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According to biology, animals are organisms that cannot make their own food.

Unlike plants, which create their own food, animals depend on other plants or animals to drive their nourishment. Organisms on Earth are differentiated into broadly two types, plants and animals.

Our Earth is home to more than 1.5 million species of animals. We human beings also belong to the category of animals. A special demarcation of animals is based on their body structure and symmetry.

Almost all animals are symmetric in nature, be it radially or bilaterally, i.e., each half is the exact opposite of the other half. Animals are said to have appeared on Earth more than 650 million years ago.

The first animal had an aquatic habitat. Animals can be classified into two types, vertebrates and invertebrates. Animals that have a fixed spinal cord like us are vertebrates, while those like the octopus who don't have one are invertebrates.

According to the evolution norms, animals first appeared on the water, and then they started adapting to the climate and gradually started making their niche on land.

Please hurry up and dive into a world of adventure as it's time to get the best kids' jokes about animals including some 'cross the road jokes' and 'what do you get when you cross' jokes .

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Animal Jokes That Are Me-Wow

Here we have some of the best animal jokes, pet jokes, and some jokes about pets that'll definitely make your kids go me-wow.

1. How many cats remain if there are twelve cats and only one cross the road? None. Because they are all copy cats!

2. What kind of money do cats use when they go to buy things at the market? They buy things with the help of kitty cash!

3. What does a cat say when it falls from the top of a wall? Me Oww!

4. Which is the most favorite magazine for all felines? A CAT-alogue.

5. What kind of a cat has the ability to live and survive under the water? An octoPUSS!

6. What is the only significant difference between a cat who has been photocopied and one which follows you? One of them is a cat copy, while the other is a copycat!

7. What can you get if you cross a kitten with Santa Claus? Santa Paws!

8. Why is cats' favorite hobby to sit in front of the computer and constantly look at it? Because they are always looking for the mouse!

9. What is the best word to describe a bad event that includes a lot of cats? It is a 'Cat-astrophe'.

10. What would you get if you cross a dino with a dog? You are bound to get a Dog-a-sore!

11. Which breed of dogs loves taking showers the whole day long? A sham-Poodle takes shower all day long!

12. What is the breed of dog can jump higher than the tallest skyscraper in the world? Any breed of dog can jump much higher than any skyscraper as buildings cannot jump!

13. Which is the place that you should never take your dog to? Never ever take your dog to the flea market, they absolutely hate that place!

14. What can be the most significant difference between a dog and a flea? A dog will have many fleas, but a flea can never have any dogs!

15. What would the baby be called if a dog gets married to a very little fish? The little baby will be known as a guppy puppy!

16. Why was the skeleton dead afraid to cross the road and go to the other side? Because he saw a group of dogs standing on the other side of the road!

17. Have you heard about a racing snail that got rid of its shell? Well, it thought that would make it faster, but it just made it sluggish.

18. Why should you avoid getting out on the road when it rains cats and dogs? You will have a high chance of stepping on a poodle.

19. What does the snail say when it was riding on a turtle's back? It went, "Wheeeeeeeee".

20. How was my dog able to read and know the time of the day? Because he was a watchdog!

Adorable Animals Joke That Win Hearts

Pitbull Mastiff mix dog

In this list, we have some farm animal jokes, some jungle jokes, and safari jokes that are just as adorable as the animals. These jokes for kids will make people of all ages giggle.

21. Which instrument does a dino use most often when he builds things especially made out of wood? A dino-saw!

22. How does the team react if a dino keeps on kicking the ball at the back of the net? The team responds wildly because the dino scores!

23. Which is the most common game that is played by dinosaurs and elephants against a team of animals of small size? Squash!

24What does a gator cook its meals in? In crock-pots.

25. What would you call a baby kangaroo that is really lazy? A pouch potato.

26. Which is the most common item that a dinosaur and a lizard uses on their kitchen floors and bathroom walls? They like assembling Rep-tiles in their houses!

27. Which is the best animal to go to if you want to raise a little dinosaur? The ideal animal to approach in such times is a crane!

28. Why would you call Harry Potter if he wasn't a human but a dinosaur? You would have probably called him a Dino-sorcerer!

29. Why don't the cows ever have any money? Because farmers always milk them dry.

30. Why did the team of Stegosaurus win the Volleyball competition without having to break a sweat? Because there are good players who could spike the ball really well!

31. How long do chickens usually work in their offices? They work around the cluck.

32. What will be a perfect way to describe or name a cow who loves drinking large amounts of coffee? You should probably call it an over-calfinated cow!

33. What did the cow say to another cow who was a secret agent for the government? How long are you going to stay udder cover?

34. What would you call an alligator that's wearing a vest? It'd be an in-vest-igator.

35. How would you congratulate cows who did good in their game? You could tell them, "You were out-standing in the field".

36. Where can a cow lose all his hard-earned money by wasteful gambling? Obviously, at a cow-sino!

37. During the vacation, why did the cow decide to pay a visit to the spa? Because she really wanted to get some re-hoove-ination!

38. How did the farmer scold his cows when they were still grazing at the field at 10 o'clock at night? "Go to bed right now, it is way pasture bedtime!"

39. Why was the cow adjudged as the best dancer at the annual farm dancing competition? He had to be the champ as he got all the right moooooooves!

40. What do you usually get when you paper your cow with excessive love, care, and affection? You are bound to get spoiled milk!

Shellariously Funny Jokes About Animals

Here you'll find some shellariously funny animal jokes for kids that we turtle-y snailed.

41. What would you name a snake that only likes eating tasty desserts? A pie-thon.

42. Why are elephants afraid of visiting stores that sell computers and other accessories? Because those stores sell the best mice!

43. What happened when a frog's car broke down in the middle of a long journey? It got toad away.

44. Why did the two elephants cancel their plan of hitting the pool on a sunny day? Because they had only a pair of trunks so they couldn't go.

45. Why was the whale crossing the street? It wanted to go to the other tide.

46. What is the result that you get when you mix a fish and an elephant? You end up with a swimming trunk!

47. Why are fishes extensively used in weighing things at the market? It is because fishes have many scales!

48. Why do oysters never share pearls with any of the other animals? Because they are shellfish.

49. Can you tell the most importance difference between a piano and fish? You can always tune a piano whenever you want, but you can never tuna fish.

50. What do you do when an oyster falls seriously ill? In times of such an emergency, you have no other option but to call a clam-bulance.

51. How much money usually does a skunk own? It's just one scent.

52. What is the main difference between a duck and a racing horse? Among these two, the latter goes really quick while the former goes quack!

53. Which is the only game which horses love playing at farms? They play stable tennis!

54. What did one horse call the other horse who lives just next door? He addressed the other horse as neigh-bor!

55. Why do horses make noises and keep their mouth wide open while eating? Because they have very bad stable manners!

56. Which variety of sharks can you find when a building is being constructed? A hammerhead shark will be very useful there.

57. Which movie starred a great white shark along with the Loch Ness monster? Loch-Jaws.

58. Which dog always laughs at all of the jokes it's been told to? A Chi-ha-ha.

59. Which is the legendary shark that wrote numerous iconic dramas, poems, and plays? William Sharkespeare!

60. What do you end up with if you mix a parrot and a shark? You end up with an animal that can literally eat your head off simply by talking!

Best Animal Jokes for Kids

‍You'll find some animal jokes for your kids that include kids jokes about cows or zoo jokes for kids, some cat jokes, dog jokes, horse jokes, and so many more.

61. What is the best way to describe a pig who is never funny and not the ideal person to hang out with? You have to call him a boar!

62. Which hit movie stars dinosaurs and pigs together? Jurassic Pork!

63. What will you call a dinosaur that was raised by a group of pigs? The dinosaur will be called Porkasaurus Rex!

64. What is the difference between bird flu and swine flu? You usually need tweet-ment for bird flu, but you'd need oink-ment for swine flu.

65. What is the kind of math that owls love the most? Owlgebra.

66. When the father duck told his son to speed up, what did the little duck reply? I was trying to waddle as quack as I could!

67. At what time do the ducks wake up every day? They usually wake up at the quack of dawn every morning!

68. What did the duck tell the waiter when he brought the check? The duck said, "Please can you put it on my bill".

69. How did the mother duck seriously injure her back? She got injured when her son climbed on her quack!

70. Which shows do ducks love watching all day on the TV? They absolutely love watching duck-umentaries!

71. What did the one hippo say when it's friend said that it was gaining weight? It replied, "Well, that's hippo-critical of you".

72. What would be the perfect name of a monkey that sells potato chips all day long? Chip-munks!

73. Which food did the monkey bring to the jungle party? He brought his favorite chimps and dip.

74. What clothing do monkeys wear when they cook meals in the kitchen? They usually wear ape-rons in the kitchen!

75. Where do monkeys keep their infants when the babies are deep asleep? The parents usually lie their kids in an Ape-ri-cot!

76. Why couldn't the elephant crack the job? Because her qualifications were entirely irrelephant to what the job required.

77. What would you call the snake that doesn't like wearing any clothes? You could call it s-naked.

78. What movies do pandas love watching on the TV? Old movies. Pandas really enjoy black and white movies the most!

79. How can you deduce that consuming carrots is extremely important for good eyes? Because you will never find a rabbit wearing spectacles or contact lenses!

80. What is the usual way in which a lion greets other animals in the jungle? He greets them by saying, "Pleased to eat you".

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of hilarious jokes for kids and great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for animal jokes for kids then why not take a look at animal puns, or for something different take a look at Potato puns and jokes or ocean jokes.

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