Top 66 Names That Mean Faith For Your Baby

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Choosing the right name for your baby can be a heartwarming process. A name is a gift that lasts a lifetime, a small word that holds within it stories of hope, tradition, and love. If faith is the light that guides your family, you may be seeking a name that echoes this beautiful virtue.

As parents, when you sift through names, you're weaving your child's first identity. The names here aren't just sounds; they carry the promise of a future filled with hope and strength. Think of each as a symbol of trust and a badge of courage wrapped up in the perfect combination of letters.

Let every name you consider light up your imagination and stand as a beacon for your child, a constant reminder of the bond you share. These are names chosen with the heart, ready to guide your child through life’s journey.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Faith

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Are you looking for a name that stands tall with trust and belief for your little boy? Imagine a name that's a beacon of faith, guiding him as he steps boldly into the world. Here, you'll find names that sound strong and promise faithfulness and conviction, a name for a boy who will grow to be brave and true.

1. Aman (Arabic origin): means 'believer', 'hope', or 'wishes'. It's a name that beautifully expresses faith and is a favored choice for baby boys.

2. Amil (Arabic origin): means 'hopeful'. It's a truly inspiring choice that speaks of future possibilities.

3. Amin (Arabic origin): means 'honest, faithful'. It's a name that represents trust and strong faith.

4. Besim (Albanian origin): means 'faith, belief'. It’s fitting for a child who will carry a heart full of confidence and trust in their beliefs throughout their life.

5. Constant (Latin origin): means 'steadfast'. It suggests reliability and faithfulness.

6. Chibuike (Igbo origin): means 'God is my strength'. It's an excellent choice for a child who will hold faith close, seeing it as the source of their power and guidance in life.

7. Devdas (Sanskrit, Hindi origin): means 'servant of God'. It suits a child you see growing up with a humble heart, full of service and devotion, and living a life guided by faith.

8. Dillon (Irish origin): means 'faithful' or 'loyal'. This name suggests nobility and charm.

9. Emin (Turkish origin): means 'honest' and 'truth'. It represents assurance and trustworthiness.

10. Emmanuel (Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese origin): means 'God is with us'. It is ideal for a child who you want to grow up never feeling alone and always surrounded by comfort and faith.

11. Hanif (Arabic origin): means 'a true believer'. It's a name for a child who will hold their beliefs close and stand firm in their faith.

12. Leal (Spanish origin): means 'loyal' or 'faithful'. It implies a strong sense of loyalty.

13. Loyal (English origin): means 'faithful' or 'unswerving'. Signifying faithfulness and devotion, this name represents steadfastness and a strong character.

14. Mumin (Arabic origin): means 'believer' or 'faithful'. This name proclaims conviction and assurance.

15. Olufemi (Yoruba origin): means 'God loves me'. It's a joyful reminder of love's presence, and the comfort faith can bring.

16. Sadiki (Swahili origin): means 'faithful' or 'loyal' and upholds a promise of honesty and resilience.

17. Sachin (Hindi origin): means 'true'. It's ideal for a child whose life will be built on honesty and the true essence of faith.

18. Setiawan (Indonesian origin): means 'faithful and loyal'. It's an excellent choice for a child who will grow to value deep trust and constant friendship, always staying true to their faith.

19. Shomon (Japanese origin): is a Japanese name meaning 'one with faith'.

20. Truman (Old English origin): means 'loyal man' and reflects integrity and reliability.

21. Vishwas (Indian origin): means 'faith' and 'trust'. It represents a strong belief.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Faith

Looking for a name that echoes with trust and sincerity for your baby girl? A name that means faith is like a gentle promise, a hope for her to hold dear as she grows. Choosing a name that means faith for your baby girl can bestow on her a legacy of virtue and the potential for an identity grounded in positivity.

22. Amina (Arabic origin): means 'honest' or 'faithful' and is perfect for a child who will be known for their integrity and unwavering faith.

23. Ashia (Arabic origin): means 'life and hope'. Ashia is a name filled with positivity and the spirit of looking forward to what faith can bring into reality.

24. Datyah (Hebrew origin): means 'belief in God' and is apt for a child who will have a strong spiritual foundation and a deep connection to their faith.

25. Eiddwen (Welish origin): means 'desire, fair, blessed'. Eiddwen reflects a pure wish or hope akin to the pure nature of faith.

26. Emmanuella (Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese origin): means 'God is with us' and is a powerful declaration of faith's presence throughout life's challenges and joys.

27. Emunah (Hebrew origin): means 'faith' or 'belief'. It's a choice that speaks to deep trust and certainty, traits you might hope to inspire in your baby girl.

28. Evangeline (Greek origin): means 'good news'. Composed of 'eu' meaning 'good' and 'angelma' meaning 'tidings', this name suggests a bearer of good news, instilling a sense of faith and positivity.

29. Faith (Old English origin): means 'trust' or 'devotion'. It's a straightforward and powerful choice for a baby girl.

30. Fidelia (Latin origin): means 'faithful' or 'loyalty'. It's a name that reflects fidelity and faithfulness.

31. Hanifa (Arabic origin): means 'true believer'. It's a name that exemplifies a child with profound conviction in their faith and beliefs.

32. Imani (Swahili origin): means 'faith' or 'belief'. It is a great option for baby girls and can also be used as a unisex name.

33. Leala (French origin): means 'loyal' or 'faithful'. It's a melodious and unique French name that conveys faith and loyalty.

34. Nakia (Egyptian, Arabic origin): means 'faithful and pure'. Nakia beautifully represents a child with a clear heart and loyalty to their faith.

35. Vera (Russian origin): means 'faith' or 'truth'. It carries faithfulness and positivity.

36. Verity (Latin origin): means 'truth'. It conveys a sense of faith in the sincerity and reality of the world.

Names That Mean Hope And Faith

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What could be more uplifting than giving your child a name that shines with hope and faith? These two powerful forces light up the darkest paths and warm the coldest days. These names are like a whisper of encouragement and a steady hand to hold onto, guiding with silent strength and unwavering trust.

37. Amal (Arabic origin): means 'hope' and 'faith'. It's a simple yet profound name suitable for either gender.

38. Amala (Arabic origin) means 'hope'. This name suggests looking forward to good things and having big wishes for the future.

39. Asha (Sanskrit origin): means 'hope' or 'desire'. It's like a whisper of the heart's deepest wishes, reflecting faith in a brighter tomorrow.

40. Elpis (Greek origin): means 'the spirit of hope'. It is also a symbol of faith, as hope is closely linked to trusting in a brighter future and believing in things that are not yet visible.

41. Esperanza (Spanish origin): means 'expectation' or 'hope'. It represents hope and seamlessly connects with the notion of faith, making it an inspiring selection for a baby girl.

42. Nadia (Russian origin) means 'hope'. It's a popular baby girl name and a great choice globally.

43. Nadine (French origin): means 'hope'. It's a name that radiates quiet strength and expectation.

44. Speranza (Italian origin): means 'hope'. It's perfect for a child you wish to fill with endless optimism and a steadfast belief in a bright future.

45. Tikvah (Hebrew origin): is a baby girl name meaning 'hope', which also translates to having faith or expectation.

46. Toivo (Finnish; Estonian origin): means 'hope'. It's a name for those who carry a hopeful spirit and trust in the unseen.

47. Umed (Indian origin): means 'hope, desire, trust'. It's perfect for a child filled with optimism and a strong belief in better things to come.

Gender-Neutral Names With Significance Of Faith

Have you ever thought about a name that fits perfectly, whether for a boy or a girl, a name that carries a depth of faith? These gender-neutral names are like a warm light, offering the comfort of faith to guide your child, no matter where their journey may lead. Pick a name here that promises to be as adaptable and enduring as your child's spirit.

48. Amani (Arabic origin): means 'hope', 'wishes', or 'aspirations' and is perfect for a child who will always have bright dreams and a hopeful spirit.

49. Aqeeda (Arabic origin): means 'creed' or 'belief'. It's ideal for a child who will hold tightly to their convictions and faith.

50. Christian (English origin): means 'follower of Christ'. It represents living with belief and following a path of faith deeply connected to spiritual teachings.

51. Credence (English origin): means 'to believe'. Directly linked to the act of believing, it resonates with trust and faith, ideal for a trustworthy and steadfast individual.

52. Daijon (American origin): stands for 'God's gift of hope'. It's a perfect name for a child who is seen as a blessing and carries the promise of faith and hope on their life journey.

53. Eden (Hebrew origin): means 'place of pleasure'. Referring to the biblical garden, Eden symbolizes a paradise of hope and a profound beginning anchored in faith.

54. Fidèle (French origin): means 'faithful', echoing with loyalty and a steadfast heart.

55. Fidel (Latin origin): means 'faithful'. This name suits a person who will remain dedicated and true.

56. Iman (Arabic origin): means 'faith' or 'belief' and is given to those who embody a strong sense of trust and faith.

57. Micah (Hebrew origin): means 'who is like God'. It symbolizes deep respect and a connection to a higher power. It is a name for a child who will carry faith and humility with them as they grow.

58. Nguvu (Swahili origin): means 'strength of belief'. It's great for a child you see as firm and sure in their trust and faith.

59. Shiloh (Hebrew origin): means 'peaceful'. It also reflects faith, as peace is often the harmonious result of unshakeable faith.

60. Tinashe (Shona origin): means 'God is with us.' It is a comforting choice, filled with the spirit of being always accompanied by faith and never alone.

61. Tumelo (African origin): means 'faith' or 'complete confidence in a person'. It carries the notion of faith and belief and is perfect for a girl or boy with a strong spiritual connection.

62. Usko (Finnish origin): means 'faith'. It's fitting for someone who embraces trust in life and what’s unseen.

Names Inspired By The Flowers Of Faith

An image of a yellow sunflower

Isn't each child like a flower growing, full of promise and life? If you're looking for a name that nurtures your baby's growth with the beauty of nature and the certainty of faith, you're in the right place. Select a name from this list that captures the growing path of faith you wish for your child as they blossom into their unique being.

63. Daisy (Old English origin): means 'day's eye'. It's a name that symbolizes innocence and faithful love.

64. Iris (Greek origin): means 'rainbow'. It's named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, a symbol of hope and faith.

65. Lotus (Greek origin): means 'lotus flower'. It's a water flower that represents purity and faith in various cultures.

66. Zinnia (German origin): means 'Zinn's flower'. It's a tough flower that stands for remembrance and faithfulness in friendship.


How can names that mean faith influence a baby's identity?

Names that mean faith carry with them a promise of hope, strength, and positivity. They can act as a lifelong reminder of the values a family holds dear, potentially shaping a child's understanding of their identity and the world around them.

Why is faith an important consideration in selecting a baby name?

Choosing a name with a meaning of faith goes beyond aesthetics, it connects a child to a sense of spirituality and offers a narrative of belief that can provide comfort and guidance throughout their life.

What are some unique names that mean faith?

Names like Leala, Aman, and Shomon are unique and resonate with the concept of faith, each with a distinct cultural background.

Can a name meaning faith come from different languages?

Absolutely! Many cultures and languages have names that translate to or are associated with faith, from Hebrew and Arabic to Japanese and Sanskrit.

As the weeks of pregnancy unfold, each bringing you closer to meeting your little one, the perfect name carrying the essence of faith is waiting among these choices. This handpicked list is full of beloved classics and rare treasures, ready to match the pace of your baby's growth.

Find here a name that resonates with your deepest hopes, one that will grow alongside your child through every step of their journey.

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