125+ Best Jester Names That Mean Trouble

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JWhy Jester Names?

In the past, jesters were employed by noblemen and monarchs to entertain guests, but they continue to perform today at various fairs, town markets, and historically themed events. The word is of French origin, derived from 'gestour' or 'jestour' which means "storyteller".

The royal jester often dressed eccentrically told jokes and stories, juggled, performed magic tricks, and used music, imitation, and puns to entertain people.

They commented on things that their audience was familiar with and even delivered bad news to Kings that others wouldn't dare to.

Because of their popularity, there are plenty of good jester names to choose from. There are many males as well as female jester names on our list that you might draw inspiration from.

Male Jester Names

1. Alfie (Old English origin), meaning "wise".

2. Archibald Armstrong (German origin), the name means "bold" and "precious". This is the name of the court fool of England's King James I.

3. Birbal (Indian origin), meaning "brave heart". Raja Birbal was Emperor Akbar's jester during the rule of the Mughal empire.

4. Bobo (Spanish origin), among the names that mean "crazy".

5. Briar (English origin), meaning "thorny patch".

6. Chicot, the court jester of King Henry III and Henry IV. His real name was Jean-Antoine d'Anglerais.

7. Devlin (Irish origin), meaning "unlucky".

8. Diablo (Spanish origin), meaning "devil".

9. Diego (Spanish origin), meaning "supplanter". Don Diego de Acedo was a man who played the role of Philip IV of Spain's court fool.

10. Diger (American origin), the name means "creative".

11. Giacomo (Italian origin), meaning "supplanter". This is the name of a renowned traveling jester who represented the King of jesters in 'The Court Jester', a 1956 musical film.

12. Harley (English origin), meaning "hare's meadow". Mr. Harley Quin represents the modern jester in Agatha Christie's collection, 'The Mysterious Mr. Quin".

13. Jeffrey Hudson (German, English origin), meaning "pledge of peace". Hudson, also known as Lord Minimus, was the court dwarf of Henrietta Maria of France.

14. Jesse (Hebrew origin), meaning "God exists". Jesse Bogdonoff was the jester to King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV of Tonga.

15. Joao de Sa Panasco (Hebrew origin), the name means "God is gracious". This is the name of the court fool of King John III of Portugal.

16. Mac (English origin), meaning "wise guy".

17. Marx (German origin), the name means "God of war". The name of the jester from the video game, 'Kirby Super Star' and 'Kirby Super Star Ultra'.

18. Perkeo (Italian origin), meaning "why not". Perkeo of Heidelberg was Prince Charles III's jester.

19. Roland (French, German origin), meaning "famous land". Roland the Farter was jester to England's Henry II.

20. Sebastian (Greek origin), the name means "revered". King Philip IV of Spain's jester was Sebastian de Morra.

21. Stanczyk (Polish origin), derived from Staniek, the shortened version of Stanislaw. The most famous court jester in Polish history. He worked for King Alexander, Sigismund the Old, and Sigismund Augustus.

22. Tenali (Sanskrit origin), meaning "family tree". Tenali Ramakrishna, was Emperor Krishnadevaraya's jester in the Vijayanagara Empire.

23. Tom Durie (Greek, Scottish origin), Tom is of Greek origin and means "purity" while Durie is a Scottish habitational name. Tom Durie was jester to Anne of Denmark.

24. Triboulet (French origin), meaning "to laugh". Nicolas Ferrial, more popularly called Triboulet, was the court jester of King Louis XII and Francis I of France.

25. Trivet, the royal jester from the 'Blazing Dragons' game.

26. Wally (English origin), the name means "fool".

27. Wamba, the jester from Sir Walter Scott's novel, 'Ivanhoe'.

28. Wilder (American origin), meaning "untamable".

29. Will Sommers (German origin), the name means "vehement protector". This was the court jester of Henry VIII of England.

Female Jester Names

A kid dressed as a Circus Clown is juggling colorful balls in hands.

30. Azubah (Hebrew origin), meaning "desolation".

31. Binky (American origin), the name means "someone who brings relief".

32. Cleon (Greek origin), the name means "glorious" or "renowned". This is a fairy jester from the 'Bust A Move 4' game.

33. Deidre (Irish origin), meaning "sorrowful".

34. Dimple (Indian origin), the name means "happy".

35. Emily (Latin origin), meaning "rival".

36. Hecate (Greek origin), means "not a good omen". This is the name of the Goddess of witchcraft and necromancy in Greek mythology.

37. Jane (Hebrew origin), the name means "God is merciful". Jane Foole was jester to Catherine Parr and Mary I of England.

38. Jezebel (Hebrew origin), meaning "an impure idol follower".

39. Mary (Hebrew origin), meaning "rebellion".

40. Mathurine de Vallois (French origin), meaning "timely". The court jester of Henry III, Henry IV, and Louis XIII of France.

41. Maytag (English origin), a female jester from the webcomic, 'Flipside'.

42. Persephone (Greek origin), meaning "to murder or destroy".

43. Rogue (English origin), the name means "unpredictable".

44. Shabina (Arabic origin), this name means "eye of the storm".

45. Twinkle (American origin), the name means "to light up sporadically". Twinkle is a little jester from 'Bust A Move 3'.

46. Zilla (Hebrew origin), the name means "gloom" or "shadow".

Funny Jester Names

47. Clownpiece, a fairy jester from the 'Legacy Of Lunatic Kingdom' game.

48. Dumpty, a reference to Humpty Dumpty from the nursery rhyme. One of the many funny name options for a little jester.

49. Giggles (English origin), the name means "laughter". An appropriate name for jesters.

50. Gogo (Slavic origin), meaning "mountain" or "man".

51. Happy (American origin), meaning "joyful". A name you'll like.

52. Jester (English origin), the word Jester itself can be a name. The name means "someone who tells funny and amusing stories". The Jester is also a fictional superhero from the 'DC Comics' universe.

53. Joka (Hebrew origin), meaning "gift from God". The recurring character Joka, who is also commonly called Joker, appears in the game 'Klonoa'.

54. Loko (Spanish origin), the name means "insane or foolish person". One of the many good jester names.

55. Lucky (American origin), meaning "fortunate".

56. Noodles (German origin), meaning "one who shows leadership qualities".

57. Pierrot (French origin), the name means "clown". The perfect buffoon name.

58. Terach (Hebrew, Latin origin), meaning "silly".

59. Yoyo (Chinese origin), meaning "friendly".

Two entertainers posing in colorful dress.

Evil Jester Names

Medieval jester names can also take on a sinister meaning. If that's what you're looking for, this list of names is perfect for you.

60. Abaddon (Hebrew origin), the name means "destruction" or "ruin".

61. Alastor (Greek origin), meaning "tormentor".

62. Azazel (Hebrew origin), the name means "evil demon".

63. Breaker (English origin), the name means "trouble".

64. Dhoulmagus, the evil jester from the 'Dragon Quest VIII' game by Square Enix.

65. Dimentio, the psychopathic magician dressed in jester costume from the 'Super Paper Mario' game.

66. Draco (Greek origin), meaning "dragon". The popularity of this name grew thanks to the character of Draco Malfoy in the 'Harry Potter' series.

67. Fachnan (Irish origin), meaning "malicious". One of the many evil jester names.

68. Hecklar (German origin), occupational name. The crazy court jester from the game, 'Cardinal Syn' by Kronos Digital.

69. Iniko (Nigerian origin), the name means "time of trouble". The meaning of this name is a little evil, so this makes for a good evil jester name.

70. Jevil (American origin), the name means "a chaotic being that is capable of doing anything". Jevil is the Card Castle court jester in the video game, 'Deltarune'.

71. Jinx (Latin origin), meaning "die another day".

72. Keres (Greek origin), the name means "evil spirits".

73. Lilith (Hebrew origin), meaning "ghost" or "night monster".

74. Malcolm (Gaelic origin), meaning "devotee of Saint Columba". A mad jester from 'The Legend Of Kyrandia' game.

75. Mort (French origin), the name means "dead".

76. Odysseus (Greek origin), meaning "wrathful". The tempestuous figure from Greek mythology.

77. Shaco, an evil jester from the 'League Of Legends' game.

78. Sidero (Latin origin), meaning "evil nymph". The perfect name for a scheming clown character who is a bit of a buffoon.

79. Teivel (Yiddish origin), meaning "devil".

80. Thana (Arabic origin), meaning "death".

81. Toodles (American origin), this is a name that means "goodbye".

82. Umlaut (German origin), the name means "around sound". It is the name of the jester skull and sub-boss in 'CarnEvil'.

Names That Mean Trickster Or Trick

83. Aella (Greek origin), meaning "whirlwind".

84. Anansi (West African origin), an Akan trickster God that manifests as a spider.

85. Cameron (Scottish origin), the name means "one who follows a crooked path".

86. Dolos (Greek origin), reference to the Greek God of trickery. One of the good trickster God names.

87. Fox (English origin), meaning "the sly one".

88. George (Greek origin), meaning "one who stirs up dirt".

89. Hermes (Greek origin), refers to the God of thieves and travelers. One of the Gods of mischief.

90. Heyoka (Native American origin), meaning "jester".

91. Indra (Indian origin), the King of Gods who retained his position using tricks.

92. Jett (English origin), the name means "extremely witty".

93. Loki (Scandinavian origin), meaning "trickster". The name rose to popularity due to the 'Avengers' franchise.

94. Maverick (American origin), meaning "non conformist".

95. Maximon (Mayan origin), refers to the God of trickery.

96. Medea (Greek origin), meaning "cunning". One of the good boy names that mean trickster.

97. Mischief (French origin), the name means "playful misbehavior".

98. Raven (Scandinavian origin), meaning "thieving".

99. Rhonda (Welsh origin), meaning "the noisy one".

100. Sophia (Greek origin), the name means "wise trickery".

101. Tempest (English origin), meaning "storm".

Alternative Names for Jesters

102. Clown - A person who wears a traditional costume and makeup and entertains in a circus.

103. Jokester - A person who loves to tell jokes

104. Actor - A person who acts on stage or in films.

105. Antic - A person who does an eye-catching and funny act.

106. Buffoon - A person who amuses people like a clown.

107. Card - A person who is quick-witted.

108. Comedian - A person who entertains people and makes the audience laugh.

109. Comic - A person who is a comedian.

110. Harlequin - A person who wears a traditional outfit and has a mute character to play.

111. Humorist - A person who can perform, write or act humorously.

112. Joker - A person who loves joking.

113. Pantaloons - A comedian with loose pants.

114. Prankster - A person who loves playing pranks.

115. Trickster - A person who tricks people.

116. Banterer - A person who loves to banter.

117. Cutup - A person who plays the fool.

118. Japer - A person who is fond of joking.

126. Standup comic- A person who stands to deliver his jokes.

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