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Love is the purest of all emotions, and Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days that celebrate this very emotion.

Just like love brings happiness, so does laughter. Hence, let us face the fact that no matter what, we all adore love puns and cheesy puns that will have us cringing and smiling at the same time.

While puns are not always the most loved forms of humor, which is a shame, they are a great form of expression, and they are extensively used in greeting cards and Instagram captions. During Valentine's Day, Instagram is a great place to hang out with loved ones virtually. The Instagram platform gets flooded with love posts and funny Valentine Captions. People often love using cute puns about love for their captions. Some people also like to make a DIY Valentine Day card for their loved ones with cute Valentine sayings and Valentine's jokes on the front. It is a loving way to show that you cherish them as much as you cherish their happiness.

If you are looking for some wholesome and funny Valentine's day jokes, funny Valentine's sayings, and all in all some lovable and cute puns for him and her, here is a long list of some of the cutest and punniest jokes that will bring joy to everyone you love. If you want more puns, you can look into our other articles, such as these cute puns and these cake puns.

Valentine's Day Card Puns

Romantic old love letters

Here is a list of the best funny Valentine puns and cute puns to gush over.

1. If you want to propose to a shoe lover, just say, "You are my sole mate."

2. You make my heart erupt like volcanos. I lava you so much.

3. After I fell in love with my gym partner, the relationship worked out great.

4. If Valentine's Day was celebrated in winter, you could get s-mitten with your one true g-love.

5. People complimented the dress fabric I wore on Valentine's day. It was made out of husband material.

6. I love my gym partner so much that whenever he cannot make it to our workouts, life means squat.

7. If you want to propose to your body-builder partner, say, "I adore you whey too much."

8. To show affection to a stationery lover, just say, "Let's stick together like glue."

9. If your lover loves balloons, propose to them by saying, "My love for you makes me want to burst."

10. James Watt proposed to his love by saying, "You make my love for you so much more powerful."

11. If you want to confess to someone who designs ships, "I sink I love you."

12. To propose to a Shakespeare lover, tell them, "I love you beyond 'Measure for Measure'."

13. When you have a crush on a watch lover, tell them, "I like you, big time!"

14. The police fell in love with his wife and told her, "Your beauty is arresting."

Valentine's Day Puns For Nerds

Are you a nerd, in love with a nerd, or both? Here is a nerdy list of funny Valentine's day puns, including math Valentine puns, science love puns, and even puns from science fiction that will make you want to fall in love again.

15. You make my love multiply.

16. The math lover fell in love with his wife because she was acute-ly pretty.

17. Your love is like electric because you charge my particles.

18. When you love a 'Star Wars' fan, just tell them, "You R2 good to be true."

19. Our love is the best because we have such amazing chemistry.

20. I love you because you Auto-complete me.

21. I would love to Slytherin your heart.

22. I am add-icted to you because you are the solution to my problems.

23. When a Jedi proposes to their lover, they say, "Yoda only one for me."

24. In our game, you are my Player 2.

25. Aorta tell you how much I adore you from the bottom of my heart.

26. Math nerds show love to their wives by saying, "You can count on me."

27. When the two magnets met, it was an attraction like no other.

Dog Valentine Puns And Funny Valentine Puns For Animal Lovers

Is your lover also a lover of animals? This list of cute Valentine puns will make them feel so loved. Dogs themselves are little Valentines. Here is a list of the best furry punny dog puns.

28. You are shrimply the sweetest and I love you.

29. Dogs tell their lovers, "I ruff you!"

30. Life is irrelephant without you.

31. Snail lovers send their lovers slugs and kisses.

32. The rat lover complimented his wife on date night, "You look very mice!"

33. I love you because you are pawsome.

34. I'd be lion when I say you're just a friend.

35. When otters confess, they say, "Will you please be my significant otter?"

36. When bunnies complement each other, they say, "No bunny would ever come close to your beauty, dear."

37. I'll owl-ways cherish your love to the end of time.

38. I cannot stop thinking about you because you octopi all my thoughts.

39. If you want to propose to a gecko lover, just say, "There are chameleon reasons I can think of when it comes to loving you."

40. There is plenty of fish in the sea, but you're my one and only sole-mate.

41. You're my porpoise. I dolphinately love you infinitely.

42. When bees complement their bee wives, they say "Oh my goodness, you are un-bee-lievably amazing."

43. You are a tweetheart.

44. I am o-fish-ally madly in love with you.

45. Bears are so lovable; they say, "I love you beary much."

46. Koala couples love spending some koala-ity time with each other.

47. When bears confess, they say "If you love me back, I will bear my soul to tell you."

48. Dog lovers lovingly say, "I like you furry much."

49. Cat lovers complement each other by saying, "You're purry mewtiful."

50. When the deer proposed, he said, "I am very fawn-ed of you."

51. Deer lovers say, "I love you very deerly."

52. Whale lovers love listening to the love song, "And I whale always love you."

53. You are turtle-ly awesome.

54. I just otter say that I like you furry much.

55. When pig lovers miss each other, they say, "I am missing you pig time."

56. I am otterly wasted without you.

57. When hippos miss each other, they say, "I hippopotamiss you very much."

58. When squirrels propose, they say "I am going nuts about you."

59. When you give a valentine's gift to your bird crush, just say, "Here is a toucan of my affections for you."

60. When bears miss each other, they say, "I am bearly alive without you."

61. I bonobo about you, but I think we vibe together pretty well.

62. Crustaceans propose by saying, "You are one in a krillion."

63. A koala's favorite love song lyrics are, "Koala me, loves Ko-all-a you."

64. Chipmunks choose their mates by saying, "I chews you."

65. "And then I saw your face; now I am a beaver"; is a beaver's favorite love lyrics.

66. You are my everything and that is all rhino.

67. Whales show affection by saying, "I whaley like you."

68. I like you so much, I wanna give you a hedgehug.

69. When fishes want love, they say, "Let's cuttle."

70. I think you are pawfect for me.

71. You are so perfect; you are like the bee's knees.

72. I think you are purrfect for me.

73. When skunks propose, they say, "I love you so stinking much."

74. Pig lovers compliment their lovers by saying, "You make me squeal."

75. "I love you, a sloth!", is a great way to confess to someone who is lazy.

76. I cannot bear to live a day without you.

77. Whale you be my valentine?

78. I dino you were my one and only sweetheart.

79. Penguin lovers say to each other, "We are a great catch."

80. You make my heart go baboon!

81. We should spend more time with each-otter.

Food Puns for Food Lovers On Valentine's Day

Is your lover a foodie? Give them some food puns among all the I love you puns to fill their soul with. Why not write one of these romantic puns on the front of your DIY Valentine card?

82. When a berry wants to say how much he loves his wife, he tells her, "I love you berry much."

83. Life with you is such a sweet treat.

84. To confess to a chocolate lover, just say, "I have more than a million Reese-ons why I adore you."

85. When the chocolate boy fell in love, he told his crush, "I think there is something be-Twix-t us."

86. To complement your candy crush, just say, "You are so cool, you Pop Rock!"

87. If your candy wife is mad at you, send her hugs and Hershey kisses.

88. The candy bar told his wife, "Your eyes shine brighter than the stars in the Milky Way."

89. When Mentos proposed to his wife, he told her, "You mint the world to me. I would do anything for you."

90. When the food lover's wife said yes to his proposal, he assured her, "I will always love you and do anything to not let you slip through my Butter Fingers."

91. When the candy's crush replied to her text, she told her best friend excitedly, "I am Starburst-ing to tell you everything!"

92. The candy loved her husband because even when he was sour, he was the sweetest.

93. When you propose to a plant lover, just say, "Aloe you vera much."

94. There is so mushroom in my heart, and all of it is for you.

95. To propose to a veggie lover, just say, "You are my heart beet."

96. Don't go bacon my heart.

97. Lettuce celebrate Valentine's day!

98. Donut leave me ever.

99. We need to taco' about you and me.

100. Olive you. You have taken a pizza my heart.

101. Please be mine and be my butter half.

102. My love for you runs from my head tomatoes.

103. You're so sweet, you are my jam.

104. I'm soy loving being with you.

105. I am your best flan. I'll follow you everywhere.

106. I never yolk when I say you are my one and only.

107. I love you so much because you make miso happy pho real.

108. I loaf you too much. Please brie mine.

109. Honey, we make the best couple. We should date.

110. You are so grape, let's hang.

111. Muffin can come close to your sweetness.

112. A lemon's favorite Jason Mraz song is 'Lime yours.'

113. Udon know how much I adore you.

114. I have bean loving you for so long, I'm telling you now.

115. A vegan's favorite Carly Rae Jepsen love song is 'Kale me maybe.'

116. You've stolen a peas of my soul.

117. We look so gouda with each other.

118. Life without you is melon-colic.

119. Thyme stops when we get together.

120. We make such a good matcha.

121. When you compliment an egg lover, just say they look eggs-quisite.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Valentine's Day puns and Valentine's Day jokes, then why not take a look at these fire puns, or for something different, take a look at these balloon puns.

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