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In the 'Dungeons & Dragons' world, Tieflings are special characters with human and demon ancestors. Their names are very important and show where they come from and the kind of qualities or faults they might have. A Tiefling's last name can tell you about their mysterious background, an important event in their life, or a secret that comes out as their story unfolds.

When picking a name for your Tiefling character, think about what the name means: does it show they are good or does it reflect their demon heritage? Whether you're looking for male Tiefling names with a Latin influence or female names that express hope or fear, this list has many options to match your Tiefling's role, whether they're a sorcerer, a rogue, or something else.

Virtue Names That Inspire

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In the fascinating world of many tieflings, names are much more than just names; they act as a beacon of heritage and hope. A virtue name tells a deep story filled with dreams and aspirations that stand as a bold statement against any negative connotations their bloodline might carry. Such names can protect, lead, and shape a tiefling's future.

Here is the collection of names you provided, arranged alphabetically and following your initial instructions, using colons for the descriptions:

1. Angelica: This name is inspired by the celestial and pure qualities associated with the meaning 'angel'.

2. Archon: Archon means 'tears of joy,' coming from the word 'Arshu'.

3. Caritas (Latin origin): Caritas is a name that means 'giving' or 'love'.

4. Clementia (Latin and French origins): It is a name that means 'merciful' or 'forgiveness'.

5. Fidelitas (Latin origin): It is a name of Latin origin that means 'fidelity' or 'faithful'.

6. Fortitude (Latin origin): Fortitude is a name that means 'strong', 'strength', or 'bravery'.

7. Gueshoon: The name denotes a tiefling character that is wise.

8. Honorius (Latin origin): It is a name derived from the word 'honōrus' and means 'honor'.

9. Humilitas (Latin origin): Humilitas is a name that means 'humility' or 'modesty'.

10. Iustitia (Latin origin): It is a name that means 'justice'.

11. Karisa (Greek origin): It is a name that means 'grace'.

12. Maviel: It is a name full of charm.

13. Raemis: The name Raemis symbolizes the expression of grace and sophistication.

14. Rieta (Spanish origin): A name that means 'pearl' in Spanish.

15. Rose: It is a name inspired by the flower and symbolizes beauty and love.

16. Sapientia (Latin origin): It is a name that means 'to know', 'wisdom', or 'understanding'.

17. Sethe (Hebrew origin): It is a name that means 'appointed' or 'placed'.

18. Temperantia (Latin origin): It is a Latin name that means 'discretion' or 'self-control'.

19. Veritius (Latin origin): It is a name derived from the word 'veritas' and means 'truth'.

20. Vladimir (Slavic origin): It is a name with Slavic roots and means 'ruler of peace' or 'to rule with greatness'.

21. Zhera (Arabic and Persian origins): It is a name inspired by the Arabic and Persian names 'Zahra' or 'Zehra' which means 'shining' or 'bright'.

Names Based On Physical Appearance 

In fantasy stories, male and female tieflings are known for their unique looks, which mix human characteristics with their demonic background. Their appearance, from glowing eyes to the shape of their horns, showcases their diverse nature. As these characters journey through magical and powerful adventures, their distinct looks become their hallmark, drawing both admiration and curiosity.

22. Amethysteyes: It is a name inspired by the striking, purple eyes that some tieflings possess.

23. Azurespire: It is a name inspired by their horns or skin tones.

24. Cinnabar: It is a name inspired by the reddish, cinnamon-like hue of some tieflings' skin.

25. Crimsonscale: It is a name derived from the red nature of their skin.

26. Darkwhisper: It is a name that can resonate with the untold powers that lie within the tiefling's ancestry.

27. Dusktail: It is a name inspired by the dark, tail-like appendage common among tieflings.

28. Emberheart: It is a name inspired by the unique reddish or fiery appearance of some tieflings.

29. Emberwright: It is a name inspired by a half-human tiefling sorcerer character, and it is a combination of 'Ember' and 'Wright'.

30. Moonwhisper: It is a name inspired by the dark skin tone that some tieflings have.

31. Mythralborn: It is a name inspired by the silvery, mythical-like sheen on their skin or hair. (Original creation)

32. Nightcloak: It is a name derived from the dark, cloak-like wings that some tieflings possess.

33. Shadowhorn: It is a name based on the dark, shadowy hue of their skin and the presence of horns.

34. Stormcloud: It is a name inspired by the dark gray or blue-grey skin tone that resembles storm clouds.

35. Sunstone: It is a name based on the golden or amber-colored eyes of some tieflings.

Names Inspired By Greek Origin

Figures of Greek Gods.

Start a trip back to a time filled with myths and greatness with Greek-inspired Tiefling last names that bring out the magnificence and seriousness of ancient gods. Every name speaks of Greek roots, showing the bravery and good qualities of the Olympian gods famous in Greek stories. Picking one of these names for your Tiefling means bringing in stories of gods and mythical heroes, making your character seem destined for great things.

36. Carrie (German origin): Carrie is a name of German origin that means 'free man'.

37. Cerberus (Greek origin): Cerberus represents a creature from Greek mythology known as 'flesh devouring'.

38. Chimera (Greek origin): It is a name derived from a fire-breathing female monster in Greek myths with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent.

39. Enigma (Greek origin): It is a name that means 'to speak in riddles'.

40. Euphoria (Ancient Greek Origin): The name Euphoria means 'well' or 'healthy'.

41. Hydra (Greek origin): It is a name derived from Greek mythology that means 'water serpent'.

42. Ianonia (Greek origin): The name is coined from the Greek name 'Ionia' which means 'From the Ionian Islands' or 'Ionian Sea'.

43. Larissa (Greek origin): It is a name that means 'citadel'.

44. Medusa (Greek origin): It is a name rooted in Greek mythology that means 'to protect' or 'to rule over'.

45. Metanoia (Greek origin): It is a name of Greek origin that means 'changing one's mind', 'repentance', or 'afterthought'.

46. Minotaur (Greek origin): This name reflects the nature of the Cretan bull, connected to the story of Minos in Greek mythology.

47. Zilla: It is a name used to describe something huge, inspired by monsters like Godzilla.

Names With Meanings That Define Your Character

Choosing a Tiefling last name in Dungeons & Dragons goes beyond just a name; it’s about finding one that captures your character’s true spirit. A Tiefling’s last name is key to their story, carrying the power to influence their path. Whether your character is a clever sorcerer or a brave warrior, pick a name that echoes their qualities, heritage, and depth. The names listed serve as guides, shaping your Tiefling’s journey, values, and how they connect with others, helping to forge their legacy in your adventure.

48. Absence: It is a name that depicts the essence of a lack or void, suggesting something missing or absent.

49. Agility: It is a name that symbolizes swiftness and grace and conveys quickness of body and mind.

50. Anarchy: It is a name that represents disorder and the absence of authority, reflecting a state of societal chaos.

51. Averil (Celtic origin): It is a name of Celtic origin that means 'boar battle'.

52. Bliss: It is a name that signifies happiness and denotes a state of great joy and contentment.

53. Cacophony: It is a name that connotes a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds, suggesting tumult and noise.

54. Dread: It is a name that indicates fear or apprehension, reflecting a feeling of anxiety or anticipation of danger.

55. Felicity (English origin): It is a name that means 'happiness' and signifies a state of great joy or bliss.

56. Harmony: It is a name that represents balance and peace and signifies a state of tranquility and accord.

57. Helbo'oy: A name that adopts a playful yet unconventional approach.

58. Judgement: It is a name that signifies the ability to make considered decisions and reflects discernment and understanding.

59. Liberty: It is a name that embodies freedom and signifies the state of being free.

60. Mahavira (Sanskrit origin): A name that means 'great hero'.

61. Malevolence: It is a name that indicates ill will and reflects hostility and the intent to harm.

62. Nephviri: The name Nephviri refers to an ancient Egyptian queen, inspired by Nefertiti.

63. Neron: It is a name that symbolizes evil, named after a fallen angel who secretly follows those who are unaware.

64. Obscure: It is a name that represents something that is not clear or hard to understand and suggests mystery or ambiguity.

65. Orianna (Latin origin): Orianna is a name that means 'gold' in Latin.

66. Pandemonium: It is a name that denotes wild and noisy disorder and captures chaos and tumult.

67. Quake: The name brings to mind the feeling of trembling, based on the English word 'quake'.

68. Taran: Named after Taran, a character from 'The Chronicles of Prydain' series by Lloyd Alexander.

69. Tranquil: It is a name that embodies calmness and signifies peace and serenity.

70. Valxi: It is a name inspired by the name 'Valmiki', which is also the name of a Sanskrit poet famous for the epic 'Ramayana'.

71. Vigil: It is a name that signifies watchfulness and reflects alertness and attentiveness.

72. Wrath: It is a name that indicates intense anger and captures feelings of rage and fury.

73. Xazodar: The name Xazodar represents power and authority.

74. Xiri Hellbringer: It is a name that suggests a bringer of hell or destruction and conveys a powerful and ominous presence.

75. Zaelrix: The name Zaelrix is linked to mystery and intrigue.


Dice from the board game of 'Dungeons And Dragons.

How do tiefling names work within the Dungeons & Dragons universe?

Tiefling names often encompass elements of their infernal ancestry, the virtues they aspire to, or the culture they were brought up in. They serve as a reflection of the character's personal story and beliefs.

Can tiefling characters have traditional human names?

Yes, tieflings may have human names, especially to blend into human societies or reflect a more human-centric upbringing. Their last names, however, often hint at their extraordinary nature.

Are there any restrictions on naming a tiefling character?

While there is room for creativity, choosing names that fit the character's origin story, the virtues they embody, or the life path they are set on within the context of the Dungeons & Dragons universe is generally encouraged.

This list of top Tiefling last names provides a wide array of options that connect with different aspects of Tiefling heritage, from old family lines to modern takes. Whether you're designing a male Tiefling warrior with a name that reflects his virtues or a female sorcerer with dragon heritage, these names add layers to your character's identity. If you need ideas, read through the list and find resources that can give the perfect last name to fit your Tiefling's narrative, shaping their future and adventures to come.

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