86 Famous Flower Names In Japanese To Name Beautiful Babies

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When it comes to famous flower names, then the names meaning weakened flower in Japanese and names meaning ice flower in Japanese are the most common.

Japanese flower names are a reflection of the Japanese culture as they often represent a bond of love. Many Japanese people consider Japanese flowers to be a symbol of eternal love and pure heart, this is the reason that a Japanese name would often represent a flower.

Did you know Sakura, or the cherry blossom, is the Japanese national flower!

Some of the most popular Japanese flowers are ajisai hydrangea, Japanese apricot, kosumosu cosmos, kaneshon carnation, Tsubaki camellia, kinmokusei orange osmanthus, sakurasou Primula sieboldii, Sumire violet, Kiku chrysanthemum, momo peach, Sakura cherry blossoms, Ume plum blossom, and Rabendā Lavender.

Names That Mean Flower In Japanese

You can name your child after some elegant and beautiful names of flowers in the Japanese language. Such names signify absolute beauty, a life full of sweet fragrance, and positivity. Sakura cherry blossoms, Ume plum blossom, Rabendā Lavender, are some of the most popular flowers.

Akaibara (Japanese Origin) meaning 'red rose' as a symbol of glad tidings, romance, and love is the best name for your lovely little child.

Akaichurippu (Japanese Origin) meaning 'red tulip'' is a symbol of long-lasting love signifying your eternal love for your child.

Akina (Japanese Origin) meaning 'spring flowers' symbolizes bonding and relationships as a name that can bring the happiness of the flowering season.

Akira (Japanese Origin) meaning 'gentle flower', suits the gentleness of your baby like plants.

Amarante (Japanese Origin) meaning 'flower' signifies immortality.

Atashi (Japanese Origin) meaning 'a blue flower' is an adorable name for baby girls.

Ayaka (Japanese Origin) meaning 'light red flower or petal' is a female name.

Azami (Japanese Origin) meaning 'thistle flower' is a girl's name.

Cherika (Japanese Origin) meaning 'cherry flower' suits the cherry-like cheeks of a newborn.

Chika (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Scarlett flowers' symbolizes wisdom and is a cute name for baby girls signifying the red color.

Daria (Japanese Origin) meaning 'dahlia' signifies leadership, is a sweet and lovely name signifying endless happiness.

Hana (Japanese Origin) meaning 'blossoming flower' symbolizes happiness and is the perfect name for your baby's blossoming life.

Hanae (Japanese Origin) meaning 'flower' is a simple and sober name for girls.

Hanashobu (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Japanese iris' signifies elegance and is a delicate name.

Hanayo (Japanese Origin) meaning 'world of flowers' is the best-suited name for filling your baby's life with eternal happiness.

Higanbana (Japanese Origin) meaning 'red spider lily' has quite a gloomy meaning yet a good name.

Himawari (Japanese Origin' meaning 'sunflower' is a popular flower and a bright and beautiful name for baby girls.

Hinata (Japanese Origin) meaning 'sunflower' signifies the sunlight lover and is a name to enrich your baby's life with light and opportunities.

Honoka (Japanese Origin) meaning 'harmonious flower' is the name that brings the beauty of the heart and harmony to life.

Jazmin (Persian Origin) meaning 'jasmine' is a sweet fragrant name.

Kaneshon (Japanese Origin), meaning 'carnation flower', signifies love as a vibrant pink flower.

Kaya (Scandinavian Origin) meaning 'flower', is the symbol of a natural body and is a female name for cute baby girls.

Kiku (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Chrysanthemum flower'. Kiku chrysanthemum is a floral name suitable for both boys and girls.

Kikyou (Japanese Origin) meaning 'bell flower' is a female name.

Ko (Japanese Origin) meaning 'flower' symbolizes beauty.

Kohana (Japanese Origin) meaning 'little flower' is an adorable name for your baby.

Kuki (Indian Origin) meaning 'decorated flowers' is a name enough to decorate your baby with.

Luna (Latin Origin) meaning 'lovely flower' signifies purity and is a name filled with moonlight and happiness.

Moeka (Japanese Origin) meaning 'sprout flower' is an attractive name for your sprouting baby.

Momoka (Japanese Origin) meaning 'peach flower' also means sweet smell, is a name for your peachy little kid.

Nari (Japanese Origin) meaning 'lily flower' is a name full of fragrance for your little girl.

Nikita (Roman Origin) meaning 'Lord of flowers' symbolizes victory, and is a strong yet beautiful name.

Pam (French Origin) meaning 'sweet Pamela signifies sweetness, is usually a baby girl's name.

Rabenda (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Lavender' symbolizes discipline and sincerity and is a name for baby girls signifying gorgeous looks.

Ran (Scandinavian Origin) meaning 'orchid flower' is a pleasing name that gives the effect of sweet little Japanese flowers, perfect for babies.

Rea (Greek Origin) meaning 'flower poppy' is quite suitable as a name for girls.

Ria (Greek Origin) meaning 'sweet smell of flowers' signifying love and bonding can bestow endless sweetness in your baby's life with a fascinating personality.

Roza (Perso-Arabic Origin) meaning 'rose flower' is good enough for filling your baby's life with colors.

Sai (Japanese Origin) meaning 'flower', signifying friendship, is a simple name for both baby boys and girls based on plants.

Sakura (Japanese Origin) meaning 'cherry blossoms' is a sweet flower signifying beauty and is the national flower of Japan.

Sen (Japanese Origin) meaning 'lotus flower' as a name is enough to enlighten your little one's life.

Suisen (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Japanese daffodils' is a lovely and enticing name for girls.

Suitopi (Japanese Origin) meaning 'sweet pea' signifies goodbye in Japanese culture.

Suma (Egyptian Origin) meaning 'flower' signifies nature and is a simple and sweet floral name for both boys and girls.

Sumire (Japanese Origin) meaning 'violet'. Sumire violet is a symbol of bliss and a bond of love.

Tesu (Indian Origin) meaning 'a flower name' is a good name for your child.

Tsubaki (Japanese Origin) meaning 'camellia flower' is a name both for boys and girls.

Yumika (Japanese Origin) meaning 'evening beauty flower' is a beautiful name for baby girls.

Yuna (Japanese Origin) meaning 'flower' symbolizes desire and is also a lovely name.

Yuri (Japanese Origin) meaning 'lily flower' is a feminine name.

Purple Columbine flowers with stems and leaves

Male Flower Names In Japanese

Flower names in the Japanese language are some of the cutest names to name your little champ! Go through the list of baby boys' names below. Flowers in Japan are an integral part of Japanese culture.

Airisu (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Iris Germanica' symbolizes loyalty and honesty is the perfect name for boys.

Ajisai (Japanese Origin) meaning 'hydrangea' symbolizes heartfelt emotion and gratitude, is a unique and extraordinary name for baby boys.

Aoi (Japanese Origin) meaning 'hollyhock flower' signifies the color blue, is a sweet little name for boys.

Asagao Morning Glory (Japanese Origin) meaning 'morning glory'. Asagao morning glory signifies morning, is a flower blooming in the morning like your baby.

Botan (Japanese Origin) meaning 'peony flower' signifies long life and is a baby boy's name signifying wealth and honor.

Hana (Japanese Origin) meaning 'flower blossom' signifies glow and radiance and is a name for your baby's day.

Kan-Botan (Japanese Origin) meaning 'winter peonies' symbolizes nobility and fertility, and is a surprisingly colorful name for the colorful life ahead of your baby.

KinmokuseiOrange Osmanthus (Japanese Origin) meaning 'orange Osmanthus' is a lovely name signifying an honest and nobleman.

Kosumosu (Japanese Origin) meaning 'cosmos flower' signifies the universe, is yet another unique name for your child.

Koyo (Japanese Origin) meaning 'autumn foliage' represents leaves of autumn and is a lovely name for baby boys.

Manjushage (Japanese Origin) meaning 'spider lily' is the flower of the heavens and a very unique and pretty name.

Ren (Japanese Origin) meaning 'lotus flower' symbolizes humanity and is a lovely baby boy name.

Rio (Japanese Origin) meaning 'white flower' symbolizes a place for cherry blossoms and is a fragrant name.

Sakurasou Primula Sieboldii (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Primula sieboldii'. Sakurasou Primula Sieboldii is another name for bunny.

Shobu (Japanese Origin), meaning 'iris', is a beautiful purple flower, a symbol of loyalty and good news.

Spring Flower Names In Japanese

Spring is the best time for renewal, for Japanese flowers to blossom, reach their ultimate beauty, and also to share love, and romance, and build strong bonds with care. Famous flowers in Japan represent long-lasting love. Below are the names of some spring flowers for your baby!

Ayame (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Iris Germanica' symbolizes love means loyalty and is a lovely name for girls.

Bara (Japanese Origin) meaning 'roses' is a name both for boys and girls.

Churippu (Japanese Origin) meaning 'tulip'. Churippu tulip is a cute name for baby girls.

Fuji (Japanese Origin) meaning 'wisteria' is a blue-colored flower, a unique name.

Hana Akari (Japanese Origin) meaning 'cherry blossom night', is yet another cherry blossom name for your child.

Hanami (Japanese Origin) meaning 'cherry blossom' represents springtime to its fullest and is a cheerful name in the Japanese language.

Hazakura (Japanese Origin) meaning 'cherry blossom leaves' is an influential component of the spring season.

Mankai (Japanese Origin) meaning 'full bloom cherry blossom' symbolizes satisfaction, and is a cheerful name for your little one.

Nanohana (Japanese Origin) meaning 'grapeseed' signifies the start of the spring season.

Nemophira (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Nemophila' is another unique but modern name for babies.

Poppi (Japanese Origin) meaning 'poppy' signifies gentleness is a cute, delicate, and enchanting name for baby girls.

Rairakku (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Syringa or Lilac' is a rare name for both girls and boys in the Japanese language.

Rurikarakusa (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Nemophila Menziesii' is a famous baby blue Japanese flowers, a suitable name for babies, especially with blue eyes.

Sakura Cherry Blossom (Japanese Origin) meaning 'cherry blossom' symbolizes optimism and renewal and is a lovely and attractive name.

Sakura Fubuki (Japanese Origin) meaning 'cherry blossom blizzard' is a floral name for a formidable personality.

Sakura Zensen (Japanese Origin) meaning 'cherry blossom' is a cute floral name for girls.

Shibazakura (Japanese Origin) meaning 'creeping phlox' is a unique and unusual name for babies.

Tsutsuji (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Rhododendron or azalea' signifies purity and prayers and a holy name as well.

Ume (Japanese Origin) meaning 'plum blossom or apricot' is a pure and white flower.

Night Flower Names In Japanese

The red rose, yellow rose, red tulip, and white rose are integral parts of Japanese culture. Certain flowers bloom only at night time in autumn and below are their names. These Japanese flowers signify the purity of the moon. Here are some interesting names for Japanese flowers in Japan which are famous in the Japanese culture:

Sereusu (Japanese Origin) meaning 'cereus' is the name of a night-blooming flower signifying silence and purity.

Yuuhana (Egyptian Origin) meaning 'evening flower' is a name both for baby boys and girls.

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