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The Undead Mages are the class of magi who belong to the race of the Forsaken in the World of Warcraft, who are allied with the Horde.

The Forsaken also called the Forsaken, have dedicated themselves to fight the Scourge of the Lich King. As playable characters in WoW, the class of magi is available to the race of the undead Forsaken in the game.

Forsaken, or Undead Mages are mostly human mages who have died. In the World of Warcraft, there exist also troll magi, gnome magi, and dwarf magi. You can also choose some cool gnome magi names.

There are also elf magi and orc magi. In this article, you will find the best list of names, from male names like Frezin Mais to female names like Disakali Mabai. Pick the one that suits you the best!

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Female Undead WoW Mage Names

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Here is the best list of WoW names of female characters that you can use. Pick one that suits your purposes the best!

1. Brunella, named after a winter flower, this mage is proficient in the art of Frost spells.

2. Bronwenna, named after a character in Human literature, this mage is also good at frost spells.

3. Chella Khadgar, named after her infamous father who lived in Undercity, she spends most of her time in Undercity, brewing and perfecting new potions.

4. Dakali, named after the fire goddess, she is well-versed in the arts of shaping and casting fire against her enemies.

5. Disakali Mabai, named after her sister Dakali, she can cast fire spells that cause large Area of Effect damage.

6. Dronella Brizx, named after a region in Azeroth, she lives in the shadows of forested land.

7. Eromeli Lak, named after her teacher and guide, she can quickly teleport from one area to another.

8. Famaza, named after her friend who is still in the Scourge, she has now regained consciousness and seeks revenge against the Scourge of the Lich King.

9. Fomaza, named after her sister Famaza, she is convinced that they cannot defeat the Lich King.

10. Frakali, named after a goddess of death, she can control a raging fire with a swish of her undead wand.

11. Fromaya Syze, named after the word ‘illusion’, she can cast spells of illusion against her enemies, in the form of crowd control spells.

12. Hemazo, named after a forever frozen glacier, she has a frightening stare, and she can freeze enemies with Frost Nova.

13. Hraena Ma’r, named after a planet called Mars, she assists the other races of orc, troll, and gnome.

14. Hrenazo Gigith, named after a high elf, she has learned the secret arts of frost spell-casting from a high-elf.

15. Kaena Proudmoore, named after a powerful mage elf, she is capable of casting frost spells that freeze whole lands.

16. Kommai, named after a blood elf called Sommai, she casts effective spells.

17. Lomela Zimmek, named after a dark creature of the underground, she casts dark evil spells.

18. Lrana, named after an orc, she has high physical strength.

19. Mimazo, named after a blood elf, she can make healing potions.

20. Mrapoya, named after another famous mage, this undead mage has a cool name.

21. Nikila Kras, named after her human friend, she is friends with many human mages.

22. Nronamai, named after an unknown forest in Azeroth, she lives in that same unknown forest.

23. Pruzmai, named after a famous standing stone, she can cast a crowd control spell that makes her enemies fight against each other.

24. Reemaz Dolera, named after a dark and evil mage, she can be most frightening at night.

25. Rhodena, named after a powerful plant, she is well-versed in the art of herbal magic.

26. Romali, named after a powerful blood elf, she is part of a powerful blood elf group.

27. Sraney, named after a cold region in Azeroth, she sometimes disguises herself as a blizzard.

28. Srimlar, named after a village, she can cast powerful Polymorph spells.

29. Srukali Disancia, named after the goddess of fire, she learned most of her spells from a blood elf.

30. Sykoza, named after algae that grow in Azeroth, she can cast powerful Slow spells that slow the movements of her enemies.

31. Timais, named after her mother, she does not like human mages.

32. Tomal, named after a troll, she is a descendant of a troll.

33. Vr’kazo, named after his blood elf master, she is trained in dagger fighting.

34. Zazi, named after a bird, she has a cool mage name.

Good Mage Names Of Male Undead

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Here are some male mages who are quite powerful and some of their names have been borrowed from the other races in the WoW world. If you want to look at these undead mages who have male names, here is the best list of male names that you can use.

35. Abalon, named after the tales of Avalon told by the human mages, he can cast both frost and fire spells. This name is one of the popular ones.

36. Alandil Borc, named after an orc whose name was Borc, he is friends with several orc mages.

37. Bleakill, named after the frightening power of his spells, he can go on a killing spree using all kinds of spells.

38. Burnz, named after his unique ability to cast huge spells, he can cast powerful arcane missiles.

39. Dedar Mriz’n, named after a leader of the blood elves, he is a born leader.

40. Dhed, his name was chosen after the myth of Death, he is said to have gone through death five times.

41. Edzun Edvin, named after a powerful human mage, he has a big alliance of human mage friends.

42. Erazorb, his name was chosen after his ability to absorb, he has great ability in absorbing enemy attacks and reducing damage dealt.

43. Euronymous, with a name after the word "brave", he came face-to-face with the Lich King himself.

44. Favur, with a name after a troll mage, he has learned the ability to fight with staves.

45. Fragmez, named after his ability to fragment things, he has reached high levels of casting arcane explosion spells.

46. Frezin Mais, with a name chosen after a friendly blood-elf, he had a group of blood elf friends a few years back.

47. Gramor Srad, named after the word that means "great undead", he thinks he has lived for longer than all beings.

48. Gromar Elfkin, named after an elf mage, he is rumored to be  an elf mage, though he swears that he is Undead.

49. Hegoth, named after a dwarf, he is shorter than all the other undead mages. Choosing a last name after a dwarf for your character is quite cool.

50. Kaemin Frez, named after a god of fire, he once cast a Fire Blast spell and wiped out a whole city.

51. Kimor Min, a name chosen after a hill, he can blend the perfect potions to heal curses.

52. Kometh Lad, this name is chosen after a red comet, he was born while the red comet passed over the world of Azeroth.

53. Krigex, named after his father, he once cast a frost nova that shattered the windows of a whole city.

54. Lash Grezus, named after a famous tree in the Northern Regions, he spent years in the forest, and now knows every tree that exists.

55. Lazarus, named after an ancient human, he has the ability to go invisible for hours on end.

56. Lechiffre, named after a slimy creature called a Leach, he loves teleporting and creating chaos in different areas.

57. Lugath Strug, named after an evil inter-planetary force, he has mastered all arcane and frost spells.

58. Morphus, named after his ability to cast polymorph spells, he has practiced and increased to great levels of casting polymorph time warp spells.

59. Mromar, named after a dwarf called Mro and an orc called Mar, this undead mage is friendly to all the races of Azeroth.

60. Mygoth, named after a Gothic creature, this undead mage can only be seen in the dark.

61. Nidos Klav, named after a glacier, this undead mage can cast the iciest frost spells. One of the cool mage names.

62. Nochthitus, named after a king who was killed during the first war, this undead mage has the ability to can call on spirits.

63. Prath, named after a very rare herb, this undead mage likes to be alone and improve his magic.

64. Reeves, named after an ancient city called Reeve, this undead mage has the ability to discover new ways of casting old spells.

65. Sanehallow, named after the word 'hallow', this undead mage lives mostly in dark forests, learning ancient arts of potion-making.

66. Volkov Mikrav, named after another evil inter-planetary force, this undead mage wreaks havoc along with Lugath Strug.

67. Yarlent, named after the first city that he conquered, this undead mage can cast a Crowd Control spell that turns a whole city into sheep.

68. Zaponil, named after the word Zap, this undead mage can zap himself forward using the blink arcane spell.

69. Zugeth, named after the God of shadow, this undead mage is usually invisible. This makes for a cool last name.

Kidadl has a ton of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for undead mage names, then look at blood elf names, or for something different, look at best female knight names.

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