40 Nightborne Names With Meanings For Your Characters

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Originally Published on Dec 01, 2020
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To make your game as good as the real deal, you need amazing character names.

Nightbornes are a compelling character type in 'World Of Warcraft.' If you need names for your characters, this is where you need to be.

Whether you are an animator, a gamer, a writer, or a creative mind, and a fan of 'World Of Warcraft', you will need the best names to strengthen your characters. Nightbornes are also called Shal'dorei are a mystical and powerful race of night elves based in Suramar, evolving into a unique elven species 10,000 years ago.

They are different from other allied races and are dark Nightborne elves.

A good Nightborne name for your character might be Eneda Eveningswitch. They belong to different Nightborne classes, which include Nightborne rogue, Nightborne hunter, Felsworn, Nightborne warlock, sorcerers, and many others.

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Nightborne Names For Boys

The Nightborne are a special breed of night elves when compared to other elves. They have evolved and become a stronger race of night elves, which makes them the ideal character for your fictional works of art.

For strong characters, this is the species of elves that you need for your fictional work. This is why you need strong names for your male Nightborne characters which we have taken time to list out below for you.

1. Arfran (English origin) meaning “happiness”.

2. Agorn (Hebrew origin) means refers to a high priest.

3. Barith (Sanskrit origin) a name for a dark elf.

4. Dodryn (English origin) a super cool name for your character.

5. Dolean (iris origin) meaning “unlucky” derived from Dolan.

6. Elydrieth (English origin) the meaning is not quite clear.

7. Fellad (Icelandic origin) derived from the name Fell.

8. Gaeriel (Hebrew origin) means “God is my strength” derived from the name Gabriel.

9. Hadras (Hebrew origin) means “Myrtle tree” derived from the name Hadas.

10. Ilylean (English origin) the meaning is not quite clear but it sounds great.

11. Kerion (African American origin) meaning “anointed child”.

12. Mavodant (English origin) does not have a clear meaning but it sounds malevolent.

13. Ranian (Arabic origin) means “delightful” and “contented”.

14. Suranas (Sanskrit origin) refers to a village in Haryana in India.

15. Tariel (Georgian origin) means “dark hero”.

Nightborne Names For Girls

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Every storyline needs strong female characters that are just as cool the male figures, and complete the story. Female Nightbornes are just as strong as their male counterparts, and they have equally strong names.

A female night elf can not be a great addition that gives more flavour to your work. You do not need to think so much about what your girl Nightborne names will be because we have put together a list of badass names for your female Nightborne characters.

16. Aaytia (English origin) the meaning isn’t quite known.

17. Alayana (Irish origin) means “little rock” derived from the name Alayna.

18. Amindia (Nordic origin) derived from the name Amanda.

19. Caralyn (American origin) means “beautiful” and “dear”.

20. Delastra (Latin origin) means “Zebra”.

21. Elylia (Latin origin) meaning “rival” derived from Emylia.

22. Galindea (Spanish origin) from an extinct language.

23. Irma (German origin) meaning “war goddess”.

24. Jaelysia (English origin) the meaning is not really known.

25. Kedreath (English origin) the meaning is not clear.

26. Lenrisse (Unknown origin) and the meaning is not known.

27. Meralyn (Hebrew origin) means “the wished-for child”.

28. Nydria (Unknown origin) does not have a meaning.

29. Rhyne (German origin) derived from the river Rhine.

30. Teslara (English origin) the meaning is not clear.

Gender Neutral Nightborne Names

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You do not need to be gender specific when naming your characters. They can have gender neutral names that are just as meaningful and representative of what your character stands for. Finding gender neutral names can be a bit tricky, but not to worry, we have listed a few for you below.

31. Bitsen (English origin) a non-gender specific name.

32. Celnien (Unknown origin) the meaning is not clear.

33. Fanotus (Unknown origin) does not have a meaning.

34. Felethein (English origin) the meaning is unknown.

35. Gelrel (German origin) means “one who yells”.

36. Hathan (Hebrew origin) means “gift from God’ derived from Nathan.

37. Helris (English origin) the meaning is unknown.

38. Itis (English origin) refers to a disease characterized by inflammation.

39. Main (Norman origin) means “strength”.

40. Pator (English origin) mams “to graze”.

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