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Naming your baby is a fun but complicated thing.

You want to find a unique name for which you may have to go out of your geographical location. On top of that, you might want to go for popular baby names which suit the personality of your young one.

Australia is known for its wild side as well as its progressive and diverse environment. If you are looking for baby names in Australia, you will find out that the Aussie baby names come from diverse sources.

Aussie baby names are inspired by the land of Hollywood since there are many Australian men and women acting in a variety of movies.

We present to you a list of different Australian names for boys. These baby names come from many pop cultures and will be a great insight into how names are selected in Australia.

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Names Of Famous Australian Men

Australia has mastered acting, sports, and other fields as well. So, it's not strange that there are many famous people emerging from Australia. Some of the famous names in Australia that can also be taken as popular Australian boys names are:

1. Adam (Semitic origin), meaning "the ground". Name of famous Australian cricket player Adam Gilchrist.

2. Albert (Germanic origin), meaning "noble and bright". One of the most popular baby names from Australia. Albert Namatjira is a famous artist from Australia.

3. Andrew (Greek origin), meaning "manly and strong". Name of Australian pace bowler Andrew Simmonds.

4. Bob (Germanic origin), meaning "bright and shiny". Bob Morley is an Australian actor.

5. Benjamin (Hebrew origin), meaning "son of my days". Benjamin Bullock is an Australian celebrity cook.

6. Chris (Greek origin), meaning 'anointed' or "Christ-bearer". Chris Brown is a famous Australian TV presenter.

7. David (Hebrew origin), meaning "beloved". David Joseph Campbell is a famous Australian singer.

8. Don (English origin), meaning "world leader" from Sir Don Bradman.

9. Eric (Old Norse origin), meaning "sole ruler". Eric Bana is a famous Australian actor.

10. Ian (Scottish origin), meaning "gift of God". Ian Bruce Turpie is a TV presenter from Australia.

11. Jake (Hebrew origin), meaning "grace of God". Jake Ryan is a famous actor from Australia.

12. Jordan (Hebrew origin), meaning "one who descents". Jordan Jansen is a pop singer from Australia.

13. Karl (Germanic origin), meaning "a strong manly man". Karl Stefanovic is a TV presenter from Australia.

14. Liam (Irish origin), meaning "desire', 'guardian". Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor.

15. Luke (Latin origin), meaning "light". Name of Biblical origin. Luke Jacobz is a TV presenter from Australia.

16. Matthew (English origin), meaning "gift of God". Matthew Joseph Newton is a TV presenter from Australia as well as a writer.

17. Nick (Greek origin), meaning "victory of the people".Nick Vujicic is a famous motivational speaker from Australia and the most common Aussie baby names, even in 2020.

18. Neville (French origin), meaning "new town". Richard Clive Neville is an Australian writer.

19. Peter (Greek origin), meaning "stone". Peter Daryl Evans is a chef from Australia.

20. Russell (French origin), meaning "red-haired".  Russell Gilbert is an Australian comedian.

21. Sean (Irish origin), meaning "God is gracious". This is the name of Australian horror film directors, Sean Byrne.

22. Shane (English origin), meaning "graced by God". This is the name of the famous Australian all-rounder cricketer, Shane Warne.

23. Tyler (Old English origin), meaning "layer of tiles". Tyler John Lovell is a famous hockey player in Australia.

24. Xavier (Latin origin), meaning "the new house". Xavier Samuel is a famous Australian actor.

Names Of Famous Hollywood Actors

Flag of Australia in the world map.

There are many popular Australian baby names that come from Hollywood. These names may not have originated in Australia but many parents give their child the name of their favorite actors. Some of the popular Australian baby names from Hollywood are:

25. Alfredo/ Al (Italian origin) meaning "elf council". Derived from the actor, Al Pacino. One of the strong male names in Australia.

26. Brad (English origin), meaning "broad meadow". Linked to Brad Pitt.

27. Cary (English origin), meaning "pure place". The name is connected to Cary Grant.

28. Christian (Latin origin), meaning "follower of Christ". The name can be related to Christian Slater.

29. Daniel (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my strength". This name has been made popular by actor, Daniel Radcliffe.

30. Errol (Scottish origin), meaning "nobleman". The name is made famous by Errol Flynn.

31. Frank (English origin), meaning "from France". From Frank Sinatra. A strong baby name in Australia.

32. George (Greek origin), meaning "work". From George Clooney.

33. Hugh (Old English origin), meaning "mind". Hugh Jackman is a veteran Hollywood actor.

34. Humphrey (Old English origin), meaning "peaceful warrior". Humphrey Bogart is an iconic American actor, known for his classic movie, 'Casablanca'.

35. Isaac (Hebrew origin), meaning "laughing". This name is associated with the actor, Oscar Isaac. 

36. Jack (Middle English origin), meaning "God is gracious", from Jack Nicholson. One of the most Australian boys' names.

37. James (Latin origin), meaning "supplanter". James Cagney was a veteran American actor and dancer.

38. Johnny (Hebrew origin), meaning "Jehovah's gift". Johnny Depp from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

39. Leonardo (Italian origin), meaning "strong as a lion". A very popular Australian boy name of 2020. Actor Leonardo Di'Caprio has this name.

40. Mark (Latin origin), meaning "consecrated to the God Mars". Actor Mark Ruffalo has this name.

41. Marlon (Old French origin), meaning "dedicated to Mars", 'from the hill by the lake', 'remnants of a lake', or 'hawk'. Marlon Brando was a famous actor who played the role of Vito Corleone in the 'Godfather'.

42. Nicholas (Greek origin), meaning "victory of the people". This name is associated with the famous actor, Nicholas Cage.

43. Oz (Hebrew origin), meaning "strength". Oz Perkins is a famous American actor and director.

44. Paul (Latin origin), meaning "humble". From veteran actor, Paul Newman.

45. Peter (Greek origin), meaning "stone". From Peter Fonda.

46. Robert (Germanic origin), meaning "fame bright". From Robert Downey Jr.

47. Rupert (Germanic origin), meaning "fame". From Rupert Grint.

48. Stanley (Old English origin), meaning "stone". From Stanley Tucci.

49. Steve (Greek origin), meaning "crown". From Steve Carrell.

50. Trent (British origin), meaning "someone living near Trent river". From Trent Dalzell.

Names Of Comic Book Characters

Australian boys names are also inspired by comic books. Here are some popular baby names in Australia that have clear inspiration from comics:

51. Alfred (Old English origin), meaning "elf".  The name of 'Bruce Wayne's butler.

52. Barry (Old Gaelic origin), meaning "fair-haired". 'Barry Allen' is the name of the Silver Age Flash.

53. Bruce (English origin), meaning "willowland". Name of 'Batman' and 'The Incredible Hulk's alter ego.

54. Bucky (American origin), meaning "little buck". Name of the 'Winter Soldier' is Bucky Barnes.

55. Clark (Latin origin), meaning "clerk". Superman's civilian name: 'Clark Kent'.

56. Clint (English origin), meaning "rocky cliff" The Marvel character 'Hawkeye's real name.

57. Constantine (Latin/Greek origin), meaning "constant". A fictional English Sorcerer in 'The DC Comics universe'.

58. Dick (English origin), meaning "detective". From 'Batman' series.

59. Gordon (Scottish origin), meaning "spacious fort". From 'Batman' series.

60. Hal (English origin), meaning "army ruler". The first 'Green Lantern'.

61. Harry (Germanic origin), meaning "ruler". From 'Spiderman' series.

62. Jason (Greek origin), meaning "healer". From 'Batman' series.

63. J'onn (English origin), meaning "light to the darkness". The Martian Manhunter.

64. Kurt (German origin), meaning "adviser". Night Crawler's alter ego.

65. Logan (Irish origin), meaning "descendant of the warrior". Real name of 'Wolverine' from 'X-Men series'.

66. Morpheus (Greek origin), meaning "shape". From 'DC Universe'.

67. Norman (Germanic origin), meaning "northman". From the 'Spider-Man' series.

68. Oliver (French origin), meaning "of the olive tree". The 'Green Arrow'.

69. Oswald (Anglo Saxon origin), meaning "rule of God". 'Oswald Cobblepot' is the name of the 'Batman' villain Penguin.

70. Ronin (Germanic origin), meaning "well-advised ruler". It is a limited American series by Frank Miller and can be a popular baby name.

71. Scott (English origin), meaning "person from Scotland". The civilian name of 'Cyclops'.

72. Thomas ( Aramaic origin), meaning "twin". Bruce Wayne's father goes by this name.

73. Tony (English origin), meaning "triumphant". Name of 'Tony Stark'.

74. Tim (Greek origin), meaning "honoring God". Name carried by the third 'Robin'.

75. Zsazz (Italian origin), meaning unknown. A supervillain in 'Batman' and comes as an uncommon baby name.

Unisex Australian Names

Australia comes with a lot of baby names which do not stick to a specific gender. These baby names in Australia are becoming increasingly popular among parents. Some of the baby names in Australia which come under the unisex category are:

76. Amari (African origin), meaning "strength".

77. Angel (Greek origin), meaning "messenger of God".

78. Ali (Arabic origin), meaning "elevated".

79. Avery (Old English origin), meaning "elf king".

80. Blake (Old English origin), may mean both "one with dark hair".

81. Charlie (Old English/ German origin), meaning "free man".

82. Dallas (Scottish origin), meaning "meadow dweller".

83. Dakota (Siouan origin), meaning "friend".

84. Eden (Hebrew origin), meaning "delight".

85. Ellis (Welsh origin), meaning "kindly".

86. Elliott (English origin), meaning "with strength and right".

87. Emerson (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning "brave".

88. Emery (English origin), meaning "work ruler".

89. Finley (Scottish origin), meaning "fair warrior".

90. Haven (English origin), meaning "safe place".

91. Hayden (English origin), meaning "heathen".

92. Justice (Old French origin), meaning "uprightness".

93. Kyrie (Middle English origin), meaning "Lord, have mercy".

94. Lyric (English origin), meaning "words of a song".

95. Morgan (Welsh origin), meaning "sea protector".

96. Peyton (Old English origin), meaning "fighting man's estate".

97. Phoenix (Greek origin), meaning "the purple-red bird" that is reborn from the ashes.

98. Quinn (Gaelic origin), meaning "wisdom".

99. Remy (Latin origin), meaning "remedy".

100. Rory (Goidelic origin), meaning "red-haired".

101. Sage (Old French origin), meaning "wise".

102. Tatum (Old English origin), meaning "cheerful bringer of joy".

103. Zion (Hebrew origin), name of the citadel at the center of Jerusalem.

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