30+ Wednesday Jokes To Keep You Laughing Until The Weekend

Martha Martins
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Originally Published on Jan 06, 2021
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Did you ever wonder why Wednesday is also called 'hump day'? The term is commonly used in North America in business settings to describe the work week as climbing a mountain, with Wednesday being the peak and the hump to get over. It is also speculated to have originated around the '50s or the '60s. Now, you might ask, how can you add a little more sparkle to our Wednesdays, perhaps making them less of a hump and more of a hop? The answer is simple and delightful: laughter! A dash of humor can quickly dissolve any lingering worries. It can brighten up even the most stressful classes or meetings.

So why not try spreading some Wednesday joy with a few chuckles? Share a rib-tickling Wednesday joke or a clever pun with your buddies, co-workers, or loved ones, and watch the midweek grins unfold. You'll find that Wednesday-themed humor, particularly the hilarious hump day variety, is so relatable that you can't help but burst into laughter.

Stick around for a compilation of the funniest Wednesday puns and jokes. They're the jokes to share with anyone and everyone, not just on hump day. You could even use these as snappy one-liners to brighten your Wednesday morning chats. Get ready to turn your hump days into happy days!

Funny Jokes About Wednesday

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idding farewell to those mid-week blues has never been easier! Get ready to tickle your funny bone with these hilarious Wednesday jokes that are bound to turn any frown upside down. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, especially when it comes to battling Wednesday's woes. Let's dive into the giggles, shall we?

1. Wedn-es-day? It comes after the night.

2. How did the employee react when the boss yelled, "You are late for the third day in a row. What does this mean?" The employee replies, "That it is Wednesday?"

3. How do you know that weddings on a Wednesday are sad? When you see the cake is in tiers too.

4. What is it that Wednesdays dream to be? They only dream and wish of becoming Thursdays.

5. How do you make up for coming late to work on a Wednesday? By leaving early, perhaps?

6. What are Wednesdays like? They are just Mondays in the mid-week.

7. How does Yoda get through Wednesday? By saying, "Half over the week is now!"

8. Why did the woman cry on a Wednesday evening? Because she thought it was whine-Wednesday.

9. Why did the man have an un-inviting face in office? Because it was his Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday face.

10. How does Adele greet Wednesday from a Sunday? "Hello from the other side of the week!"

Popular Hump Day Jokes

Brighten up your day with a sprinkle of hump day humor! These popular hump day jokes are designed to deliver a hearty laugh and a hefty dose of Wednesday cheer. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, these chuckles are guaranteed to make even the humpiest of hump days feel a little bit lighter. So get ready to laugh out loud and spread some happiness around!

11. Why are Sundays stronger than Wednesdays? Because Wednesday is a week-day.

12. What did the man-eating pickles say to two of his friends who were cribbing about Wednesday? "You two have got to dill with this hump today."

13. I rang work and I said “I can’t come in today, I have a wee cough.” The boss said, “You have a wee cough?” I said “Wow, thanks boss, see you next Wednesday!”

Funny Wednesday Time Jokes

Who's ready to amp up their Wednesday with a dash of hilarity? These side-splitting Wednesday-time jokes are perfect for sharing with co-workers or classmates. A quick quip here, a clever pun there, and voila! Your Wednesday just got a whole lot funnier. So buckle up for a laughter-filled journey through the wackiest parts of Wednesday!

14. Why are Superman's powers useless on Wednesday evenings? Because he goes to his weekly Bitcoin meeting and it's his crypto-night.

15. Why do Wednesdays feel unhappy? Because they are as close to the weekend as they are to Mondays.

16. What is even worse than a long week? Realizing that it is just Wednesday.

17. Why did Wednesday start going to the gym? It was a weak day.

18. I tried to tell my boss on Wednesday, "After two days it will be Friday, which makes tomorrow a pre-Friday, hence, it is technically almost Friday". I don't know why he didn't agree with me.

19. Why was the man happy about Ash Wednesday? Because he wished to give up his work for lent.

20. What is the good and bad thing about Wednesday? It is not Monday!

Nothing like chuckle-worthy Wednesday jokes to keep your spirits high and your laughter loud until the weekend! While Wednesdays may sometimes feel like climbing a mountain, a good giggle can turn that mountain into a molehill. Sharing a joke can not only lighten your day but also bring a smile to those around you. So why not take your pick from this collection and brighten someone's day with a Wednesday witticism? Go ahead, spread the laughter!

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