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100 Best Chemistry Puns That Are Sodium Funny

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Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with how elements and compounds interact among themselves.

Chemistry is broadly divided into three parts; inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.

Inorganic chemistry deals with all the elements of the periodic table. Organic chemistry deals only with compounds that have carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen as their main components. Physical chemistry deals with reactions, their states, and mechanisms. But enough with the chemistry lessons- let's take a look at these hilarious science puns on chemistry. Without much further ado, roll into laughter and pick up one or more of these chemistry jokes and puns, or else very soon you will see that the good ones argon.

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Funny Chemistry Puns

Teenage boy lifting up a big flask

In this category, we have presented some of the best chemical puns with a slight pinch of organic chemistry. If you don't like science puns, you might want to try taking salt puns with a grain of salt.

1. When Carbon saw Oxygen, he gleefully commented on their friendship, "You and I have such a strong bond".

2. When Magnesium saw Oxygen, he said, "I was sure there was some chemical reaction between you and me. OMg, I was right!"

3. The little atom was a naughty boy who kept shouting at his little brother. So the father atom scolded him by saying, "You should never shout atom of your voice like that."

4. We should not drink water while we are studying because water can dilute our concentration.

5. The ice came up to the water and said, "I was water before it was cool".

6. I like to tell a chemistry pun to my colleagues at the University. Sometimes, I even throw in one or two chemistry jokes, but I only do that periodically.

7. My wife is a scientist whose hobby is to take photographs. She clicks wonderful photons!

8. The interviewer for my chemistry teacher job asked me about my year of birth. I replied I was boron in 1994!

9. When hydrogen and oxygen were having a fight, Sodium asked them to work out their differences because they had to be a part of the solution.

10. When proton met electron, she told him, "Dude, why do you have to be so negative?"

11. With the chemistry exam coming, my professor told me that I needed to molecule my head.

12. When proton that opposite charges attract each other, he went to electron and told, "I'm positively attracted to you."

13. One oxygen told his friend, "Come out to the pool party- there are two hydrogens for every oxygen out there."

14. When I asked my mother why my father was coming home late from work recently, she replied that he was under a lot of pressure lately at the mines.

15. My bright chemist brother received his wedding photons quite late.

16. Sometimes, I have to take extra chemistry lessons after Church on Sunday. It is a mass-tly boring day.

17. I told my friends a chemistry joke, but they had no reaction to it.

18. The entire class decided to bunk the chemistry class but owing to low attendance, I couldn't afford to mass it!

19. I heard that the first date with potassium that oxygen went to turned out fine. The second time that oxygen went on a date with potassium was OK2.

20. Chlorine came to sodium and told her, "You complete me!"

21. We had the chemistry department athletic meet today. My friend was confident of winning the 100m race, but I warned him, "Victory is bromine!"

22. The number of students in my chemistry class is tin.

23. Chemists favor nitrates because they are way more affordable than the day rates.

24. During the chemistry exam, my friend asked me whether I had some Sodium Hypobromite. I told him, "NaBrO."

25. I was making bad chemistry jokes while teaching my students because all the good ones argon.

Clever Chemistry Puns

In this category, along with puns about chemistry, we will also deal with puns about atoms and the likes of sodium puns, gold puns, atom puns, and metal puns. Pick one such chemistry pun that would make up everything funny.

26. The chemists were disappointed because they thought they had the right solution to the experiment, but they were wrong!

27. I wonder when a King or Queen burps, do we call it a noble gas?

28. A photon went on a vacation, but he had no luggage. When asked why, he replied, "I carry light".

29. My friend bought a special battery for a large sum of money. However, he now has to cell it at a much-reduced price!

30. Researching on organic chemistry can be difficult, as one can run into alkynes of problems.

31. The seminar I attended today on coordinate chemistry among complexes was very boron!

32. The calm reagent told the angry reagent to stop over-reacting.

33. We should never be trustful of atoms because they make up everything.

34. I never thought that plan for lunch with my chemist buddies was at neon today.

35. Oxygen wanted to date someone mature, so the other elements suggested that she should go carbon dating.

36. Wars are bad and should never take place. In today's world, if there is a chemical war, everybody is going to sulfur!

37. The cutest ion with a positive charge is a cation.

38. Once, an organometallic compound went to a bar, and after a few drinks, he got epoxicated.

39. My son is extremely naughty and always up to some sort of mischief. Angrily I told him, "I'm keeping my ion you".

40. If you want to calculate the number of moles in guacamole, then you will have to refer to the Avocado's number!

41. The authorities couldn't put a shackle on forest fires, because the combustion was a chain reaction.

42. We can easily differentiate between a chemist and a plumber just by asking them to pronounce 'unionized'.

43. When I went to the chemist's shop, I asked the assistant about the drugs that can get rid of a viral infection. He replied, "Ammonia cleaner."

44. The police would have caught the chemist who robbed the bank if only the bank security had scandium before.

45. The hard turning in the highways are the most oxidant prone area. So you should drive with caution.

46. The chemist who specializes in making soda is called a fizzy-cist.

47. Chemists and alcoholics have one thing in common, and that is they both view alcohol as part of the solution.

48. A plant owned by a chemist grows into being a chemist's tree.

49. The hipster chemical scientist injured his hand, picking up the hot beaker because he did it before it was cool.

50. When Iron Man visited the amusement park, he went straight for his favorite ride - the ferrous wheel.

Intelligent Chemistry Puns

Witty chemistry puns are found in plenty, and so are puns on elements, iron puns, chemist puns, and an occasional science pun. It doesn't matter if you have bad chemistry with elements, at least one such chemistry pun will light you up like hydrogen. A funny chemistry pun can also make it easier to learn the periodic table.

51. The Japanese chemist's favorite element when he was a kid was manga-nese.

52. When performing an exothermic experiment, it's okay to feel the heat!

53. Believe it or not, alcohols are homogeneous solutions, but it would be better if you don't mix them up!

54. After losing an electron, the cation started feeling positive.

55. After the fight ensued between the two students on who would win the platinum prize for the chemistry quiz, the quizmaster commented that this was petty. The chemistry teacher corrected him and said, "No, it is Pt."

56. The chemist did not want to publish his cringy chemistry joke on Facebook as he thought he would get a volatile reaction.

57. When you are stuck at a problem, try performing some chemical reactions. They are bond to give you solutions!

58. I was a very negative minded person before. Now I have started working out and having protons and feel absolutely fine!

59. A significant difference between physics jokes and chemistry jokes is that while physics jokes have more potential, chemistry jokes are periodically funny.

60. Chemists are often asked to work as disk jockeys in concerts and parties. I think it is because they can drop good bases!

61. Avoid eating or biting elements in their raw state. They can leave a tungsten!

62. The chemist was very sad. Although he was good at cooking compounds, unfortunately, he could never taste what he cooked!

63. The stand-up comedian cracked some terrible chemistry jokes. He got a bad reaction from the audience.

64. The new student who joined our class said, "I was forced to choose chemistry as the other subjects argon".

65. Carbon is the best friend of many of the other 117 elements. I think it's due to the fact that carbon bonds very well with everyone!

66. When the chemist dropped his tooth in a beaker of water, he wittily commented that it had become a molar solution.

67. The only rodent which a chemist absolutely adores is Moles!

68. When the vacation plan got canceled, the sad chemist said, "Without anion everything, things are bond to go wrong."

69. Noble gases are the most carefree gases. They just don't care to react to what others do!

70. The comedian tanked at telling chemistry jokes at the show tonight because he was not in his element.

71. The chemist was angry at his son and said, "Never put your neon the dining table".

72. The double-bonded covalent compound was drowning. He cried out, "I'm diene". His friend said, "I'm triene to save you."

73. Chemistry teachers everywhere like to talk about ammonia while introducing students to chemistry because it is base-ic stuff.

74. When the chemist died, his colleagues dug a grave to barium!

75. I went to the local convenience store to buy some utensils for my kitchen. The shopkeeper said, "I zinc I know what you need!"

Fancy Chemistry Puns

Funny chemistry puns are food for health as laughter is the best medicine. Be it science puns or chemistry jokes from the periodic table, these will make you roll in laughter.

76. The best thing about chemistry is, it is like a family. Everyone is well bonded with one another!

77. I once needed a little money, so I approached my aunt. I simply said, "Anti-mony!"

78. The chemistry teacher explained to us that Boyle's Law is the product of volume and pressure because volume won't work under pressure.

79. The annual sports meet of the Chemistry University was fun. The winning team was given a Lab of honor!

80. The class was very rowdy, and as a result, the chemistry teacher lost her mole-cule!

81. While having a conversation, the mass spectrometry conveyed his condolences to the gas chromatograph by saying that breaking up is hard.

82. For a chemist, the most important element is the element of surprise!

83. The ruler of Prussia advocated advancements in chemistry as he ruled with an ion fist.

84. The acid was disliked by everyone. He was A-mean-o acid.

85. On his wedding anniversary, the chemist left a lovely card for his wife with the words, "Whenever I think of you, my heart bubbles."

86. Our Chemistry department hired a number of analysts to study the various experiments. Little did they know that they need catalysts and not analysts!

87. The police arrested the man at the restaurant for throwing the salt. The police clarified that an a-salt took place!

88. The neutron couldn't get his mobile phone up and running as there was no charge for him.

89. Chemists have a provocative nature. They hate neutral people and catalyze a situation to get good reactions.

90. Students should always stop mass-ing around in the lab else they will spill chemicals over themselves.

91. The electron wanted to enter the empty valence shell. But he was stopped as he couldn't charge in like that.

92. The test results showed that the condition was neither acidic nor basic. The chemist had to visit the pH-armacy to get new drugs!

93. The thermometer congratulated the graduated cylinder but reminded him that he still had many more degrees than him.

94. My friend sneaked into the lab at night to steal some lithium. He denied doing any such thing, however, the camera didn't Li.

95. When the copper wanted to know aluminum's problem, aluminum warned him not to metal in other's lives.

96. The chemistry professor couldn't see what was inside the beaker as it was Mt (Meitnerium).

97. The element which signifies that trees are going to shed their leaves is Gold because it's Au-tumn!

98. The chemistry teacher warned us never to consume rhodium because it can mess with our Rh-factor.

99. The chemistry teacher survived through the drought because he subsisted on titration.

100. In the chemistry lab, the only thing under-reacting recently was the tepid flask.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for chemistry puns, then why not take a look at medical puns, or for something different take a look at rock puns.

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