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Demon hunter names might not always represent the hunter's strength

Why demon hunter names?

Demon hunters are brave fictional beings fighting evil and dark forces. Demon hunters protect the people unaware of the existence of supernatural, demonic elements. Demon hunters might also be warriors who fight demons for the security of their people.

Literature and the entertainment industry present different depictions of demon hunters. The creators of these stories take you on a journey into a fantasy world.

In some stories, this fantasy world appears to exist around you, but you cannot see it. Fortunately, you do not have to see or face the horrors of that world either. Demon hunters take responsibility for facing the lurking danger.

But almost all demon-hunter stories are inappropriate for children. You will find sexual content, violence, and explicit language.

Thus, viewers must be mature adults. They should understand the difference between fantasy and reality. The audience must also understand the meaning of artistic freedom of expression.

An adult can take the brave journey with the demon hunter and understand and empathize with the characters. Ultimately, they can enjoy what the story offers.

This article presents a vast collection of demon hunter names of characters from films, TV series, cartoons, video games, and anime. You can also learn a little about the character. Discover if you want to know more about them, and delve right in.

Best Demon Hunter Names From TV And Movies

Demon Hunters are brave fictional characters who face the dangers in the darkness

1. Angel - a fictional character in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise, is seen as a vampire who fights against other vampires and demons. 

2. Ava Silva - is a fictional character who gains supernatural powers and becomes destined to fight demons as a member of an order of warrior nuns. She appears in the TV series 'Warrior Nun'.   

3. Buffy Summers - a character in the TV series 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', known as a slayer. She battles against vampires, demons, and other forces of evil.  

4. Clary Fray - a female demon hunter who appears as a lead character in a TV series, a movie, and novels.  

5. Dean Winchester - one of the protagonists from the TV series 'Supernatural', hunts demons and devils with his younger brother.

6. Diana Lombard - a female lead character in the animated TV series 'Martin Mystery'. She is the stepsibling of Martin, who joins him in his missions to fight monsters and paranormal entities.  

7. Eleven/ El - the female character of a supernatural human being in the 'Stranger Things' television series who fights Demogorgons and other demonic monsters from the Upside Down.   

8. Edward Warren Miney - a real person depicted in films as a paranormal investigator and self-professed demonologist in America. 

9. Faith Lehane - is a fictional character from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise. She is depicted as a slayer with supernatural powers. 

10. John Constantine: a detective of the occult and supernatural, appearing in the DC universe.

11. Lorraine Rita Warren - a real person and wife of Edward Warren who claimed to be a clairvoyant. She and her husband are depicted in movie compilations of the Conjuring universe. 

12. Samurai Jack - a Japanese prince and a samurai warrior on a mission to defeat the demon Aku and his underlings. 

13. Sam Winchester - a fictional character and one of the protagonists from the popular American TV series 'Supernatural'. He and his brother are generational hunters of demons and devils. 

14. Winona Earp - a female character from the American TV series of the same name. She battles the dead outlaws in and around her hometown, who reincarnated as demons.   

Awesome Demon Hunter Names

15. Dante - a mighty demon hunter and lead character in the popular action-adventure game series, 'Devil May Cry'. 

16. Denji - the protagonist devil hunter in the manga and anime series 'Chainsaw Man'. 

17. Doomguy - the protagonist in the first-person shooter video game 'Doom', where he fights against demonic forces on Mars. 

18. Giyu Tomioka - a professional demon slayer who aids Tanjiro and makes him a recruit. He appears in the manga and anime series 'Demon Slayer'.  

19. Hyakkimaru - appearing in the Japanese original manga and anime series 'Dororo', battles demons to regain the parts of him he had lost.  

20. Ichigo Kurosaki - the lead protagonist in the manga and anime series 'Bleach'. He plays the role of a substitute Soul Reaper who protects the world from demonic spirits called hollows.  

21. Inuyasha - the lead character from the Inuyasha franchise, a demon hunter who is a half-demon. 

22. Kagome Higurashi - the lead character in the Inuyasha franchise, eventually becomes Inuyasha's life partner.  

23. Lady - a female character appearing in the game series 'Devil May Cry' as a freelance demon hunter. 

24. Lucia - the second protagonist and the female demon hunter sidekick of Dante from the game series 'Devil May Cry'. 

25. Makima - a female character shown as a high-ranking devil hunter in 'Chainsaw Man'. 

26. Megumi Fusghiguro - a sorcerer and one of the main supporting characters in the manga and anime series 'Jujutsu Kaisen'. 

27. Miroku - a Buddhist monk who can exorcize and exterminate demons, is a character from the Inuyasha franchise.

28. Moroha - a character from the Inuyasha franchise, appearing as the daughter of lead characters Inuyasha and Kagome. She hunts demons for bounty.     

29. Power - a deuteragonist female character in 'Chainsaw Man', known as a blood devil.

30. Sango - is a professional female demon slayer from the Inuyasha franchise.  

31. Satoru Gojo - considered the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the world, portrayed in manga and anime series 'Jujutsu Kaisen'. 

32. Taki - a demon-hunting female shinobi or ninja appearing in the video games series 'Soulcalibur'.

33. Tanjiro Kamado - is referred to as a demon slayer who sets out to save his sister and avenge his family. He appears in the popular manga and anime series 'Demon Slayer'.

34. Uryu Ishida - a member of an extinct clan of priestly archers with supernatural powers who fights demonic hollows in 'Bleach'.  

35. Yuji Itadori - the main character in 'Jujutsu Kaisen', joins the jujutsu sorcerers to destroy demons of spiritual energy called Curses.

36. Zaraki Kenpachi - a strong Soul Reaper from the manga and anime series ‘Bleach’.

37. Zenitsu Agatsuma - a powerful demon slayer and a traveling companion of Tanjiro and Nezuko. He is one of the deuteragonists in 'Demon Slayer'. 

Interesting Demon Hunter Names

38. Adept Aes'lehc - a female blood elf from the camp of Illidari Perch in Azsuna. 

39. Altruis the Sufferer - a night elf who is an outlaw of the Illidari faction and is also one of the champions of the Illidari. 

40. Arduen Soulblade - an elite night elf of the Illidari faction seen in the fortress of Black Rook Hold in Val'sharah. 

41. Baric Stormrunner - a night elf initially seen in Mardum but later becomes a quest giver, slaying demons in Azsuna. 

42. Belath Dawnblade - a blood elf who is a Champion of the Illidari and the commander of Illidari scouts. 

43. Candrael Twinshadow - a female blood elf who oversees the Burning Legion's base of operations at Felsoul Hold in Suramar. 

44. Elarisiel - a female night elf and one of the first members of the Illidari faction trained by the leader Illidan Stormrage.

45. Felsmith Nal'ryssa - a female blood elf of the Illidari faction, found in Suramar. Apart from being a demon hunter, she is also a blacksmith. 

46. Illidan Stormrage - a former night elf who transformed into a demon. He is the leader of the Illidari faction and all demon hunters.

47. Illidari Calia - a female blood elf and flight master seen on the island of Broken Shore. 

48. Kor'vas Bloodthorn - a female night elf who changed into a demon hunter and joined the Illidari to take vengeance against the Burning Legion for murdering her family. 

49. Lyana Darksorrow - a female night elf and a demon hunter of the Illidari faction who was on a mission to slay the magic-wielding demon, Azoran. 

50. Marius Felbane - a night elf who serves the Illidari faction as a demon hunter. He travels to several locations to suppress invading demons of the Burning Legion. 

51. Needle - a night elf and one of the first demon hunters to be trained by their leader Illidan. 

52. Raize Shadespear - a night elf from the Arathi Basin encountered by players in a Comp Stomp, Brawl campaign.

53. Sevis Brightflame - a blood elf and demon hunter from the Illidari faction that launched attacks at Mardum and the Black Temple. 

54. Sindweller - a stealthy night elf seen as a rogue demon hunter. Sindweller was a member of the Alliance faction. 

55. Sylareon Silverblade - a blood elf in the Alliance faction found in the Arathi Basin during the brawl campaign, Comp Stomp.

56. Tylos Darksight - a blood elf seen at Fel Hammer. Besides being a demon hunter, he is also the ship's helmsman. 

57. Varedis Felsoul - a blood elf demon who served the Illidari as a tutor for new demon hunter recruits.

58. Yrdris Lightblade - a night elf seen at Mardum. He is a demon hunter and a flight master.  

Clever Demon Hunter Last Names

59. Blaze - Johnny Blaze, or the Ghost Rideris an antihero character in the Marvel Comics universe who fights evildoers and demonic spirits.

60. Christopher - Rosette Christopher is an elite exorcist on a mission to demolish dangerous devils and spirits. She appears in the Japanese manga and anime named 'Chrono Crusade'.  

61. Cross - Gideon Cross is a superhero character from the comics series of 1975, 'The Demon Hunter'.  

62. Darkweaver - Jace Darweaver is a night elf, and a former mage turned into a demon hunter, who is also a Champion of the Illidari. He is seen in 'World Of Warcraft'.

63. Fireheart - Ariana Fireheart is a female night elf of the Illidari faction originally from the shattered prison world of Mardum. She appears in 'World Of Warcraft' as a demon hunter trainer. 

64. Frenzied - Celaryn the Frenzied is a female blood elf character from the Alliance faction appearing in the 'World Of Warcraft' universe. 

65. Haunted - Nylaria the Haunted is a female night elf in the Arathi Basin of the 'World Of Warcraft' universe. 

66. Kanroji - Mitsuri Kanroji is a powerful and high-ranking female demon hunter who appears in 'Demon Slayer'. 

67. Mystery - Martin Mystery is a character from the animated TV series 'Martin Mystery', who protects the people of Earth from monsters, demons, and paranormal entities.

68. Netherwalker - Tian Netherwalker from 'World Of Warcraft' is a blood elf seen in the Fel Hammer ship.

69. Walker - Allen Walker is the protagonist in the manga and anime series 'D.Gray-man', who fights the demonic army of Akuma and their leader, the Millennium Earl. 

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