80+ Best Card Puns For Special Occasions

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DIY Christmas card

What you write on a card reflects your personality.

There is no one rule when it comes to writing puns on a card. It just has to be funny, clever, unique and to the point.

Cards are one of the most intimate gifts you can give someone. You can customize the writing according to your convenience.

Some of our friends, family, and colleagues really a-peach-iate our humor and they deserve pun-filled greeting cards that will make them laugh and feel special. Jokes for cards have a wide range because there are so many occasions to celebrate.

We can get creative while writing Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Thank You Cards, Mother's Day Cards, Father's Day Cards, and the list goes on.

But greeting card puns should never get out of hands, it should not offend the person and spoil their mood. Here's a list of puns that will help you with your card game.

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Birthday Card Puns

Writing the same old 'happy birthday' every year can get a bit boring for both the giver and the receiver. It's time for us to spice things up a bit and surprise them with a funny birthday card.

We have a list of funny birthday puns for cards you can use for your friends' and families' birthday cards this year.

1. Happy Brothday!

2. I have some birthday fishes for you and I hope you have a fin-tastic birthday.

3. This might sound a bit corny but I hope you have a-maize-ing birthday.

4. I hope your party will be so fun that even bankers won't lose interest.

5. I got you a book about glue for your birthday. I hope it sticks with you.

6. Have an eggcellent birthday!

7. Another year older but you donut seem to age.

8. I hope you have a tea-reffic birthday.

9. Let's shell-ebrate your birthday dinner together.

10. Brother, I can’t espresso how much you bean to me since the day you were born.

11. I was going to get you a pack of gum as a birthday present, but I couldn’t find one. I guess it was not mint to be.

12. Candles love birthday celebrations so much because they always get lit on such occasions.

13. I thought what would be a great gift for you and then I realized you already have the greatest gift of all time. You have the present!

14. Did you know people with the most birthdays live the longest?

15. You are getting shoulder every day.  

16. For the record, you’re not old, you’re a classic.

17. Don't play pop music at your birthday party because balloons hate pops.

18. Some people only dream of cakes others bake it happen. Here's a homemade birthday cake for you.

19. You are so g-old that you are one candle away from starting a house fire.

20. Enjoy your birthday ache.

Valentine's Day Card Puns

Humor is a way to win someone's heart. Cute puns on their card can make your loved one's day. Here are some puns you can include while writing greeting cards for Valentine's day.

21. Yoda one for me.

22. You and your presence meme so much to me.

23. You will have a pizza my heart always.

24. My heart beets for you.

25. You are so grate and you make my heart melt.

26. I love you a latte from the first time we met for coffee.

27. I love it when we avocuddle.

28. I will a-peach-iate your prescent forever.

29. We look soda-lightful together.

30. Did pie tell you are berry sweet?

31. Owl love you forever.

32. You are like no otter.

33. Wood you like to be my Valentine?

34. You are soo sweet that I love you dairy much.

35. I think we will make a great pear.

36. I lava you even when you get mad at me.

37. If you were a number, you would be a cutie 3.14159265359.

38. Olive you forever.

39. Every day I wake up to love you s'more.

40. I will love you meow and for the rest of our lives.

41. You are a 30-degree angle because you are so acute.

42. The time we spend together is koala-ty time.

43. Yoda Obi-wan for me.

44. You make miso happy.

45. I love you from my head tomatoes.

46. I wood never leaf you.

47. I carrot a lot about you.

Funny Christmas Card Puns

Who wouldn't love funny Christmas cards? Christmas card puns automatically uplift the holiday spirit in everyone. Here's a list of funny puns for Christmas cards.  

48. Take good care of your-elf.

49. I'll see you soon fir sure.

50. Your gift was so meaningful snow thanking you.

51. Don't be a rude-olph during the holiday.

52. Enjoy the holidays with your pup and look out for Santa paws.

53. Have a very meowy Christmas.

54. I hope you have a purr-fect holiday.

55. Merry Christmas you little elf-made man.

56. You have the voice to sleigh my name in the most jingle way.

57. Make sure to give me a round of Santa-plause for all my puns.

58. Icy why you don't want to come to the party but you will be missed.

59. I am sorry for being so Santa-mental.

60. Don't fir-get to take off the lights.

61. Have a great moo year.

62. Long live our resolution.

Wedding Card Puns

Weddings can be stressful. The bride and the groom might get tired after all the ceremonies and rituals. A wedding card funny enough to lift up their energy and make them feel special. We have prepared such a list for you that will help your spouse up your card game.

63. You grew up so much right in front of our marry eyes, and today you are getting married.

64. You are not a late groomer, after all.

65. Fry-nally you decided to get married.

66. The wait was worth-aisle.

67. A happy start cakes a happy ending.

68. And now you are going to cake him as your lawfully wedded husband.

69. Getting hitched was a bride idea.

70. Keep your spouse safe from thieves.

71. In a groom full of stars, she would still look at you.

72. Just remember that bride comes before fall.

73. Your marriage awaits you.

74. Don't forget to spouse things up.

75. Don't get caught wed-handed eating all the cake alone.

76. You two bee-long together.

77. Don't Lego of each other.

78. You mermaid to be forever.

Thank You Card Puns

The best way to thank someone is through thank you puns. When you are appreciating someone or showing gratitude to someone, it should be personalized and unique. The receiver should be able to feel what you felt when they helped you. Here are some ideas on how you can make funny cards to thank someone.

79. Thank you berry much for all the tasty pies.

80. I am grate-ful to you.

81. I donut know how to thank you.

82. Please accept the breads. Its the yeast I  can do to say thank you.

83. Thank you snow much for the gifts.

84. Thanks! That was whaley nice of you to do this.

85. Thanks for pudding all your faith with me.

86. You have been a koala-tea friend to me throughout.

87. Thank ewe, best friend!

88. You were pawsome. Thank meow.

89. Thank you for the cherrific fruit basket.

90. I am grapeful you took my side.

91. I am otternally thankful to you.

92. Thank you for being a Souper teacher.

93. Thank you for chew-sing my team.

94. Thanks pho being there when I needed you.

95. Lettuce thank you for being the best coach.

96. Thank you all for your commit-mints. `

Wedding Anniversary Card Puns

Wedding anniversaries are special to happy couples. It reminds them of the day they tied their knots and lived happily ever after. Its not that difficult to make someone laugh on an already special day.

A simple pun card reminding them of their marriage can do wonders. An anniversary card pun can be written for absolutely anyone.

You can give a pun card to your parents on their anniversary or your friends. You can even give a pun card to your butter half on your anniversary. Check out the list we have put together.

97. You did a grape job raisin me. Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!

98. Sitting down with you every day for the rest of our lives is something I chairish. Happy Anniversary, my love.

99. Avo great anniversary.

100. You have been a dino-mite couple for all these years.

101. Happy Anniversary, my butter half.

102. It's so good to see you are still crazy pho each other after all these years.

103. You have octopi-ed each other's hearts for ten years now.

104. I love you watts and watts, my dear wife.

105. Man, you were not kitten in your wedding vows when you said you said "We will always be together from meow on".

106. Can you believe it's already a year? Time fries when you are with the right person.

Get Well Soon Card Puns

Jokes on cards can make an ill person feel better and even laugh through all the pain. A pun card can show you concern and your humor at the same time. Here's a list that will make your normal card a pun card and of course make the sick person laugh and cheer up.

107. I heard you are a little pail right now. Hope you feel well soon.

108. I am sorry you feel so waffle.

109. We miss you at work. Get whale soon.

110. Don't forget to eat your fruits to peel better soon.

111. Wishing you an espresso recovery.

112. I heard you need a cataract surgery. Eye hope you feel better soon.

113. Don't feel de-feet-ed. You will recover soon.

114. Sorry you feel deflated. We missed you at practice but don't worry you will bounce back soon.

115. I heard about your broken bone. Don't worry because it's going tibia okay.

116. Get butter very soon.

117. I corn't believe you are sick. Peas get well soon.

118. I heard you don't feel so gouda. Hope you feel cheddar soon.

Funny Friendship Day Cards

Friendship is one of the most important form of relationship one can have. And friends are most likely to get our jokes because they probably have the same kind of humor themselves.

On the occasion of friendship's day, we celebrate the friendship we hold and all the crazy time we have spent together with our friends. Cards for friendship day should be filled with puns more than any other cards. So, here's a  list of friendship day card funny puns to show your friends you love them.

119. I value our friend-chip the most.

120. If our friendship was to be a food, it would be a fine-apple.

121. You are a fungi to hang out with.

122. I hope our friendship goes onion and on.

123. Our friendship is a big dill to me.

124. We are major friendsheep goals.

125. We are best teas since childhood.

126. You are the person who nose it all.

127. The kiwi to our friendship is humor.

128. I bee leaf in you.

129. Orange you glad to have a friend like me in your life?

130. I miss hanging out with you so please ketchup soon.

131. I moss be the funniest friend you have.

132. I miss our deerly talks.

133. Nothing beets the time we spent together in school.

134. I wasn't lion when I said we will be friends forever.

We hope this article inspired you in your search for puns, if you want some more hilarious ideas why not look at cake puns or Thanksgiving jokes and puns.

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