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100 Beautiful Names That Mean Peace For Boys And Girls

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What comes to mind when you think of the word peace?

In English, peace translates to 'a state of harmony'- pretty poetic! Whether it evokes feelings of calm or just '...and quiet' we all have our own way of feeling peaceful, calm and relaxed, and when it comes to choosing baby names it would also be nice to feel that way as they are a miracle and blessing, so their name should reflect that, too.

World peace, peace and love, the word peace can make you think of some lovely imagery, and maybe even inspire you to choose some 1960s hippie names. Luckily there are plenty of really beautiful baby names out there from all over the world, so if you are looking for a super unique name related to tranquillity and calm, then we have some wonderful options for you to choose from.

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Peace-Loving Gender Neutral Names Meaning Peace

1) An (Chinese Origin) A sweet and simple name meaning 'peace', perfect for your new baby.

2) Axel (Scandinavian Origin) Meaning 'Father of Peace', this name can also be spelt 'Axl' for a rock n roll vibe - see 'Axl Rose'.

3) Bem (African Origin) A cute and cool name for any gender.

4) Cheydan (Afghan Origin) This name means 'peaceful and patient' and could be shortened to 'Che'.

5) Dove (English Origin) The dove is universally seen as a symbol of peace, first used as a name in the seventeenth century.

6) Freddie (Many Origins) A shortened version of many names beginning with 'Fred', generally meaning 'peace', 'peaceful leader' and other variations of this.

7) Galen (Greek Origin) Meaning 'calm', 'peaceful' and 'healer', this name was popular in the 1940s and is still a lovely gentle name for today too.

8) Irie (Jamaican Origin) Taken from the Rastafarian use of Irie, meaning 'positive and powerful'.

9) Jaylen (Greek Origin) A derivative of 'Galen', this name means 'tranquil healer'.

10) Kazumi (Japanese Origin) Meaning 'beautiful peace' this is a lovely tranquil name.

11) Levi (Hebrew Origin) Meaning 'joined in harmony'.

12) Maluhia (Hawaiian Origin) This name means 'to be at rest, and enjoy peace'.

13) Milo (German Origin) Meaning 'mild, peaceful and calm'.

14) Noe (Spanish Origin) Meaning 'rest and peace'.

15) Pax (Latin Origin) Latin for 'peace' and also the name of the Roman Goddess of Peace.

16) Paxton (Latin and English Origin) This name means 'peace town'.

17) Paz (Hebrew and Spanish Origin) Meaning 'gold' and 'peace' this is an edgy yet cute name.

18) Peace (English Origin) With so many variations of baby names that mean peace on our list, here is the on-the-nose English speaking version, we think it makes a gorgeous name, and would also be a lovely message bearing middle name.

19) Salem (Arabic Origin) Meaning 'safe', Salem shows up as a place in the bible, believed to be the same as Jerusalem.

20) Salim (Arabic Origin) Simply an alternate spelling to Salem, above.

21) Shalom (Hebrew Origin) Used for both hello and goodbye, Shalom also means 'peace, wholeness, prosperity, tranquillity and harmony'.

22) Shanti (Sanskrit Origin) Meaning 'tranquillity, peace and quiet' this is a name with a calm and musical feel.

23) Shiloh (Hebrew Origin) Meaning both 'peaceful and tranquil' a perfect unisex name.

24) Tully (Irish Origin) Meaning 'flood, peaceful or hill' quite the combination, it all depends on the spelling and some ancient Irish history.

25) Yasu (Japanese Origin) Meaning 'calm'.

26) Xola (African Origin) Pronounced 'Zoh-luh', this name means 'stay in peace'.


Serene Names For Girls That Mean Peace

27) Airini (Maori Origin) From the Greek Eirene, the Goddess of Peace. Airini Donnelly was a nineteenth century Maori rights activist, a peaceful but strong name with a legacy.

28) Akudo (Igbo-Nigerian Origin) From the Igbo word 'Udo', this name means 'peaceful wealth'.

29) Alafia (Nigerian Origin) A beautiful Yoruban name meaning simply 'peace'.

30) Alanna (Gaelic Origin) Meaning 'serenity'.

31) Aquene (Native American Origin) Evoking the image of water, a calm and serene sounding name for a little girl.

32) Eir (Norse Origin) Meaning 'peacefulness and mercy', an ethereal, simple name.

33) Eirene (Greek Origin) The Greek Goddess of Peace,  this original spelling of Irene is lovely and unique.

34) Erin (Irish Origin) A short and sweet peaceful name.

35) Federica (Italian Origin) A pretty and strong baby name, meaning 'peaceful ruler'.

36) Frederique (French Origin) A feminine take on the German 'Frederick'.

37) Frida (German Origin) Meaning 'peaceful', also the name of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

38) Inga (Scandinavian Origin)  Meaning 'Ing's protection' or 'protected by Ing'. Ing was the name of the Norse god of peace and fertility.

39) Iria (Portuguese Origin) Iria is thought to be the Portuguese take on 'Irene', associated with the Greek Goddess of Peace 'Eirene'.

40) Irina (Russian Origin) The Russian version of 'Irene/Eirene'.

41) Kazuko (Japanese Origin) Meaning 'child of peace', this is a beautiful baby name, although names ending in 'ko' are  believed to be quite old fashioned sounding in Japan, we think that means they could be considered classics.

42) Malu (Hawaiian Origin) This name has a surfer cool sound, evoking images of a peaceful place with crashing waves.

43) Mira (Arabic, Latin, Slavic, Sanskrit and Spanish Origin) A beautiful name with many potential origins, Mira is a popular name across many cultures.

44) Mirela (Slavic Origin) Meaning 'peace, world' this is another great option for your baby girl.

45) Mirembe (Ugandan Origin) Meaning 'woman of peace', this name is derived from the word 'Emirembe' meaning 'peace, quiet' in the Luganda language, and is pronounced 'Mill-em-beh'.

46) Miroslava (Slavic Origin) The feminine version of 'Miroslav', you could use 'Miro' as a sweet nickname.

47) Olive (English and Latin Origin) Taken from the Latin 'Oliva' as in the olive tree, the olive branch is a well known symbol of peace.

48) Olivia (Latin Origin) With the same meanings as Olive- Olivia was popularised in the 13th century by Shakespeare himself, and doesn't seem to have lapsed in popularity since.

49) Paccia (Latin Origin) Pronounced 'Pach-ee-a', this name is more often heard as a surname, however along with many 'ia' ending girl names, we think it sounds lovely.

50) Paloma (Spanish Origin) Meaning 'dove', Paloma is a vibrant and striking name for your baby girl.

51) Sakina (Arabic Origin) From the Arabic word Sakun, the word Sakini means 'a sense of serenity'.

52) Salome (Hebrew Origin) Salome has shown up many times throughout history,  out of all our girl names that mean peace, this holds exceptionally strong feminine energy.

53) Serena (Latin Origin) Meaning 'tranquil and serene', and of course linked to the brilliant Serena Williams.

54) Serenity (Latin Origin) Another name with peaceful meaning, but this time with a sci-fi twist as the name of the spaceship in Joss Whedon's 'Firefly'.

55) Shanta (Indian Origin) This pretty sounding name means 'serenity and calm'.

56) Shula (Hebrew Origin) A shortened version of the more formal 'Shulamit', both meaning 'peace'.

57) Sula (Hebrew, Scandinavian and Latin Origin) Out of all our baby names meaning 'peace', Sula has the sweetest meaning- 'peace, little she-bear'. 'Sula Peace' is the name Toni Morrison chose for the main character of her novel- 'Sula'.

58) Tullia (Irish Origin) A pretty and lyrical Irish name.

59) Wilfreda (English Origin) Meaning 'purposeful peace'.

60) Winifred (Welsh Origin) Meaning 'blessed peacemaking'.

61) Zuelia (Arabic and Persian Origin) Meaning 'bright, pretty, brilliant and peace'.

62) Zulema (Hebrew Origin) Another of our Hebrew baby names that mean 'peace', Zulema has a very distinct and unique sound.

A newborn baby peacefully sleeping in the arms of it's parents

Tranquil Boys Names That Mean Peace

63) Aang (Chinese Origin) A fictional name meaning 'peaceful soaring'.

64) Aarav (Hindi Origin) A Hindi name meaning 'peaceful', also associated with wisdom.

65) Aaru (Egyptian Mythological Origin) Meaning 'peaceful', Aaru is a cool and mythical name.

66) Absalom (Hebrew Origin) 'Father of Peace'.

67) Baris (Turkish Origin) This name simply means 'peace'.

68) Bohumir (Czech Origin) Meaning 'peaceful world'.

69) Callum (Scottish Origin) Meaning 'dove', symbolising peace and purity.

70) Fedde (Frision Origin) Popular in The Netherlands, this is a nickname for names starting with 'Frid'.

71) Frederick (Teutonic, German Origin) Another of our baby names depicting a 'peaceful ruler'.

72) Giotto (Italion Origin) Meaning 'pledge of peace', Giotto di Bondone was a great Florentine architect and painter- and also a key figure in the Italian Renaissance.

73) Godfrey (German Origin) Derivative of the name 'Godafrid' which means 'peace of God'. A little medieval but certainly unique.

74) Heddwyn (Welsh Origin) Meaning 'holy peace'.

75) Humphrey (German Origin) Made famous by the Old Hollywood film star Humphrey Bogart, this name means 'peaceful warrior', peaceful with a touch of glamour.

76) Irenaeus  (Greek Origin) This name meaning 'peace' is thought to be the masculine version of Eirene or Irene.

77) Jonah (Hebrew Origin) A popular biblical name that means 'dove' in Hebrew.

78) Kazuki (Japanese Origin) A cool sounding baby name, meaning 'hope of peace'.

79) Luam (African Origin) This name means 'peaceful and calm'.

80) Manfred (German Origin) Meaning quite literally 'man of peace', this is a serious sounding name but could easily be shortened to Manny, Fred, or Freddie if you wanted something a little more informal day to day.

81) Miran (Slavic Origin) The masculine version of 'Mira', Miran is derived from the word 'mir', meaning 'peace'.

82) Mircea (Romanian Origin) A popular Romanian name, Mircea was a medieval ruler believed to bring peace to the region of Wallachia.

83) Miro (Slavic Origin) Meaning 'peace, world', Miro could be used as a nickname of Miroslav, another of our boy names that mean peace, but also makes a great name on its own.

84) Miroslav (Slavic Origin) Meaning  'glory and peace' this is an ancient name that has never really waned in popularity among Slavic-speaking families.

85) Oliver (Latin Origin) From the olive tree, an ever-popular boys name, the masculine version of 'Olivia' and 'Olive'.

86) Paciano (Spanish Origin) A popular Spanish boys name meaning 'peace'.

87) Placido (Italian and Spanish Origin) Translating to 'serene'.

88) Pazel (Hebrew and Spanish Origin) A longer spelling of 'Paz' above, this name also has peaceful origins.

89) Saladin (Arabic Origin) This name translates to 'peace through faith'.

90) Salah (Arabic Origin) A shortened version of Saladin, above.

91) Sheehan (Irish Origin) This name comes from the Irish word for 'peace' which is 'síocháin', and is pronounced 'shee-an'.

92) Shlomo (Hebrew Origin) Very rarely heard outside of the Jewish community, this name means 'his peace' in Yiddish, could be a lovely nod to Jewish heritage.

93) Siegfried (German Origin) Representing 'victorious peace', this is a strong name full of character.

94) Solomon (Hebrew Origin) This name holds a lot of wisdom, and has been immortalised in many novels, by authors such as Toni Morrison and Charlies Dickens just to name a couple.

95) Stellan (Swedish Origin) Meaning 'calm', this is a cool Scandi sounding name.

96) Udo (Germanic and Igbo Origin) This is a short and snappy name with a lot of personality.

97) Udoka (Igbo Nigerian Origin) Meaning 'peace is great', this name is derived from 'Udo', above.

98) Wilfred (English Origin) A traditional English name, back on trend in a big way.

100) Zalman (Hebrew Origin) The Yiddish version of 'Solomon'.

101) Zuma (Arabic Origin) A peaceful name with edge, thanks partly to Gwen Stefani choosing it for her son.

If you enjoyed reading this, why not check out our best 70 peaceful names meaning kind and top 40 names that mean patience? These are qualities that every parent instills in their baby and for good reason.

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