100+ Comic Book And Marvel Dog Names That Are Simply Super

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Originally Published on Nov 05, 2020
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So, you brought a little superhero home, did you?

Struggling to find a cool and awesome name for your dog? Today, more and more people are naming their pets after their favorite superhero character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other comic books.

If you are more of an anime person, then you may want to check out these uber-cool anime dog names, or you may like these 'Star Wars' dog names.

Some Cool 'The Avengers' Superhero Dog Names

'The Avengers' is Marvel’s biggest superhero franchise today. With its long list of characters, you can easily pick a name that complements your superhero dog.

1) Banner or Bruce (M), the introverted yet brilliant alter ego of the Hulk.

2) Bucky (M), the Captain’s best friend who later gets brainwashed into a deadly assassin.

3) Fury (M), the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who is probably the greatest super-spy in the Marvel universe.

4) Gamora (F), the adopted daughter of Thanos with super strength and super healing.

5) Groot (M), the cute talking tree and one of the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'.

6) Hawkeye (M), for dogs that have a good sense of observation.

7) Hulk (M), Bruce Banner’s alter-ego name, perfect for big and strong dogs.

8) Jarvis (M), the AI that Iron Man created and named after his butler.

9) Loki (M/F), Thor’s sibling and a Norse god.

10) Marvel (M/F), one of the universe’s most powerful superheroes.

11) Nebula (F), the adopted daughter of Thanos who redeems herself.

12) Odin (M), this cool dogs' name is the name of the great king of Asgard who’s also Thor’s father.

13) Peggy (F), the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who’s out to make the world a better place for everyone.

14) Pietro (M), more commonly known as Quicksilver and the perfect name for dogs who are really fast.

15) Potts or Pepper (M/F), Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) significant other, played by Gwyneth Paltrow.

16) Rocket (M/F), the cute rabbit from the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy team'.

17) Rogers (M), or Steve Rogers which is Captain America’s real name.

18) Romanoff M/F), from super spy Natasha Romanoff a.k.a the Black Widow.

19) Scarlet (F), a powerful fictional superhero who is against The Avengers but joins them later.

20) Spidey (M), the world’s favorite superhero:  Spider-Man, also known as Peter Parker.

21) Star-Lord (M), also known as Peter Jason Quill, is the leader of the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'.

22) Stark (M), from Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man, ideal for dogs that exhibit impulsive behavior.

23) Thanos (M), inspired by the supervillain who sought limitless power.

24) Thor (M), for pups who are extremely energetic and duty-bound.

25) Ultron (M), the evil artificial intelligence system created by Tony Stark and Banner

26) Vision (M/F), an android superhero from team Avengers.

Famous Marvel\u2019s character of Avenger team

Other 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Names To Consider

Here are a few of our top 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' inspired names for dogs.

27) Cosmo (M/F), the telepathic Soviet space dog who is the security chief of Knowhere.

28) Drax (M), the destroyer with superhuman strength and unmatchable combat skills.

29) Mantis (M/F), the Marvel character with the ability to sense people’s feelings and change them.

30) Ronan (M), a fanatic super villain from the Kree race in 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'.

31) Xandar (M/F), a fictional planet in Marvel Comics.

Some Awesome 'Black Panther' Names

Wakanda, forever! For fans of the mystical land of Wakanda, here’s our top list of names.

32) Ayo (F), the mighty woman warrior who protected T’Challa throughout his life. A great name for protector dogs.

33) M’Baku (M), the next most powerful man in Wakanda after T’Challa and a perfect name for fierce dogs.

34) Shuri (F), T’Challa’s sister who invented Wakanda’s modern tech.

35) T’Challa (M), the king of Wakanda, a.k.a the Black Panther.

36) W’Kabi (M), T’Challa’s bestie and former security head for Wakanda’s Border Tribe.

37) Zuri (M/F), T’Challa’s mentor who is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Popular 'Doctor Who' Dog Names

Hooked to the 'Doctor Who' series? Here’s a list of 'Doctor Who' dog names to consider for your new pup.

38) Ashildr (M/F), a highway woman the Doctor meets in the 1600s.

39) Astrid (M/F), based on one of the show’s characters, Astrid Peth.

40) Borusa (F), a former teacher of Doctor Who and one of Gallifrey’s time lords.

41) Gallifrey (M/F), based on the Doctor Who’s home planet.

42) K9 (M/F), Doctor Who’s robotic canine and companion.

43) Nardole (M/F), a super intelligent character in the show.

44) Osgood (M/F), the biggest fan of the Doctor.

45) Petronella (F), another character in the show.

46) River (M/F), Doctor Who’s significant other.

47) Rory (M/F), from one of the show’s characters, Rory Williams.

48) Strax (M), Commander Strax is a good nurse, member of a clone race.

49) Tardis (M), Doctor Who’s time traveling spaceship.

50) Vastra (F), the lizard woman who’s known to eat her foes.

51) Wilf (M/F), a recurring character who is the father of a prominent character in the show.

52) Yaz (F), the friendly 19-year-old who’s great at handling crises.

Dog Names From 'Spider Man'

Here’s our list of popular and cool dogs names from the 'Spider Man' movie franchise:

53) Flash (M), Mary Jane’s ex-boyfriend, a school jock and Peter’s bully.

54) Goblin (M), Peter’s best friend’s father Norman Osborn’s evil personality.

55) Gwen (F), a good friend and classmate of Peter Parker.

56) Mary-Jane (F), Peter Parker’s love interest.

57) May (F), Aunt May was truly a loving and iconic character.

58) Octavius (M), a scientist at Oscorp who later turns into the great villain Doctor Octopus.

59) Octopus (M/F), the supervillain Doctor Octopus.

60) Sandman (M), the shape-shifting sand-manipulating antagonist.

61) Venom (M/F), an amorphous creature from a planet unknown looking for hosts to survive.

Super Awesome Dog Names From 'X-Men' Films

Start your own Xavier Institute by naming your dogs one of these awesome 'X-Men' character names.

62) Beast (M/F), the kind hearted, gentle giant known for his intellect.

63) Cyclops (M), the X-men’s field commander who emits light energy from his eyes.

64) Gambit (M), a character from 'X-Men' who manipulates kinetic energy.

65) Iceman (M), a fictional superhero born with superhero abilities.

66) Jean (M/F), the heart and soul of the X-Men, known for her telekinesis skills

67) Logan (M), Wolverine’s real name.

68) Magneto (M), the leader of the mutant resistance and Professor X’s ex-best friend.

69) Mystique (F), the mutant name of Raven, the orphan Charles took in and cared for as his sister.

70) Ororo (M/F), the real name of X-Men Storm.

71) Pixie (F), a mutant with the ability to fly and cause hallucinations using pixie dust.

72) Pyro (M/F), an enemy of the X-Men who can control fire.

73) Raven (F), Mystique’s real name.

74) Rogue (M/F), one of the most powerful X-Men who can drain a person’s energy just by touch.

75) Spyke (M/F), an enemy of the X-Men from Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants.

76) Storm (M/F), inspired by the weather-controlling X-Men of the same name.

77) Toad (M), another mutant enemy of the X-Men who has toad-like abilities.

78) Wolverine (M), known for his heightened senses and regenerative power. Logan’s mutant name.

79) X (M/F), the founder of X-Men, Charles or Professor Xavier a.k.a Professor X.

More Marvel Names You’d Love

Captain America with his shield

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is quite vast. So, here are some more Marvel names for dogs that you may want to consider.

80) Domino (M/F), an ally of Deadpool.

81) Elektra (F), Daredevil’s love interest, skilled in Okinawan Sai.

82) Foggy (M/F), the simple and sweet natured friend of the Daredevil.

83) Hela (F), the goddess of death who also happens to be Thor’s sister.

84) Murdock (M), from Matthew Murdock, the Daredevil’s real name.

Famous DC And Comic Books Dog Names

So, you’re more of a DC fan than Marvel? We've got a lot of options to choose from the DC Universe too.

85) Ace (M/F), Batman’s crime fighting companion.

86) Allen (M), from Barry Allen, the Flash’s original name.

87) Comet (M/F), inspired by Supergirl’s pet.

88) Harley (M/F), the prominent character in the 'Suicide Squad' film.

89) Hippolyta (F), the queen of the Amazon tribe in 'Wonder Woman'.

90) Kal-El (M), Superman’s krypton name or birth name.

91) Kara (F), Superman’s Kryptonian cousin, commonly known as Supergirl.

92) Katana (F), a samurai warrior from the 'Suicide Squad'.

93) Krypto (M/F), our favorite superhero, Superman’s dog.

94) Lois (F), a simple name for a female dog inspired by Lois Lane, Superman’s girl.

95) Luthor (M), after the greatest of Superman’s foes, Lex Luthor.

96) Orin (M/F), the famous DC superhero Aquaman’s alter-ego.

97) Quinn (M/F), from the famous 'Suicide Squad'.

98) Shazam (M/F), if you think your dog is some sort of wizard.

99) Swanwick (M), the Martian Manhunter’s disguise, and an ally of Superman.

100) Zod (M), the first big enemy of Superman.

Video Game Names For Dogs

Fan of video games? Here are a few video game and 'Pokemon' names for dogs if you’d like to try them.

101) Pikachu (M/F), the most popular 'Pokemon' character.

102) Eevee (F), from the 'Pokemon' series.

103) Mew (F), a 'Pokemon' character who doesn’t reveal itself to humans.

104) Croft (F), from the famous Lara Croft of the 'Tomb Raider' franchise.

105) Raiden (M), the god of thunder in 'Mortal Kombat'.

106) Kitana (F), the warrior princess in 'Mortal Kombat', who’s skilled in martial arts.

107) Ryu (M), the protagonist in the 'Street Fighter' series.

108) Peach (F), the princess who gets kidnapped by a dragon in 'Mario'.

Kidadl has lots of other great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Marvel names for dogs, then why not take a look at these nerdy cat names, or these nerdy girl names.

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