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Germany is a country rich in its history and architecture.

However, did you know that Germans are renowned for being pet lovers? As such, they have an abundance of fantastic, German cat names, which are popular, unique, and have a strong guttural sound.

German names for cats or "Katze" as they are known in Germany, are often powerful and can perfectly express your cat's personality. Finding the right German pet names can be as difficult as naming a baby, as you may find it difficult to find a name that represents your pet's qualities.

To assist you, we have compiled a list of cool female and male cat names that may help you to find the perfect German name for your pet.

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Most Popular German Cats Names

Whether you are German or you love the country, German cat names can be a great choice for your pet.

1. Albers (M) meaning "the son of Albert". A great name for cats after, Hans Albers, the German actor.

2. Arnold (M)(German, Dutch, and English origin) meaning "eagle power."

3. Bach (M) meaning "lives by the stream."

4. Bruno (M) meaning "brown one."

5. Claus (M) meaning "victory of the people." This is a very old name used by owners for their pets. This is also the surname for Santa.

6. Dirk (M)(Dutch and Low German origin) meaning "famous ruler."

7. Franz (M) meaning "free." Franz Kafka was a famous author.

8. Gunther (M) meaning "war army." Gunther is a character from the famous TV series, 'Friends.'

9. Hans (M)(Dutch, German, and Danish origin) meaning "God is gracious."

10. Katze (M/F) meaning "cat". This is a Germanic surname.

11. Liebling (F) meaning "darling." This German name is a famous ornamental name.

12. Maus (M) meaning "mouse". A famous Graphic novel about the holocaust was titled, Maus.

13. Mauser (M) meaning "catcher of mice." A very fitting name for a cat.

14. Mozart (M) meaning "marsh". Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian music prodigy and you can use one of the names or a combination of his name as your cat's name.

15. Otto (M) meaning "wealth." It is a surname used by many people.

16. Rolf (M/F) meaning "famous wolf." It is a Germanic surname. Derived from Hrolf.

17. Siegfried (M/F) meaning "victorious and peace."

Traditional Female German Cat Names

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There are many fantastic traditional German cat names, which make for wonderful female cat names.

18. Brunhilde meaning "dark or noble."

19. Frau orFraulein meaning "Mrs. And misses, respectively."

20. Frieda meaning "peace rule." It is a good feminine name.

21. Gretchen meaning "a pearl." This female cat's name is famous for a character in 'Goethe's Faust'.

22. Greta meaning "a pearl." Greta Thunberg is a teenage environmental activist.

23. Heidi meaning "of noble kin." This female cat name became famous for the Swiss children's book, 'Heidi'.

24. Helga (Scandinavia-German origin) meaning "holy."

25. Hilda (Nordic-German origin) meaning "battle." This name was quite popular in the Middle Ages.

26. Liesel meaning "God is my oath." This is an unusual name of Elizabeth.

27. Lisa  (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is abundance". Gina-Lisa Lohfink is a famous German singer and model.

28. Lola (Spanish and German origin) meaning "sorrows."

29. Marta meaning "lady." Derived from Martha.

30. Truus meaning "a hardy spear". A great German name for a strong female cat.

31. Zelda meaning "grey warrior."

German Cat Names Based On Location

Germany is a beautiful country,  so why not name your cat after the many beautiful German locations?

32. Berlin (M/F) meaning "river rake". This is a famous male cat name.

33. Branden (M/F), derived from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

34. Cologne (M/F) meaning "a type of perfume." From Cologne in Germany.

35. Duisburg (M/F) meaning "fortified place in the floodplain." A city in West Germany.

36. Dusseldorf (M) meaning "village." It is considered as an international business and financial center.

37. Frankfurt (M) meaning "ford of the Franks." It is a famous place in Germany where people can cross the river with one footstep.

38. Hamburg (M) meaning "fortified town."

39. Hamm (M) meaning "a patch of flat land running beside a stream."

40. Kassel (M) meaning "fortification."

41. Munich (M/F) meaning  "by the monks’ place." It is a city in Germany.

42. Munster (M/F) meaning "the monastery."

43. Rhine (F) meaning "to run, flow" It is also a popular surname of German people. Rhine river flows through Germany.

Male German Cat Names

Male cat names in German are often distinct and strong. Below are listed a few which may be perfect for your kitty.

44. Alonso (Spanish and Germanic origin) meaning "Galician-Portuguese variant of Adalfuns."

45. Andreas meaning "brave."

46. Boris (First Bulgarian Empire origin) combines many words like bori meaning "wolf" and bogor means "short," and bars that mean "leopard." This cat name is very popular in Germany.

47. Cäsar (Ceasar) (Spanish and Italian origin) meaning "thick head of hair." It is the Latin variant of German, Kaiser.

48. Carl meaning "free man". One of the humanizing German names for cats.

49. Ernst meaning "to combat".

50. Friedrich meaning "ruler". A traditional cat name similar to many old German personalities like Friedrich Nietzsche.  

51. Gustav meaning "goth staff". A very common German name.

52. Heinrich meaning "power of home". A great cat name for your cat who has the power to keep you at home.

53. Hubert meaning "bright mind".  One of the popular German names that your cat may like.

54. Oskar meaning "a friend of a deer". One of the unique German names for pets.

55. Wilhelm (Germany origin) meaning "a protector". One of the strong German names for cats.

Cute Cat Names

'Small White and Tabby Cat Sitting on a Windowsill.

German names can be used for both female and male cats. These cat names below are cute, and many are gender-neutral.

56. Adler (M/F) meaning "eagle".

57. Bernhard (M) meaning "bear". This bear-like name is also associated with 'The Office' character, Andrew Bernard.

58. Bertolt (M) meaning "bright ruler" from Bertolt Brecht, a playwright.

59. Buttermilk (M/F) meaning "the cultured milk". Derived from German Buttermilch.

60. Brahms (M). Derived from the Hebrew name, Abraham, and could be a great cat name, inspired by composer, Johannes Brahms.

61. Deutsch (M) meaning "German". This is a popular German surname.

62. Engel (M/F) meaning angel. A lovely cat name for a female cat.

63. Max (M) meaning "the greatest". It is a very common name in German and a great name for a cat.

64. Miezekatze (M/F) meaning "pussycat". It is a sweet German name for a cat.

65. Moritz (M) meaning "dark". A great name for a male cat.

66. Sauerkraut (M/F) meaning "a German dish of fermented cabbage". An unusual, cool cat name.

67. Schatz (M/F) meaning "treasure." This term of endearment is popular with older generation married couples and lovers but can also be used for children.

68. Schnitzel (M/F) meaning "a German meat dish." Schnitzel sounds like a cool cat name.

69. Schnucki (M/F) meaning "a cute sounding word". It is the term by which Germans call the people they love.

70. Stubentiger (M/F) meaning "living room tiger". This is what German people often call cats in Germany.

71. Traude (F) meaning "spear".  A very cute German cat name for your female cat.

Awesome Names For Cats

There are many popular cat's names with fascinating meanings that are common all over the world. See some of our favorites below.

72. Albrecht (M) meaning "noble". One of the unique names for cats from German Renaissance painter, Albrecht Dürer.

73. Almond (M), derived from German Allman, meaning "providing protection". It is an oval-shaped edible nut that grows in a woody shell. 

74. Andrea (F) meaning "manly,"  "masculine", or "brave". One of the cool cat names.

75. Axel (M)(French, German, Scandinavian, and Dutch origin) meaning "my father is peace".

76. Barchen (M/F) meaning "bear-like". Used as an endearment.

77. Eckerd (M) meaning "sacred".

78. Eginhard (M) referring to the "hard edge of sword".

79. Engelbertina (F) meaning "bright angel".

80. Fidelio (M)(Italian origin) meaning "faithful". This name is famous in Germany because of Beethoven's opera.

81. Fred (M) meaning "peaceful ruler".

82. Freud (M), from the Father of Psychoanalysis, Freud.

83. Gerald (M) meaning "the spear's rule". The feminine form of this name is Geraldine.

84. Goethe (M) meaning "godfather". Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a famous German author.

85. Gottfried (M) meaning "good God". It is often shortened to Götz and can be a great cat name.

86. Grimm (M/F) meaning "serious". A name from the Brothers Grimm, the authors of several famous fairy tales. A good German name for a serious-looking female cat or male cat.

87. Hansel (M) meaning "God is gracious". This name is usually given by parents to boys.

88. Harman (M) meaning "army".

89. Hesse (M) meaning "doubtless".

90. Johann (M) meaning "God is merciful".

91. Kaiser (M) meaning "leader".

92. Kessler (M) meaning "living in a basin of a valley".

93. Ludwig (M) meaning "famous".

94. Mausebar (M/F) meaning "mouse bear".

95. Müller (F) meaning "miller".

96. Rüdiger (M) meaning "fame". Derived from Roger.

97. Wolfgang (M) meaning "wolf way". It is a popular male name in Germany and Austria.

98. Wunderbar (M/F) meaning "wonderful".

99. Wurzel (M) meaning "root vegetable".

100. Zucker (M/F) meaning "sugar". A very cute name for a kitten.

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