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Light jokes and puns are to be taken lightly, after all, light has no mass.

Light is one of the most essential parts of our life. Everything beautiful that we see and appreciate is because of light reflecting off it and coming to our eyes.

Lights brighten up our lives literally and figuratively. It makes everything more beautiful. We decorate our homes on different occasions with lights to make them prettier and better. Some cultures in the world even have their own festival of light. So why don't we celebrate it too? Why not laugh along with some of these funniest puns about this thing that is a blessing in our life? Take a dip into our world of light puns and laugh out loud.

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Best Light Puns

Here we have for you some of the best puns and jokes about light that'll lighten up your mood.

1. There were two traffic lights at the crossing. One traffic light said to another, "Stop looking, I am changing".

2. God created alternating light and darkness for 24 hours. When an angel asked him what he was going to name it, God said, "I'll call it a day."

3.  One day, the inn-keeper told a bulb to take some food with him on his journey. The bulb said, "No, I travel light."

4. One day, God was making a wooden stick to light on fire. Seeing it, an angel said, "That looks like one match made in heaven".

5. The Flash once lost 20lbs. His friends called him 'Flashlight' from then on.

6. There was a scientist who broke the speed of light while driving. He was then sent to prism.

7. I bought my son a refrigerator on his birthday. His face lit up when he opened the door.

8. I had an interview as a housesitter today. The lady said that it involved a little light housekeeping. Hearing I said, "I've never kept a lighthouse, but I'm willing to try".

9. Light doesn't have any mass. If it did, then it would've been called heavy.

10. There was an advert in our area that read, "Try the soup that travels at the speed of light". I thought they should name it 'fast food'.

11. Noah must have used ark lights and floodlights for lightings in his ark.

12. All the street lights are quite good friends with each other. Because they are always very pole-light.

13. There was a girl who could light up the room, whenever she walked in. But then again, she was the only one who knew where the light switch was.

14. My friend was putting up Christmas lights when they got stuck in her hair. After that, she became pretty light-headed.

15. I don't usually tell people about my light puns. I like to keep people in the dark.

16. Programmers mostly prefer dark mode. It's because light attracts bugs.

17. I tried to look for lighters on Amazon, and all they gave me was 13,749 matches.

18. Plants are always very thin. That's because they eat light.

19. I've decided that I'll walk into every room with a lantern in my hand. So that everybody knows that I light up any room I go to.

20. I got a new printer that printed me a selfie that I took in ultra violet ink, and now people have started to see me in a completely different light.

21. The basic difference between hippos and Zippos: one is heavy and the other one is lighter.

22. Once, I got a job as a film lighting technician. It was pretty spot on.

23. When I was in college, I was really poor and couldn't pay my electric bills for a while. Those were some dark times.

Bright Puns About Lights

Cute kid with bulb on head

Here's the list of some of the light related puns that we didn't have to be much bright to come up with.

24. I always sleep with my bedroom lights on. They help me dream of bright ideas.

25. I think something is wrong with my lamp. Because it seems a little light-headed. I'd like to know if anyone has any bright ideas on what to do about it.

26. I went to a Chinese restaurant and the lights in there were too bright. So I requested if they could dim sum.

27. Fireflies have the ability to generate a bright light so they can attract other fireflies. They have "hi" beams.

28. My mom told me she wanted to brighten up her garden. So I helped her by planting some bulbs.

29. I was at work yesterday and my boss told me, "lighten up". I guess that's fair. I am after all an electrician working at the theatre.

30. I was trying to think of some way to find my keys in the dark. Suddenly, a bright idea struck me.

31. I've always wondered who it was that created the oil lamp. Then again, it was presumably some bright spark.

32. My nephew just asked me for a few light puns. He's not really bright enough to think of them on his own.

33. I went out in the hall and It was a little dim, so I lit the lamps. I have a lot of bright ideas.

34. The light bulb failed his math quiz in school. It's probably because he wasn't too bright.

35. Last night after a snowstorm I saw someone driving. They hadn't brushed their headlights. Well, I guess, they weren't too bright.

36. I accidentally got hit on my head with a broom last night. Gotta say, It was not my brightest moment.

37. When I was young, I used to be extremely bright. As a result of that, my dad used to call me 'sun'.

38. The brightest animal on this planet is a lamb.

39. I just got a job of installing lightbulbs today. The future seems quite bright.

Lamp And Bulb Puns

There you'll see some of the puns about light involving lamps and bulbs which also appeared on our heads whenever we came up with a good pun.

40. The lamps decided to have a party. It was pretty lit.

41. It usually takes three birds to change a light bulb but surely Toucan.

42. A company invented a light that could be powered by just a couple of lips. They named it a tulip bulb.

43. I hit my head yesterday on a light bulb, but it's okay. Because it was a soft white.

44. My bedroom light went out yesterday. I still haven't any idea where it went.

45. I started a charity to make sure that everyone has convenient lighting in their homes. Because I've always had a wish to be a PhiLAMPthropist.

46. A fishing supply store opened in our area that only sells home lighting supplies and circuit breakers. They named the store 'The Bait and Switch'.

47. Yesterday all of my lamps stopped working due to electrical issues. I should be upset, but I'm de-lighted.

48. Our electrician needed to change a few fluorescent lamps to brighten up the large conference room in our office. When I asked if he needed any help carrying them. He just told me, "no, this is light".

49. The lamps got arrested the other day. They got involved in some kind of shady business.

50. I had to replace all of the bulbs in my side table lamps. Then I also replaced the ones on my ceiling. That was definitely the highlight of my day.

51. I like lamps. Because they're very enlightening.

52. You can't really bury a lava lamp. Then it turns into a magma lamp.

53. The lamp didn't eat much last night. It was just a light snack.

54. I decided to donate all of my lamps to goodwill. Now, I feel positively delighted.

55. My sister just told me that she accidentally broke my favorite lamp, and I don't think I can't ever see her in the same light.

56. The globe and the lamp were having a conversation. The globe said, "You light up my world".

57. I bought a new bulb. When my old lamp saw the new light bulb, it said, "You have a bright future, kid".

58. I always wondered about the weight of a lamp. My friend said that they're actually pretty light.

59. I bought a new desk lamp for my home. I've since been seeing everything in a new light.

60. I bought a book about lamps and bulbs. That's in case if I wanted to do a little light reading.

61. My brother hit his hand on the lamp today. So my mother told him, "Did it make you mad so much that you punched its lights out?"

62. I woke up one morning and saw that my bedside light turned into a moth. Well, that's the last time that I ever buy larva lamp.

63. Two light bulbs decided to go out. It's because they were hungry.

64. It was a foggy winter night and I saw some lights outside my home. I kept wondering if the lights were real, or if they were just filaments of my imagination.

65. A light bulb and a generator were talking. The light bulb said, "I get a charge out of you".

66. I was planting a light bulb in my garden. My dad came out and wondered aloud if that would grow into some power plant.

67. Electricity was installed for the first time in an English castle. That marked the introduction of the first knight-light.

68. Some light bulbs decided to go do some shopping. So they went to the outlet store.

69. There was a monk who used to meditate with a light bulb on. He hoped that it would help him reach enlightenment.

70. Sometimes I think lightbulbs must like us very much. Mainly because we always flip them off.

71. You should never ask a skeleton to help you change a lightbulb. Because no-body will show up.

72. Some friends went on a trip to the bulb emporium. They said it was Illuminating.

73. A man with a stutter went to buy some light bulbs. Upon reaching the shop, he asked the seller about the brightness of the light bulbs. He asked, "Watt are those?".

Candle And Torch Puns

Lastly, we have a list of lighting puns involving candles and torch which are so good, no one will be able to hold a candle to them.

74. I once saw a candle inside a suit of armor on Halloween. I called it a knight light.

75. Four men were on a boat and had five candles. But they had nothing with them to light the candles. So they threw a candle overboard and then the whole boat became a candle lighter.

76. My friend had 100 fibrous bundles and a table candle featuring glitter to light. That was pretty wicked.

77. There's a way of lighting candles even when you don't have matches. You just have to cut a bit off of the candle, so that it becomes a little lighter.

78. Angels light their candles with matches made in heaven.

79. An oil lamp was talking to a flickering candle. The lamp said to the candle, "do you want to go out?"

80. Candles were used for the first time on a birthday cake by the people who just wanted to make light of their age.

81. They never light the Olympics torch in Athens. Because it's not easy to put out Greece fires.

82. I was mining in Minecraft and ran out of torches. It's not a situation to be made light of.

83. My friend was a heavy lifter. I told her to stay away from torches at the gym. They're quite lightweight.

84. My friend gave me a watch that had an LED flashlight. It's my time to shine now.

85. My dad was teaching me how to fix the car while I was holding a flashlight. I guess I'll never be able to hold a candle to him.

86. There was a time when phones didn't have any flashlights. Those were some dark days.

87. I was working at a concert and the power went out. So, I told all the attendees that if they had a flashlight, this was their time to shine.

88. I bought my sister some candles for her room. It looked pretty lit.

89. Sister used a lot of small candles for her party as decorations. Her place looks tealight-ful.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for light puns then why not take a look at space puns, fire puns or for something different take a look at wedding puns.

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