69 Beautiful Indian Flower Names For Blossoms And Babies

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Originally Published on Apr 21, 2022
Pink Lotus flower blooming in summer pond with green leaves.
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India is a country where the land is fertile, and avoiding the greenery all around the countryside is not possible.

The national flower of India is the lotus flower which is a beautiful flower of the Indian subcontinent. Such is the popularity of flower names that parents consider appropriate for baby names, along with related bird names and names of butterflies.

Indian Names For Flowers

Flower names are very popular all over the world as baby names. In this section, we bring you a list of some Indian names that represent blossoms and sound beautiful when used for sweet little babies.

Ankur (Indian origin), meaning 'flower, bud, or blossom,' is a common name for boys in India.

Arman (Persian origin), meaning 'wish' or 'hope' in Hindi, is also another name for the 'amaranth' flower. 

Arnit (Indian origin), meaning 'eternal, beautiful flower,' is a Marathi name for boys.

Arvind (Sanskrit origin), derived from the Sanskrit word 'aravinda,' means 'lotus' and is a common Indian name for boys.

Ayana (Indian origin), meaning 'beautiful flower,' is a pretty name for girls.

Bakul (Indian origin), meaning 'sweet-smelling flower' or 'blossom,' is a common Gujarati name. It is also the name of a flower.

Gulshan (Indian origin), meaning 'flower garden,' is an old-school, popular, masculine name.

Gulwant (Indian origin), meaning 'beautiful flower,' is a common name for Sikh males and females.

Indivar (Indian origin), meaning 'blue lotus,' is a masculine name associated with the Hindu deity Lord Vishnu.

Indukamal (Indian origin),meaning 'the white lotus,' is a masculine name.

Joshika (Indian origin), meaning 'cluster of flower buds,' is a feminine Indian name.

Juhi (Indian origin) is another name for the jasmine flower. It is a common Indian name for girls. A famous Bollywood actress also goes by the name Juhi Chawla.

Kairav (Indian origin) is quite a unique name for boys. It represents white lotus and also means 'born from the water.'

Kamal (Indian origin), meaning 'lotus,' is one of the common masculine baby names in India. 

Kamlesh (Indian origin), meaning 'God of Lotus' or 'the preserver,' is another common name for males in India. It also represents Lord Vishnu.

Kanchan (Indian origin) is a common female name that means 'gold,' 'wealth,' or 'bright and shining.' It is also another name for the Bauhinia purpurea flower.

Kinshuk (Indian origin), meaning 'a flower,' is an Indian name for boys.

Kshiraj (Indian origin) is a name for boys with many meanings,including 'moon,' 'lotus,' 'nectar,' or 'conch shell.'

Kunal (Indian origin), meaning 'lotus' or 'golden,' is one of the common baby names for boys.

Mahua (Indian origin)is the name of an intoxicating flower and also a common feminine name in India.

Nalesh (Indian origin), meaning 'the king of flowers,' is a masculine name

Neelkamal (Indian origin), meaning 'blue lotus,' is an old-school masculine name.

Neeraj (Indian origin), meaning 'lotus,' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'neeraja,' which combines the meaning of 'water' and 'born.' 

Neisha (Indian origin), meaning 'special' or 'lovely flower,' is a sweet Indian name for girls.

Nilofer (Urdu origin), meaning 'lotus' as well as 'water Lily,' is a Muslim name for girls which means 'water lily.' 

Padman (Indian origin) is an Indian name for boys, and it is also another synonymous name for 'lotus.'

Padmesh (Indian origin), meaning 'consort of Padma,' represents Lord Vishnu.

Palash (Indian origin), meaning 'flowering tree,' is the name of a fiery orange-colored flower. This is also an Indian name for boys.

Pallav (Indian origin), meaning a 'newborn leaf,' is a good name for boys.

Pankaj (Indian origin) is a masculine name commonly used in India and Nepal. It is derived from the Sanskrit word paṅkaja, referring to the 'lotus flower.'

Pankhuri (Indian origin), meaning the 'petals of a flower,' is also used to refer to the 'leaf of rose.' This is a gorgeous Indian name for girls.

Rikisha (Indian origin), meaning 'rose flower,' is a unique feminine name.

Sindhura (Indian origin), meaning 'hibiscus flower,' is the Telugu variant of this name for girls meaning 'charming' or 'responsibility.'

Suman (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'intelligent' or 'wise,' is the name of a pink/red flower and is a common Indian name for girls.

Chandramallika (Indian origin), meaning 'queen who resides on the moon,' is an old-school feminine name. It is the Hindi name for the flower called chrysanthemum.

A yellow Daisy flower between fingers

Popular Indian Flower Names In English

As mentioned before, India is the homeland of around 50,000 plant species. This section sheds light on species that are among some of the popular Indian flowering plants, the names of which can be used for your baby.

Rose (Latin origin), meaning 'flower' in Old English, was translated as 'roese' and 'rohese.'

Jasmine (Persian origin) is a feminine name that means 'gift from god.' It is also the English name for the popular Indian flower known as 'chameli' in Hindi.

Daisy (Old English origin), meaning 'day's eye,' is derived from an Old English word. The Hindi name for this popular Indian flower is 'gulbahaar.'

Lily (Latin origin) is an English flower name derived from the Latin word 'lilium,' which was itself derived from the Greek word 'leirion.' Though it means just lily, it has been used as an adjective for whiteness and purity. In Hindi, lily is called 'kumudini.'

Dahlia (Latin origin) is a pretty name for girls inspired by the dahlia flower named after the botanist A Dahl.

Zinnia (Latin origin), meaning 'flower,' is a beautiful flower that can be seen in multiple colors. This can be a great name for females. 

Tulip (Turkish origin), meaning 'turban,' is the name of the popular flower that has a distinctive shape similar to its meaning.

Beautiful Indian Flower Names For Girls

Orchids and roses are flowers that blossom during spring and are related to wedding decorations. There are numerous names synonymous with various flowers with beautiful meanings as well. This section includes such names that you can use to name your baby girl.

Aboli (Indian origin), meaning 'a flower,' is a popular Maharashtrian name. 

Amaara (Sanskrit origin) is derived from the Sanskrit word 'amara,' which means a flower that will never fade away, be it spring or summer.

Ivy (English and Latin origin), meaning 'faithfulness in the language of flowers,' is a botanical name. Ancient Greeks presented an ivy wreath to newlyweds as a symbol of fidelity. 

Debasmita (Indian origin) is a popular Bengali name having the fragrance and beauty of a delicate flower that 'can make even a god smile.' 

Ganika (Indian origin) is the flower name of Indian origin, meaning fragrant and pleasing like a flower. It is the bud of a jasmine flower. 

Kashni (Indian origin) is a flower name of Hindi origin, and itsignifies Lordess Laxmi and a special girl. 

Marigold (English origin)is a flower name meaning golden flower. Marigold has a sweet, sunny, quirky feel and is seen as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. The beauty of the marigold flower is at its peak in the summer.

Neerja (Indian origin), also spelled as 'Nirja' or 'Neeraja' or 'Niraja,' is the name of the Lotus flower associated with Goddess Laxmi. 

Shivli (Indian origin)is another prominent Bengali name for the jasmine flower, which emanates an intoxicating fragrance. 

Suryamani (Indian origin) is a flower name of Hindi origin, meaning a flower that resembles the sun's gem.  

Sayali (Indian origin)is a flower name with Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu origin. It is a white-colored delicate flower. The name has a lot of variations in different languages.   

Indian Flower Names By Seasons

The variety of flowers that bloom around us are dependent upon the seasons that take place in the year. Orchids, hibiscus, jasmine, roses are popular summer plants in India. There are flowers that you can only see in summers, while some can only bloom during winters. Here are some Indian flowers blooming in different seasons.

Aster (Ancient Greek origin) is the name of a winter flower. It can be used as a name that means 'star.'

Clarkia (North American origin) is the name of a flower that blooms during the winters in India. 

Pansy (American origin), meaning 'violet flower,' is another flower of the winter season. It can be used as a name for females in India.

Petunia (Latin origin), meaning 'flower from the nightshade family,' is the name of the flower that can be used for naming girls. 

Salvia (Latin origin), meaning 'whole' or 'healthy,' is a feminine name inspired by bright colored flowers.

Verbena (Spanish and Latin origins), meaning 'sacred foliage,' is a winter flower commonly seen in light mauve, pink, cream, and white colors.

Sweat Pea (Informal origin), meaning 'endearment for something lovely or sweet,' is a flower that grows during winters. It can be used as a nickname.

Statice (Latin origin), meaning 'sea lavender,' is the name of a winter-blooming flower. 

Champa (Indian origin), meaning 'fragrant flower,' is one of the most popular Indian flowers that bloom during summers. It is a sweet feminine name.

Daffodil (English origin), meaning 'yellow flower,' is a pretty name for girls. It is inspired by the beautiful bright yellow color trumpet-shaped flowers.

Primrose (English origin), meaning 'first rose' has its name derived from the Latin word 'prima rosa,' meaning summer flower.

Begonia (French origin), meaning 'Begon's flower,' is a feminine name. This summer flower of India was named after the amateur horticulturalists and French administrator Michel Bégon.

Peonies (Latin origin), meaning 'healing,' is a feminine name. It is the name of the flowers that can be seen blooming in summers in a variety of colors.

Bougainvillea is a summer flower plant. Bougainvillea is known for its red or purple colored flowers.

Sunflower (Greek origin) is a flower name derived from Greek words that mean 'sun' and 'flower' since these plants tend to turn and bloom towards the sun.

Poppy (Latin origin) is the name of the flower blooming in the summer. This cute name means 'red flower.'

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