103 Super Sweet Boy Names For Your Bundle Of Joy

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Expecting a beautiful baby boy soon and searching for the right names for boys?

Naming your baby can be a little daunting sometimes. You may want to name your boy something related to sweetness and love.

Every parent wants their baby boy to grow up to be a kind gentleman. So what can be better than to name your sweet little boy with an equally sweet and gentle baby name?

There are a number of beautiful and adorable baby boy names with the sweetest and loveliest meanings. If you also want to give your cute boy an adorable name, then go through our list of some super sweet baby boy names that will melt your heart.

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Sweet Popular Baby Boy Names

If you are looking for some popular and good old traditional baby boy names with beautiful, sweet meanings then this list is for you!

1. Adam (Hebrew origin) meaning "the earth".

2. Asher (German, English origin) meaning "blessed."

3. Benedict (Latin origin) meaning "to be blessed". The BBC's 'Sherlock' actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, shares this traditional name.

4. Blake (English origin) meaning "fair" or "dark haired".

5. Calvert (English origin) meaning "calf herdsman".

6. Charles (English origin) meaning "free man".

7. Christian (English origin) meaning "follower of Christ".

8. Curtis (Latin origin) meaning "courteous".

9. Damian, Damon (Greek origin) meaning "to tame, subdue".

10. Declan (Irish origin) meaning "full of goodness". This name can be associated with the professional English footballer, Declan Rice.

11. Easton (English origin) meaning "East town".

12. Elijah (Hebrew origin) meaning "My God is Yahweh". This beautiful and elegant name belongs to a popular fictional character, Elijah Mikaleson from the TV series, 'The Originals' and 'The Vampire Diaries'.

13. Erasmus (Greek origin) meaning "beloved".

14. Ezekiel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's strength". Zeke or Zrki can be some cute nicknames for this beautiful baby name.

15. Felix (Latin origin) meaning "happy, lucky". Your baby boy will love the significance of this name when he's older.

16. Jared (Hebrew origin) meaning "descent".

17. Jasper (English origin) meaning "bringer of treasure".

18. Jonah (Hebrew origin) meaning "dove".

19. Luke (Greek origin) meaning "the bright one" or "born at dawn".

20. Mateo (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God".

21. Nathan (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift From God".

22. Neville (French origin) meaning "new town". This name can be linked with one of the most popular characters from JK Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series, Neville Longbottom.

23. Oliver (Latin origin) meaning "olive tree" or "peaceful".

24. Owen (Irish origin) meaning "well born" or "youthful".

25. Raymond (German origin) meaning "wise protector". Raymond Holt is a popular fictional character from the American sitcom series, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', played by actor Andre Braugher.

26. Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "name of God".

27. Sebastian (Greek origin) meaning "respectable". A famous namesake of this sweet baby name is Sebastian Vettel, a German Formula One racer.

29. Simon (Hebrew origin) meaning "listen".

30. Silas (Latin origin) meaning "gorest, wood".

31. Timothy (Greek origin) meaning "honoring God".

32. Zachary (Hebrew origin) meaning "God remembers". This name can be linked with the twelfth US president, Zachary Taylor.

33. Xavier (Latin origin) meaning "new house".

Sweet Gender Neutral Names For Boys

Do you want to go for some sweet gender-neutral baby names for your cute boy? If so, then do go through this list down below which has some lovely unisex baby names with beautiful meanings.

34. Alexis (Greek origin) meaning "helping". You'll surely love the sweet meaning behind this name.

35. Brook (English origin) meaning "small stream" or "near a brook".

36. Cameron (Scottish origin) meaning "the chosen one". A famous namesake would be the late Disney actor, Cameron Boyce.

37. Carmen (Latin origin) meaning "song, poem".

38. Cassidy (Irish origin) meaning "curly-haired".

39. Charlie (English origin) meaning "free".

40. Dakota (Native American origin) meaning "friendly".

41. Darryl (English origin) meaning "darling". This name can be linked with the fictional character, Darryl Philbin, from the famous American sitcom series, 'The Office'.

42. Eden (Hebrew origin) meaning "delight".

43. Florian (Latin origin) meaning "flowering" or "blonde-haired". This sweet baby boy name would be a wonderful choice for your blonde little angel.

44. Hadley (English origin) meaning "heather field".

45. Harper (English origin) meaning "harp player". Harper can also be the last name. Roy Harper is a fictional character from DC's 'Arrowverse'.

46. Jaden (Hebrew origin) meaning "thankful".

47. Jordan (Hebrew origin) meaning "to flow down" or " the Earth".

48. Kadin (Arabic origin) meaning "companion".

49. Linden (English origin) meaning "linden tree".

50. Logan (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of the warrior".

51. Mackenzie (Scottish origin) meaning "son of a wise ruler".

52. Marley (English origin) meaning "pleasant wood".

53. Morgan (Welsh origin) meaning "sea warrior" or "great circle". From the famous Hollywood star, Morgan Freeman.

54. Moriah (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my teacher".

55. Nevada (Spanish origin) meaning "snow covered". We love this name for a winter baby boy.

56. Oakley (English origin) meaning "grom the oak tree field".

57. Reagen (Irish origin) meaning "little king".

58. Robyn, Robin (German origin) meaning "bright, shining".

59. Roux (French origin) meaning "little red one". An absolutely adorable name be for your red-headed bundle of joy.

60. Sage (Latin origin) meaning "wise".

61. Vesper (Latin origin) meaning "evening star".

Unique Baby Boys Name With The Sweetest Meanings

Want your cutest boy to stand out with a beautiful and unique name with the sweetest of meanings? Here are some lovely names with super sweet and pleasant meanings.

62. Absolom (Hebrew origin) meaning "father is peace".

63. Asciano (Italian origin) referring to the Asciano Town, Italy.

64. Adelio (Spanish origin) meaning "noble". A lovely, sweet baby boy name.

65. Basil (Greek origin) meaning "royal". Basil is also the name of a fragrant herb, which makes this name all the sweeter.

66. Blodwyn (Welsh origin) meaning "fair flower".

67. Calix (Greek origin) meaning "very handsome".

68. Crisanto (Spanish origin) meaning "golden flower".

69. Dawsey (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "soft, sweet". Dawsey Adams, played by Michiel Huisman, is the name of one of the main characters in the movie, 'The Guernsey Literary', and 'Potato Peel Pie Society'.

70. Deucalion (Greek origin) meaning "a sweet and kind sailor". We love this sweet yet commanding sounding name.

71. Drury (French origin) meaning "love, friendship".

72. Fiorello (Italian origin) meaning "tiny colorful flowers". This is such a cute boy name for your little baby boy.

73. Florent (French origin) meaning "flowering".

74. Hlynur (Icelandic origin) meaning "maple".

75. Jarah (Hebrew origin) meaning "honey, honeycomb, honeysuckle".

76. Javor (Serbian origin) meaning "maple tree".

77. Jonquil (English origin) meaning "a sweet-smelling flower".

78. Lennan (Gaelic origin) meaning "lover, sweetheart". Perfect for a sweet boy who will love with all his heart.

79. Lumi (Finnish origin) meaning "snow, glow". A lovely baby name and a super adorable choice for your little boy.

80. Naaman (Hebrew origin) meaning "pleasantness" or "sweet herbs". The most notable namesake of this unique and beautiful name is Naaman the Aramean from the 'Bible'.

81. Nectarios (Greek origin) meaning "of nectar". An adorable option when naming a boy.

82. Oleander (Greek origin) meaning "an evergreen tree".

83. Quanah (Native American origin) meaning "sweet fragrance".

84. Roosevelt (Dutch origin) meaning "field of roses". This name can be associated with the former US presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

85. Zephyr (Greek origin) meaning "the West wind".

Sweet And Short Boy Names

Cute and short boy names are always a wonderful idea if you are looking for some short and sweet baby boy names. Such cute boy names can be a great choice especially if you have a long last name. Take a look at some short and amazingly cute boy names for your sweet baby boy.

86. Abel (Hebrew origin) meaning "a breath". This name can be associated with the famous Canadian singer, Abel Tesfaye, more popularly known by his stage name, The Weeknd.

87. Acer (English origin) meaning "the best". We love this unique name.

88. Alfie (English origin) meaning "elf, wise".

89. Axel (Scandinavian origin) meaning "father of peace".

90. Bryn (Welsh origin) meaning "hill".

91. Clyde (Scottish origin) referring to the Scottish River, Clyde.

92. Cole (English origin) meaning "charcoal". American actor, Cole Sprouse who is most famous for his roles as Cody Martin in the Disney TV show, 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody'.

93. Cyan (American origin) meaning "light blue-green color".

94. Dale (German origin) meaning "valley". This is a sweet name for baby boys.

95. Dash (English origin) meaning "from the ash". Dash is also a popular nickname for the name, Dashiell.

96. Dion (Greek origin) meaning "God of wine". This given name is a shortened version of the Greek God, Dionysus.

97. Duke (English origin) meaning "title of nobility".

98. Eli (Hebrew origin) meaning "god, ascent". Eli can be a cute nickname for a number of given boy names such as Elijah, Elias, Elin, etc.

99. Enzo (German origin) meaning "home ruler".

100. Ezra (Arabic origin) meaning "nocturnal journey" This beautiful name is also shared by the American actor, Ezra Miller.

101. Leif (Scandinavian origin) meaning "beloved". This name can be liked to the famous Norse explorer, Leif Erickson, who is believed to have been the first European to set foot on continental North America.

102. Neil (Irish origin) meaning "cloud" or "passionate". This short and sweet name is associated with one of the most famous British writers, Neil Gaiman.

103. Zac (English origin) meaning "God remembers". This is a cute nickname for the given Hebrew boy name, Zachary or Zechariah.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Sweet Boy Names then why not take a look at American boy names and Names Meaning Sweet, or for something different take a look at Spanish Boys Names.

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