203 Old English Boys' Names For Inspiration

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Originally Published on Jul 07, 2020
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Old English boy names have a timeless charm, filled with the spirit of heroes and kings. They're a great way to connect to England's rich history and they carry meanings from long ago. If you're looking for a unique and meaningful name for your son, Old English names are a treasure chest!

These names are both strong and beautiful. They often mean things like 'royal', 'brave', or 'wise protector', qualities that are still admired today. Choosing a name with roots in Old English is a way to honor the past while giving your son a name with lasting power.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With A

An image suitable for baby names of English origin. The design encompasses elements of English culture and history.

British boy names starting with 'A' offer a unique blend of history and distinction. Many of these names, such as 'Alden' (meaning 'old friend') and 'Alfred' ('elf counsel'), originate from ancient kingdoms and reflect the values of those eras. Their meanings often emphasize wisdom, strength, and leadership.

1. Ackerley: means “from the clearing of oak trees”.

2. Acton: means “town in the oak trees”.

3. Addison: means “Adam’s son”.

4. Adney: means “from the island of the nobleman”.

5. Alcott: means “from the oak cottage”.

6. Alden: means “wise protector”.

7. Alder: means “from the alder tree”.

8. Aldis: means “from the old house”.

9. Aldred: means “wise counsellor”.

10. Aldwin: means “wise counsellor”.

11. Alford: means “from the old ford”.

12. Alfred: means “wise counsellor”.

13. Almer: means “noble”.

14. Alvin: means “noble friend”.

15. Alston: means “from the noble’s town”.

16. Alton: means “from the old town”.

17. Ashley: means “ash tree”.

18. Aubrey: means “elf counsel”.

19. Audrey: means “noble strength”.

20. Averill: means “boar warrior”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With B

If you're looking for a classic and strong name for your baby boy, consider Old English names starting with "B". These names have a timeless quality, hinting at a history of bravery and strength. They reflect the rich legacy of the British Isles and carry a sense of tradition.

21. Baldwin: means “bold friend”.

22. Bancroft: means “bean field”.

23. Barclay: means “birth meadow”.

24. Barden: means “from the valley of barley”.

25. Baxter: means “baker”.

26. Benedict: means “brave friend”.

27. Bentley: means “from the clearing overgrown with bent grass”.

28. Blade: means “glory”.

29. Blake: means “fair-haired”.

30. Bob: means “bright, famous”.

31. Booth: means “hut”.

32. Bond: means “tiller of the soil”.

33. Bradley: means “broad meadow”.

34. Brandon: means “beacon hill”.

35. Brian: means “one who is from a high and noble birth”.

36. Bronson: means “son of Brown”.

37. Bud: means “herald”.

38. Byron - means “cattle shed”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With C

Old English names for boys like Cedric ("war leader") and Cuthbert ("bright edge") sound strong and noble. They aren't just names, they carry a sense of history and tradition. Think of them as echoes of the past, where values like leadership and protection meant everything.

39. Calvert: means “one who is a cowboy or shepherd”.

40. Cameron: means “bent nose”.

41. Carling: means “from the hill where old women gather”.

42. Carter: means “cart driver”.

43. Chad: means “warlike”.

44. Chance: means “blessed by fortune”.

45. Channing - means “knowing”.

46. Charles: means “free man”.

47. Charlton: means “form the farm of free peasants”.

48. Christopher: means “one who is a Christ-bearer”.

49. Clifford: means “the steep edge of a ford”.

50. Clinton: means “a town near a hill”.

51. Cuthbert: means “bright and famous”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With D

Old English names starting with "D" offer a unique and timeless choice for your baby boy. These names have a rich history and come from places all over the world, from Denmark to Devon.

Choosing an Old English name is a beautiful way to honor the past while giving your son a strong and distinctive name for a bright future. Think of these "D" names as fitting for a little leader, a thoughtful friend, or someone destined for success!

52. Dane: means “from Denmark”.

53. Darnell: means “from the hidden place”.

54. Darell: means “beloved”.

55. Darwin: means “beloved friend”.

56. Dayton: means “from the sunny town”.

57. Dee: means “dark”.

58. Devon: means “Devon county”.

59. Dickinson: means “powerful, rich ruler”.

60. Dunstan: means “dark stone”.

61. Dwight: means “fair one”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With E

An image showing in alphabets crested on a metal tiles in a chest box and a lady's hand with red polished nails holding the alphabet e

If you're looking for a classic English baby boy name with a royal touch, consider one starting with the letter 'E'. Names like Edward (meaning "wealthy guardian") and Elric ("noble ruler") have a timeless quality and remind us of strong leaders from the past. These names are steeped in history and suggest a sense of tradition perfect for your little prince.

62. Eardley: means “from the clearing by the home”.

63. Earl: means “nobleman”.

64. Edgar: means “prosperous spear”.

65. Edmund - means “successful defender”.

66. Edward: means “guardian of prosperity”.

67. Edwin: means “prosperous friend”.

68. Egbert: means “prosperous sword”.

69. Eldred: means “old counsel”.

70. Ellery: means “from the alder tree”.

71. Elliot: means “noble battle”.

72. Elmer: means “famous noble”.

73. Elton: means “from the old town”.

74. Emerson: means “Emery’s son”.

75. Emmet: means “truth”.

76. Erland: means “from the earl’s land”.

77. Erling: means “the firstborn son of the earl”.

78. Everild: means “slayer”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With F

If you love the sound of history, Old English boy names starting with "F" offer a wealth of strong and meaningful choices. These names have a timeless quality, carrying echoes of a world where names like "god's ruler" and "prosperous protector" held great significance.

79. Fairfax: means “blond-haired”.

80. Farley: means “From the clearing of the bull”.

81. Flint: means “name of the stone”.

82. Floyd: means “the hollow”.

83. Ford: means “river crossing”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With G

Old English names starting with "G" have a rich history. They were often given to rulers, reflecting strength and leadership. These names are like echoes from the past, reminding us of a time of brave knights and rolling countryside. They carry a sense of tradition and importance that has lasted through the ages.

84. Garfield: means “promontory”.

85. Garrett: means “brave spearman”.

86. Garson: means “son of the spear”.

87. Garton: means “from the town of spears”.

88. Ghislain: means “pledge”.

89. Gladstone: means “kite-shaped stone”.

90. Godwin: means “God’s friend”.

91. Grayson: means “son of Gary”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With H

Choosing a baby boy name that starts with "H" connects your son to a rich history. Names like Harold ("army ruler") and Hubert ("bright heart") carry a sense of strength and nobility from their English roots. These traditional choices have a timeless quality that still feels fresh and appealing today.

92. Hadley: means “heath covered meadow”.

93. Hamilton: means “from the flat-topped hill”.

94. Harley: means “from the clearing of the army”.

95. Harold: means “ruler of an army”.

96. Harper: means “harpist or minstrel”. Popular after the novel 'To Kill A Mockingbird'.

97. Hartman: means “strong man”.

98. Harvey: means “army warrior”.

99. Herbert: means “famous within the army”.

100. Hereward: means “guardian of the army”.

101. Hilton: means “manor of the hill”.

102. Holt: means “from the wood”.

102. Hugh: means “bright in mind and spirit”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With J

The letter 'J' holds a treasure chest of classic English boy names that have stood the test of time. Many, like the ever-popular 'John' (meaning 'God is gracious'), have been used by both kings and everyday folk. Often inspired by the Christian faith, these names frequently suggest a sense of being 'chosen' or 'called'.

103. Jagger: means “a teamster”.

104. Jarvis: means “driver, conqueror”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With K

An image of a yellow wooden cube dice showing the letter K

Names like 'Kendrick' ('royal ruler') and 'Keegan' ('descendant of the fiery one') have a special charm. They blend a sense of history with a modern sound. These names have English roots and hint at the strength and leadership of long-ago times.

105. Kent: means “border, coast, bright white”.

106. Keyon: means “guiding, leading”.

107. King: means “ruler”.

108. Kinsey: means “from the King’s island”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With L

Names that start with "L" have a special ring to them. Think of brave knights like 'Lancelot' or historic figures like 'Lincoln'. These names have a sense of history and adventure that appeals to many modern British parents. They offer a unique blend of strength and tradition.

109. Landon: means “from the long hill”.

110. Lawson: means “son of Lawrence”.

111. Leighton: means “from the farm next to the river”.

112. Lincoln: means “home by the pond”.

113. Linden: means “from the linden tree”.

114. Lynwood: means “from the linden wood near the stream”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With M

The letter 'M' offers a wonderful selection of baby boy names – some classic English choices, some inspired by places, and even a few that work for both boys and girls!

Names like 'Milton' remind you of old English towns, while 'Marshall' has a strong, historic feel. With an 'M' name, your little boy will carry a piece of history, reflecting a time when names held deeper meanings about family and values.

115. Madison: means “good son”.

116. Manton: means “from the hero’s village”.

117. Marlow: means “from the hillside lake”.

118. Melbourne: means “from the mill stream”.

119. Meldon: means “from the mill on the hill”.

120. Melrose: means “from the bare moor”.

121. Milton: means “from the mill by the farm”.

122. Morley: means “from the clearing by the moor”.

123. Morten: means “from the farm by the moor”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With N

Names starting with 'N' can have fascinating meanings. 'Norwood', for example, means 'north wood' and suggests a connection to nature. Other 'N' names, like 'Nelson', hint at strength and family ties. These names carry a sense of history and tradition, making them a wonderful choice for a baby boy.

124. Nelson: means “son of a champion”.

125. Newton: means “from the new farm”.

126. Norton: means “from the northern town”.

127. Nyle: means “island”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With O

Old English names starting with "O" are unique and charming. They're less common these days, giving your son a name with a touch of history and a distinguished feel. These names carry a sense of tradition, making them a special choice for your little one.

128. Oakley: means “from the oak meadow”.

129. Ogden: means “from the valley of oak trees”.

130. Orton: means “from the town by the sea”.

131. Osbert: means “famous to God”.

132. Osmond: means “God protector”.

133. Oswald: means “divinely powerful”.

134. Oxford: means “from where the oxen ford”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With P

An image showing different alphabets on a slate tiles

There are so many wonderful English baby boy names that start with the letter 'P'! These names are steeped in history and tradition, giving your little one a strong sense of identity. A 'P' name offers a timeless, classic quality that he can carry with pride.

135. Palmer: means “palm bearing pilgrim”.

136. Parker: means “cultivated land”.

137. Parry: means “son of Harry”.

138. Patton: means “from the town of warriors”.

139. Pelham: means “one from Pelham”.

140. Perry: means “from the pear tree”.

141. Peyton: means “from the town of warriors”.

142. Presley: means “from the clearing of the priest”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With R

Old English names starting with "R" have a powerful and noble sound to them. Many of these names mean "strength" or "leader," and they're reminders of a time of brave rulers and exciting tales. Even today, these names carry a sense of history and tradition.

143. Radford: means “from the ford covered in reeds”.

144. Radnor: means “from the shore of the reeds”.

145. Raleigh: means “from the clearing of the roe deer”.

146. Ralph: means “wolf, wise counsel”.

147. Ramsey: means “from the island of the rams”.

148. Ranald: means “wise and powerful ruler”.

149. Rand: means “shield”.

150. Randall: means “a person from a border area or a village edge”.

151. Ransford: means “from the ford of the raven”.

152. Ransley: means “from the meadow of the raven”.

153. Raven: means “a raven”.

154. Ravenel: means “raven”.

155. Redman: means “protector and advisor”.

156. Remington: means “from a town near the border”.

157. Ripley: means “from the long clearing”.

158. Robert: means “bright, famous”.

159. Rockley: means “from the rocky clearing”.

160. Romney: means “from the broad river”.

161. Rudd: means “red-faced”.

162. Rudyard: means “from the red enclosure”.

163. Rylan: means “dweller in the rye field”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With S

If you're looking for a classic baby name with a touch of history, Saxon and Somerset are great places to start! Try these strong, yet beautiful 'S' names; they sound elegant and timeless, reminders of a time when names carried strength and meaning.

164. Sandon: means “from the sandy hill”.

165. Saxon: means “the people of the swords”.

166. Scott: means “from Scotland”.

167. Seaton: means “from the town by the sea”.

168. Seger: means “sea spear”.

169. Seton: means “from the agricultural town”.

170. Shaw: means “from the wood”.

171. Sheldon: means “from the shelter of the hill”.

172. Sheridan: means “eternal treasure”.

173. Shreman: means “one who shears sheep”.

174. Sinjon: means “Saint John”.

175. Somerset: means “from the summer land”.

176. Spencer: means “dispenser, keeper”.

177. Stafford: means “from the landing-place by the river”.

178. Stanford: means “from the rocky crossing”.

179. Stanley: means “from the rocky meadow”.

180. Sunna: means “from the sun”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With T

Names like Tyler ("a tile maker") and Trent (from a river) hold a special connection to history. They remind us of a time when craftsmanship and the natural world were deeply valued in England. These names are more than just words – they carry echoes of the past.

181. Teon: means “a brave warrior”.

182. Thane: means “noble warrior”.

183. Todd: means “fox-like”.

184. Townsend: means “from the end of town”.

185. Truman: means “honest man”.

186. Tucker: means “a fuller of cloth”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With V

An image showing a baby boy laying on a white bedding,  his mothers hands are on his chest and the name, English is written

Choosing a "V" name for your baby boy adds a unique and distinguished touch. These names often have a classic, timeless feel with a hint of stylish flair. They're perfect for parents who want a name that's both memorable and meaningful.

187. Vance: means “man from the marsh”.

188. Varden: means “from the verdant hill”.

Names Of Old English Origin That Start With W

If you're looking for a strong and unique baby boy name, consider starting with the letter 'W'. Many wonderful Old English names begin with this letter, offering a sense of history and tradition.

These names are often powerful and meaningful, reminding us of a time of brave warriors and wise leaders. Old English names that start with 'W' often suggest strength and heritage.

189. Wade: means “crosser of the river”.

190. Wakefield: means “wet field”.

191. Wallis: means “a person from Wales”.

192. Walton: means “dweller by the wall”.

193. Waverly: means “from the tree-lined meadow”.

194. Wayne: means “wagon maker”.

195. Wesley: means “from the clearing in the west”.

196. Weston: means “from the town in the west”.

197. Wilfred: means “much peace”.

198. Winston: means “joy stone”.

199. Woodrow: means “from the row of cottages in the wood”.

200. Wright: means “craftsman, carpenter”.

201. Wyman: means “soldier”.

202. Wymer: means “famous warrior”.

203. Wystan: means “battle stone”.


What qualities do Old English boy names typically symbolize?

Old English boy names often symbolize qualities such as strength ('god's ruler'), bravery ('battle'), wisdom ('wise protector'), and nobility ('noble'). These names are heavily influenced by the roles and attributes valued during the Middle Ages and the long history of England.

Can Old English names be gender-neutral?

Absolutely! Many Old English names such as 'Kim', originally meaning 'royal fortress meadow', or 'Ashley', meaning 'ash tree clearing', started as gender-neutral and are still used as such today. These names often reflect nature, professions, or qualities that transcend gender.

How do names like 'Alfred' and 'Edward' reflect English history?

Names like 'Alfred', meaning 'wise counsel', and 'Edward', meaning 'wealthy guardian', reflect the royal history and the rulers who left their mark on England. Such names are often associated with famous kings like Alfred the Great and Edward the Confessor who played prominent roles in shaping English history.

Are Old English names like 'Stanley' or 'Oscar' still popular today?

Yes, many Old English names remain popular today, and are sometimes given modern twists. 'Stanley', meaning 'stone clearing' and 'Oscar', with roots meaning 'deer friend', are great examples of how heritage and modern English trends converge in baby names.

How can an Irish or Welsh surname also be an Old English name?

An Irish surname like 'Brady', meaning 'broad island', or a Welsh surname like 'Lloyd', meaning 'grey', can share similarities with English names in medieval form because of the intertwined history and cultural exchanges among these regions, especially during the Anglo-Saxon period.

Old English boy names hold a special charm, like treasures from a forgotten time. They carry the strength and wisdom of generations past, using English words to convey powerful qualities. Whether your chosen name means 'noble protector' or 'wise counselor', it connects your son to a rich history.

You just might find the perfect fit in a classic name on this list. These names honor tradition and create a timeless bond with the past, a legacy your son will carry proudly.

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