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'Darkest Dungeon' is a role-playing game, and many players want their 'Darkest Dungeon' group names to be unique.

The unique group names for 'Darkest Dungeon' represent players, 'Darkest Dungeon' characters, and their style of playing. If you are planning to form strong and fearless 'Darkest Dungeon' team comps, your name must represent it.

Naming your teams is never easy, here we have prepared a list including a variety of team's name for the 'Darkest Dungeon' heroes and pro players. You can always go for some character-related names like plague doctor, bounty hunter, or you can also choose some funny team names such as a 'mad dog' or 'crewfy'.

Heroes are divided into several groups known as the 'Darkest Dungeon' classes. A new man at arms and grave robber always comes with some crush skills. Plague and leper last until removed; the doctor can help in recovering.

Jester has different kinds of skills and weapons that can help him survive the battle. The variety of Dark Dungeon's characters also influence the names.

It is full of interesting characters from bounty hunter to the highwayman; every one has its own role to play. Such a new leper always comes with intense chop skill; diseases can be cured by plague doctor or grave robber, Highwayman, hellion, the man at arms, and abomination are 30% disease resistant.

Before deciding, always consult and take feedback from your team's members, ultimately they are part of your teams, and so it's important that they like are confident about the name.

If you are looking for more for character-based names, you can check out our articles on Bounty Hunter Names and Assassin Names.

Character-Inspired Darkest Dungeon Names Ideas

You can always like character inspired names. These are inspired by different characters; you may consider these names so that you can find the best name to back your team or party.

1. Alpha Crusader - Inspired by the character of Crusader, he always comes with smite skills.

2. Bone Crush Hellion - It is inspired by popular American rapper Bone Crusher.

3. Bravo Jester - From jester, he always comes with harvest skills.

4. Crusader Squad - It can be associated with the 'Suicide Squad' movie.

5. Enemies Armor

6. Epic Vestal

7. Graveyard Doctors - Has the capability of curing the different diseases of the hero.

8. Hellion Mafia - It is inspired by 'Mafia: Definitive Edition' action-adventure video game.

9. Highwayman Commandos - Is a new highwayman comes with pistol shot skills.

10. Houndmaster

11. Jester Lord - Can kill heroes without making death door.

12. Leper King

13. Pitch Vestal - Comes with divine grace skills.

14. Replevin Plague Doctor

15. Stark Jester - Possess the power to kill heroes.

16. Vicious Enemy

17. Vigor Highwayman - It can't be removed using "remove debuffs."

18. Vixen Warrior - It can be associated with the popular web series 'Warrior Nun'.

19. Wild Crusade - It has aflexible kit that can make him all-rounder in many situations.

20. Women Cult

Best Team Names Ideas

You may get many suggestions for naming your group but choosing the best out of it is your call, and you must choose something that represents all members together.

It should be unique as well as heroic, something catchy is always preferable, a common theme for all members is a must, here is a list of the best names for your party.

21. Akuma Catchers meaning "The catchers of demons (Akura)".

22. Astral Assasins - It is inspired by the movie 'Assasin's Creed'.

23. Astunia Soldiers - A magical forest creatures.

24. Cabalistic Penetrators

25. Chikara Eradicators - They are highly skilled archers.

26. Dark Warriors - It can be associated with drama series 'Warrior'.

27. Death Chasers - The followers of Yamraj, the soul catcher God according to Hindu mythology.

28. Destiny Vandals - It can be associated with the movie 'Vandals' which was released in 2019.

29. Dragon Trappers - The catchers of the dragon.

30. Fantastic Samurai - It is inspired by 'Samurai Champloo' a Japanese animated series.

31. Gala Inducers - The killing weapons of supernatural substances.

32. Goblin Assassins - It can be associated with 'Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown' anime film.

33. Gollum Boggarts - The mutated creature having supernatural power.

34. Heaven Killers

35. Hell Shooters - The killer devil in the hell.

36. Jackerwocky Dancers

37. Jin Summoners - They can call the 'Jin' by performing magic.

38. Komatsu KO

39. Konami Kongs - They are powerful gorillas having supernatural power.

40. Kurai Crushers

Unique Names For Darkest Dungeon Teams

Choosing a unique and stylish player name can attract your rival team's attention, and you can make your presence felt on the ground. Here is a list of fearless and strong teams.

41. Life Seekers - Thefollowers of Brahma, God of creations according to Hindu mythology.

42. Loka Occultists

43. Lucifer Yankers - The demons hanging on the hoods.

44. Mad-Eye Killers

46. Mizu Rafters - More popularly known as the shifting killers.

47. Muggle Killers - It is inspired by the term muggle from the 'Harry Potter' series.

48. Nakamura Destroyers - Nakamura is a Japanese word meaning "power".

49. Nemesis Combatants

50. Oak Hunters - The magical hunters who kill the cursed people.

51. Ogre Vassals

52. Skora Fighters - An imaginary magical land army.

53. Takashi Dementors

54. Tarantino Fighters - The teleport skilled fighters.

55. Vermont Mystics

56. Watashi Swords - The swords with supernatural powers.

57. Yamamoto Decimeters

58. Yokohama Illuminators - They possess the power of lightning.

59. Yokoshima Demons

60. Zachary Esoterics - These magical folks have eternal power.

Names From Fantasy World

Cute picture of a mini dragon

Everyone has different choices and tastes, many like superheroes and characters of some novel or video games, so here is a list of player names inspired by different games and characters of the fantasy world.

61. Aegon Army, from 'The Land of Westeros'.

62. Aerys Killers, from 'Starks'.

63. Ayakashii Demolishers, from 'Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales'.

64. Azkaban Rogues, from 'Harry Potter'.

65. Barbarian Masters, from 'Fish Wilder'.

66. Dokrakhi Monsters, from 'Game of Thrones'.

67. Doralis Necromancers, from 'The Witch Killers and Wizard Raisers'.

68. Iratus Followers, from 'The Lord of the dead army'.

69. Legolas Archers, from 'The Lord of the ring'.

70. Merlin Magicians, from 'The Cursed'.

71. Monster Catchers, from 'The Monster Catchers'.

72. Mugwort Mutants, the descendants of the Mugwort tree.

73. Pendragon Troopers, from 'The cursed'.

74. Quito Sorcerers, from 'Andromeda Galaxy'.

75. Rhaegar Druids, from 'Game of Thrones'.

76. Stormborn Champions, from 'Danaerys Targaryen'.

77. Troll Army, from 'I am a Troll'.

78. Valour Raskarians, from 'Britannia'.

79. Viserys Warriors, from 'Game of Thrones'.

80. Westeros Warriors, from 'Game of Thrones.'

81. Witch Hunters, from 'The Witch Killers'.

Cool Team Names For Darkest Dungeon

Image of a dragon temple

Naming your team after something which will act as an inspiration to boost your team's morale is a good idea. Here is a good collection of team names for your party; you can easily find a suitable match, that goes well with your mood as well as is a good representation of your team's members.

82. Adventurous Party

83. Aidan Jester meaning "the fiery one".

84. Back Propup

85. Blaze At Jester

86. Blaze Of Party

87. Bloody Highwayman - Inspired by the movie 'The Bloody Reunion'.

88. Chaos At Party

89. Crusader Crawlers - It is taken from the video game 'Stronghold: Crusader'.

90. Crusader Curse - It is associated with the 'Crusaders of Light' video game.

91. Cursed Party

92. Dark Vestal

93. Defending Vestal

94. Devious Vestal

95. Doctor Adventure - It is inspired by the 2019 movie 'Doctor Sleep'.

96. Doctors Brace

97. Draco The Jester - It is associated with Draco Lucius Malfoy from J. K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series.

98. Evil Crusader

99. Falkor Jester - It is inspired by 'Jesters: The Game Changers', a South Korean movie.

100. Fearless Jester - It is taken from the movie 'Fearless Hyena 2'.

101. Finest Party

102. Fin Fang Jester - It is associated with 'The Jester' movie.

103. Freaky Bounty Hunter - Inspired by the movie 'Bounty Hunters'.

104. Graceful Foctor

105. Hamlet Vestal

106. Hellacious Man At Arms

107. Helly Man At Arms

108. Houndy Jester - Inspired by 'The Hounds of Tindalos' book by Frank Belknap Long.

109. Intense Party

110. Jester Apep

111. Jester Relief

112. The Man At Arms Heavenly

113. Monster Plague - Associated with 'Monsters' Inc.' movie.

114. Party Attack

115. Party Madness

116. Red Man At Arms - Inspired by red John from the series 'The Mentalist'.

117. Relentless Jester - Can be associated with 'Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable' a Book by Tim S. Grover.

118. Rouge Plague

119. Swampy Vestal - The term Vestal is associated with the Roman goddess Vesta.

120. The Flawed Crusader

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Darkest Dungeon team names then why not take a look at something different like Jester Names or Blood Elf Names.

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