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80+ Best Earthquake Jokes And Puns

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An earthquake is a natural phenomenon that causes a shake on the Earth's surface.

An earthquake is caused when seismic waves pass through the surface of the Earth. Seismic waves are created when the energy from in the Earth's crust is all of a sudden released.

In an earthquake, the masses of rock which have been straining against each other "slip", resulting in a fracture. Earthquakes generally take place along geological faults, which are narrow zones in which rock masses move in relation to each other.

The world's main fault lines are clustered at the margins of the massive tectonic plates that make up the surface of the our planet. Before the advent of seismology at the beginning of the 20th century, few were aware about earthquakes. Seismology has offered answers to long-standing questions about when and how earthquakes occur, including the scientific study of all facets of earthquakes.

Approximately 50,000 earthquakes big enough to be detected occur annually across the whole world. About 100 of these are of adequate scale to inflict significant damage, especially if their center is adjacent to housing areas. On average, very large earthquakes strike about once a year. They have been blamed for the deaths of millions and have caused significant damage to infrastructure over the years.

Significant earthquakes on earth occur mostly in areas that coincide with the boundaries of tectonic plates. The Circum-Pacific Belt is the most severe earthquake belt, covering many inhabited coastal areas across the Pacific Ocean, such as those in New Zealand, New Guinea, the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, Japan, and the western coasts of North and South America.

An earthquake is commonly associated with volcanic activity. Often volcanic mountains erupt due to an earthquake. These mountains consequently release lava. As the Circum-Pacific Belt is connected with volcanic eruptions in many countries, it has been popularly referred to as the "Pacific Ring of Fire".

Read the following list of funny earthquake jokes and puns to get an outburst of humor. The list includes tremor puns, earth puns, earth jokes, jokes about earthquakes, funny earthquake quotes, plenty of earthquake humor, earthquake dad jokes, and more. Earthquakes may be devastating but a few earthquake jokes about the richter scale, or an earthquake joke about volcanoes can help keep everybody smiling. For more laughs, you can also check out our mountain puns and volcano puns.

Earthquake Jokes

This list does not have any bad earthquake jokes. So rest assured that they will not leave you shook to your core. Only chuckles are coming your way!

1. How does an earthquake get punished? It gets grounded.

2. What should you do if someone gets nervous during an earthquake? Check if they are shaking uncontrollably.

3. Which poet liked earthquakes? Shakespeare.

4. What did San Andreas say when the earthquake hit California? My fault.

5. Why are earthquakes such nice people? Because they are so grounded.

6. What is an earthquake during 'Romeo And Juliet' called? A Shakesperience.

7. How do foodies bring about earthquakes? By moving plates.

8. What do you call an earthquake that has affected 4046.856 square meters of land? A mass-acre.

9. What is the safest place during an earthquake? A stationary store.

10. When did the Dutch know there was an earthquake? Van der Waals shook.

11. Why was the tectonic plate upset? Because everybody blamed it for the earthquake even when it wasn't its fault.

12. Why did all the animals take shelter at the horse's house during an earthquake? Because it was stable.

13. What kind of exercises does an earthquake like? Shake weights.

14. What do you call it when something is destroyed in an earthquake? Destruction by de-fault.

15. What were the two earthquakes fighting over? To find out whose fault it was.

16. Why are earthquakes great journalists? They have mastered the art of breaking news.

17. "Hi nice to meet you, did you hear the news of the Alaskan earthquake? Sorry, that is not a good icebreaker."

18. What do you get when a pasteurizing factory experiences an earthquake? Milkshake.

19. What did the coffee say after getting hit by an earthquake? I'm shaken but not stirred.

20. What did one earthquake say to the other earthquake? Do not crack jokes about me.

21. What happens when one plate goes on top of another? An earthquake.

Earthquake Puns

Have you ever felt an earthquake?

What better than an earthquake pun to stir your mood and crack you up? Keep reading to have some big laughs. We have even included the punchline to everyone's favorite earthquake pun, that starts like this: "My sister in California said she felt two earthquakes last week!" Can you guess the punchline?

22. The earthquake was not strong in the desert, so nobody there got hurt. However, a few of the snakes were rattled.

23. During an earthquake, you know where the fault lies but you cannot blame anyone.

24. For the first person who witnessed an earthquake, it must have been a groundbreaking experience.

25. I experienced an earthquake today. It has left me shook.

26. My report of an earthquake was not seriously considered by 911. I guess they did not understand the magnitude of the situation.

27. Some people are saying that the California earthquakes are a cause of past actions of humans. But I think it's San Andreas' fault.

28. The Richter scale is no longer used to measure the intensity of an earthquake. I am shook by this fact.

29. My sister in California said she felt two earthquakes last week. I said that it was her fault.

30. The explanations geologists give for the cause of an earthquake are pretty faulty.

31. Since the earthquake struck I have been under some stress, but it is nobody's fault.

32. The information that the new earthquake study shows is truly groundbreaking.

33. In Germany, earthquakes are caused by Teuton-ic plates.

34. Last week I had a nightmare about earthquakes. I woke up trembling.

35. Due to a fault from the earthquake, my living room and kitchen got seperated. It is causing a rift in my family.

36. The earthquake cracked a witty joke. I liked the sar-chasm.

37. San Andreas was hit by an earthquake again last week. Nobody could stand it.

38. Earthquakes are funny guys because they crack you up.

39. Even though earthquakes may seem like nice people, they still have their faults.

40. The only group of early Americans who were fond of earthquakes were the Quakers.

41. Nobody laughed at the earthquake's joke. Only the ground cracked up.

42. An earthquake's favorite song is Good Vibrations.

43. An earthquake's favorite breakfast is Quaker Oats.

44. Inuit, the Alaskan earthquakes were bound to happen.

45. I wish I could describe the earthquake in more detail but I have a shaky memory of it.

46. The French cheese factory was affected by an earthquake. Only de brie was left.

47. Earthquakes really sheikh up the Arabian Peninsula.

Volcano And Lava Jokes

This list of lava jokes will get you rolling on the floor laughing.

If earthquake jokes amuse you, a joke or two about lava will definitely further your happiness.

48. Why do volcanoes make good members of a firing squad? Because they can blow your mind.

49. What do you call a mountain that has been shot in the head by a firing squad? A volcano.

50. What did the other workers at the volcano realise when the lava got fired? They had taken him for granite.

51. What is the seismic plate's favorite dessert? A chocolate lava cake.

52. How many times can you jump into lava? Only once, of course.

53. Why could the children not play "the floor is lava"? Because the game had a fatal floor.

54. What do you call a stylish friend who can float on lava? Flame-bouyant.

55. What do you say when you are skeptical about playing "the floor is lava" on your lawn? I am on the fence.

56. What should you do when a statistical analyst has one of his feet in a bucket of lava and the other in a bucket of ice? Nothing, because on average, he's fine.

57. What did the baby volcanic eruption say to its mother? I lava you.

58. Why is the lava upset? Because nobody ever hugs it.

59. How did the social media influencer die? He was walking on lava before it was cool.

60. What type of dessert is served at a musical volcanic restaurant? Bach Lava.

61. What would you call Dwayne Johnson if he was from Malta? Lava, because then he would have been Maltan Rock.

62. How do you lift up the Vesuvius mountain's spirits? Shower it with all the lava.

63.  How do volcanic mountains stay so fit? Because they are really active.

64. Did you hear the news of the volcano getting accepted into Cambridge? It was because of it's high degrees.

65. How do volcanoes compliment each other? They say that they look lava-ly.

66. Why was the lava nauseous? Because the earthquake shook it up.

67. Why did the volcano have no more money? Because it went bank-erupt.

68. What did the insurance company say when the woman called to ask if they would pay insurance for her phone if case it falls into lava? They said that it will be covered.

69. What does a baby lava call its mom? Mag-ma.

70. What will happen if a volcanic rock falls on your foot? You will Krakatoa.

71. Why do lavas make a great audience for stand-up comedy? Because they are quick to erupt into laughter.

72. Why did the volcano not eat dinner? Because it had broken plates.

73. What is an pessimistic volcano called? A volcannot.

74. Why is the weather around the Calbuco volcano cold? Because it is surrounded by Chile winds.

75. What kind of spice do lavas prefer? Ground cumin.

76. What do you call a volcano who shares a hostel room with other volcanoes? Dorm-ant.

77. Did you hear about the bird whose feathers fell into the lava? It was molting.

78. What kind of toilets do volcanoes go to? The lavatory.

79. What do you call a mountain with hiccups? A volcano, of course.

80. Would you like to hear a pun about a seismic eruption? You will lava it.

81. Why was the volcano angry? Because everyone Caldera bad name.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for earthquake jokes and puns then why not take a look at these fire puns or, for something different, these geography puns, nature puns for more laughs for the whole family?

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