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Plumbing humor can be used to fix any situation with some laughter!

Although a very important profession, plumbing jokes have become a hobby of society. And the best thing is that you can make your own plumbing joke and your own plumber pun!

There are different aspects of plumbing jokes. They may include plumber jokes, water jokes, sewage jokes, sewer jokes, toilet plunger jokes, water heater jokes, and many others!

Similarly, plumbing puns have toilet puns, plunger puns, pipe puns, drain puns, sewer puns, and leak puns as the major contributors! So, without much delay, let us plunge into these plumbing jokes and puns!

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Awesome Plumbing Jokes

Metal pipes on warehouse

Check out these funny plumbing jokes that have that perfect plunger joke, many boiler jokes, pipe jokes, and broken toilet jokes. These jokes might fix a leak and your mood!

1. What can make an atheist believe in God? Finding a plumber on a Sunday to fix the plumbing of the full house!

2. Why was the plumber such a good player of cards? This was because a good flush beats a full house any time of the day!

3. Why was the tap dancer's sink not working properly? Because the sink was clog-ged!

4. Why are plumbers so bad at submission moves? Because they are good at making the tap!

5. What is the most disgusting thing you can see while a plumber is plumbing? A plumber about to bite his nails.

6. What kind of movies do teenage plumbers like to watch? They love watching plumbing-of-age movies!

7. Where do plumbers keep all their stuff? They keep them in the water closet!

8. Why was the plumber tired after a day's work? Because the work had been too draining!

9. How does a plumber capture his enemies? He used the p-trap to capture the enemies!

10. What kind of stalls would plumbers open at a fair? They would always open shower stalls!

11. Why were the police trying to catch the plumber? Because he had broken the International Plumbing Code!

12. Why are plumbers so good at being friends with the pipes? Because they are electrically bonded!

13. Why are plumbers always tired while working? This is because they get exhaust-head easily!

14. What is the main plumbing issue that Eskimos face in their igloos? They have the problem of frozen pipes!

15. What is the similarity between a plumber and a bodybuilder? They both like to pump irons!

16. Why was the plumber not liked by his neighbors? Because he had a reputation of being a potty-mouth!

17. Why did the teacher call the plumber to school? He was called to pipe the class that was being noisy!

18. What is the musical instrument that plumbers can play? Plumbers can play the pipe very well!

19. What was it that the plumber found in the NFL player's restroom? He found a Superbowl!

20. Which animals are great at clearing out clogged sewers? They are sewer alligators!

21. What do you call someone who is great at picking plums? You call him a plumber!

22. Why does the United Kingdom need so many plumbers? This is because they are surrounded by water!

23. Why did the three plumbers walk into a restaurant? This was because there was a hazard sign!

24. Which event in the DC Comic's universe was dedicated to plumbers? It was the Flush Point Paradox!

25. Why shouldn't we ever ask a plumber about the pipes? Because they might mis-lead us!

26. Why are plumbers addicted to tobacco? Perhaps, because they have an easy supply of pipes!

27. Why was the wrestler so good at plumbing? He was known for dropping pipe bombs!

28. Why are plumbers terrible at hiding secrets? Because they are known to crack!

29. How does a plumber select an apprentice? He selects the one who has a pipe dream!

30. Why was the inexperienced plumber in the washroom with a scissor? Because he was told to cut off the water!

31. Why did the plumber always carry a few wrenches to work? Because they were known to turn heads!

32. Why would the plumber always insist on fitting new toilets personally? Because he always wanted to go where nobody else has ever gone before.

33. How can one tell the difference between a seamstress and a plumber? We just need to ask them how to pronounce the word 'sewer'!

34. Why was the plumber irritated with the client? Because the client was throwing all his ideas down the drain!

35. What is the similarity between economists and plumbers? They both have to deal with gross domestic product!

Funny Plumber Puns

These awesome puns on plumbing will always get you to laugh wherever you are. These also include some water puns.

36. In the local police station, a thief stole all the toilets. Now, the cops have nothing that they can go on!

37. The plumber was called by the local authorities to fix the road damaged by the flush floods!

38. Plumbers from all over the world were going to California. It was a classic case of the Gold Flush!

39. I knew an Australian plumber in our neighborhood who when faced with a difficult challenge would always say, "Nah mate, I conduit!"

40. The plumber was offered the role of a submarine captain. This was because he was good at sink-ing things!

41. I knew a plumber who took his work very seriously. He would always plunge into it!

42. Whenever a plumber visits a house where he has to take off his shoes, he starts to unclog!

43. When the underdog won the competition to determine the best plumber, it came as a massive shock to the cistern!

44. Almost all the plumbers I have come across are overweight. This is because they are plump-being!

45. The plumber was seriously injured when he took part in the war. Upon further inspection, the doctor said that it was just a flush wound!

46. Plumbers have a great eye for picking the best tea. They always pick the first flush!

47. The plumber had come to fix my water problem in the kitchen. He told me not to worry because it was all water under the fridge!

48. The plumbers were protesting for better pay. One of their slogans read, "If it weren't for us, you all would have nowhere to go!"

49. In the middle of the hurricane, because of a lack of proper equipment, the surgeon used a sterilized plumbing tool to operate. It really was a gut-wrenching experience!

50. My plumber dad used to have a saying for his customers, "Every time you flush, it results in food in my family 's mouth!"

51. When the plumber had a near-death experience, he almost saw his entire life flush before his eyes!

52. There is a movie that plumbers love to see whenever they have a chance. It is called the 'Drain Man'!

53. The two plumbers got into a massive argument regarding the boiler. Things got very heated between them!

54. When the plumber had an argument with the lady regarding the sewage works of the client's house, the plumber angrily exclaimed, "I am going to sewer, I am!"

55. When the basement flooded and we called the plumber, he curtly said that he couldn't come, but he had put us on the wading list!

56. The out-of-work plumber started growing onions. Very soon, his onion patch was leeking!

57. The plumber was sad as the pandemic had caused his business to go down the toilet!

58. After many tries, I finally called the plumber to replace my faucet because I couldn't get a handle on it!

59. I was surprised by the new tagline at the plumbing shop next to my shop. It simply said, "You can flush the rest because we are the best!"

60. When plumbers use their computers, their favorite program on the pc is the Adobe Flush Player!

61. Even after spending a fortune on my house's plumbing, it still wasn't fixed. Guess all my money went down the drain!

62. All the intelligent people in the community were turning to plumbing work for themselves. Well, it was a great example of a brain drain!

63. When the plumbers faced off in a competition, the announcer exclaimed, "Something is about to go down over here!"

64. I had once called an Italian plumber named Mario. Instead of fixing things, he jumped on my turtles and ate all my mushrooms!

65. Whenever a plumber comes to my house, I can tell they are there before they knock on the doors. This is because they have a bell mouth!

Funny Plumber Jokes

‍Plumbers jokes are an integral part of plumber humor. You can always use a plumber joke to come up with funny plumbing names too.

66. What is the similarity between a plumber and an espresso machine? They both know how to drain.

67. Why are plumbers so unique? Because they are the only people in this world who can take a leak and fix it as well!

68. How many plumbers does it take to screw in a light bulb on Sunday? None, because you won't find any plumbers on a Sunday!

69. What is the one bad habit that a plumber will never have? He will never ever bite his nails!

70. Normally, how many plumbers does it take to screw in a light bulb? It will usually take three because the main plumber tells his helper and the helper tells his electrician buddy, who finally changes it!

71. What did the plumber say when he became head of the army? He said that all cisterns were ready to go!

72. What does a  plumber say to the toilet after using it? He says, "See you at work, buddy!"

73. What kind of dreams do plumbers have when they are young? Plumbers have pipe dreams when they are young!

74. How does one differentiate between a plumber and a chemist? You can simply request them to pronounce 'unionized'!

75. What do you call a plumber who has become super and has his own game? Super Mario!

76. What do you call when all the plumbers come together to have an impromptu dance? You call it the flush mob!

77. What do plumbers have up their sleeves in their elbows? They have sleeve joints!

78. What is the difference between a normal person and a plumber? The normal person washes their hand after going to the restroom every time, while the plumber washes his hands before going to the restroom every time!

79. What was the reason for the shoe showroom calling the plumber? They had found a clog in their drain!

80. What do plumbers use to store their data in? They use the USB Flush Drive!

81. Why are plumbers excellent at playing golf? This is because they know all about straight tees!

82. What was the slogan of the new affordable plumbing shop? "We won't be draining your checkbooks!"

83. What rocks while it flushes? Well, a rocking chair toilet, of course!

84. Why are the plumbers in the country of Holland so wealthy? This is because everyone has clogs!

85. What is the favorite fruit of plumbers all around the world? They absolutely love having plumbs!

86. How did everyone know about the misfortunes of the plumber? Well, the news had leaked out!

87. What is the favorite vegetable that plumbers like to grow in their garden? Leeks!

88. What is the simplest way to make a plumber smile? You just get him some overtime pay!

89. Why are so many plumbers Australians? This is because they love going down under!

90. Why do programmers hate plumbers? Because they always promise to get a sync but never do!

91. What did the plumber tell his girlfriend while breaking up with them? "I'm sorry, but it's over, Flo!"

92. What do you call it when a plumber becomes a superhuman? Flush Gordan!

93. Why did the plumber visit the restroom? Because his dooty calls!

94. Why do yoga teachers hate plumbers? Because plumbers are flexible even without doing yoga!

95. What happens when Chuck Norris becomes a plumber? The toilet fixes itself!

96. Why did the man stop himself from becoming a full-time plumber? Because he did not have the courage to take the plunge!

97. What did the plumber say to the all the people living in the hotel when the pipes burst? "Listen up, this is not a drill!"

98. Why are plumbers great at poker? They often get a flush!

99. Why did people find the new plumber so friendly? The new plumber always went with the flow!

100. Where does a redneck plumber usually live? They usually live in wranches!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Plumbing Jokes and Puns, then why not take a look at Electrician Jokes, or Construction Jokes.

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