43 Delicious Cherry Puns

Persis Love
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Originally Published on Nov 01, 2020
Fact-checked by Isobel Murphy
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This little red juicy fruit makes for some delicious pies and some cherry-bly funny fruit puns.

Cherries can come in all shapes and sizes and can vary in color from bright red to a purplish black, even to yellow. They can be eaten straight from the tree or otherwise there are loads of good classic cherry dishes that you can make.

From cherry pie to cherry jubilee, from black forest gateau to a glacé cherry on top of an ice cream sundae; there are plenty of tasty cherry dishes that we love to make and eat!

If you are looking for a cherry joke or cherry pun to go along with your tasty fruit then you have come to the right place. Another really important feature of cherries is the spectacular pink cherry blossom that can be found on cherry trees in spring.

Cherry blossom season is particularly famous in Japan and an estimate 63 million people travel to Japan every year to see the trees covered in the little pink flowers.

Read on for some fantastically funny cherry puns and cherry blossom puns; if you are still looking for more laughs then you can enjoy these fruit jokes and these banana puns too!

Funny Cherry Puns

Need a funny fruit pun or cherry joke to make your family chuckle as you tuck into a cherry-fic slice of cherry pie?

1. What did the cherry say to the cherry pie? I really crust you.

2. Is it bad to swallow a cherry whole? No don't worry, it's just one of the pitfalls of life.

3. What do fruit bowls say when they dress up as a ghost on Halloween? Be cherry afraid!

4. How do berries start off the fruity olympics? They cherry the Olympic torch around the globe.

5. What do fruits look for at a talent show? A berry that can really cherry a tune.

6. What do fruits do when they are really really afraid? They run away as fast as their legs can cherry them.

7. Berries are the most fashionista of the fruits, they can really cherry off the wildest outfits.

8. What do you call a very little cherry? Pit-iful.

9. Why did the cherry go to the good drinks factory? It was cordially invited.

10. What do you call lots of cherries getting together to practice music? A jam session.

11. What happens to a cherry tree when it grows up? It blossoms.

12. What do fruits do when they are avoiding a problem? They cherry their heads in the sand.

13. Why did the cherry blossom tree seem scared when it was trying to make a cherry pie? Because it was baking like a leaf.

14. My friend mashed up some cherries on halloween and said they were blood. I was cherry-fied!

15. What do red berries say during the season they love best? Cherry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

16. Why shouldn't you be too inquisitive with a cherry? Ask no questions tell no pies.

17. Why are cherries unassuming? Because they often get made into humble pie.

18. What did the cherry say when it won its third Olympic gold medal? That's just the cherry on top of a successful career.

19. What do you do when you try to bake a cherry pie for the first time and it doesn't turn out so well? Just wait for the second bite of the cherry.

20. What did one cherry say to the other cherry? If you weren't so tasty we wouldn't be in this jam.

21. Why did I start making a cherry pie? Bake-cause I love it.

22. What do you call a very tall cherry blossom tree in Italy? The leaning flower of Pisa.

23. What does a hippy cherry wear to a festival? A pie dye T-shirt.

24. Why is cherry pie so legendary? Because it is history in the baking.

25. What do you call a cherry that is hard as nails? Tough as old fruits.

26. Why does a little cherry always look up to its parents? It tries to follow in their fruitsteps.

27. What does a cherry say when it delivers bad news? Don't fruit the messenger.

Celebrity Cherry Puns

If you want to mix the celebrities you love with this tasty little red fruit then here is a pun or two for you.

28. What is the cherry fruit's favorite American talkshow? The Cherry Springer Show of course!

29. And which cartoon do they like most? Tom and Cherry!

30. Which fruity singer was a judge on 'The X Factor'? Cherry Cole.

31. Who is the funniest fruit around? Cherry Seinfeld.

32. Who is the best ever classic American Rock and Roll star? Chuck Cherry.

Cute Puns About Cherries

This cute little red fruit can sometimes be a symbol of love so here are some adorable fruit puns for you to choose from.

33. What does a mommy cherry say to her children? I love you cherry much.

34. What did the cherry say when it was given a bunch of flowers? You are cherry sweet.

35. How do two cherries make up after an argument? They cherry the hatchet.

36. What do fruits say when they are really grateful? Thank you cherry much!

37. What did the fruit bowl say when it saw Santa Claus come down the chimney? We wish you a cherry Christmas!

38. What do two cherries say when they get married? I promise to cherry-ish you forever.

39. What do cherries write in love letters? I miss you cherry-bly.

40. What do cherries say to their best friends? You are cherrific!

41. There's no need to cherry your feelings, I know you love me really.

42. What do French cherry parents say to their little cherries at home? You are mon cherry.

43. Why should you make a cherry pie for someone that you miss? Because absence bakes the heart grow fonder.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for cherry puns then why not take a look at these pineapple puns, or for something different take a look at these succulent puns.

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