55+ Star Puns That You'll Be Over The Moon With

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Originally Published on Dec 01, 2020
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Stars in the sky.

To be the sunny one in the room, all you want to think about are a few funny puns to know what's in 'star'!

Be it stars, the sun, the moon, or the galaxy puns; a good pun will always make you an entertainer for the wandering sky. In this case, using popular puns about stars is a sure 'shine' of success, so why not make the most of it?

Apart from the shiny bright sun in the sky, many smaller celestial bodies come under the category of stars.

A star was thought of for many millennia as nothing but shiny little things up in the sky. In the scientific term, a star is basically a luminous astronomical object made up of gases that produce light and heat.

So when it comes to making puns about words related to space, star or film stars, 'Star Wars', or even 'Star Trek', these star-related astronomy puns are something people around you will always love.

Here's a list of some funny and clever puns that are best to make one-liner impressions. If you are looking for more contemporary 'Star Wars' jokes, check out our 'Star Wars' jokes. If you want to search for the best jokes about space, you can check space jokes.

Funny Star Puns That You Will Love

Star puns that are hilarious and sensible will surely make your pun game rock solid.

1. The movie 'The Fault in our Stars' was quite a love star-ry.

2. "I think you have what it takes to be a star; your temperature is reading 6000 Kelvin,"; said the galaxy to the sun.

3. An actor apologized to the co-star, saying, "I'm star-ry about that."

4. A space fish can also be called a starfish.

5. During the exams, my dim sister was looking for answers, and I prayed to God to give her some bright anstars.

6. Pi-rated movies are rated 3.1416 stars.

7. I send all of my friend’s pictures to NASA because they are of amazing stars.

8. The mother asked her son to get some planet from the grocery star.

9. Movie stars are the only stars who wear sunglasses.

10. My astronaut friend always gets punished for star-ring up trouble.

11. Stars and bats are so similar. They both come out at night and stay up late.

12. When stars decide to download an app, they use the App Star.

13. The stars probably get their milk from the corner shop along the milky way.

14. The evening star was shining bright and feeling confident because his trousers were being held with an asteroid belt.

15. When I asked my friend how she was feeling looking at the famous actor's pictures, she said, "I am star-gazing."

16. When Sherlock kidnapped an astronaut thinking it was Moriarty, it turned out to be a mistaken space of identity.

17. While scrolling through the famous actor's list, I realized how every picture tells a starry.

Best Shooting Star Puns

The scene of a meteor shower or shooting asteroid is an act of art, and when paired for a pun, it will make some Star Puns that you will truly love.

18. As the astronauts saw the star fall, they looked at it and Apollo-gized.

19. A TV camera operator said that he loved shooting stars. He had actually made a career out of it.

20. My grandpa used to say that meteor showers were just comet and space foam.

21. If rebirth really happens, I want to become a star in my next life. It would be a great constellation prize.

22. Vincent Van Gogh used to be a great fan of movie stars. So, he painted 'Starry Night'.

23. Maybe aliens didn't visit us in 2020 because they checked our reviews on our solar system and only saw 1 star.

24. The falling star replied with a "no comet" to the journalist's questions.

25. The Roman army never fell. They instead moved to the nearest star system and became the Alpha Centurions.

26. When the Sun holds a gun, it is nothing but a shooting star.

27. When two film stars get in a fight, one is a shooting star, and the other is a falling star.

Best Star Bright and Light Puns That You Will Love

A funny pun based on the brightness or light makes for a pun full of beautiful humor and can also be used as a perfect caption on Facebook for fun.

28. A lamb is the brightest star amongst all the animals.

29. As the best actors went out in public during the day, they kept quite a glow profile.

30. Do you think nitrogen would be daytrogen if it wasn't starry outside?

31. I am so bright that my mother calls me the sun.

32. If starlight would have some mass, it would be called a heavy metal star.

33. I like to sleep while seeing the star lights glow from my window; it helps me dream up bright ideas.

34. My dog is so happy on a starry night that he can bright someone's head off.

35. My house was so bright until the burglar stole my lamp, now I am just delighted.

36. My mother met my father on a starlit night. It sure was a story of love at first bright.

37. The three Michelin star restaurant's lights were too bright; maybe they should dim sum.

38. The Joker likes to sleep under the starlight of the open sky because he is afraid of the Dark Knight.

39. When momma star was fixing up the light bulb with the help of a ladder, papa star exclaimed, "She's reaching new lights."

40. When the stage spotlight got stuck, the star actor couldn't move as he was in quite a bright spot.

Funny Puns Inspired By Star Wars

Telescope in the desert watching the Great Bear constellation and the milky way.

If you love Star Wars, these puns are what you are looking for to make your pun game inspiring. Here's a list of some serious war puns that you will love!

41. Darth Maul is the only character from Star Wars who's been attacked by a bear.

42. I desperately want to tell a Star Wars joke, but I’m afraid it would be forced.

43. I don't know why people argue and complain about Star Wars; it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

44. If anyone's single on Star Wars Day, they were often searching for love in Alderaan places.

45. If two movie stars are spotted fighting, would it be called the Star Wars?

46. I think Ray-Ben was probably the company that sponsored glasses in Star Wars.

47. Mike Tyson will dominate in the Star Wars universe as it is because he is a star who has won all the wars.

48. My brother got a Star Wars character tattoo; you should've seen the Luke on his face.

49. My English teacher, after he watched Star Wars, said, "Metaphors be with you."

50. My son Luke loves being named after a Star Wars character, but my daughter Chewbacca not so much.

52. The Star Wars baseball team was so bad; they were all just Wookies.

53. The catering on the Star Wars movies was exceptional. Surely an admirable snack bar.

54. The Death Star’s shield generator steps into a bar, and the bartender says, “Alright pal, I’ll serve you, but don’t start anything.”

55. Was thinking about making some dad jokes about star wars, but I didn't want to stoop Solo.

56. Han Solo told Luke that he had just watched a documentary on how the death star was built and was thrilled to find that it starred all of them.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Star Puns then why not take a look at 'Star Trek' jokes, or avocado jokes.

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