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Pokémon is a worldwide popular series that has defined the childhood of almost every '90s kid.

People who haven't watched or even heard of this franchise are like rare Pokémon, they are hard to find. Most people, whether they are anime fans or not, have at least heard of the Pokémon franchise, meaning that Pokemon puns are fun for everyone!

Pokémon is an abbreviation for 'Pocket Monsters'. It is a franchise named after the series created by Satoshi Tajiri which originated first in Japan. It focuses on a fictional world where creatures called Pokémon exist that can be captured and brought into possession by Pokémon trainers who catch them with their Pokéballs. Pokémon has spread all over the world ever since it aired. Kids of all ages have become fans of this series that has now branched into uncountable movies, games, books and toys. It is a million dollar franchise that many people are obsessed with. The latest Pokemon craze is the game 'Pokemon Go'.

The main characters of this series (Ash and Pikachu) have stolen our hearts. Pikachu's initial sassiness and cuteness got us crazy about the duo and we have been following these two in their Pokemon adventures ever since. Their unending journey along the path to being Pokémon masters has comprised many hardships, losses and, of course, gains that have had us hooked to the story of this duo. And who can ever forget the iconic antagonistic trio of Team Rocket? Team Rocket has to be our favorite clumsy pair of villains ever.

Pokémon has also created a worldwide phenomenon of people going out on walks with their noses buried in their phones hunting for virtual Pokémon through the game 'Pokemon Go.' Even those who were not fans of the original Pokémon seemed to be very interested in 'Pokemon Go', with kids and adults of all ages actively participating in the game. So, once the 'Pokemon Go' mobile game came into the world, people from all over the world were even more aware of what Pokémon was and what it is about.

Since the target audience is mostly kids, Pokémon mostly relies on hilarious humor. Funny Pokemon humor including jokes and puns have been extensively popular on social media, such as in memes, and they have also been shared between laughing children hundreds of times as well. Here is a list of some good Pokemon puns, Pokemon one liners, cute Pokemon puns, 'Pokemon Go puns, and Pikachu puns to Peek-achu at.

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Funny Pokémon Puns

Ground type Pokemon called Diglett or Digda (Mole Pokemon).

Here is a list of some of the best and most funny Pokémon puns that will have Pokémon nerds laughing till their eyes go Misty. If you love 'Pokemon Go', we think that you will have a laugh at this Pokemon puns list.

1. When one Geodude met a Golem, he said, "let us rock together."

2. The Pokémon trainer felt very sick. He had a Koffin fit.

3. A Pokémon who loves to play soccer is probably a Goal-Duck.

4. Most Pokemon who want to pursue a college degree usually attend the StarU.

5. The song that Pikachu loves to listen to on a loop is 'The Hokey Pokemon'.

6. When I asked my mom why grown ups are playing 'Pokemon Go', she replied, "Wynaut?"

7. It is very hard to blindfold a Pokemon because it is going to Pikachu.

8. Electric type Pokemon get sick when they drink milk because they are Zaptos intolerant.

9. The type of Pokemon that followed Dorothy to the Land of Oz was a Totodile.

10. If Meowth would look into the mirror and see his reflection, it would be a copycat.

11. A Pokemon that likes to climb mountains while chewing gum is a Peak-a-chew.

12. A Pokemon that loves to play baseball is a Gol-bat.

13. The Miltank had to cross the road because it had to get to the udder side.

14. A TV show that Pokemon is obsessed with is 'Dancing With The Staryus'.

15. A Pikachu that can fix any technical device is called a Geek-a-chu.

16. A sci-fi movie that all Pokemon love to watch is 'Staryu Wars.'

17. A Wailmer's favorite TV show to watch is the 'Whale Of Fortune.'

18. The Squirtle crossed the road because he had to get to the other tide.

19. Haunters usually love to go water sliding in Lake Erie.

20. The rainy season in the Pokemon world is called the Pokemonsoon.

21. Brock took Nurse Joy on their first outing to the PokeBall.

22. A daredevil Weedle who likes to show off stunts in his motorcycle is called a Weedle Knievel.

23. When Skuntank came to testify in court, the judge said "Odor in the court!"

24. When you give an Eevee a French stone it evolves into a Napole-mon.

25. A Pokemon who has the ability to see the future is called Pik-ahead.

26. If you want to get a Pikachu to climb a bus, you need to poke him on.

27. If you want to cheer up a Pokemon dealing with a lot of stress, just tell them "Kakuma Rattata!"

28. To make a baby Pikachu laugh, all you need to do is play a game of Pika-boo with it.

Funny Pokemon Name Puns

As all 'Pokemon Go' fans know, a Pokemon is best defined by its name. Here is a list of some of the best Pokemon puns, all about the names of different Pokemon. These funny Pokemon puns will make you wish that Pokemon were real.

29. The favorite place of a Pokemon fan to visit is Paras.

30. The Hypno was very energetic because it did not feel Drowzee anymore.

31. The name of a Pirate type Pokemon would be Arrrr-bok.

32. Count Dracula's best type of Pokemon is a Koffin.

33. A Pokemon who is lazy and slow is called a Slow-poke.

34. A Pokemon who desires to become a police officer is a Magic-cop.

35. A low fat pokemon is called a Butterfree.

36. The kind of Pokemon people would find in auctions is a Bidoof.

37. If Cinderella was a Pokemon, she would be married to Prince Charmander.

38. A Pokemon that drinks a lot of Hydrogen Peroxide is called a HO-OH.

39. I do not like long plants because they make me Ivysaur.

40. If you do not like funny Pokemon puns, I will just keep my Meowth shut.

41. When you give an Eevee a sandwich it evolves into a Luncheon.

42. When you give money to an Eevee, it becomes a patreon.

43. When the rains stop, Pokemon usually love to sing, "Ekans see clearly now, the rain has gone."

44. When some Pokemon that I don't even know asks for my number, I tell them, "But, I just Mewtwo."

45. When Pikachu felt sad, his friend told him "I am gonna Raichu a song to make you happy."

46. Puns about Cubone are usually humerus.

47. A funny and legendary Pokemon is a-Mew-sing.

48. If F. Scott Fitzgerald were to write a book about Pokemon, it would be entitled, 'The Great Gastly'.

49. One of the best books Pikachu loves to read is 'The Catcher in the Raichu'.

50. When Brock asked if his injured Pokemon would take a long time to recover in the Pokemon center, Nurse Joy assured him by saying "no Chancey."

51. A popular book for Pokemon to read which talks about a couple of bird Pokemon is titled 'Pidgeot Jones' Diary'.

52. I wanted to catch a rare Pokemon while playing 'Pokemon Go', but then I decided to take azelf-ie instead.

53. If you are looking for an old Horsea, just search for him in the neigh-vy.

54. A Wailord's favorite food item to snack on is fish and ships.

55. A magical movie that all Pokemon love to watch is 'The Charizard Of Oz.'

56. The secret agent Miltank was an amazing udder-cover agent.

57. A Wartotle loves shellebrating his birthday with his family.

58. A Pokemon soup is incomplete without Groudons.

59. When Pikachu solved a riddle, his friend told him, "Raichu are."

60. Ghost type Pokemon always mistake Christmas for Halloween and end up making Gengarbread cookies in December.

61. Students studying Pokemon are usually very good at getting things done on time because they make every Sekans count.

62. If Charles Darwin would have written a book about Pokemon, it would be entitled, 'The Eeevelution Of Pokemon'.

63. When Pikachu was being a picky eater, Ash scolded him by saying, "You should not be so Pikachoosey about your food, Pikachu."

64. A tabletop game that all Pokemon love to play is 'Barrel Of Pokemon-keys'.

65. When Bulbasaur accidentally hurt himself, he was Bulbasore.

66. All Pokemon hate confronting water Pokemon when they do something wrong. They keep Squirtling around the issue.

67. The best charismatic Pokemon in the Pokemon world are Charm-ander, Charm-aeleon and Charm-ander.

68. The Charmander figurine was so expensive that it literally burned a hole in my pocket.

More Funny Pokemon Puns

'Pokemon Go' fans can never have enough Pokemon puns. Here's a list of some funny Pokemon puns about love that you will find a-Mew-sing! Which of these Pokemon puns will be your favorite?

69. When Chikorita was prepared to get married to her beloved husband she said that strongly Bayleafs in love.

70. When Charizard was spending quality time with his wife, he lovingly told her, "My love for you burns like ember."

71. When the Pokemon first fell in love with his wife, he told her, "I Shinx I love you."

72. When Ash had first met his wife, he told her, "You are such a great catch that I would use my Masterball on you."

73. When a Pokemon falls in love with another, he proposes to her by saying "If you be my Nidoqueen I will be your Nidoking."

74. When Brock got married, he lovingly told his wife, "You must be a rare candy because I can feel myself level up."

Here at Kidadl, we have collated together lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone! If you liked our suggestions for Pokemon puns, then why not take a look at these funny gaming puns, or for something different, take a look at these hilarious video game jokes that will get the whole family laughing!

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