100+ Best Female Knight Names For Fierce Female Warriors

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There have been thousands of female knights, warriors and fighters in history and in fiction who make for excellent role models.

These female warriors are fierce, powerful, loyal and just. Whether they were the early Vikings or characters in 'Lord Of The Rings', their power has stayed unrivaled.

If you are looking for names that mean warrior or simply wish to use female warrior names for your characters, we have a complete list for you to look at. With the meaning and origin of each of the warrior name detailed, you can decide for yourself the name that fits your character best.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right into the most extensive list of more than 100 of the best female knight names for fierce female warriors. You may also want to check out these strong female names and these girl names that mean warrior for more inspiration.

Female Knight And Warrior Names In History

Viking warrior female sitting on a horse in forest.

Numerous female knights and warriors in history fought battles and ruled vast kingdoms. They were fierce leaders and fighters who were great role models for their subjects. Their names make for powerful, strong female names. Choose from the following list of female knights and warriors who left a mark in history.

1. Artemisia (Greek origin) meaning “Goddess of the Hunt”. She was the Queen of Caria and the naval commander of the King of Persia.

2. Boudicca (Celtic origin) meaning “victory”. Queen Boudicca led her people against a Roman invasion.

3. Cynane (Greek origin) meaning “warrior princess”. This is the name of a Macedonian warrior who was also the half sister of Alexander the Great.

4. Eurydice (Greek origin) meaning “wide justice”. She was a fierce warrior and her name is perfect for hardy courageous women.

5. Fu (Chinese origin) meaning “wealth” or “hibiscus lotus”. Fu Hao was a Chinese military general and High Priestess.

6. Grace (Latin origin) meaning “charm” or “gracious”. Grace O’Malley was an Irish female pirate queen and a fierce warrior.

7. Joan (Hebrew or French origin) meaning “God is gracious”. Joan of Arc was a legendary female warrior who also commanded the French army at the age of 17.

8. Lozen (Native American origin) meaning “one who steals horses”. She was a female warrior who is said to have ridden and fought like a man.

9. Nakano (Japanese origin) meaning “central field”. Nakano Takeko is one of the only known samurai, and her name makes for a fantastic fierce name.

10. Olympia (Greek origin) meaning “mountain of the Gods”. She was the Princess of one of the most powerful tribes in Greece.

11. Teuta (Greek origin) meaning “queen”. She is another powerful Greek female warrior.

12. Tomoe (Japanese origin) meaning “blessing”. She was a skilled archer and swordswoman who was respected and feared.

13. Tomyris (Eastern-Iranian origin) meaning “brave” or “iron”. She was a female warrior and the Queen of Massagetae.

14. Zenobia (Greek origin) meaning “force of Zeus”. Zenobia’s rule, although brief, is considered to be one of the most fierce in history.

'World Of Warcraft' Female Death Knight Names

In the popular MMO game, 'World Of Warcraft', Death Knights are the first hero class. They forge weapons, do magic and are one of the most powerful characters in the game.

If you are an ardent fan of this game, you must know the best female death knight names there are. Here are some of the best names for female Death Knight warriors.

15. Akasuki (Japanese origin) meaning “bright helper” or “fond of red”, is a perfectly edgy and fierce name for 'World Of Warcraft' characters.

16. Akatsuki (Japanese origin) meaning “scarlet” or “dawn”. What better name for a 'World Of Warcraft' Death Knight?

17. Alexa (American origin) meaning “defender of the people”. The 'World Of Warcraft' realm needs more such characters.

18. Alexandra (Greek origin) meaning “defender of the people”.

19. Anastasia (Greek origin) meaning “resurrection”. This is an excellent name for the mystical realism of 'World Of Warcraft'.

20. Ciara (Irish origin) meaning “dark”.

21. Jehovah (Hebrew origin) meaning “new God”. Such a name is a mystical addition to the 'World Of Warcraft'.

22. Melanie (Greek origin) meaning “dark”.

23. Natasha (Slavic origin) meaning “birthday”.

24. Nevada (Spanish origin) meaning “snow-covered”. This name makes for an interesting character name in the 'World Of Warcraft'.

25. Oriana (Latin or Spanish origin) meaning “sun” or “gold”.

Female Names With Remarkable Fierce Meanings

Female elf with a bow in the forest.

What better way to name a fierce female warrior than something that means fierce directly? The meanings and origins of these names are powerful, fierce and fearless.

26. Adira (Hebrew origin) meaning “strong” or “powerful”.

27. Alessia (Italian origin) meaning “defender”.

28. Armani (Italian origin) meaning “warrior”.

29. Audrey (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning “noble strength”.

30. Bridget (Gaelic origin) meaning “power” or “vigor”.

31. Brielle (Hebrew origin) meaning “power of God” or “warrior of God”.

32. Callan (Gaelic origin) meaning “rock” or “battle”.

33. Carla (German origin) meaning “free woman”.

34. Cassandra (Greek origin) meaning “man’s defender”.

35. Emersyn (German origin) meaning “daughter of the powerful” or “bravery”.

36. Fallon (Irish origin) meaning “superior”.

37. Harlow (English origin) meaning “army”.

38. Isa (Hebrew origin) meaning “strength”.

39. Lenna (English origin) meaning “lion’s strength”.

40. Marcella (Latin origin) meaning “war-like”.

41. Malin (English origin) meaning “strong warrior”.

42. Moxie (American origin) meaning “bold”.

43. Myla (Latin origin) meaning “soldier”.

44. Payton (Old English origin) meaning “fighting man’s estate”.

45. Sandra (Greek origin) meaning “defender of man”.

Female Knight Names From 'Lord Of The Rings'

The fantasy novel and movie series 'Lord Of The Rings' has numerous princess warrior names and fierce female characters whose names are perfect for you to take inspiration from for your own characters. Here are the origins and meanings of the names of female warriors in 'Lord Of The Rings'.

46. Arwen (Welsh origin) meaning “noble maiden”. She was one of the most crucial characters in 'Lord Of The Rings'

47. Eowyn (English origin) meaning “horse of joy”. Her character is known for the famous dialogue: "I am no man".

48. Freda (German origin) meaning “peace”.

49. Galadriel (Sindarin origin) meaning “maiden with bright radiance”. She was known for her extreme wisdom and supernatural powers in 'Lord Of The Rings'.

50. Haleth (Sindarin origin) meaning “chieftain” or “guard”.

51. Morwen (Welsh origin) meaning “maiden”.

52. Shelob (Sindarin origin) meaning “spider”.

Female Knight Names From 'Dragon Age'

'Dragon Age' is one of the most famous fantasy MMO video games available online and is home to some of the most fierce and powerful female warriors. The names of these female warriors in 'Dragon Age' can be great choices for your characters too.

53. Anora (Latin origin) meaning “honor”.

54. Aveline (French origin) meaning “hazel”.

55. Cassandra (Greek origin) meaning “helper of men” or “defender of men”.

56. Flemeth (Italian origin) meaning “witch of the wilds”.

57. Isabela (Italian origin) meaning “eternally beautiful”.

58. Josephine (Hebrew origin) meaning “God shall grow”.

59. Justinia (Latin origin) meaning “justice” or “fair” or “honest”.

60. Morrigan (Irish origin) meaning “great queen”.

61. Sera (Hebrew origin) meaning “princess”.

62. Vivienne (Latin origin) meaning “alive”.

Female Knight Names From 'Harry Potter'

There are no fierce women in the world like they are in 'Harry Potter'. The 'Harry Potter' novel series and movie series offers fierce and powerful women as you’ve never seen before. If you wish to find more fierce female names, 'Harry Potter' is the way to go.

63. Bellatrix, the most vengeful and fierce witch who killed Sirius Black.

64. Fleur, a fierce female competitor in the Triwizard Championship.

65. Ginny, an elite Quidditch champion and a powerful Weasley witch.

66. Helena, a very powerful witch who helped Harry in defeating Lord Voldemort.

67. Hermione, the brightest witch of her age, was the most central female character in 'Harry Potter'.

68. Katie, a chaser on her Quidditch team.

69. Lily, Harry Potter’s mother who showed ultimate love by stepping in front of the Avra Kedavra spell and saving Harry.

70. Luna, an eccentric yet fierce witch.

71. Maxime, a highly feared Headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy.

72. Minerva, also known as Professor McGonagall, she was a fierce and powerful witch of Hogwarts.

73. Molly, she was a fierce and loving mother and witch.

74. Myrtle, also known as Moaning Myrtle, she helped Harry on numerous quests.

75. Narcissa, she was a powerful Slytherin witch.

76. Nymphadora, the coolest witch with colored hair.

77. Pomona, more famously known as Madame Sprout.

78. Romilda, a glorious battle maiden, she was a vixen as well.

79. Sybil, famously known as Madame Trelawney, was the professor of Divination.

Female Knight Names From 'Star Wars'

Another amazing movie series to look to for great female warriors names is 'Star Wars'. Numerous 'Stars Wars' races have some of the most powerful female warriors, their names are listed below.

80. Aayla, one of the strongest females in 'Stars Wars'.

81. Ahsoka, a padawan in the 'Stars Wars' series.

82. Ania, belonging to the Solo 'Stars Wars' race.

83. Aurra, another bounty hunter.

84. Brianna, a fierce spy.

85. Hera, a natural born leader in the 'Stars Wars' series.

86. Jaina, the Rogue Squadron’s star.

87. Jan, a professional ballerina and aerospace engineer.

88. Katie, a fantastic female lead.

89. Korr, a prominent 'Stars Wars' character.

90. Leia, the leader of the resistance and the top female 'Stars Wars' character.

91. Lumiya, Darth Vader’s secret apprentice.

92. Mara Jade, one of the most popular 'Stars Wars' characters.

93. Maz, belonged to the Jawa 'Stars Wars' races and competed against Yoda.

94. Nomi, a powerful destroyer in the 'Stars Wars' world.

95. Oola, a strong female character.

96. Qwi, a fierce female mastermind engineer.

97. Rey, uses force sensitivity abilities.

98. Sabine, a powerful bounty hunter.

99. Sana, a fierce smuggler.

100. Tahiri, a fierce female warrior in star wars.

101. Vao, a strong female warrior in 'Stars Wars'.

Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for the best female knight names for fierce female warriors, then why not take a look at these names that mean protector? If you are still looking for something different, consider taking a look at these noble names for both boys and girls.

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