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Animals are our best friends, and they have proven it now and then.

If you have a cat, you might be looking for some good names. You can check out for some unique Russian names for your little friends as Russian names are both sweet and strong for male and female cats.

Cats have been our pets for a very long time now. They are the best partners in crime. Cats are cute and loyal, making us want to gift them with some cool and different names.

Giving a stylish Russian name to them would be a great choice. (Did you know that 'koshka' is Russian for cat?) Keeping this in mind, we have crafted a list of some fabulous Russian names which may make your choice that little bit easier.

For more cat name inspiration, take a look at these white cat names and these cat pun names.

Awesome Male Russian Cat Names

Russian male cat names have always had some awesomeness to them. And you can choose from among the male cat names on our list to make your cat cooler. These are some of the most popular Russian cat names for male Russian cats.

1. Alek means "protector of mankind"; short for Aleksandr.

2. Alexander (Greek Origin)means "defender of people". The name is associated with the famous Greek emperor, Alexander the Great.

3. Alyosha means "defender of man".

4. Arseny means "manly". This name can be associated with Soviet poet and translator Arseny Tarkovsky.

5. Boris means "fighter". This is associated with a famous character from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons.

6. Czar means "Emperor". Czar or Tsar was a term used to denote the East and South Slavic Monarchs.

7. Dmitry means "devotee of Demeter". This name is related to Dmitry Mendeleev, a Russian chemist, and inventor, famous for formulating the Periodic Law.

8.Feliks means "lucky".

9. Feodor means "divine gift".

10.Igor means "warrior".

11.Konstantin means "firm" or "constant". This is the name of the former prince of Russia, Konstantin Konstantinovich.

12.Luka meaning "light".

13.Misha is the short form of 'Mikhail' meaning "bear cub".

14.Mstislav means "glory". The Russian cellist Mstislav Rostropovich can be associated with this name.

15. Nikolai means "victory".

16.Pyotr means"rock". It is the Russian form of Peter.

17. Rasputin means "rebirth". This name is associated with a greater ruler of Russia, Grigory Novykh.

18. Sputnik means "traveling companion". Sputnik is the world's first popular Russian satellite to be placed in the earth's orbit.

19.Stanislav means "Standing in glory".

20. Vladamir means "power". This name is associated with the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

21. Volya means "will" or "freedom".

22.Yaroslav means "fierce" and "glorious".

23. Yuri means "farmer". Yuri is the name of the first cosmonaut in space, Yuri Gagarin.

Awesome Female Russian Cat Names

Portrait of a cat

The Russian cat names for females are very cute and pretty. Russians generally choose beautiful cat names for the feminine ones. And these common Russian cat names may be one of your preferred names for your little friend! Here we have formulated a list of some Russian names for your female cat.

24.Alina means "beautiful".

25.Anastasia means "resurrection". This is a famous female Russian cat name associated with a legendary Greek warrior.

26.Anya means "gracious" or "merciful". Anya is a character from the television series 'Star Trek : The Next Generation'.

27.Arina means "peace".

28.Barynya means "landlady". It is a good female name in Russian for cats.

29.Bronislava means "protection and glory".

30.Darya means "sea".

31.Dasha means "God's gift".

32.Dunya means "well pleased".

33.Ekaterina means "Pure". It is the Russian form of Katherine.

34.Evgenia means "noble".

35.Fedora (Ukrainian origin) means "God's gift".

36.Galina means "calm" or "tranquil". This name inspired by the Russian Pianist Galina Ezuiazarova can be a good choice for your Russian blue cat.

37.Inna means "little girl".

38.Irina means "peace". One of the unique female Russian cat names related to an ancient Greek Goddess.

39.Katya means "pure".

40.Ludmila means "love of people". Ludmila is a Brazilian singer-songwriter.

41.Margosha means "pearl".

42.Marina means "from the sea"

43.Masha means "like God". A famous female Russian cat name.

44.Nadine means "hope". This is a great female name for cats, inspired by Nadine, a fictional character in Stephen King's novel, 'The Stand'.

45.Natasha means "born on Christmas day".

46.Tatyana means "fair queen". A great Russian name for a female cat associated with a regiment of young ladies of Russia from WWII.

47. Tirgatao means "unclear". A famous female Russian cat name that is derived from a Russian Warrior princess.

Unisex Russian Cat Names

Some of us might be thinking of naming the cats with a name suitable for both the male and the female. Here is our list of some great Russian names for cats with deep and awesome meaning.

48.Aristotle (Greek Origin) means "best". It is associated with the famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle.

49.Asia (Greek origin) means "resurrection". It is derived from the great Greek god Herodotus.

50.Baba Yaga means "witch". A popular Russian name derived from an infamous Slavic witch of the same name.

51.Bimka means "lovely".

52.Dima means "belongs to Lord". It is the name of a popular Russian saint.

53.Ilya means "strength of God".

54.Kot means "cat".

55.Maxim (Roman origin) means "greatest". This is related to a great Latin family named Maximus.

56.Nikita means "victory". This is one of the unique names for a cat in Russian related to a character from a song by Elton John.

57.Ocelot (French origin) means "dwarf".

58.Oksana means "praise to God".

59.Pasha means "small".

60.Sparkle (English origin) means "glisten". One of the unique cat names for Russian blue cats.

61.Tianna means "fairy queen".

62.Varya means "stranger".

Common Russian Cat Names

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There are a lot of people who prefer naming their little friends with something unique and out-of-the-world names. Here is our list of some awesome and unique names in Russian for the cat.

63.Aslan (Persian, Turkish origin) means "lion". It is one of the famous characters from the movie 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.

64.Arturo (Italian origin) means "bear". This name is associated with the legendary King Arthur.

65.Cinder (English origin) means "ember".

66.Faddei means "brave".

67.Inessa means "chaste"; inspired by Inessa Korkmaz, a Russian volleyball player.

68.Kirill means "master". This cat name inspired by the Russian Pianist Kirill Gerstein.

69.Koshka means "cat".

70.Kremlin means "the citadel". It is a good cat name related to the home of the Russian president.

71.Kolya means "victory of people".

72.Kostya means "constant".

73.Ksenia means 'wanderer".

74.Milan meaning "kind". This name is associated with the famous Italian city of the same name.

75.Moscow means "near Moskva River". Moscow, the capital city of Russia would make a cool name for your cat.

76.Nikolai means "victory of people".

77.Nina means "favor" or "grace"

78.Olya means "holy".

79.Pavel means "small".

80.Polina means "little stone". 'Polina' is a 2016 French drama film.

81.Rajah (Indian origin) means "King". It is the name of the tiger from the famous Hollywood movie, 'Aladdin'.

82.Yegor means "hunter".

Cool Russian Cat Names

Russian names have often been simple. But many people want to give some funky and cool names to their little friends. So here is our list of some funky names in Russian for the cat:

83.Akim means "God".

84.Constantine (Latin origin) means "loyal". This is derived from the great Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

85.Denis (French origin) means "devotee of Dionysos". This is a famous cartoon character.

86.Drago means "dear one".

87.Helena (Latin origin) means "light". This name is related to Helena, the Roman mother of emperor Constantine.

88.Kalashnikov (Ukrainian origin) means "creator of kalaches". This name is derived from the famous Russian inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov..

89.Laika means "barker". This name is associated with the first living being to orbit around the earth's orbit.

90.Markov means "of Mars, the War God". This name is inspired by a character in 'Dungeons and Dragons'.

91.Pushka means "cannon". This is the name of the Russian gunners or gunsmith.

92.Raisa means "easygoing". This is a unique name for a cat, inspired by a character from the anime 'Strike Witches'.

93. Rurik (Russian/Slavic origin) means "red" or a "notable ruler". This can be a fitting name for a ginger cat due to its link to the color red.

94.Svetlana means "luminescent". This name was made famous by the Russian writer and composer Vasily Zhukovsky in his first ballade published in 1813.

95.Timur (Turkish origin) means "conqueror".

96.Vanya means "gift of gracious God". This cat name is inspired by Vanya Hargreeves from 'The Umbrella Academy'.

97.Zigor meaning "farmer".

98.Zolotse means "my gold".

99. Zsofia means "life"

100.Zvezda means "star".

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