The Best 40+ Girl Names Ending In Lynn

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Originally Published on Oct 25, 2020
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Naming baby girls can be a challenging prospect, particularly if you want something unique.

There is a growing trend to give girls names that end in -Lynn. Yet, choosing these names can be a hard task, as there is such a vast choice.

The word Lynn is actually of Welsh and German origin. It means "lake" or "mild" respectively and can be easily added to other names as a suffix.  To make this tiring search easier, we have compiled a list of beautiful names ending in Lynn, which are unique and have fascinating meanings.

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Two-Syllable Girls' Names Ending In Lynn

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Here is a list of the top two-syllable names which end in Lynn.

1. Adelynn/Adalynn (German origin) meaning "nobility". Both variations are very popular: Adelynn and Adalynn. Adelynn Spoon is a child actress who played a recurring role in the HBO series 'Watchman'.

2. Ashlynn (Irish origin) meaning "a daydream". Ashlynn is one of the most popular girl names ending in Lynn. Actress Ashlynn Yennie is associated with this name.

3. Braelynn (Welsh origin) meaning "honorable and virtuous". This could be a fantastic unique choice for your baby girl.

4. Breslynn (Irish origin) meaning "strife". Although primarily a surname, this could be used as a first name too.

5. Brooklynn (Dutch-American origin) meaning "broken land". Brooklynn Prince is a critically acclaimed child actress.

6. Charlynn (English origin) meaning "a free person". Charlynn Gwee is a Singaporean chef.

7.Chrislynn (German origin) means "an evergreen follower of Christ". A popular name for baby girls.

8. Darlynn (Gaelic origin) meaning "beautiful, lovely waterfall". This is an old name ending in Lynn.

9. Evelynn (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "to live through strength". For girls, this is a very popular name.

10. Ezlynn (American origin) meaning "to live near water". Sri Lankan lawyer Ezlynn Deraniyagala was the country's first female lawyer.

11. Gracelynn (Latin origin) meaning "graceful". Gracelynn Weiss is a YouTube star associated with this name.

12. Harlynn (English origin) meaning "grey land". DC Comic's supervillain Harley Quinn's alter ego Dr. Harleen Quinzel has a phonetically identical name

13. Jacelynn (American origin) meaning "one who has no fear". This is always at the top of the list of unique girl names ending in Lynn.

14. Jaelynn (American origin) meaning "a gift from God". This could act as a beautiful name for your baby girl.

15. Jaslynn (Persian origin) meaning "jasmine". Phonetically, this is one of the names similar to the Indian origin name Jasleen.

16.  Jocelynn (German origin) meaning "flowing water". The New York Times bestselling author of the 'Asylum' series, Jocelynn Drake, is associated with this name.

17. Kaelynn (Gaelic origin) meaning "keeper of keys". Dancer Kaelynn KK Harris is an excellent example of this name.

18. Katelynn (American origin) meaning "pure". Viral artistic gymnast Katelyn Ohashi and 'The Walking Dead' actor Katelyn Nacon have phonetically similar names with a slight variation in spelling.

19. Maelynn (Irish origin) meaning "princess". Maelynn Arnold is a classical violinist who also teaches young violinists.

20. Oaklynn (American origin) meaning "beautiful and strong". As part of old baby names ending in Lynn, this would be a perfect name for your daughter.

21. Paislynn (French origin) meaning "unfinished gift of God".

22. Raelynn (Hebrew origin) meaning "advisor and protector". Raelynn is the stage name of American songwriter and singer Rachael Lynn Woodward, who appeared in the singing reality show 'The Voice'.

23. Rylynn (English origin) meaning "beautiful queen". Rylynn is the name of a song by guitarist, Andy Mckee.

24. Shaylynn (American origin) meaning "beautiful hawk". Shailene Woodley's name sounds identical to this name.

25. Skylynn (English origin) meaning "belonging to the sky". Skylynn can be on your list of cool baby girl names.

26. Tailynn (American origin) meaning "lotus flower". This innovative and beautiful name can act as a perfect name for your baby girl.

27. Weslynn (English origin) meaning "beautiful meadow". Canadian politician Weslyn Mather's name phonetically sounds very similar to Weslynn.

28. Zelynn (English origin) meaning "sunshine".

Three-Syllable Girls' Names Ending In Lynn

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Although many traditional names are old fashioned, some are becoming increasingly fashionable again. Here is a list of three-syllabic  names that end with Lynn.

29. Brendalynn (Irish origin) meaning "beacon on the hill".

30. Carolynn (French origin) meaning "strong and little". The twin sister of actor, Carson Rowland, has the name, Carolynn.

31. Coralynn (Latin origin) meaning "maiden". Of all the girl names that end in Lynn, this name is unique.

32. Emberlynn (American origin) meaning "glowing lake". Emberlynn is one of the most rare and unique name for girls.

33. Emmalynn (German origin) meaning "one who is loved greatly".

34. Gwendolynn (Welsh origin) meaning "blessed ring". Poet Gwendolyn Brooks has a similar name.

35. Jacquelynn (French origin) meaning "may God protect". Jacquelynn Baas is a renowned historian, writer, and curator. She additionally holds the role of Director Emeritus of the Berkley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive.

36. Kendalynn (Spanish origin) meaning "to love forever". This is one of the most unique and beautiful names.

37. Kimberlynn (English origin) meaning "meadow across the lake". American track and field athlete, Kimberlyn Duncan has the same name but with a different spelling.

38. Madelynn (English origin) meaning "a woman from Magdala". This can top the list of all classy and vintage baby names for girls.

39. Marilynn (American origin) meaning "beloved". Iconic actress Marilyn Monroe has a name that only differs in spelling from Marilynn. This name is at the top of more than one list of popular baby names for girls ending in Lynn.

40. Novalynn (American origin) meaning "a new friend". This is a relatively new name.

41. Rosalynn (Spanish origin) meaning "little rose". Rosalynn Carter is a former First Lady of the USA. This is a particularly beautiful name for girls.

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