50 Best Pirate Riddles For Scavenger Hunts.

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You can use these pirate riddles for any fun-filled pirate-themed event.

Pirates used to sail the seas on their ships. They used to attack other ships and take the spoils of the battle and keep them for themselves.

Pirates are intriguing and some of them created riddles to safeguard their treasure. You can pick some riddles from these pirate riddles and have an amazing treasure hunt.

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Pirate Riddles For Treasure Hunts

These pirate riddles can be used when you're arranging any pirate treasure hunt for kids and use pirate-themed objects as pirate scavenger hunt clues. With these treasure map riddles, they will find the next clue as they solve the riddles and find the objects. See if you can solve a riddle or two from this list!

1. If you're a pirate

And you somehow get into a fight

You would need to wear this

If you then lost half your sight.

What is this one thing I'm talking about?

Answer: Eye Patch.

2. This item has shiny things inside

You'd have to wait to figure out what

You will probably end up digging it up

Once you have found 'X' which marks the spot.

What object is it?

Answer: Treasure Chest.

3. It sits on the shoulder of a pirate

And it doesn’t fly away

The funniest fact about it

Is it'll just repeat what you say.

What is it?

Answer: Parrot.

4. The picture on this pirate flag

Can surely give people a fright

This has some parts of a skeleton

On a background that's as dark as night.

Which one object am I talking about?

Answer: Jolly Roger.

5. A ship would drop this to stay still

Even when the water’s calm

It can also be a tattoo

That you can also see on Popeye’s arm.

What object is it?

Answer: Anchor.

6. A pirate that lost his tibia

Will replace it with this particular thing

Which can help him to walk around

Instead of rather hopping.

What is it?

Answer: Wooden Leg.

7. He was a famous pirate

The one who everyone feared

A little color and a few facial hair.

And this fearful pirate was?

Answer: Blackbeard

8. When you're looking for buried gold

This item can help you a lot

As on this particular piece of paper

Will be given where X marks the spot.

What is the piece of paper?

Answer: Treasure Map.

9. When a pirate's sailing on his ship

He needs this to find his way at least

This item can help him guide the way

By pointing South, West, North, and East.

What am I talking about?

Answer: Compass.

10. This pirate's phrase you should know

When you take a two by four

Then if you place it on a shelf

Put it inside of a freezer door.

What is that one phrase?

Answer: Shiver Me Timbers.

11. When you follow a treasure map

And reach the end of your quest

You can hope to get this thing

Inside the buried treasure chest.

What object is it?

Answer: Gold Coins.

12. If you wish to become a pirate

You'll have to have this without fail

To be able to travel around

You're going to need something to sail.

What is it?

Answer: Pirate Ship.

13. You’ll need two people to lift this up

Because it had such an extreme weight

Why is this particular wooden item heavy?

Well, it's filled with the pieces of eight.

What is this wooden item?

Answer: Treasure Chest.

14. My first is in Give but not in Hive

My second is in Sort but not in Shirt

My third is in Told but not in Toned

And my last is in Ride but not in Rice.

What am I?

Answer: Gold.

Pirate Rhymes For Treasure Hunt

Actor posing for photographers

Here we've got certain pirate riddles and treasure map riddles that will give you pirate scavenger hunt ideas or pirate treasure hunt ideas. Kids will like and enjoy this list.

15. I sail the seas for treasure

And I may attack another ship

And then the enemy is in my grip.

Who am I?

Answer: A Pirate.

16. This famous pirate looks a bit scruffy

As he seems to not have shaved

By not buying any razors

Lots of money he has saved.

Who is this one famous pirate?

Answer: Blackbeard.

17. The contents inside are really valuable

So one can hope there are no locks

That they would have to breakthrough

Once they finish digging up this buried box.

What is this box?

Answer: Treasure Chest.

18. The directions to the hidden treasure

Are drawn out on this scroll

There's an X that’s in a specific spot

That's where you should be digging up a hole.

What is this scroll?

Answer: Treasure Map.

19. You'd end up crashing your ship

If you cannot make it turn

So you'll need to use this equipment

To control that rudder at the stern.

What is it?

Answer: Pirate Ship's Wheel.

20. Is that an island far ahead

Or some pirates coming your way?

You can look through this little telescope

Then you’ll easily be able to say.

What am I talking about?

Answer: Spyglass.

21. Now that you’re getting close to land

You'll need your ship to stop

So you will take down all your sails

Then this object you’ll drop.

What object is this?

Answer: Anchor.

22. If you hear an echo

Of another voice which can be heard

You should take a look around you

Because it might just be a colorful bird.

What bird is it?

Answer: Parrot.

23. When you get a treasure chest

The value of the things inside is great

There might be a lot of shiny currency

Which are also known as pieces of eight.

What are these things?

Answer: Gold Coins.

24. To find all the pieces of eight

Which were buried without any trace

You’re going to need this to direct you

To find and dig in the right place.

Which object would you need?

Answer: Treasure Map.

25. If you meet a pirate

You'll say to him aye aye

But don’t ever stare too closely

At the thing that's covering his eye.

What's this thing?

Answer: Eye Patch.

26. You'll need this mode of transport

To be able to leave the port

Then you can float upon the water

That will take you to the treasure to be caught.

What mode of transport am I talking about?

Answer: Ship.

27. I fly around everywhere

I order around a couple of boys,

I don't ever want to grow up,

And I foil the plans of one pirate.

Who am I?

Answer: Peter Pan.

Best Scavenger Hunt Riddles

These are the kind of pirate riddles or pirate themed riddles that serve as best scavenger hunt clues and pirate treasure hunt clues for games at home.

28. Pirates were sneaky,

And they were crooks.

And to get this next clue,

You have to go to the room which has books.

Which room am I talking about?

Answer: The library or study room.

29. Fine work me, buccaneers!

Now then hark to me fable:

I'll tell ye that there once was a clue

That was just kept by a table.

Where can you get this clue?

Answer: The clue can be kept on top of the table or maybe underneath the table.

30. Well done me shipmates!

I tell ye yer right on the brink

Now, this clue is hiding carefully

Not very far from a sink.

Where will you find this clue?

Answer: The clue could be kept beside the sink in the kitchen or the bathroom.

31. The next place is not buried under

This one is a man-made machine

Also, the clue is not very far

From that sparkly bright screen.

Where exactly is the clue hidden?

Answer: The clue could be hidden beside the TV or under a phone, a laptop, or even a tablet.

32. Well done me mateys

Now if yer in a rush

I'm going to tell ye a secret:

The clue is near a hairbrush.

Where might the clue possibly be?

Answer: The clue could be kept under or beside a hairbrush.

33. Here you have, my buccaneers

Now it's time to set sail

And to get this clue for your treasure

Go to where you get your mail

What place is it?

Answer: Mail Box.

34. Nice work, me lovely mateys,

Now you have to understand:

Y'all find this next clue hiding

At the X marked spot by the sand

Where's this place with sand?

Answer: The clue can be put in a place outside with sand.

35. Yo ho, me lovelies.

Now here be yer clue:

If you want to get the surprise

Then ye must seek out a shoe

Where is the clue hidden?

Answer: The clue to the hunt is in a shoe.

36. Keep on, me hearties!

Ye know, a pirate’s got grit,

Then ye’ll find my next clue

At the place where ye like to sit.

Where might the clue be hidden?

Answer: The clue would be hidden under a cushion, on a chair, or the sofa.

37. Well done, me pirates!

I see that yer moving ahead

Now I hid a secret that's written

At the place where ye go to bed.

What room am I talking about?

Answer: The bedroom, or specifically the bed.

38. Now listen up closely,

Me dearies, me beauties, me gems,

Here is a landlubber who is watching

Yer next clue is on them!

Where can you get this clue?

Answer: The clue would be in the pockets of an adult who is present.

39. Not far from the treasure you are,

Me brave sailing folks!

Now the next one’s hidden beside

A thing that has a yolk.

Where is the next clue?

Answer: The clue can be kept beside an egg or inside an egg basket.

40. Aha so ye have found it!

And I’m piraty-proud,

Here's a toast to yer cunning

And yer courage I say out loud!

Answer: Finally the treasure should be kept here with the note.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Riddles

‍Lastly, pirate riddles like these are a type of pirate riddle that includes a pirate question and answer.

41.  A pirate needs this to follow the treasure map correctly. It is also round but not a gold coin. What is it? Answer: A compass.

42. A pirate uses this to stop his ship at the shore. It's heavy but it's not a treasure chest. What is it? Answer: Anchor

43. It helps a pirate reach the treasure he searches for but it's not his ship. What is it? Answer: Treasure map.

44. It's a flag that only pirates use. It's can symbolize the opposite of a white flag. What is it? Answer: Jolly Roger.

45. A pirate uses this to see ahead in the distance. It may be round but it's not his bottle of rum. What is it? Answer: Spyglass.

46. A pirate needs this when he loses one of his eyes, it's round and black but it's not another eye. What is it? Answer: Eye patch.

47. It has a stern but it's not serious. It has a wheel but it can't be called a car. What is it? Answer: Ship.

48. It usually belongs to a pirate, and holds the most valuable of all things? Answer: Cargo.

49.  A pirate has this. He can talk, but he's not a person. He can fly but he's not an airplane. What is it? Answer: Parrot.

50.  The most valuable thing to a pirate other than one pirate ship. It's round but it is not his eye patch. What is it? Answer: Gold coins.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 50 Best Pirate Riddles then why not take a look at Music riddles, or Sphinx riddles.

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