30 Scary Riddles For All Ages

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Spooky Halloween themed riddles for kids make fun narrations that most of us search for to have a memorable scary time.

If you want to have the same experience or want you to make your family and friends feel this way, you sure are in for a ride. This list of freaky riddles will give you all the rush that you've been in search for.

While stories seem to be spooky with their narration, spooky riddles have their own charm. It gets the other person to think and question the long riddle stories to find their answers. Story riddles for kids usually are intellectually stimulating riddles that focus on their interests and then make them think laterally for solutions. This list of scary horror riddles and answers contains some hard Halloween riddles and a few good scary riddles with answers suitable for children and adults. You'll have to think hard about the answers behind such creepy riddles, but you'll find the answers can also be quite simple.

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Short Scary Riddles

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Ghost riddles that make for a great story to solve can get everyone's attention. See this list for the perfect riddle that will get everyone thinking.

1. Which room do the ghosts hate to go to?

Answer - Living room.

2. What is the place where people are dying to get an entry?

Answer - A cemetery.

3. A man accidentally tore his suit at work and, within a span of three minutes, died. How did that happen?

Answer - Because the man was an astronaut and was working in outer space.

4. There was a gunshot. It was discovered that a man was shot in the heart, and yet no one took him to the hospital. The man didn't die because of the gunshot either. How is that possible?

Answer - The man was already dead.

5. A house of yore, a house by the street, a house of gore, riddled with elm trees. What am I?

Answer - The House on Elm Street!

6. I am scary, and when you have more of me, you will see only less. What am I?

Answer - Darkness.

7. The man who built it sold it, the man who buys it will never use it, and the man who used it has never seen it. What's it?

Answer - Coffin.

8. I eat Fish 'n' chips for dinner! What am I?

Answer - I am a sea monster!

9. The ghost of the present, the ghost of past, the ghost of future alight, they bring forth tidings and teach me lessons on a Christmas night. Who am I?

Answer - Mr Scrooge.

10. A bus crashed, and every single person died. Who survived?

Answer - The married people!

11. Poor people have it, but if rich people eat it, they will die. What's it?

Answer - Nothing.

Scary Riddles For Kids

A riddle that will make the kids feel spooky and yet have them think about answers is the best thing to engage in rather than surfing on Facebook for longer hours! A spooky riddle can really get them hooked. Help the children solve this set of riddles for fun.

12. A man and his daughter were driving on a lonely road. Something came in front of the car, and they got in a car accident. Two ambulances from different hospitals took them away. When the doctor entered to see the girl and started shivering and crying, the doctor said, "I cannot operate on her. She is my daughter," how is it possible?

Answer - The doctor is the girl's mother.

13. A woman was condemned to death and had to choose 1 room from 3 options. One had assassins with ammunitions. Two had three lions who hadn't eaten for 14 days. The third room was filled with raging fires. Which room should she choose?

Answer - She should choose room two because if the lions haven't eaten for 14 days, they would be dead.

14. Two men had gone for an adventure to the desert in a lonely area, and both were lying on the floor. One man's backpack was open, and he was alive. The other man's backpack was closed, but he was dead. How did that happen?

Answer - The backpacks were parachutes, and the man who died had not deployed his parachute.

Funny And Punny Halloween Riddles

Find solutions for these spooky Halloween riddles for a scary yet fun time with friends.

15. How can one be sure that a vampire loves baseball as a sport?

Answer - Because it becomes a bat every night.

16. I have no eyes, but I could once see. I am empty and white, but I had thoughts. What am I?

Answer - A skull.

17. When would a black cat be bad luck?

Answer - When you have turned into a mouse.

18. I have no wings or limbs, but I climb the sky. Who am I?

Answer - Smoke.

19. What are the mummies' favorite kind of music?

Answer - Wrap music.

20. I am a dead bee that loves eating living people. What am I?

Answer - I am a zom-bee!

21. I am tallest when I am young. I grow short when I am old, and I love being with the Jack O' Lanterns. What am I?

Answer - I am a candle.

22. I am wrapped, but not a gift yet of great value. Who am I?

Answer- Mummy.

Creepy Riddles That Make Sense

Here is a list of riddles for you to find the right answers. Check this list of some creepy rhyming riddles to share with your friends and family or even on Facebook or social media to get some fun answers.

23. Pearly and white, spooky alright, playing with children every night. Who am I?

Answer - Casper The Friendly Ghost.

24. What place do the zombies, ghosts, and mummies love to swim in?

Answer - The Dead Sea.

25. A few people believe and see me, and the others don't. At night I roam around everywhere and float. If you are scared of a creepy sound at night, go and hide because I would be on all your side. Who am I?

Answer - Ghost.

26. I have a body and a leg and arms as well as ahead. I am naked and bare and not a living being. What am I?

Answer - A skeleton.

27. If a Jack O' lantern has the candle and a witch has a broom, what would a vampire have?

Answer - Vampire has a bloodhound.

28. You know this one as a place with very few lights and a lot of creaking floors. You will hear all kinds of strange noises and a lot of slamming doors. What is the place?

Answer - The place is a haunted house.

29. A cannibal entered the buffet restaurant. What did he have?

Answer - The cannibal had one waiter and the chef.

30. Two men were in the graveyard. A man points to the grave and asks whose it is. The second man looks at him and says. 'Sisters and brothers, I have none, but this man's father is my father's son.' Who is in the grave?

Answer - The second man is in the grave and it is his ghost that is talking with the first man.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Scary Riddles then why not take a look at Impossible Riddles, or Long Riddles.

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