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70 Egg-Cellent Easter Egg Puns

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Are Easter puns even punny if they fail to crack you up?

While most people love diving into 'food' for thoughts like what came first, the chicken or the egg, there are many who love sharing puns with eggs. Eggs are, after all, eggcellent sources of humor that can have you rolling.

Making a good egg pun is to have fun with wit and bring out some humor at the same time. The art of a pun is to incite laughter or awe and not egg someone on. Puns are often considered distasteful humor amongst people who cannot take a 'yolk.' But puns should be classified as good humor because it requires an eggs-traordinary level of intelligence. Puns receive the most backlashes and hate most people often are unable to comprehend or understand them and in the process end up finding them annoying and that fact is uneggceptable.

Since Easter is about new beginnings and new hope, it is the most perfect occasion to help acknowledge puns as the wittiest and an elevated form of humor. This Easter, apart from the usual egg hunt games, you could sit with your loved ones, have a "punny joke session, or a family-friendly game of puns that will engage people of all ages. Puns can heighten eggs-cellence of a kid's intelligence level as well and Easter is a great time to introduce it to them.

However, if you are really struggling to come up with some crackalakin' Easter puns, egg jokes, and egg-related puns, here is a list of the best Easter puns and egg sayings that will take you on a joyride on the humor eggs-press this Easter.

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Egg Puns For Easter

Easter bunny and Easter eggs on green grass.

People love Easter because it is one of the most 'egg-citing' holidays of the year. We love spending good quality time with the family at Easter, and here is a list of the best egg one-liners and funny egg puns that you'll like and which will crack everybody up. These good egg puns and omelette puns will make you so egg-cited!

1. People say not to make fun of egg whites in front of them. They can't take a yolk.

2. An egg's most hated day of the week is Fry-day.

3.  The egg artist put up his famous painting on an eggshibition.

4. The egg benedicts that they served at the party were egg-ceedingly good.

5. The police told the speeding egg, "Omelettin' it slide this time" before he left him with a warning.

6. It was hard to make the mute egg talk anymore after it cracked. Seems like it was shell shocked.

7. An egg that does not cooperate with you is nothing but a rotten egg.

8. When the egg first met the scary frying pan, it couldn't help but scramble.

9. The egg had to take a calculated whisk before it planned to set out on the dangerous adventure.

10. The soldier egg hated showing its softer side to his peers. He was too hard boiled.

11. The poor egg was sick of being ghosted and egg-nored by his friends.

12. The angry bird finally cracked up after the funny egg told him a joke.

13. "Eggs-cuse me", said the polite egg after it accidentally knocked into another.

14. The Easter egg was so impatient, it was dyeing for Easter Sunday to come.

15. "May you have an egg-cellent Easter!" said one Easter egg to his fellow Easter eggs.

16. The egg-tertainment TV show ended with the words "That's all yolks!" flashing on the screen.

17. The Easter eggs were eggs-hausted after the egg hunt on Easter. All they wanted was to rest.

18. The kids love Easter because it is an egg-citing holiday!

19. This was the fourth time that Edward had not completed his homework. The teacher was tired of his eggs-cuses.

20. The husband made an eggs-tra special breakfast to surprise his wife on his birthday.

21. The mother egg couldn't control her egg-cited baby egg when Easter finally came.

22. Brother Egg tried to explain to his parents that he did not beat his sister and that she was eggs-aggerating about the situation.

23. The bride Egg looked eggs-quisite on her wedding day. Nobody could take their eyes off her egg-white dress.

24. The adults hit the gym after Easter was over. They wanted to shed off those Easter chocolates with some eggs-ercise.

25. The kids laughed and jumped in joy after finding so many eggs on the Easter egg hunt. They were eggs-tatic.

26. When Easter comes, let the bunnies take over. After all, they are the Easter eggs-perts.

27. The eggs were running away because they were scared to be beaten.

28. The omelet found out that she was sick after her medical eggs-am reports finally came in.

29. The Easter egg was such a dedicated and loving husband, he would dye for his wife.

30. The kids were so eggs-cited for Easter to come, they eggs-claimed "I'm dyeing to paint some eggs!"

31. A bad egg was arrested by the police because he was caught poaching.

32. A smart and intelligent omelet is called an egg-head.

33. The eggs had to take the whisk of being beaten by the chef to escape from him.

34. Monsters usually love their eggs terri-fried.

Easter Bunny Puns

You cannot deny the fact that the Easter bunny is the celebrity of Easter loved by all and sundry. Easter without the Easter bunny is bound to be un-hoppy. Here are a few Easter Bunny rabbit puns you will love.

35. The Easter Bunny was misbehaving so much in school that the teacher egg-spelled him.

36. "You just don't carrot all," said the Easter bunny to his Santa Claus who couldn't visit him during Easter.

37. On Easter, a father was teaching his son to drive when he almost hit a rabbit. The father sighed in relief, "Thank God, you missed it by a hare".

38. The Easter Bunny is very sensitive. He gets offended when someone says his puns aren't bunny.

39. The Easter Bunny fell in love at first sight with his wife because there was no-bunny like her.

40. The Easter bunny doesn't need a salon hairdo on Easter Sunday because it is his good hare day.

41. All kids are excited for Easter every year because they carrot wait to see the Easter Bunny.

42. The Easter bunny loved dancing with his wife to the song 'Some bunny loves you'.

43. "Don't worry, be hoppy," said the Easter bunny as he tried to cheer up the sad kid who found no eggs on Easter.

44. "Have yourself a hoppy little Easter," was what the Easter greeting card from Santa Claus to the Easter bunny read.

45. The Easter bunny just took a detour to Starbucks before going to the egg hunt. He wanted a cup of hop chocolate.

46. During his off time, the Easter bunny spends a lot of time doing eggs-ercise, especially the hare-obics.

47. The Easter bunny was egg-static as Easter neared as he could hop to the end of the world to celebrate Easter Sunday and make it a success.

48. The Easter Bunny's favorite music genre is Hip Hop.

49. The Easter Bunny was taken to jail because he was hare-assing his neighbors.

50. "It is Easter Sunday. Hop to it!" the Easter bunny exclaimed to his minions when Easter finally came.

51. The Easter bunny was very fond of fairy tales because they always end with a hoppy ending.

52. Locating the Easter Bunny is very easy because eggs mark the spot.

Egg-cellent Chicken Puns For Easter

We all know that the Easter eggs come from chickens. Here are a few chicken crack puns to help you eggs-ercise on your pun vocabulary.

53. The boastful Easter egg made a bet with his friend, the rooster. But he chickened out just at the last minute.

54. The hens were always acting suspiciously. It almost seemed like they were hatching a plan.

55. Hens gain more knowledge when they read the hen-cyclopedia.

56. Snow White lovingly named her pet hen Egg White.

57. The chicken took too long to cross the road because there was no eggs-press lane.

58. The chickens usually leave their house through the eggs-it of the barn.

59. The hens finally got some time to huddle together and watch their favorite Chick flick movies.

60. The hens laughed out loud at the tongue-in-chick humor.

61. The rooster can actually be called a morning alarm cluck.

62. The hens were terrified of the new barn they moved to. It was haunted by a vengeful poultry-geist.

63. An eggplant is a hen's favorite plant.

64. The student chicken was expelled from school because she had used fowl language.

65. The student hen felt very confident about her college hen-trance eggs-aminations. She had studied all night.

66. A coop-cake is a chicken's favorite type of cake to eat.

67. The hen family usually goes to bed at half-past hen.

68. The hen drummer just asked for the drums. She already had drumsticks.

69. A chicken's favorite subject to study in college is Eggonomics.

70. The chicken found a four-leaf clover laying on the street. Guess it was his clucky day.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 70 Egg-Cellent Easter Egg Puns then why not take a look at Farm Jokes, or Egg Puns.

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