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80 Best Baseball Baby Names

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Naming the little one can be a tricky job, especially when you are a sports fan and want the best baby name related to sports.

How about athletic boy names or sportsperson-inspired girl names? Since we all love baseball, why not choose from baseball-inspired baby names as a trendy choice for your baby!

Baseball is a famous sport played by two teams against each other in the pitch. This is a cherished American bat-and-ball game. It is even known as a 'National Pastime'  in the eastern United States. Babe Ruth is an MVP in American professional baseball from New York, who carries a catchy name too. Many other professional baseball players, namely Barry Bonds, Ted Williams, Walter Johnson, and Willie Mays have inspired baby names for years. We've crafted a list of 80 such baseball-inspired baby names for girls and boys.

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Popular Girl Baseball Names

Want a sporty name for your little daughter? Here's a list of cute baseball-inspired baby girl names.

1.Alice (French Origin) meaning 'noble'. Alice Pollitt from the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was a famous player.

2.Annie (Hebrew, French Origin) meaning 'beautiful, grace'. A term used by the baseball players to call out their group or homies.

3.April (Latin Origin) meaning 'to open'. April is the month usually associated with the Baseball game's opening day.

4.Austin (Latin origin) meaning 'great'. Linked to Tyler Austin, a professional baseball player.

5.Carmen (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'vineyard of God'. Carmen Peter Pignatiello is a former baseball relief pitcher.

6.Cindy (Latin, Greek Origin) meaning 'light'. Cindy Howe was the wife of the famous baseball player, Steve Howe.

7.Dizzy (English Origin) meaning 'Confused God' Dizzy Dean is a famous baseball pitcher.

8.Donna (Italian Origin) meaning 'lady of the home'.  Donna Mills is a woman baseball player who competed with the strong United States women's national baseball team.

9.Doris (Greek Origin) meaning 'the sea'. Known for the famous player named Doris Sams.

10.Dorothy (Greek Origin) meaning 'a present from God'. Dorothy Kamenchek was part of the American All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player.

11.Dottie (Greek Origin) meaning 'gift of God'. It was the nickname of Dorothy Kamenchek.

12.Edith (English Origin) meaning 'riches, blessed or war'. Edith Grace Houghton was a professional baseball player.

13.Eleanor (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'god'. Eleanor Callow Squirt was a female left-fielder.  

14.Ila (Indian, Sanskrit Origin) meaning 'earth, speech'. The left-handed pitcher Ila Borders became the second woman to begin a men’s NCAA baseball game.

15.Jean (Greek Origin) meaning 'The Lord is Gracious'. Jean Faut was named an All-Star 4 times in the AAGPBL.

16.Joanne (Latin, Hebrew Origin) meaning 'God is gracious'. Joanne Weaver is a right fielder.

17.Julie (Latin Origin) meaning 'beautiful flower, youthful. Julie Croteau was the first woman to play as a baseman in the men’s NCCA.

18. Lizzie (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'God is abundance'.  Lizzie Murphy is called the "Queen of Baseball".

19.Maud (English, Germanic Origin) meaning 'powerful battler'. This trendy name is taken from Maud Nelson from the Boston Bloomers.

20/Maxine (English Origin) meaning 'greatest'.

21.Melissa (Greek Origin) meaning 'honey'.

22.Narda (Latin Origin) meaning 'fragrance' is an edgy name taken by Narda Quigley from Philadelphia Rocks.

23.Pepper (American Origin) meaning 'spice'. It is the name of an exercise done in a baseball pre-game.

24.Rose (English, French Origin) meaning 'kind, rose flower'. The name is associated with the famous Peter "Pete" Rose who played for the MLB for 20+ years.

25.Sammy (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'to listen or name of a God'.

26.Sandy (Greek Origin) meaning 'defender of men'. Popular due to the youngest baseball player Sandy Koufax, who had played Brooklyn/LA Dodgers.

27.Sophie (Greek Origin) meaning 'wisdom'. Sophie Kurys made a record of 201 bases in the year 1956.

28.Summer (Given name) meaning 'summer-season'. It is known for the springtime when a Baseball game is initiated and enjoyed by the people.

29.Theresa (Greek Origin) meaning 'huntress'.

30.Toni (Greek Origin) meaning 'flower'. Toni Stone was the first female player in the Negro Leagues.

Unique Baseball Boy Names

A boy in his ready position to throw the baseball

There are many baseball names suitable for your baby boy. Here's our list of sporty names inspired by baseball players.

31.Ace (Latin Origin) meaning 'unity'. In baseball games, an ace is a term used for a pitcher.

32.Al (English Origin) meaning handsome'.

33.Albert (German Origin) meaning 'bright'.

34.Bob (German Origin) meaning 'bright fame'.

35.Carlton (English Origin) meaning 'town of free men'.

36.Cole (English Origin) meaning 'charcoal, black'.

37.Cooper (Latin Origin) meaning 'barrel maker'. It is known for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in New York.

38.Derek (English Origin) meaning 'gifted ruler'. It is one of the favorite Yankee baseball player's names, Derek Jeter.

39.Earnie/Ernie (German Origin) meaning 'battle to the death'.

40.Gehrig (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'one of many'. Associated with Baseball's first baseman named, Lou Gehrig from New York.

41.Hank (American Origin) meaning 'ruler of the home'. Linked with the legendary baseball player named, Hank Aaron.

42.Honus (Latin Origin) meaning 'man of honor Soul' is a contemporary name.

43.Jackoby (English Origin) meaning 'supplanter'.  

44.Jason (Greek Origin) meaning 'Healer'.

45.Mike (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'who is like God'. Commonly used for baseball players namely Mike Piazza, Mike Napoli, Mike Trout.

46.Mitt (American Origin) meaning 'settlement with a mill'. Considered as a diminutive for the name Milton and is a baseball term used for baseball gloves.

47.Prince (Latin Origin) meaning 'royal son'.

48.Reggie (Latin, German Origin) meaning 'ruler' is an upbeat boy's name.

49.Rickey (American Origin) meaning 'powerful or strong ruler'. Rickey Henderson was the greatest leadoff hitters and baserunners.

50.Roberto (Italian Origin) meaning 'bright fame' is a variation for Robert.

51.Rod(English Origin) meaning 'island of reeds'.

52.Rollie (American Origin) meaning 'Renowned in the land'.

53.Satchel (American Origin) meaning 'bags' is associated with Satchel (Leroy) Paige, the baseball player who was called Satchel for his work on the bags.

54.Stan (English Origin) meaning 'Stony field' is a diminutive for Stanley and a first name too.

55.Steven (Greek Origin) meaning 'wreath, crown'.

56.Tom (Armenian Origin) meaning 'innocence'.

57.Tim (Greek Origin) meaning 'Honoring God'.

58.Wade (Anglo-Saxon English Origin) meaning 'to go'.

59.Walter (German Origin) meaning 'brightness'.

60.Warren (English, French) meaning 'park-keeper'.

Gender Neutral Baseball Names

A little kid ready to swing the baseball bat

These are baseball-centric names that are gender-neutral.

61.Willie (German Origin) meaning 'resolute protector'.

62.Angel (Greek Origin) meaning 'God's messenger', associated with the famous Los Angeles Angels professional baseball team.

63.Bo (Swedish Origin) meaning 'to live', associated with the multi-talented Bo Jackson, baseball - football star.

64.Brooklyn (American Origin) meaning 'water, stream'.

65.Brooks (English, Swedish Origin) meaning 'grove'.

66.Camden (Scottish Origin) meaning 'winding valley'.

67.Carl (German Origin) meaning 'free man'.

68.Chase (French Origin) meaning 'to hunt' is the retired all-star baseball player Chase Utley's name.

69.Cory (Greek Origin) meaning 'Maiden'.

70.Jackie (French Origin) meaning 'God is gracious'. Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player.

71.Kris (Greek Origin) meaning 'follower of Christ'.

72.Kyle (Scottish Origin) meaning 'narrow'.

73.Lou (German Origin) meaning 'Famed Warrior'.

74.Mel (American Origin) meaning 'friend of justice'.

75.Mickey (American Origin) meaning 'who is like a God'.

76.Nolan (Irish Origin) meaning 'noble, famous'.

77.Ruth (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'friend' should be the perfect fit for the baby name as it follows the baseball name, Babe Ruth and Ruth Richard.

78.Ryan (Irish Origin) meaning 'Descendant Of The King'.

79.Shea (Irish Origin) meaning 'the stately, dauntless one', linked with the New York Mets baseball team's Home stadium name.

80.Wrigley (Old English Origin) meaning 'to strive', associated with the Wrigley Field which is the home ground for the Chicago Cubs team.

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