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Coming up with your personal character names is never an easy job.

We have taken the burden off you by curating a list with incredible and unique names that will suit your characters. These names are badass and are exactly what you need to complete the creative process.

Yuan-ti are serpent like creatures that are descendants of humans. Their leader taught them how to combine their flesh with that of a snake, using dark magic. The yuan-ti pureblood is the most humane looking out of all three species. The yuan-ti pureblood serve as spies and foreign diplomats in other regions.

They are limited in their ability to increase and the amount of sorcery they can perform. Yuan-ti halfblood are hybrids with a human-like head and arms, but still having a snake body. They are mainly soldiers and most of their fighting powers are magical.

Since they are more snake-like, their powers are not as limited as the yuan-ti pureblood. Yuan-ti abomination is on the extreme being total snakes. They are the most powerful since they are undiluted and are usually elders and prophets.

Yuan-ti pureblood have weights and height similar to a human and can easily fit in with other races. The yuan-ti are seen as an outcast because of their abominable nature.

They will be easily spotted amongst humans, and hence the need for a human-like creature for diplomacy. The pureblood is often clothed because they are the most human-like, while the other species do not bother with clothes.

People found our lizard names article helpful, and for more inspiration, you can check out Githerzai names. These articles are compiled to give you the best names for your characters.

To find more names, you can make use of a name generator; although, these names may not have the desired meanings that will give more life to your characters. Without any more delays, let's find out some really great yuan-ti pureblood names for your characters.

Yuan-ti Names For Girls

The dungeons and dragons yuan-ti are one of the main characters. Most females are pureblood and serve as infiltrators in other communities.

Some of their traits include either scaly skin, forked tongue, or snake eyes. They are on average smarter than most humans but not as smart as the half-blooded. Here are cool names for your female characters that will complete your work of art.

1. Ashissa (Arabic origin) means "alive," given to a beautiful female.

2. Caress (English origin) a topographical name for a place near a marsh.

3. Daïsha (Arabic origin) meaning "she who lives," a name given to a survivor.

4. Deryssa (English origin) means "give pleasure," a name given to a  highly coveted female.

5. Ibisis (Latin origin) meaning "long-legged bird," a name inspired by a long legged-bird such as a flamingo.

6. Ivaniss (Greek origin) means "God is gracious" derived from the name Ivan.

7. Lalassu a name given to a strong female yuan-ti.

8. Nassirah (Arabic origin) meaning "helper" or "friend," for a female who is a helper.

9. Nessa (Greek origin) means "butterfly," "pure," or "holy" derived from the name Agnes.

10. Nysia (Hebrew origin) means "strong woman," given to a very strong female.

11. Pyrrha (Greek origin) meaning "red fire" or "flame-colored" refers to a red-colored female yuan-ti.

12. Saaveed (English origin) refers to when someone has been rescued.

13. Sadai (Hebrew origin) meaning "God who suffices" or "God who provides".

14. Salah (Arabic origin) meaning "peace," "righteousness," or "goodness".

15. Shallia (English origin) means "daughter of the hill".

16. Suehra a name given to a fighter.

17. Thassia (Hebrew origin) meaning "determination," for a female that is resolute and determined.

18. Veeshis (Sanskrit origin) means "helpful" or "gift from God," for a female who is seen as a blessing.

19. Ydriss (Arabic origin) meaning "righteous" derived from the name Idris.

20. Zivlil given to a caring and nurturing yuan-ti female.

Yuan-ti Names For Boys

Dungeons and Dragons game characters

Male yuan-ti are most often soldiers. Males are often yuan-ti broodguard or serve in a similar capacity.

A yuan-ti pitmaster is either a halfblood male or an abomination. The yuan-ti barbarian is also a halfblood than a pureblood because have more powers and are closer to their snake ancestors.

Male yuan-ti are generally strong and confident in their abilities, they possess greater senses. Abominations are also mostly males and are elders and prophets. These are roles that are not usually open to females, as they serve in other capacities.

The males are saddled with weapons most times, and the half-bloods have them in slings around their bodies. You character compilation is never complete without male characters and their names must be right as well.

You will need a strong name to go with these characters, and we have made that possible for you. Here are some strong names for your characters.

21. Akris a strong yuan-ti male who is a warrior.

22. Athanos (Greek origin) meaning "immortal," for a fearless male.

23. Daziss (English origin) meaning "a caring person," given to a healer or one with healing powers.

24. Ischyros (Greek origin) meaning "strong," mostly given to fighters or strong military commanders.

25. Kress (German origin) meaning "a type of fish," common among the males.

26. Mariss (Latin origin) meaning "of the sea," usually given to half-bloods or abominations, in reference to water serpents,

27. Oshphim the origin and the meaning is unknown, but it is given to a warrior male.

28. Salethar there is no known origin or meaning, but it refers to a salesman who sells snake oil and was born as a yuan-ti.

29. Sarek (Unkown origin) the meaning is not quite clear either, but it is perfect for a noble yuan-ti.

30. Selanu (Hebrew origin) means "ours," given to a friendly and easy to approach fellow.

31. Sellak (Unknown origin) but it is used as a habitual name for a person who dwells in a certain area.

32. Shanastar (Hebrew origin) means "beautiful star".

33. Shiraal (Unknown origin) given to a yuan-ti of high status.

34. Silass (Latin origin) meaning "man of the first," given to the first male of a household.

35. Thaxos (Greek origin) there is no clear meaning, but it refers to the capital a Greek city.

36. Tithian (Unknown origin) referring to an outsider.

37. Xamres (Unknown origin) can be given to a high ranking official in the military.

38. Xutan (Vietnamese origin) means "spring" the season.

39. Zorai (Slavic origin) meaning "dawn," can refer to the beginning of a new hope through the individual.

40. Zureth (Unkown origin) but it is suitable for a strong fighter.

Gender Neutral Yuan-ti Names

Hand over board game.

You can never go wrong with a gender-neutral name when searching for the ideal character name. These names never go out of style and are perfectly suitable for any role or character.

Did you know: a yuan-ti pathfinder is most often an abomination because of their higher senses. They are a great addition to your masterpiece of a campaign and any of the names on this list will be perfect for your character. Dig in and find the right names for your characters.

41. Hilshu (Unkown origin) but can be given to a young prospective soldier.

42. Ikhi (Russian origin) meaning "wind that scatters dust," can be given to a spy or an infiltrator.

43. Itszi (Unkown origin) can be given to an easy-going individual.

44. Osti (German origin) refers to the east side of the country on the other end of the great wall.

45. Shaszu (English origin) meaning "to praise God".

46. Shestus (English origin) means "who is like God".

47. Sshaskoasu (Hebrew origin) meaning "plain," given to an individual who is not easily noticed, and is perfect for a spy.

48. Yuhtluyil (Greek origin) means "to know something," given to a knowledgable individual.

49. Zsazhizhis (English origin) meaning "to fasten".

50. Zuskollass (Unknown origin) but can be given to a noble warrior.

We hope this article helped in your search! Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Yuan-Ti Names then why not take a look at Dragonborn names, or for something different take a look at clan names.

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