65+ Best Element Puns That Will Give A Good Reaction

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Elemental neon gas concept from the periodic table of chemical elements
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Every one of us is most comfortable when we are in our element.

Elements combine among themselves and form numerous compounds, which then again react with one other to form other new combinations, and the process repeats itself. The total number of elements in the periodic table is one hundred and eighteen, but we are sure that the number of chemistry jokes and element jokes surely exceeds that number.

All the elements that have been discovered are represented in the periodic table. According to their characteristics, they are classified as metals, non-metals, alkali metals, halogens, radioactive elements, etc. Each element is different from one another, yet they often depict similar characteristics, and that is the beauty of chemistry. You never know who will react with whom.

Similarly, element jokes can be used for every situation in life. These element jokes and puns are closely related to the like of chemistry puns and chemistry jokes. Let's wear our lab aprons, safety goggles, and witness some lovely reactions when elements pun amongst themselves!

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Best Puns On Elements

Butane molecule chemical composition

Chemistry puns are classy, and iron jokes, potassium jokes are perfect proof of that. You can so throw a helium joke in there as well. Venture along with the groups of the periodic table and float away with these element jokes and puns as if you are a lonely hydrogen atom.

1. A chemist wanted to keep all the money to himself. I told him, "If you don't give it up, the tax department will cesium".

2. When my brother became sick, and none of the medicines worked, we called the chemist. As he was also a doctor, he was able to curium!

3. Compounds are no different from human babies. Since they are formed in test-tubes, they can be called test-tube babies!

4. The business man decided to open a new mining company. He called it 'The Ore-mazing Mining Co.'

5. Whenever scientists and chemists are in the lab, they are in their element.

6. The chemist couldn't stop reading the book on helium because he simply couldn't put it down.

7. Recently, a wealthy business tycoon offered a group of chemists and scientists a large sum of money for inventing a new element. He wanted to name that element unobtain-ium.

8. Our teacher made us aware that without carbon, there wouldn't be organic chemistry. So basically, carbon is the overload of all living matter!

9. The documentary about aluminum was so Bohr-ing that all the students fell asleep.

10. After moving to New York, I want to have a house warming party. Al-cohol everyone to the party!

11. When my old chemistry professor died, we had no other options but to barium.

12. Electrons are one of the most lovely particles of the universe. All they need is someone to share a stable future.

13. We had our chemistry examination tomorrow. The teacher advised us to neon time!

14. The chemist jumped out in fright. While he was sleeping, a spider krypton him.

15. Maintain distances from certain compounds. Never go too close to glucose, else he will sugar you up.

16. The favorite element of Santa Claus is Holmium. Ho Ho Ho!

17. Nitrogen and Oxygen didn't want to go to the game, so they said NO.

18. Nobelium is the most pessimistic element. It says No to everything!

19. The permissible limit of sound for the party was 60 Db. Apparently, it wasn't very smart of the chemist to bring 60gms of Dubnium!

Cool Puns On Elements

Enlisted below are some of the best puns on elements, including iron puns, metal puns, and water puns that will want to boil you away! You can also modify them and use them as great element jokes and chemistry jokes.

20. I know noble gases don't react, but when I fiddled on the jar with an active Sodium, I got a neon jerk reaction!

21. The scientist decided that he will reach absolute zero. I think he is 0K now!

22. Sulphur and Oxygen occasionally communicate with each other via a special medium of conversation. A sulfone!

23. The noble gases were crying in the lab. I enquired and found out that all their friends argon!

24. The acid was hell-bent on proving a point, and rigorously hit the gym. He wanted to become a Buffer solution.

25. In the marathon amongst the elements, Plumbum lead the race.

26. My friend was telling me funny chemistry jokes. Some of them were so funny that I slapped my neon them!

27. I saw the iron blowing the wind. I think it was just a Febreze!

28. My aunt died earlier than my uncle, and my uncle inherited all of the antimony.

29. We conducted an experiment to prove the hypothesis. On being successful, our cheering by the other fellow scientists in the lab was so loud that raised the proof!

30. My friend created an explosive using nitrates and titanium despite not having permission. I think he thought himself to be above Ti law!

31. My neighborhood salesperson is always busy working on tellurium. He even misses out on his evening te-a.

32. We were trying hard to find the solution to the complex chemistry problem. Our teacher asked us to take it up on the research engine!

33. The archeologist found out that in Egypt, a unique tomb carried all the chemicals to preserve a body. The archeologists decided to join hands with the chemists to radon that tomb.

34. One of the cheapest elements, which just costs 5 cents to buy, is nickel.

35. During the chemistry experiment, the chemist swallowed some permanent ink material while using the old pipette in the lab. You could say that this was a classic example of tungsten.

36. A goofy convict is known by the name of silicon.

The Best Sodium Puns

Here in this category, we have the best sodium jokes, clever puns on salt, and other chemical jokes. Potassium puns, along with atomic puns and chemist jokes, also make it a bit salty! A sodium joke can easily be turned into different element jokes or a pun on the element that can be sodium good.

37. One of my colleagues is Japanese. I told him a funny chemistry joke about Sodium and Nickel. I believe he didn't understand it as he only replied, "NaNi".  

38. My brother said he cleaned his sheets using a concentrated solution of sodium hydroxide. I thought it was a weird thing to Lye about!

39. Chlorine and Sodium together went out for dinner after an argument. Their evening wasn't good because they were too salty!  

40. I once performed poorly in my chemistry test. My teacher poured sodium chloride from my head to toe. I was never in-salt-ed that much in my entire life!

41. After checking my blood results, the doctor asked me if I was aware of my sodium intake. I honestly replied, "Na". Now I'm put on a low sodium diet!

42. When I fell down and had a cut on my knee, my friend used a sodium chloride solution to heal it faster. He was really rubbing salt on my wound.

43. When iron wanted to bond with sodium, sodium said," You're nat-fe-r me!"

44. The WHO recommends us to take food with 2.00mg of sodium in it. I wondered how a rock band could know so much about Sodium; nonetheless, I took it with a pinch of salt!

45. I wanted to tell my sister a chemistry joke about Sodium Hypobromite. She, however, was busy and cut me short by saying, "NaBrO, later".

46. The waitress was arrested for throwing salt at the guest. I am sodium curious to know how that was an a-salt!

47. Lithium and Sodium had a deadly fight, and then police arrested both. They were arrested on charges of a-salt and battery.

48. In a go-as-you-like competition I dressed up as the element Xenon. Someone threw Hydrochloric acid on. I stood there dumbfounded, not knowing how to react!

49. At the end of last month, I bought three bottles of Ammonium Hydroxide and two bottles of Sodium Hydroxide from the office. That was all that I could buy with my basic salary!

50. The chemist accidentally put sodium chloride on his soup and shouted, there's a-salt on the base.

Gold Puns That Are Au-some

Enlisted below are the best jokes about gold, metallic puns, silver puns, atom puns, and science puns that will leave you craving for more! Very few things can be as classy and humorous as a good old chemistry pun on gold.

51. The robbers entered the bank to loot it. One of them threatened the manager by saying, "Gold your breath and give us all the money".

52. I was wondering if I should turn my test-tube holder in gold. I midas well.

53. I was wondering if we discover gold in Australia should we find the element silver in Agstralia?

54. I asked my teacher what was the only golden state in the world. She replied, "Californium".

55. Jimmy was arrested for selling fake gold jewelry. The judge found him gilt-y!

56. The philanthropist vowed that he would donate all his money to charity. The people lauded him and agreed it was a gold move!

57. Two miners met after a long time and spoke with one another like gold times' sake!

58. The breeze was blowing gold all across the town. I think Au-gust winds are like that!

59. When gold was asked to leave the periodic table, he tearfully bid au revoir to all the elements.

60. My brother wanted to dig the ground for gold. After a while, he hurt his knee. Thank God it was a miner injury!

61. Once, I ate food with gold covering. For the entire next week, I experienced internalized gilt.

62. I think pure gold tastes crunchy. It does have 24 carrots.

63. All the Oscar-winning movie producers decided to form a group where they could discuss all their problems. They named this group as the Producer's Gilt.

64. The comedian's jokes at his show yesterday were au-some; they were pure comedic gold.

65. Today, I read in the newspaper that two of the largest gold mines collapsed on the same day. I guess great mines think alike.

66. My friend asked me whether I liked gold or silver better. I replied to him, "Either ore!"

67. My wife gave me a special gift on my birthday. She gifted me a designer series of gold rings. I was astounded by the gift and said, "Thanks a bullion."

68. Despite repeated requests, King Midas didn't listen to the problems that the peasants in his kingdom were facing. He turned his back on them and gave them a gold shoulder.

69. Under King Midas, the Greek people evolved and accepted the new ways of life. Yet, King Midas himself continued to lead his life the gold-fashioned way.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for element puns then why not take a look at rock puns, or for something different take a look at taco puns.

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