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Originally Published on Nov 25, 2020
Set of dice playing dungeons and dragons.

The Hag appears in the second dungeon of the fantasy game 'Dungeons And Dragons'.

Hags are meant to embody everything that is ugly about a person, inside and out. They are horrible witch characters that have evil intentions in the game.

If you are looking for Hag names to use in the game yourself, we have some great ideas here for you. Hag names need to be as powerful and mysterious, just like the Hag characters are.

You might also want to consider the different types of Hag, there is the Night Hag, Annis Hags who have dark blue hair, Dusk Hags who have grey hair and Green Hags who have tangled green hair.

Night Hags have open sores on their skin and wiry black hair. We have split the names on this list into different categories depending on the type of Hag creatures that they are for.

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The Best Hag Names

Whether you are looking for a name for a Night Hag, a Sea Hag or a Dusk Hag, there are loads of ideas within this list.

Within the realms of this game, creatures are only as scary as their names, so choose a name that’s scary and mighty and watch how other players tremble in fear and uncertainty. Here are some of the best names for hags that you may want to use for these creatures that would make them appear scary and fearful.

For Night Hags, Sea Hags and more, the best name to use for your character might be on this list.

1. Adrienne (French origin) meaning “dark lady from the sea”.

2. Amaya (French or Spanish origin) meaning “deadly night rain”.

3. Beowulf (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning “war wolf”.

4. Brenna (Gaelic origin) meaning “black-haired” or “raven”.

5. Carmilla (Hebrew origin) meaning “a ghostly garden”.

6. Charybdis (Greek origin) meaning “a deadly and life-threatening whirlpool”.

7. Chupacabra (Spanish origin) meaning “sucker of life”.

8. Dybbuk (Hebrew origin) meaning “the act of sticking”.

9. Grendel (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning “creature of darkness” or “destroyer of humans”.

10. Hodag (American origin) meaning “a spiny and fearsome critter”.

11. Medusa (Greek origin) meaning “the cunning one”.

12. Melanie (Greek origin) meaning “darkness”.

13. Nix (Greek origin) meaning “a dark and scary night”.

14. Pasiphae (Greek origin) meaning “evil wide-shining”.

15. Sasquatch (American origin) meaning “a hairy monstrous being”.

16. Scylla (Greek origin) meaning “the ugly and powerful sea monster”.

17. Shori (Japanese origin) meaning “evil triumph”.

18. Snallygaster (American or German origin) meaning “quick ghost”.

19. Werewolf (Old English origin) meaning "hybrid wolf monster”.

20. Wyvern (Latin origin) meaning “a deadly and poisonous viper”.

Sea Hag Names

Wondering what could you possibly name a Sea Hag? When you are looking to find a name for a Sea Hag, it’s a good idea to pick up on traits of the sea or deadly waters.

You could also look at names that relate to rain. These elements often go very well together to create names for deadly Sea Hags. Why not use one of these names to your Sea Hag character and watch how other players fear them?

21. Adad (Greek origin) meaning “a deadly storm”.

22. Amaris (Hebrew origin) meaning “the one who is the child of the night moon”.

23. Bronte (Greek origin) meaning “the sound of the night thunder”.

24. Cordelia (Welsh origin) meaning “the children of the sea” or “the daughter of the sea”.

25. Marcelline (French origin) meaning “defender of the sea”.

26. Morgana (Welsh origin) meaning “from the dark and scary shores of the sea”.

27. Shui (Chinese origin) meaning “she who comes from the deep dark sea”.

28. Tempest (English origin) meaning “stormy” or “turbulent”.

29. Trista (American origin) meaning “old sorrow”.

30. Zelda (Old German origin) meaning “dark battle”.

Night Hag Names

Night Hags are one of the most powerful monsters living in the game of 'Dungeons And Dragons'. These Night Hags have long black hair and are covered with all sorts of blisters and wounds on their skin.

When looking for a name for a Night Hag, it may make sense to name them something that showcases their night personality. This kind of monster makes for a scary one so it needs a scary name to match its scary looks.

Here is a list of the best Night Hag names for your Night Hag character. Any of these names would suit your Night Hags characters.

31. Desdemona (Greek origin) meaning “misery”.

32. Fala (Native American origin) meaning “the night crow”.

33. Hesperia (Greek origin) meaning “the evening star”, this night themed name is great to use for Night Hags.

34. Ianira (Old Greek origin) meaning “the night time enchantress”.

35. Laila (Arabic origin) meaning “beauty of the night” or “daughter of the night”.

36. Lisha (English origin) meaning “the darkness before midnight”.

37. Nerisa (Italian origin) meaning “dark-haired”.

38. Raven (Old English origin) meaning “the dark night bird”, this is another night themed name that is great to use for Night Hags.

39. Samara (Hebrew or Arabic origin) meaning “the night time talk”.

40. Vespera (Latin origin) meaning “the star of the night” or “the star of the evening”.

Dusk Hag Names

Apart from Night Hags and Sea Hags, you might also want to look at Dusk Hag names.

They are often forgotten about as they are not considered as scary as the other Hag characters within the game.

But with terrible grey hair and filthy skin, these Dusk Hags are a true terror to behold in the game of Dungeons and Dragons, and if you don’t see them as scary yet, you will once you use these great Dusk Hag names for them.

Here are the best Dusk Hag names you can use for your characters.

41. Abnus (Persian origin) meaning “ wood”.

42. Ardesia (Italian origin) meaning “slate grey”.

43. Arrats (French or Spanish origin) meaning “dusk”.

44. Brangwen (Welsh origin) meaning “dark”.

45. Chiara (Irish origin) meaning “a scary darkness”.

46. Galucio (Greek origin) meaning “bluish-grey”.

47. Jemisha (Sanskrit origin) meaning “Queen of darkness”.

48. Kakarauri (Maori origin) meaning “dusky darkness”.

49. Narine (Greek origin) meaning “dark”.

50. Neesha (Sanskrit origin), meaning "darkness, night".

51. Willow (Old English origin) meaning “grey”.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Hag names, then why not see if you can find more great names in these lists of Tiefling names and Tabaxi names for more gaming name inspiration.

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