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Flowers are usually the most beautiful part of a plant or a tree.

A flower grows by itself in the wildlife or a forest. Also, a flower grows if someone plants or decides to grow a flowering plant at their home.

There are approximately 369,000 different species of flowering plants known to science and man. Flowers have become such a significant part of human life that they're used on every special occasion by every culture.

Humans have assigned specific flowers for specific occasions over the years. Appreciating these wonders, as well as a means for having fun, is relatively easy. We've accumulated some flower jokes, jokes about plants, some gardening jokes, and a tulip joke that'll definitely up your flower humor.

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Flowers Jokes That Are Iris-istible

Here you'll find some flower jokes such as sunflower jokes, some jokes about tulips, wildflower jokes, and a plant joke, which will win your heart and fill it with joy.

1. What did the bride sunflower say to the groom on their wedding day? She said, "I fall in love with you a lily more every day."

2. What did the flower's best friend say when he said he didn't like being a flower? He replied, "How can you say that? That's just ranunculus."

3. What did the flower, a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, say when leaving for her vacation? She said, "Hosta la vista, baby!"

4. What do the flowers say on each other's birthdays? They say, "Iris you a very happy birthday and all the happiness in the world."

5. What did the flower mention to his sister when she said she wanted to visit him? He said, "You can poppy-n anytime you want."

6. What was the motto of the flower company that wanted their employees to be happy workers? Thistle while you work.

7. What did the flower say when her friend canceled on her at the last minute? She said, "All dressed up but nowhere to grow."

8. What do all the flowers say as motivation every morning? Thistle be a beautiful day.

9. What did the flower say to his wife? He said, "Every daisy is better with you."

10. What did the flower say when it saw an order of cheesecake coming his way? He said, "I know I shouldn't eat so much but it's so iris-istible."

11. What did the best friend of the flower say when she was depressed after her breakup? The friend told her, "You have to try and get clover him."

12. What do flowers in love say? I've fallen head clover heels for you.

13. What did the one flower say to the other that was lost in thought? It said, "A peony for your thoughts?"

14. What was written on the Mother's Day card that the little flower gave to her mother on a special occasion? I'm lucky to be y-orchid.

15. What happened when the flower got called up to fix the mess his colleagues made at work? He rose to the occasion.

16. What did the flower lawyer say when it lost the case? It said, "Every dogwood has its day."

17. What did the one flower at the school say to the new flower kid that just got transferred? It said, "You seem cool. I lilac you."

18. What did the fan wildflower said to the famous actor flower? She said, "I'm wild about you."

19. What did the music teacher say to the new flower student in her class? She said, "Don't sing out of Petunia."

20. What is the favorite flower of a frog? It's Croak-us.

21. What happened to the man that tried to plant a few flowers in his garden? He later realized that he hadn't botany.

Jokes About Flowers That Are Cute

Periwinkle flower blooming in garden

This is a list of flower jokes, including a purple flowers joke, some garden jokes, plant jokes and a planting tulips joke that might make you feel like planting some of these cute flowers yourself.

22. What do flowers that are best friends call each other? Best Buds Forever.

23. What did the dad say to his flower son when he failed his exam for the third time? He said, "I think it's time you take stalk of your life."

24. What do florists hang on their doors for people to ring when they come to visit? Bellflowers.

25. What would you do if you couldn't decide whether to plant some flowers or pave a part of your garden? I would try to sort it once and floral.

26. Did you hear that someone was suspected of adding soil to our neighbor's garden, but it turned out that he was doing it himself? It sounds like the plot thickens.

27. What do girl flowers say to encourage each other? You grow, girl!

28. What do scarecrows usually do? They are just garden their patch.

29. Why didn't the woman marry the gardener? Because he was a little rough around the hedges.

30. What is the go-to answer to any criticism from anyone elder of all the millenial flowers? They say, "Okay, bloomer."

31. Have you heard about the fear of roses Jimmy has? He says it's a thorny issue, and he's not sure about where it stems from.

32. Did you hear that a lot of gardeners get hay fever regularly? It's undoubtedly a pollen news.

33. Have you heard about the little flower that went on a playdate with a flower she met at the playground? I guess it's a budding friendship.

34. What did the one flower say when he was teasing another flower? He said, "Don't be mad. I'm pollen your leg."

35. What kind of flower usually grows on your face? The tulips.

36. What does a flower usually say when they offer you something to eat? They say, "Take it or leaf it."

37. Have you heard about the flower that recently joined a dating app? I think she's just looking for some-bud-y to love.

38. What did the youngest child flower of the family say? He said, "Last bud, not least."

39. Have you heard about the flower that never really bloomed? I think it was a bud omen.

40. What does every flower therapist ask their patients? They ask, "Are you feeling bouquet?"

41. Why are flowers always driving fast? Probably because they're always putting the petal to the metal.

42. What did the one flower say to the other when it wanted the first flower to drive faster? It said, "Floret."

Flower Jokes For Kids And Parents

These are some flower jokes, tulip jokes, rose jokes, and plants' jokes appropriate for kids and parents.

43. What do flowers usually study in college? They study STEM.

44. How do flowers always greet each other? They say, "Hey bud, how's it growing?"

45. Have you heard about the flower that was stuck with a mess she mistakenly made? She was leafed to fend for herself.

46. What does a flower write on their valentine's card? Aloe you very much.

47. What did one flower say when she saw her friend dressed up for the party? She told him, "You're dandy. I'm not lion."

48. What is the favorite band of the flower? It's Guns n' Roses.

49. What is the favorite Journey song of the flowers? Don't stop be-leafing.

50. How much does any flower love all of its friends? They love them bunches.

51. What did the flower do when he gets caught in his lie? Backpetals.

52. Why are all the flowers good at solving problems? Because they all know to nip things in the bud.

53. What did the flower say to his daughter before her big game? He said, "I'm rooting for you."

54. What do the flowers call their grandfathers? Poppy.

55. What did the one flower say when she wanted a second chance? She said, "Trust me, I'll grow on you."

56. What do door to door flower salesmen do? They petal their wares.

57. How many lips does a flower usually have? Tulips.

58. What is the favorite vegetable of a greedy flower? Marigold.

59. What was the most common line said by Jerry Maguire the flower? You had me at heliconia.

60. What did one flower's friends, who only had one talent to show, call him? They called him one trick peony.

61. What did the flower reply when her husband asked why she was sad? She said, "It's nothing much. Just having one of rose days."

62. What did the plant say to the flower when he asked her if she needed any help carrying the box of soil? She said, "No, no, it's okay. It's light as a heather."

63. Did you hear about the man asked to choose his favorite flowering plant when all of his plants were in the room? It put him in quite an orchid situation.

Funny Flower Jokes That'll Grow On You

In this list, you'll get some funny flower jokes, orchid jokes, florist jokes, and garden jokes that will grow on you.

64. Where can you find beautiful flowers? All clover the world.

65. What would you call the Dracula if he had hay fever? He'd be the pollen count.

66. Did you hear about the vase of flowers that died and then came back to life? Well, it must've been rein-carnation.

67. What do you get when you cross a flower with a monkey? A chimp-pansy.

68. What's the favourite flower of an amnesiac sailor? Forget-me-knots.

69. What is your opinion about stealing flowers? It's a crime, and it's de-flora-ble.

70. What did the plant say to the flower when she just couldn't wait for the movie to start? He said, "Don't be so impatiens. It'll start."

71. What's a country where people drive only one colour vehicle? It's red car nation.

72. What does a bee say when it sees a flower? It says, "Hello honey."

73. What would you call a flower which can glow in the dark? It'd be a light bulb.

74. What would you call a flower that is the favorite of a French baker? The Croissanthemum.

75. What's the name of the insurance company of flower plant businesses? The "Oopsie Daisies."

76. What happens to any flowering plant when they get embarrassed? They turn rosy.

77. Did you know Lily spotted Michael J Fox at a florist's last week? She wasn't sure if it was him, though, because he had his back to the Fuchsia.

78. Did you hear someone has been sending bunches of flowers with their heads cut off to our neighbor? She might be being stalked.

79. Have you heard that Jason saw a flower the other day wearing a flamboyant wig and a cape? I'm thinking it might have been a dandy lion.

80. What do cartographers give to their wives on Valentine's Day? Probably compass roses.

81. What did the bee say its favorite flower is? The Bee-gonia.

82. What is the favorite flower of pickles in the Spring? The Daffo-dills.

83. What kind of flower in the garden is the fiercest of all? The tiger lily.

84. What type of garden do the bakers usually have? The "flour" gardens.

85. Where do the roses sleep at night time? On their flowerbed.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 85 Flower Jokes then why not take a look at Rose Puns, or 65+ Best Plant Jokes That You'll Be Very Frond Of.

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