101 Most Popular California Boy Names

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California has always been known for its rich cultural diversity and lively lifestyle, which is also evident in its naming trends. Names in the Golden State reflect a unique mix of old and new, offering a wealth of options for those looking for a special name for their little guy.

Every year, the Social Security Administration compiles and releases comprehensive data on the most popular baby names, sex, and other details across the United States. The names capture the current preferences of parents and are expected to remain popular for years to come.

Picking a name for a newborn sparks a unique joy for parents. It's a heartfelt decision and a story starter. Whether choosing classic names that honor tradition or embracing unique and creative options, each choice reflects the family's aspirations.

Popular California Boy Names

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Exploring the lively cities of California reveals a charming selection of names that parents love for their beloved little boys. These popular picks are chosen for their deep roots, catchy rhythms, or captivating stories. These names capture a timeless spirit of California's culture and heritage.

1. Aiden (Irish origin): means 'fiery' or 'bringer of fire'.

2. Alexander (Greek origin): means 'defender of men'. The name is associated with greatness, as exemplified by the ancient Greek king and military commander, Alexander the Great.

3. Caleb (Hebrew origin): means 'whole-heated' or 'faithful'.

4. Carter (English origin): means 'transporter of goods by cart'. Jimmy Carter served as the 39th President of the United States.

5. Daniel (Hebrew origin): means 'God is my judge'. Actor Daniel Day-Lewis is renowned for his intense method of acting and has won multiple Academy Awards.

6. David (Hebrew origin): means 'beloved'. The late David Bowie was a chameleon of the music industry, known for his innovative and genre-bending work.

7. Dylan (Welsh origin): means 'son of the sea' or 'born from the ocean'. Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan is a cultural icon whose poetic lyrics have resonated with generations.

8. Elijah (Hebrew origin): means 'my God is Yahweh'.

9. Ethan (Hebrew origin): means 'strong' or 'firm'. The name has been further popularized by the 'Mission: Impossible' film series, featuring the protagonist Ethan Hunt.

10. Gabriel (Hebrew origin): means 'God is my strength'.

11. Henry (German origin): means 'estate ruler'. Industrialist Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry with his mass production techniques.

12. Jackson (English origin): means 'son of Jack'. The late Michael Jackson, known as the King of Pop, left an indelible mark on music and popular culture.

13. John (Hebrew origin): means 'God is gracious'. President John F. Kennedy's charisma and leadership left a lasting impact on American politics.

14. Joseph (Hebrew origin): means 'he will add'.

15. Julian (Latin origin): means 'youthful' or 'downy'.

16. Liam (Irish origin): means 'resolute protection'. Liam Neeson is a famous Irish actor known for his roles in 'Schindler's List' and 'Taken'.

17. Lucas (Latin origin): means 'bringer of light'.

18. Mason (English origin): means 'stoneworker'.

19. Mateo (Spanish origin): means 'gift of God'.

20. Noah (Hebrew origin): means 'rest' or 'comfort'.

21. Oliver (Latin origin): means 'olive tree'.

22. Owen (Welsh origin): means 'young warrior' or 'well-born'. Actor Owen Wilson is known for his laid-back charm and comedic roles.

23. Samuel (Hebrew origin): means 'name of God' or 'God has heard'. Actor Samuel L. Jackson's prolific career spans multiple genres and iconic roles.

24. Sebastian (Greek origin): means 'venerable' or 'revered'. Actor Sebastian Stan has gained a devoted fanbase for his portrayal of Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

25. Wyatt (English origin): means 'brave in war'. The name is associated with the legendary lawman Wyatt Earp, who gained fame during the American Old West era.

Unique California Boy Names

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California, a place known for its boundless creativity and individuality, offers an endless number of unique names for boys. These uncommon names are full of virtues, allowing families to showcase their uniqueness and make a bold statement with their children's names.

26. Arlo (Anglo-Saxon origin): means 'fortified hill'.

27. Briggs (English origin): means 'bridge maker'.

28. Caspian (Latin origin): means 'white'.

29. Declan (Irish origin): means 'full of goodness'. This charming Irish name has gained popularity in recent years.

30. Ezra (Hebrew origin): means 'help' or 'helper'.

31. Finn (Irish origin): means 'fair' or 'white'. This short and sweet name is associated with the adventurous character Finn from Mark Twain's classic novel 'Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn'.

32. Gideon (Hebrew origin): means 'mighty warrior'.

33. Jasper (Persian origin): means 'treasurer' or 'bearer of treasure'.

34. Kai (Hawaiian origin): means 'sea'.

35. Levi (Hebrew origin): means 'joined' or 'attached'.

36. Milo (German origin): means 'soldier' or 'merciful'.

37. Neo (Latin origin): means 'new'. This futuristic name is shared by the iconic character Neo from 'The Matrix' film series.

38. Orion (Greek origin): means 'rising in the sky' or 'dawning'.

39. Phoenix (Greek origin): means 'dark red'. This powerful name is associated with the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes.

40. Quinn (Irish origin): means 'descendant of Conn'. This unisex name has a cool and modern quality.

41. Remy (French origin): means 'oarsman' or 'remedy'.

42. Sage (Latin origin): means 'wise one'.

43. Silas (Latin origin): means 'man of the forest'.

44. Trevor (Welsh origin): means 'big village'.

45. Tyler (English origin): means 'tiler of roofs'.

46. Vance (English origin): means 'marshland' or 'someone who lives near a marsh'.

47. Wilder (English origin): means 'untamed'.

48. Xander (Greek origin): means 'defender of men'. This cool and edgy name is a modern variant of the classic name Alexander.

49. Zephyr (Greek origin): means 'west wind'.

50. Zion (Hebrew origin): means 'highest point'.

Cute California Boy Names

Baby sitting on a mat and playing with toys on a beach.Shutterstock

Experience the magic of California's irresistible charm and friendly lifestyle with an adorable selection of charming names for boys that are as captivating as a breathtaking sunset over the coast. These cute names are chosen for their vibrant and joyful sound, which perfectly captures the spirit of California's warm and inviting atmosphere.

51. Ace (English origin): means 'one' or 'unity'.

52. Aldo (German origin): means 'old' or 'wise'.

53. Atticus (Latin origin): means 'from Athens'. Made iconic by the noble lawyer Atticus Finch in Harper Lee's 'To Kill A Mockingbird'.

54. August (Latin origin): means 'greatly respected'.

55. Avery (Norman origin): means 'elf ruler'.

56. Axel (Scandinavian origin): means 'father of peace'. This name is shared by the music legend Axel Rose.

57. Brooks (English origin): means 'stream'.

58. Byron (English origin): means 'from the barn'.

59. Callum (Gaelic origin): means 'dove'.

60. Cash (English origin): means 'money box'. A rich name shared by Johnny Cash in 'Man In Black'.

61. Crew (English origin): means 'a group of people'.

62. Diego (Spanish origin): means 'supplanter'. Sharing his name with the famous explorer Diego de Nicuesa.

63. Emerson (German origin): means 'son of Emery'. An intellectual yet friendly name honoring Ralph Waldo Emerson.

64. Everett (English origin): means 'brave boar'. A mighty little name with an adventurous spirit like the American poet, artist, and writer Everett Ruess.

65. Ezio (Italian origin): means 'eagle'. A bold yet adorable pick honoring Ezio Auditore from the Assassin's Creed series.

66. Fletcher (English origin): means 'maker of arrows'.

67. Grayson (English origin): means 'son of the gray-haired one'. Dick Grayson, also known as Robin in the Batman series shares this name.

68. Harley (English origin): means 'meadow of hares'.

69. Hugo (German origin): means 'bright in mind and spirit'. A vibrant name honoring the former senator of France, Victor Hugo.

70. Jace (Greek origin): means 'healer'.

71. Jaden (Hebrew origin): means 'God has heard'. Jaden Smith of 'After Earth' and 'The Karate Kid' shares this name.

72. Jameson (English origin): means 'son of James'. A sophisticated name with ties to the acclaimed Irish whiskey brand.

73. Jaxon (English origin): means 'son of Jack'.

74. Jediah (Hebrew origin): means 'praised'.

75. Riggs (English origin): means 'one who lives at the ridge'.

Cool California Boy's Names

Cute baby boy in a koala costume.Shutterstock

California is bursting with excitement, from its relaxed beach culture to its innovative tech scene. Parents are constantly searching for names that perfectly capture their children's individuality and flair, ensuring they bring joy and energy to every space they enter.

76. Amadeo (Spanish origin): means 'to love God'. A melodic name with a deep spiritual meaning.

77. Archer (English origin): means 'one who uses a bow and arrow'.

78. Blaze (English origin): means 'fire'.

79. Canyon (English origin): means 'a large ravine'.

80. Cassius (Latin origin): means 'hollow' or 'empty'.

81. Cruz (Spanish origin): means 'cross'.

82. Dax (French origin): means 'leader'.

83. Denali (Native American origin): means 'the high one'. This name is inspired by the majestic Denali mountain in Alaska.

84. Hendrix (Dutch origin): means 'home ruler'. A name that pays homage to the legendary musician Jimi Hendrix.

85. Jagger (English origin): means 'carter' or 'peddler'. Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones shares this name.

86. Jett (English origin): means 'black gemstone'.

87. Kade (Scottish, English origin): means 'from the wetlands' or 'round'.

88. Kyro (Greek origin): means 'lord' or 'master'.

89. Leandro (Spanish origin): means 'lion man'.

90. Lennox (Scottish origin): means 'elm grove' or 'among the elms'.

91. Marley (English origin): means 'pleasant seaside meadow'. A cool name that pays tribute to reggae legend Bob Marley.

92. Memphis (Greek origin): means 'established' and 'beautiful'.

93. Maddox (Welsh origin): means 'fortunate'.

94. Ranger (English origin): means 'guardian of the forest'.

95. Ryder (English origin): means 'mounted messenger'.

96. Sundance (English origin): means 'sun dance'. A unique name that evokes a sense of freedom and celebration.

97. Tanner (English origin): means 'worker in animal hides'.

98. Teddy (English origin): means 'wealthy guardian'.

99. Titan (Greek origin): means 'defender' or 'gigantic'. A powerful name inspired by the mythological Greek Titans.

100. Zavier (Basque origin): means 'bright' or 'new house'. A cool and modern twist on the classic name Xavier.

101. Zayn (Arabic origin): means 'beauty' or 'grace'.


What makes a name uniquely Californian in style and spirit?

Uniquely Californian names often mirror the state's diverse and dynamic culture, reflecting its incredible natural beauty and forward-thinking attitude. Names with origins reflecting the sunny beaches, the tech-driven hubs, or bearing the influence of the multitude of cultures and languages found in California are emblematic of the Golden State's vast offerings.

How do California's most popular boy names compare to national trends?

California's popular boy names usually align closely with national trends due to its sizable population and cultural influence. However, there may be regional preferences or unique choices that stem from the state's various cultural communities.

What should parents consider when choosing a unique California boy name?

When selecting a unique California boy name, parents should think about the name's origin, meaning, and potential nicknames. Also, think of how others might pronounce the name, and if it invites unwanted attention or misinterpretation.

Considering the child's future experiences with their unique name, including introducing themselves in school and professional settings, is important for picking a name that will be worn with pride.

California is bursting with an exciting mix of people and places just waiting to inspire you. The state is known for its impressive range of baby names, from timeless classics like James and Xander to more modern and unique choices like Mateo and Liam. It's fascinating to see how naming trends evolve and reflect the creativity and individuality of parents.

This collection presents socially conscious choices that honor the environment and the innovative spirit of California. This list of names, carefully picked from the pages of history and the vibrant spirit of the state, is more than a collection; it's a celebration of identity and aspiration.

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