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Vedette is an Italian name for girls. The meaning of Vedette is 'sentry' or 'scout'. Vedette is also used in French culture and means something singled out. The name Vedette can be a little difficult to pronounce, although one can come up with nicknames to ease the pronunciation. Vedette has a numerology value of 6, and people associated with the 6 are known for keeping the right balance between things in their life. They work hard but also know how to have fun. They have fun but also prioritize leisure and comfort. They have a social life but also give their family equal importance. Vedette is believed to be full of sympathy and may need compassion and kindness to move forward in their life. They are kind to everyone even if the other person does not reciprocate the same back. Vedette is of Christian origin. Vedette is also used to name a cabaret artist. A film named 'Vedette' was made famous in 2021. Although the name Vedette is not common, it was popularly used in 1967.


Vedette is most often associated with the gender: female.

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V-E-D-E-T-T-E , is a 7-letter female given name.

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