctor suggest to the guy that broke his arm in four places? The doctor told him to stop going to the four places.

40. How many bones are there in the human arm? One arm-full.

41. What would you call a toddler running towards her mother with her arms high up in the air? A pick-me-up.

42. Have you heard the story of the campanologist that had no arms? No, that doesn't ring any bell.

43. How did an octopus beat a shark in the fight? The octopus was well-armed.

44. Why couldn't you give any credit to the elbow for bending your arm? That's because it's one joint effort.

45. Why does everyone love their arms? Because they're all very attached to them.

46. Why should you always thank your arms? For always being by your side.

47. Why wasn't the guy with the fire tattoo on his arm allowed in the building? Because there was a sign that said, "no firearms allowed inside."

48. Why is everyone's elbow so boney? That's because it's El Bone.

49. Why was the minor reported to the police for his arms? He didn't have a license to bear arms.

50. Why shouldn't every animal have guns? Because then they would become armadillos.

51. Do you know the Spanish word for 'the bow'? El-bow.

52.What's the name of the condition in which twins who are connected to the elbow always laugh together? Conjoined humor.

53. Why is our elbow also called our funny bone? That's because it's connected to our humorous.

54. Why did the elbow ask the shoulder for help? Because the elbow was elbow deep in trouble and needed help to get out.

55. Why was the little boy putting cake frosting on his elbow? Because when he told his mom that his elbow was hurting, his mom told him to put icing.

54. What would you call the elbow of the man who directed the movie Malcolm X? Spike Lee Joint.

55. What happened to the action star who broke her wrist during the shooting of a movie? She was still kept in the cast.

56. Why did the guy wear two watches on his wrist, one on each hand? Because he wanted to have a lot of time on his hands.

57. What would it be called if a wife gifted a timepiece to her husband to wear on his wrist? It'd be called bae-watch.

58. Why don't octopi have forearms? It's because they have eight arms.

59. What would it be called if a tattoo on a person's arm becomes the only way of identifying a dead person? It'd be called a handy clue.

60. What do arms do when you get sad? They give you a shoulder to cry on.

61. Did you hear about the security robot who was unable to stop intruders because of faulty shoulder bolts? It was quickly disarmed.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for arm jokes, then why not take a look at bone puns, or for something different, take a look at skeleton jokes.

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