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Shepherd collie mix facts for young children
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Shepherd collie mix is a cross breed of a German shepherd dog and border collie dog. They have inherited some best qualities from both the parent breeds, i.e.

being intelligent, energetic, and loyal.

German shepherd border collie mix is one of the most popular companion dogs that loves to be around its human family members.

Due to the extreme popularity of German shepherd border collie mix, several new breeds have been created in other countries such as Australian shepherd border collie mix, Anatolian shepherd border collie mix, plus more. As it is a mix breed dog, shepherd collie mix can have different coat color that varies between cross bred and pure bred puppies.

The fur of a shollie puppy is usually medium length, though it might vary according to the region where the dog resides, some need more warmth than others! The most common health condition that these working dogs suffer from is hip dysplasia.

The border collie German shepherd mix dog is widely used by the police and the military as they are fairly easy to train and are very obedient.

We are here with some fun facts about the German shepherd border collie mix breed which will give you all the information about them. Well, who doesn’t want a loyal pet? So, let’s take a dip inside. Thereafter, do check out our articles on  Kunming wolfdog and Australian retriever.

Shepherd Collie Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a shepherd collie mix?

The shepherd collie mix is a cross breed of a border collie and a German shepherd border collie. German shepherd mix dogs are full of energy and highly intelligent and this makes them a good pet for anyone out there, they'll be loyal and raise your spirits.

Plus, it is a mood-lifter and definitely knows how to light up a household.

What class of animal does a shepherd collie mix belong to?

A border collie German shepherd mix dog belongs to the Mammalian class by its ability to give birth to its young ones. The coat colors for its puppies varies as per the breeding and it’s quite beautiful. The breed has its roots in England and Scotland.

How many shepherd collies are there in the world?

They have a well-balanced population all around the world. And they were named as one of the most popular breeds in the United States in 2016. Their population is assumed to be more than a million all over the world.

Where does a shepherd collie mix live?

The border collie German shepherd mix dogs are raised to be domesticated. Therefore, they are comfortable in any kind of hospitable environment, generally a house. Plus, they are also raised to be working dogs, therefore, they can adapt in any kind of caring environment.

What is a shepherd collie's habitat?

The ideal habitat for border collie German shepherd mix dogs is an environment where they can freely move. They demand a lot of exercise ideally over an hour a day, split up into a couple of sessions. Therefore, they do their best in a friendly environment.

Who do shepherd collies live with?

Border collie German shepherd mix dogs are exceptionally affectionate to the people in their life and also are very protective of their owner and family. They are also a great match with kids and enjoy a playing session with them. As mentioned earlier, they are raised to be domesticated and, therefore, live well with humans.

How long does a shepherd collie mix live?

The lifespan of a German shepherd border collie mix dog is 10-15 years. It differs depending on their surroundings and the care they are provided with.

How do they reproduce?

In order for the reproduction to take place, the female dog should be in “heat cycle”. On the other side, the German shepherd border collie mix male dog should be tall enough to mount the female.

After they go through a firm connection, they will position themselves for 5-30 minutes. The pregnancy period for female German shepherd collie mix dog could range between 58-63 days and, thereafter, the female gives birth to 5-10 puppies.

What is their conservation status?

The total number of German shepherd collie mix dogs all around the world is estimated to be in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. Their breeds have a healthy and genuine population. With an average age of up to 15 years, they tend to live longer than other dogs.

Shepherd Collie Mix Fun facts

What do shepherd collies look like?

German shepherd collie mix dog coat colors include black, golden, white, brown, and often it's a mix of two colors, like black and white. The purebred dogs who are born out of purebred parents appear slightly different that hybrid dogs.

The coat of this mixed breed dog is often described as medium in length and their appearance is textured, dense, and straight. They are relatively tall and are very energetic plus playful.

Shepherd Collie mix is used by police and military.

How cute are they?

When it comes to cuteness, then German shepherd collie mix dogs appearance is way too appealing to the eyes.  They are extremely sociable and are a ball of energy.

How do they communicate?

As said earlier, the German shepherd collie mix is a breed of pet dogs and therefore, they are highly intelligent and understanding. They can easily grapes into your emotions and commands. Collie shepherd mix dogs use the common methods of communication that includes, whines, howls, barks, whimpers, and so on.

How big is a shepherd collie mix?

Shepherd collie mix breed dogs are relatively taller and bigger in size. These mixed breed dogs are large like German shepherds and are around 70-80 lb in weight and are 27-29 in tall, which is slightly bigger than a border collie.

How fast can a shepherd collie mix run?

As a mixed breed of German shepherds and border collies, collie shepherd mix dogs can reach an average speed of 34-35 mph. There is also evidence that shows that they can reach up to the speed of 40 mph.

How much does a shepherd collie mix weigh?

On an average, the shepherd and border collie mix weighs around 70-80 lb, which is almost same as German shepherds. Though, the weight can vary slightly, depending on the exercise routines, eating habits, and the environment.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Male shepherd collie mix dog is known as a dog while a female shepherd collie mix dog is known as a bitch.

What would you call a baby shepherd collie mix?

The shepherd collie mix is a German shepherd and border collie cross breed. Therefore, the offspring of the German shepherd mixes breed with border collie are known as 'puppies'.

What do they eat?

They are omnivores in nature and, therefore, they can feed on both vegetables and meat. It is important to provide them with good quality dog food that will provide them with essential nutrients to keep away from several health issues and offer necessary mental stimulation.

As it is a designer dog, shepherd collie mix serves as a good family dog if their health conditions are taken care of.

Are they slobbery?

No, not all the time. Despite being a large dog, the mixed breed dog of the German shepherd and the border collie, they are not highly slobbery. And, their soft cuddly fur makes them extremely lovable and comfortable.

Would they make a good pet?

Shepherd collie mix is the best guard dog out there with high energy levels. They are extremely social and friendly which makes them a very good companion.

Plus, they are really good with children and are protective towards their loved ones. Therefore, they are all in one pet combo where in they can perform the role of a guard dog, herding dog, family dog, and working dog together.

Did you know...

The diet of a shepherd collie mix should be a high-energy one. They need to stick to a healthy diet routine as overeating can cause weight gain and associated health problems, especially if the exercise routine is not maintained properly which would create problems for them to work as a herding dog.

You need to change the diet of the mix dog breeds as they enter the period of adulthood from puppyhood and it will constantly change as they become much older. It is better to consult a veterinarian for recommendation of the diet for collie mixes as it varies among individual dogs including weight, energy, and health issues.

Having your own shepherd collie mix

You can always adopt them from any pet adoption center. Shepherd collie mix price starts from $450 and goes up to $950. The price might vary from place to place depending upon the weight, age, and health of the dog. They are really friendly and affectionate.

You can train them with treats. In simple words, the breed is food-focused which makes them easier to train with treats.

Some of them also respond to toy-focused training which would be great. They require a lot of socialization with people to reduce any guarding behaviors and aloofness. The shepherd collie mix is intelligent which makes your training part easy and enjoyable.

Caring for your shepherd collie mix

Shepherd Collie mix requires a lot of exercise and workout sessions in order to maintain its health. It needs good dental hygiene, so you need to brush them twice a week. You should also clean and check their paws and nails. Plus, a regular inspection for any kind of infection is a must.

Moreover, the seasonal shredding also means they need good care. They need to be brushed a minimum of twice a week. With all these you can create a good bond with your pup. Plus, you should also take your pup for professional grooming a few times a year.

Collie mixes are particularly prone to diseases. This might include problems like elbow dysplasia, eye diseases, allergies, and skin irritations.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! Learn more about some other mammals including snorkie, or Brazilian terrier.

You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Shepherd collie coloring pages.

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