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Every natural history student is interested in T-Rex names from the Jurassic era.

Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the largest dinosaurs that lived on Earth during the Jurassic era.

Various new studies have revealed that the non-avian dinosaur ruled the Earth around the time this large animal lived on the planet. The American Museum of Natural History in Central Park, New York City, has preserved the fossils of the T - rex for every human to marvel at.

Other prominent museums with more information on these creatures are available in Berlin's Natural History Museum, the University of California Museum of Paleontology, and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. These are some of the greatest museums where the fossils of these animals are preserved.

This article is a suitable destination for dinosaur lovers looking for a list of names of T-rex from several good movies like 'The Good Dinosaur', 'Jurassic Park', and ‘Jurassic World’. The collection also contains names that are funny, unique, and interesting.

Funny T-Rex Names

The name Tyrannosaurus rex (Greek origin) itself means the 'king of tyrant lizards'. They lived in the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic era and were ferocious hunters.

But who would have known there could be funny names to depict such wild creatures? Check out this section to know some amusing names that you can use to refer to a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Dino (Italian origin) - meaning 'terrible', is an obvious new name for the Tyrannosaurus species of terrible lizards.

Becky (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'moderator', is a funny name. It implies a completely opposite character and nature to that of a violent Tyrannosaurus rex.

Lizzy (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'God is oath', is a simple and funny name. The name can be used to refer to a female Tyrannosaurus rex.

Albert (Germanic origin) - meaning 'noble', is a profound and honorable name, although it sounds funny for a Tyrannosaurus rex.

T-Rant -meaning 'short form of tyrant', simply means the terrible attitude of the Tyrannosaurus rex, which lived in North America, Asia, and other parts of the world.

Wiggly (Middle English origin) - meaning 'to move back and forth', is a cute name to symbolize the jiggly-wiggly motion of the T-Rex's tail.

Tex (American origin) - meaning 'originated from Texas', is a short form of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Snouty (Proto-Germanic origin) - meaning 'projected nose', is a funny name symbolizing the protruding nose of the tyrannosaurus.

Little Liz (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'God is oath', is a cute name for T-Rex. The name implies 'little lizard' the opposite of the giant that a T-rex is.

Baby -meaning 'infant'- is a funny name referring to large, dangerous dinosaurs as cute animals.

Roxy (Persian origin) - meaning 'bring', is a cute name for female tyrannosaurus dinosaurs.

Loud (Middle English origin) - meaning 'noisy', signifies the noisy roar of tyrannosaurus when they catch their prey.

Meaty (Old English origin) - meaning 'flesh', though it sounds funny as a name, symbolizes the need of those large carnivores for food.

Billy (German origin) - meaning ‘protector’. But, T-rex is a cunning animal that does not protect or care for any other animal except itself.

T-Rex Names In 'The Good Dinosaur'

'The Good Dinosaur' is a heart-warming animated movie about a friendship of a dinosaur with a caveboy. The film also portrays a family of Tyrannosaurus'.

Apart from the movie, you might also enjoy a visit to the American Museum of Natural History in Central Park, New York City, to learn more about the creature and see the fossil preserved there. Here are some T-Rex names from ‘The Good Dinosaur’.

Butch (Old English origin) - meaning ‘notable’. The character is a strong Tyrannosaurus who herds longhorns and likes to narrate stories. He is a wise parent of two children and is the mentor for one of the main characters, Arlo.

Ramsey (Scottish origin) - meaning ‘island’. The character is a female Tyrannosaurus and Butch's daughter. She is smart and fearless, with a lively and cheerful personality.

Nash (English origin) - meaning ‘lives by the ash tee’. The character is Butch's son, who is charming, enthusiastic, energetic, hate the old boring routine, and loves adventures.

T-Rex Pun Names

The species of T-Rex were carnivorous and cannibal animals. They are regarded as the rulers of the prehistoric world due to their ability to fearless hunt any animal in their domain. Other dinosaurs would run away at their sight. Even the giant Sauropods would fear them. Here are some interesting T-Rex pun names for you.

Littlearm (Middle English and German origin) - meaning ‘tiny hand’. The name is a funny reference to the little arms of T-Rex.

Clutcher (Middle English origin) - meaning 'tight grasp', suits the best for the force and power that T-Rex used to grasp their prey.

T-wrecks - refers to the Tyrannosaurus rex that wrecks everything in its way. 

T- next - a funny pun on T- rex for a less intimidating Tyrannosaurus. 

T- pecks - referring to the strong pectoral muscles of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Famous T-Rex Names

No denying the fact that the T-Rex is the most famous among the dinosaur community, as even little children mimic their actions. Below is the list of famous T-rex names you must know.

Rexy - meaning ‘queen’. A famous name used for a tyrannosaurus from the series of Jurassic Park movies.

Buddy (English origin) - meaning ‘partner’,  is an adorable dinosaur from the animated movie made for preschoolers called ‘Dinosaur Train’.

Reptar -meaning ‘one who crawls or creeps’. The name is a reference toa T- rex from the show ‘Rugrats’. The character is portrayed as both a hero and a villain, but he is regarded more as a hero since all the little children love him.

Gon (Greek origin) - meaning ‘angle’. The anime series ‘Gon’ portrays the life of a small dinosaur with the same name as the title. He has a huge appetite and is smart but quite violent.

Terry (French origin) - meaning 'drawn', refers to a character from 'Dinosaur King'. Terry is a strong, competitive, powerful dinosaur with the attribute of fire.

T-Rex Zord (Hungarian origin) - meaning ‘bleak’. The name refers to a T - rex from the show 'Power Rangers Dino King', also called Rexy.

Sue (Anglo-French origin) - meaning ‘pursue’. The name was given to an almost complete specimen of T-Rex, available in the Natural History Museum in Chicago.

In the popular media, T-Rex is one of the most recognized species.

T-Rex Names In Movies

You must have watched at least one movie on dinosaurs and must have been fascinated by these dinosaurs. This list of T-Rex's names was picked from a few famous movies about dinosaurs.

Roberta (Old English origin) - meaning 'bright and famous',is the new name for the T-Rex Rexy, shown both in the movies 'Jurassic Park' and 'Jurassic World'.

Barney (British origin) - meaning ‘rough enjoyment’. It referencesa character from 'Barney & Friends' known for its optimistic attitude, friendliness, and clever persona. Barney loves giving hugs to others.

Elvis (German origin) - meaning ‘all wise’. In the film series 'Prehysteria!', Elvis is a confident and stylish dinosaur who loves attention.

Gabutyra - from ‘Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger’. The name refers to a character that was previously a T- rex but was modified to fight against the army of debossing.

Grimlock -from the movie ‘Transformers’, Grimlock has a mulish and barbaric personality but later changes into a loyal ally after Optimus Prime defeats him.

Theodore Rex (Greek origin) - meaning 'gift of God', is from the movie 'Theodore Rex'.

Tyramigo - from 'Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger', is like a Cyborg with a friendly personality. He was built in the form of a T- rex.

Genghis Rex (Mongolian origin) - meaning ‘ruler of the universe’. The name is derived from the animated movie ‘Dinosaucers’, referring to an attentive and strict T - rex that is also smart and talented.

Rex (Latin origin) - meaning ‘king’.  The animated comedy movie 'We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story' has a friendly T - rex named Rex. The character is portrayed as a clever creature who enjoys playing with children.

Tyrone (Greek origin) - meaning ‘lord’. Tyronne is a character from ‘Tyrone the Horrible’, who used to bully and make fun of others. It sometimes also fought with others.

Awesome T-Rex Names

Despite being fearsome, the T-Rex is a marvelous animal of the prehistoric age. The most proactive, savage, predatory, and fierce animals of their time. Some of the names to match their barbarous nature are given below.

Tyrant (Latin origin) - meaning 'illegitimate ruler', perfectly symbolizes tyrannosaurus's true nature.

Carnage (French origin) - meaning ‘massacre’, referring to the massacre that a T - rex commits while hunting.

King (Germanic origin) - meaning 'ruler', is the symbol of a true leader that fits the name T-Rex well, which used to rule the prehistoric world.

Fiery (Middle English origin) - meaning 'full of fire', referring to the rage and fire T-Rex used to carry with it.

Vision (Latin origin) - meaning 'to see', refers to the exceptional sense of vision of the T-Rex, which could estimate the distance to its prey.

Kaiser (German origin) - meaning 'emperor', is an absolutely awesome name for the king of tyrant lizards.

Raptor(Latin origin) - meaning 'thief', is a common name used for dinosaurs.

Tyrano (Latin origin) - meaning 'king', is a graceful name to symbolize T-Rex.

Sharpy -meaning 'energetic', signifies the sharp teeth and claws of a tyrannosaurus and its dynamic actions.

Tyran (Latin origin) - meaning 'king', is a name that is simply a reminder of the dominating and deadly tyrannosaurus.

Claw (German origin) - meaning 'sharp hook', points to the sharp claws of a T-Rex.

Zord (Hungarian origin) - meaning 'bleak', is a cool name for a T-Rex.

Maximus (Latin origin) - meaning 'the greatest', is surely the perfect name for the greatest creatures of their time.

Ruler (Latin origin) - meaning 'to execute rules', is a straightforward name for these dinosaurs.

Scar (Greek origin) - meaning 'mark of wound', as a name referring to the wounds and scars from lethal and deadly fights among Tyrannosaurus'.

Hunter (English origin) - meaning 'predator', a catchy name for such carnivore animals who were always ready to hunt.

Roar (Norse origin) - meaning 'fighter', splendidly describes T-Rex's barbarous personality to getting in fights with several other species of dinosaurs, especially the triceratops.

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