50 Best Fantasy Riddles You Won't Believe

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According to psychology, a fantasy is a mental experience that develops with imagination.

A fantasy is linked to desires and wishes. Fantasies are a result of mental imagery.

A fantasy leads you to a magical dreamland with fairies, mermaids, castles made of chocolates, and magical forests. Fantasy and imagination allow you to explore the heights of your thinking capabilities, and they allow you to experience something really beautiful and unique. The magical and dreamy experience provides you with something beautiful and enchanting.

Here we have compiled a list of some great fantasy riddles inspired by fairies, castles, a coven of witches, magical spells, dragons, and cupids. See if you can solve at least one riddle from our list! For more interesting riddles, check out 30 Harry Potter Riddles For Wizards And Witches and 50 D&D Riddles For Dungeon Masters & Campaign Planners.

Fantasy Riddles And Answers

Fantasy riddles inspired by supernatural elements can be really astonishing. Here is a list of many amazing fantasy riddles with their answers.

1. It starts with C and ends with N, and is used by all the witches for making magical potions and casting magical spells. What is it? Answer: Cauldron.

2. She is friends with Ron Weasley and is known for reading books and magical spells that she loves more than life; failure and insecurity are her biggest life fear. Who is she? Answer: Hermione Granger.

3. He is a baby angel who can be seen around with wings, and his favorite bow and arrow. He hits you with arrows and makes you feel the love in the air. Who is he? Answer: Cupid.

4. He has many reindeer and elves. He has a big tummy and a big bag filled with presents. Who is he? Answer: Santa Claus.

5. He loves sleeping, and lives in Transylvania, and can shapeshift into a bat. He loves throwing parties for his friends. Who is he? Answer: Dracula.

6. Kids love her and wait eagerly for her to come around. By the time she arrives, they fall asleep. Who is she? Answer: Tooth fairy.

7. Starts with F and ends with an N, he is famous in books, movies, and cartoons; he is friends with ghouls. Who is he? Answer: Frankenstein.

8. It is common in castles, dungeons, chocolate houses, and witches' towers but not in Dracula's' coffin. What is it? Answer: The letter E.

9. It is something so magical, it comes to you every night. It takes you places without actually moving you. To see it, you need to close your eyes first. What is it? Dream.

10. It starts with an E and ends with a Y. He hops and jumps, and just like Santa, he brings you colorful tiny presents every time. What is his name? Answer: Easter bunny.

Good Fantasy Riddles

Hypnotic fantasy riddles can be really dreamy. Here you will get a list of some really great and enchanting fantasy riddles for you.

11. They have pointy noses and pointy ears and are short, tiny creatures surrounded by magical air. Who are they? Answer: Elves.

12. It has mighty tall walls, all the riches, and also a dark prison to capture all the evil. What is it? Answer: Castle.

13. Possesses magical powers, has never been seen without her magical cloak, and the black cat keeps flying around on broomsticks wearing her hat. Who is it? Answer: Witch.

14. They are very popular in stories and fairy tales and are found in the Caribbean, but it's not a fish. They are often depicted with crooked teeth and hook hands. Who are they? Answer: Pirates.

15. It is not merely a piece of paper with a lot of symbols and markings and forests without trees, it actually is a gateway to the magical jewels and fantasy land. What is it? Answer: Treasure map.

16. They hunt the bad ones and befriend the good; they save the needy ones from the evil wicked ones. Who are they? Answer: Witch Hunters.

17. You hear about them in stories and fairy tales; you need to climb and cross the rainbow in order to get one. What is it? Answer: A pot full of gold.

18. It is a box but not just that, it's filled with lots of coins and precious stones in it. What is it? Answer: Treasure Chest.

19. It starts with an S and ends with a K; it has thousands of spellings that are needed by all the witches to learn her way. What is it? Answer: A spellbook.

20. They have magical powers and can cast spells but are not evil like witches. They can't fly without pixie dust and you can actually befriend them. Who are they? Answer: Fairies.

Magic Themed Riddles

Magic riddles can be really spellbinding. Here are some fire themed riddles about dragons and captivating, magical riddles to mesmerize you.

21. It is not alive, but it still grows. It does not breathe but it can't live without air. It keeps you warm. What is it? Answer: Fire.

22. It breathes fire and can fly high. If you train him and befriend this mighty beast, it can show you around. What is it? Answer: Dragon.

23. He has two legs but he's not a human; he obeys each and every command of his master, and he saved Harry, Hermione, and Ron from evil. Who is he? Answer: Dobby elf.

24. You can find him at the end of the rainbow, with a golden pot. He will grant you with two-three wishes. Who is he? Answer: Leprechaun.

25. It is used in every household for cleaning and used by witches to fly around. What is it? Answer: A broomstick.

26. It is a magical wooden thing used by witches and wizards to cast spells. What is it? Answer: Magic wand.

27. These are available in so many colors and can be scented or nonscented, and are used by witches.  No, it's not a candle. What is it? Answer: Magic potion.

28. It is something people try to avoid. You can see this dark as night creature accompanying witches. What is it? Answer: A black cat.

29. He lives in bottles and lamps and can full fill your wishes and give you three chances. He is friends with Aladdin and Jasmine. Who is he? Answer: Genie.

30. I am green in color and can be rare and hard to find. Once you get me, I bring you all the luck you need. What am I? Answer: Four leaf clover.

Ancient Riddles

Child reading old book

An ancient riddle can be miraculous and mind-blowing. Here are some medieval riddles and classic old-time riddles. See if you can solve at least one!

31. They are not wounded, but are covered and dressed in rolls and rolls of bandages. They are not alive but can cast magic spells and bring you bad luck. What are they? Answer: Mummy.

32. He made an arc and saved everyone from a huge flood. You can call him the savior of mankind. Who is he? Answer: Noah.

33. It is big and huge, usually occupied by mummies, filled with all the luxurious facilities and tonnes of riches. What is it? Answer: Pyramid.

34. They are often encrypted and hold secret messages and symbols. They are carried and stored with a lot of protection and care. What is it? Answer: Scrolls.

Famous Riddles About Fantasy

Fantasy books and fantasy movies really fascinate us. Here are some riddles inspired by our favorite well-known fantasy fiction. A fantasy riddle from this list is sure to be a winner.

35. His name starts with H and ends with R; he is friends with Hagrid and lives in Hogwarts. This boy wizard amazes everyone with his magical powers. Who is he? Answer: Harry Potter.

36. He has teeth, but he is called Toothless. He is friends with many Vikings and lives in Berk, and he is a big mighty creature who loves his friends. What is his name? Answer: Night Fury dragon.

37. This is the doorway to a magical place, the beginning of all the mystery. Once you go inside it, you get to meet talking trees and animals and mighty Aslan. What is it? Answer: Wardrobe.

38. They are tiny beautiful beings, can be seen flying around, and are friends with Peter Pan. Who are they? Answer: Fairies.

39. Starts with B and ends with T; he is friends with Belle and has a huge library. He is the opposite of beauty. Who is he? Answer: Beast.

40. They are tiny wise people and live in tiny houses. They are there in 'Narnia,' 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Snow White and the huntsman.' Answer: Dwarfs.

41. It lives underwater but is not a fish. It has the body of human but without two legs. She lives with her whole family, and loves singing and dancing. Who is she? Answer: Mermaid.

42. She is an expert on Peter Pan and has two children of her own. Who is she? Wendy Darling.

43. This is no ordinary thing. People fear it more than death, and a witch coven protects it all the time. What is it? Answer: A magical curse.

44. It looks like a big scary reptile with two wings, but it's not a bird. It has a tail, but it's not a dog, it has scales but no fins, so it's not a fish. He follows Daenerys on her wish. What is it? Answer: Dragon.

45. On full moon days, I walk on four legs during the night, and in the morning two. I live in packs and one of us is the alpha. What am I ? Answer: Werewolf.

Rhyming Riddles

Riddles that rhyme can be astounding and breathtaking. Here are some enthralling literary riddles, and cryptic riddles with answers.

46. It can be seen, it can be felt, but it never heard, and never smelt. It comes every day at the end of time, and witches and Dracula love it cause now it's their time. What is it? Answer: Darkness.

47. He is popular as the man on the moon but plays outside with kids when it's noon. What is his name? Answer: Jack Frost.

48. Kids fear him as he brings bad nightmares; the guardians fight him back and remove all the despair. What is his name? Answer: Pitch Black.

49. It is so beautiful, colorful, and magical lives up in the sky, but yet it is unable to fly. What is it? Answer: Rainbow.

50. He is a powerful air spirit in 'Witcher', for some people, he brings a lot of riches, and will grant you three wishes; who is he? Answer: Djinn.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 50 Best Fantasy Riddles, then why not take a look at 20 Murder Mystery Riddles For Aspiring Sherlocks or Sphinx riddles.

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