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The Tiefling names are given to the fictional humanoid race.

Found in the Players Handbook, their roots are traced back to the human lineage. The race of each character is determined by the culture and naming convention.

Distinctive naming conventions are carried by many Tiefling races, based on the home region or their culture. Tieflings lack a shared culture, as they are mostly an offshoot of another race that comes into being as a choice. As a result, no cultural norms are followed to select a specific name for a Tiefling character.

In the case of some Tiefling families, a human surname is maintained from one generation to another. Thus, a Tiefling born into a specific family might choose to keep the traditions and name common with their ancestors from their Tiefling character. It is prudent to note here that Tieflings adopt names that are derived from the infernal language reflecting their devilish and fiendish heritage. This encompasses adopting the surname of their demon kin. Young Tieflings tend to move away from the infernal and family names and prefer going for virtue names. These virtue names reflect what a Tieflings uphold.

The Tieflings are a rouge race that is named after their strong qualities and virtues. They can actually be a variety of skin colors, but the most prominent color is fiery red in some races. Some popular examples of Tieflings in various hues of red are Imp, Pit Fiend, Moloch, and Chain Devil. They are a sinister, but a highly intellectual race that gets their Tiefling names because of their strong behavioral and emotional qualities.  

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Some Popular Tiefling Surnames

Usually, Tiefling races adopt names sourced from the infernal language reflecting their fiendish heritage. They can carry surnames adopted from their demon kin's name. They can even make use of a first name that is adapted from the infernal language. A choice of male and female Tiefling names can be chosen using it. Here we share with you the last names of Tieflings, along with their meanings, added to the first names.

1.Bram- An amalgamation of Fresh and Faith, it is a name closer to a name given to the humans.

2.Brightwater- It is a mix of Expert and Delight.

3.Graylock-It is a blend of Pheki and Ekmus. It is a popular Tieflings surname in the search.

4.Griswold- The mix of Nethfaris and  Aetrut comes up with this Tiefling surname.

5.Markolak- This name is a mix of Phexibis and Caszer.

6.Mubarak- It also finds a place in top search and is a blend of Carrion and Bright.

7.Oyal- It is one of the top Tiefling surnames in the character which is made up of Frimaea and Andros.

8.Pekkan-This is an amalgamation of male and female names.  The female agate and male name adventure make this surname.

9.Rockharvest-This name has come from Panic and Expertise and many Tieflings share the name.

10.Vadu- It finds its place on the generator site and is a mix of Aranrus and Iniseis.  

Tiefling Surnames Related To Virtues

last names that are tiefling

The names of a feral and ferocious bloodline of a sinister race, which are the popular characters of the game named Dungeons and Dragons, are referred to as Tielfings virtue names.  Some of the popular Tiefling virtue names are:

11. Abandon - (Latin origin) meaning "to leave something or someone".

12. Assurance - (English origin) meaning "a promise or confidence".

13. Balance - (Latin origin) meaning "two things of equal importance or size".

14. Beauty - (Latin origin) meaning "a look that offers pleasure to eyes".

15. Chance - (English origin) meaning "a chance".

16. Dawn - (English origin) meaning "early morning".

17. Death - (German origin) meaning "end of life".

18. Ecstacy - (German origin) meaning "feeling very happy".

19. Farewell - (English origin) meaning "bid goodbye".

20. Integrity - (English origin) meaning "following moral principles".

Male Tiefling Names Inspired By Myths And Legends

These are all mythical characters and the names given to them are even based on some virtue or emotion that is found in them in abundance. These names help the characters find their life purpose in the world.

21. Akemnos - "common Tiefling races name".

22. Amnon - (Hebrew origin) meaning "faithful".

23. Barakas - (Islamin origin) meaning "blessing power".

24. Ekemon - It is one of the enclave of Tiefling.

25. Iados - (Tiefling origin) is name of "warrior in Tiefling".

26. Leucis - (English origin) meaning "reduced pigmentation".

27. Mordai - (Jews origin) taken from "name of sister of Esther"

28. Morthos - (Tiefling origin) meaning "adamant believer of luck".

29. Pelaios - random name meaning "true knight".

30. Skamos - Tiefling male name with fascinating origin.

Female Tiefling Names Inspired By Myths And Legends

Female Tieflings can have different last names. Here are some:

31. Anakis - (Japanese origin) meaning "idealistic, determination, and innovation".

32. Akta - (Sanskrit origin) meaning "night".

33. Bryseis - (Greek origin) meaning "beautiful princess".

34. Criella- a Tiefling Druid in knight_of_nothing.

35. Damaia - random name with Potugal origin.

36. Kallista - (Greek origin) meaning "most beautiful".

37. Lerissa - (Greek origin) meaning "citadel".

38. Orianna - (Latin origin) meaning "gold".

39. Rieta - (Spanish origin) meaning "pearl".

40. Taran - a fictional character from "The Chronicles".

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