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100+ Best (And Worst) Animal Puns

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Funny animal puns are easy to find, you just need to take out your binoculars and look out in the wild.

There are many new species of animals still being discovered while some have gone extinct. Wild animals are dangerous, yet there are also funny animals like dogs and cats, which are equally harmless.

Like these animals, some of the puns are gigantic like clever elephant puns and lengthy like funny giraffe puns, while animal puns are wild, just like the jungle. We have made several puns on domesticated animals like farm animal puns, along with many funny cat puns and dog jokes. Pack your bags as we travel across the globe and continue to live our quest on funny animals' puns.

If you want to read more such puns, take a look at these articles: robot puns and lion puns.

Best Animal Puns

Tiger puns are striped, we kid you not!

Enlisted below are the best and funny animal puns. These little animal puns are hilarious and will tickle your tummy.

1. The cow crossed the road to go to the udder size.

2. I took my cat to the vet because she wasn't feline fine.

3. Cows have hooves on their feet as they lactose.

4. The only result you get when you watch a couple of silkworms wrestle is a tie.

5. Shepherds are really bad at counting numbers in mathematics. They always fall asleep while counting sheep.

6. The favorite genre of music for rabbits is the genre of hip-hop.

7. A very popular destination of vacation for cows is not Hawaii but Moo Zealand.

8. Pandas are fond of old movies as they are black and white.

9. The sheep went to the Baaaaaaahamas for their vacation.

10. The pony wanted to drink water as his throat was a little horse.

11. An elephant renders an argument invalid by claiming it to be irr-elephant.

12. After a busy day, a tired rodent told his colleagues, "Let's gopher a drink".

13. If your dog eats only garlic, then his bark will be worse than his bite.

14. An absolute favorite city for all dogs is New Yorkie.

15. Elephants are absolutely banned in public pools. You see, this is because they have a very bad habit of dropping their trunks.

16. The bear wanted to eat honey and fish, so he visited a restaurant. But he soon, angrily walked out as food there was un-bear-able.

17. The tiger claimed that he climbed the biggest mountain in the forest. No one believed the tiger as they thought he was lion!

18. Cows that make up the bovine population in the Arctics are of a different breed. They are eski-moos.

19. Bowling is a beloved sport only for an alley cat and not a house cat.

20. The lamb reached the wrong place while driving as he missed the ewe turn.

21. The best way to greet a toad is by addressing it as, "Wart's new?"

22. The most common spell you hear from your magician dog is labracadabrador.

23. There are only a few ants that are larger than an elephant. This is because they are a couple of gi-ants.

24. The frog's car broke down in the middle of the road. It had to be toad away.

25. Never ask a cat to tell you stories. They only have one tale.

26. You get only a vegetable when you cross a sheepdog with daffodils—a collie-flower.

27. Whenever a cat goes to a party, he becomes delighted when he hears the song 'Three Blind Mice'!

28. Snakes that are found in cars are usually windshield vipers.

29. The alpaca returned home and asked his wife to get ready as they were leaving for a vacation. He said, "you get ready asap, alpaca your luggage".

30. A corg-key is a bad dog as he only picks locks

So Bad They're Good Animal Puns

As the name suggests, this category includes animal jokes and some funny animal puns that can easily qualify as bad animal puns. Take a ride into the wild and enjoy the jungle puns and safari puns, and we promise that these funny animal puns will fill your face with a smile.

31. The favorite color of cats is not red but purrrrrrr-ple.

32. You get a rocker spaniel when you cross a dog and a hammock.

33. My daughter wanted me to tell her some puns about animals. I thought I would make a pun on a cow, but I didn't because I realized it was way pasture bedtime.

34. A pig with not even one leg is apparently a groundhog.

35. The cheapest of all meat in the supermarket was deer meat. It was all less than a buck.

36. The detective alligator visited the crime scene by wearing a vest. He was the main in-vest-igator of the case.

37. The cow was practicing his instrument for an upcoming concert. He was a really famous moosician.

38. The lion kept on losing money at the poker table. It wasn't very intelligent of him to play with a couple of cheetahs.

39. Milking stools are specifically designed to have three legs because cows have the udder one.

40. A cobra's favorite subject in school is obviously Hisssssssssss-tory.

41. A border collie's favorite movie is Harry Paw-ter and the Sorcerer's Bone!

42. When my daughter asked me what a gummy bear was, I replied that it was a bear with no teeth.

43. A cat's favorite book is 'The Great Cat-sby'!

44. Two female cats usually fight with each other by saying, "You're a cheetah. I'm not lion".

45. A leopard's least favorite game is hide and seek as he is spotted.

46. An utterly confused moose usually exclaims by saying, "I have absolutely no i-deer".

47. The best holiday for a wolf is Howl-o-ween!

48. Spiders are very tech-savvy animals. They communicate with each other using the World Wide Web.

49. French people like eating snails because they don't like fast foods.

50. The bull, which usually sleeps a lot, can be called a bull dozer.

51. The dog was walking hurriedly in the street as he was late for his paw-ffice.

52. When the son buffalo left for college, the parent buffaloes bid him a farewell by saying, "Bison!"

53. The dog was watching his favorite videos on YouTube, but then he realized he had to run an errand. So he paw-sed the video and went away.

54. Cows absolutely love grazing, but a cow that eats grass from your garden is a lawn moo-er.

55. Robin's farm animals have great humor. They are a laughing stock.

56. The alligator went to the shopping mall and stole a lot of clothes. He was a crook-odile.

57. In a big ranch, if you get tired of counting cows, next time try using a cowculator.

58. If there was ever a jumping contest, then a kangaroo would easily jump higher than the Burj Khalifa. Kangaroos can jump, buildings can't!

59. Before starting to eat, the head dog wished everyone "Bone a-pet-treat".

60. A cat and a dog went to a karaoke party. Their favorite song was "Don't stop retriever-ng…hold on to that feline".

61. The cat won the dog show that was hosted in the nearby alley. "What a cat-has-trophy!", remarked one of the dogs!

Cutest Animal Puns

Animal name puns are witty and make you pine for the jungle.

Enlisted below are some of the best puns on cute, funny animals and their habitats. These puns will surely make you laugh!

62. The marsupial was instantly hired at the new office since he had all the required koalifications.

63. A giraffe went out with his friends where everyone made fun of him. Angrily he got up and left, saying, "I'm going home; you all are giraffing me crazy".

64. The little bear turned out to be very spoiled and lazy as his mother always panda'd to his every need.

65. The funny seal kept on laughing continuously at lame jokes until his friend reminded him that it was the seal-iest thing to do.

66. If there were 20 cats on a bus and suddenly one cat jumps out of the window. Seeing that, every single cat will jump out, and there will be not one cat left on the bus as they are all copycats.

67. Once, 1000 hares were running loose at the city junction. The police went to see the situation and combed the entire area to capture them.

68. Lion, who is the king of the jungle, usually greets other animals by saying, "Hey, nice eating you!"

69. The best savory food to serve a dog who is running a temperature is mustard. Mustard goes really well with hot dogs.

70. A bunch of sheep was acting crazy on the ranch. You see, it was shear madness!

71. The poor cat who lost his tail went to the re-tail store to get another one.

72. The cow owner always pampered his cows. Now all he gets is spoiled milk!

73. My cat has a favorite breakfast comprising mice Krispies and milk!

74. Bees become very dangerous when they start eating human brains. They become little zombees.

75. Bees are very obedient insects. They wait patiently at the buzz stop and then get on the bus.

76. Bears usually don't wear shoes. They walk around with their bear feet.

77. Skunks are extremely smelly. So to keep them away from smelling, you need to plug its nose.

78. If we wrap a roll of wool around a kangaroo, we would get a woolly jumper.

79. A cow was toppled by a tornado. From that day onwards, the owner of the cow would only get milkshakes.

Funny Fish Puns

Here is the best collection of fish puns and other sea animal puns. Take a dive into the ocean and explore the beautiful world underwater through some of these good puns and some equally bad puns.

80. Mollusks are pretty shellfish as they never do anything for charity.

81. After proposing a new idea for the client, the boss whale told the other fishes, "Let minnow your opinions".

82. After committing a bad mistake at work, the dolphin exclaimed that he didn't do it on porpoise.

83. Papa Dolphin was teaching geography to Baby Dolphin. Baby Dolphin got confused and asked, "Can you please be a little more Pacific?"

84. The best way to make an octopus laugh is to give him ten-tickles.

85. Fishes are very afraid at the onset of weekends. They are especially scared of fry-days.

86. Sharks love swimming only in saltwater. They don't like pepper water as it makes them sneeze a lot.  

87. Sharks and computers have one very vital thing in common. Both of them have megabites.

88. The father fish was advising his son, "Keep your mouth shut, and you will never ever get caught."

89. Two octopus twins were fighting with one another. It was challenging to identify who was who as they were i-tenticle.

90. Fishes are the most health-conscious animals. They have an inbuilt set of scales to keep a good watch of their weight.

91. Fishes tend to remain healthy a lot as they stay in an abundance of vitamin sea.

Brilliant Bird Puns

Spread out your wings and learn to tame the skies. Live the life of a bird and explore freedom, but if you ever come down and perch on a tree, find some time to go through these best bird puns- these puns will not ruffle your feathers, we swear!

92. Bees usually have gelly and sticky hair as they use honeycombs.

93. The eagle was arrested for stealing from the market as it was ill-eagle.

94. The kingfisher felt under the weather as it was a blue bird.

95. After failing to catch his prey repeatedly, the hawk exclaimed, "Now this is turning into an hawk-ward moment".

96. The queen bee had to visit the doctor. Apparently, she had the hives.

97. Turkeys are very brave animals. They crossed the road just to prove they are not chickens.

98. A mama duck went shopping and bought cosmetics lavishly. When the shopkeeper asked about the lipstick, the duck replied to put it on her bill.

99. The pelican was thrown out of the restaurant as she had a big bill and wanted to leave without paying.

100. The bird was gulping its lunch in such a hurry that I'm pretty sure it wasn't chewing its food. Well, this is why it was a swallow.

101. Ducks don't watch movies. They only like watching duck-umenteries.

102. Two owls went on a business dinner. When one of the owls called his partner to say that he was running a little late, the wife owl replied, "Don't worry, owl wait".

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for animal puns then why not take a look at alpaca puns, or for something different take a look at ocean jokes and bowling puns.

Rajnandini is an art lover and enthusiastically likes to spread her knowledge. With a Master of Arts in English, she has worked as a private tutor and, in the past few years, has moved into content writing for companies such as Writer's Zone. Trilingual Rajnandini has also published work in a supplement for 'The Telegraph', and had her poetry shortlisted in Poems4Peace, an international project. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading. She is fond of classic British literature.

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