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An imp is a mythical creature that resembles a fiend or demon.

These mythical beasts are commonly referenced in folklore and superstition. They are usually small creatures, being more mischievous rather than evil or demonic.

The origins of these legendary creatures can be traced back to German folklore. These uncontrollable, free spirited beings were sometimes considered to be God's attendants and were portrayed as wild fairies.

Popular depictions of imps now represent them as tricksters who often play pranks on humans in an attempt to gain attention and friendship. This popular depiction has led to the use of the word "impish" to represent someone who loves practical jokes.

English folklore has recognized imps as lesser beings under the control of darker forces like the Devil or witches. In fact, the word 'imp' comes from the Old English term 'ympa' which means "offshoot of a tree".

This denotes an imp's secondary role when compared to higher level supernatural beings. An imp may be bound to an object and take corporeal form only when summoned by its master.

Western Europe's Christianization resulted in imps becoming associated with evil. Demon imps are believed to be the Devil's spawns, threatening human existence and misleading people through fear and lies. This means that, as well as the traditional mischievous names, some imp names do have more evil meanings now.

The gargoyle like imp has been depicted in architectural structures around the world as well as popular art forms, including in the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales. If you're looking for the perfect imp name for your next character, we've rounded up a list you'll love.

You can draw inspiration from these evil names, names of various types of demons, trickster God names, or imp names from games such as' World Of Warcraft and 'Dungeons And Dragons'.

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The Best Imp Names

Looking for a good name for a male or female imp? Pick a name from this list.

1. Aamon (Biblical origin), the name means "one who induces eagerness". This is the name of the seventh spirit of Goetia and the demon Marquis of Hell.

2. Abaddon (Hebrew origin), meaning "destruction".

3. Achlys (Greek origin), the name means "darkness".

4. Adad (Babylonian origin), meaning "God of the storm".

5. Adramelech (Sumerian origin), the name means "devil" or "commander of hell".  

6. Aghanashini (Indian origin), the name means "destroyer of sins".

7. Ahpuch (Mayan origin), meaning "God of death".

8. Armaros (Greek origin), meaning "cursed one".

9. Asmodeus (Hebrew origin), the name means "wrath".

10. Azazel (Hebrew origin), meaning "angel of death".

11. Azrael (Jewish origin), meaning "angel of death".

12. Azvameth (Israeli origin), the name means "strong death".

13. Balor (Irish origin), meaning "the deadly one". The name of a one eyed giant from Irish legend, this name also appears in the game 'Dungeons And Dragons'.

14. Batibat (Tagalog origin), meaning "nightmare". The name of the sleep demon from Ilocano folklore.

15. Beelzebub (Latin, Hebrew origin), the name means "Lord of the flies".

16. Bela (Hebrew origin), meaning "destruction".

17. Bile (Celtic origin), the name means "God of hell".

18. Daeva (Indian origin), the name means "evil spirit".

19. Devland (Irish origin), meaning "misfortune".

20. Deyanirah (Greek origin), the name means "man destroyer".

21. Diabolos (Greek origin), the name means "slanderer".

22. Dierdre (Celtic origin), meaning "sorrowful'.

23. Hadeon (Croatian origin), meaning "destroyer".

24. Mabuz (Scottish origin), the name means "ruler of the death castle".

25. Mammon (Hebrew origin), meaning "money". The name of a greedy, biblical demon.

26. Moloch (Biblical origin), name of the Phoenician and Canaanite devil.

27. Morana (Slavic origin), the name means "death".

28. Nekane (Basque origin), meaning "sorrows".

29. Nukpana (Native American origin), meaning "evil".

30. Orpheus (Greek origin), the name means "darkness of the night".

31. Pyry (Finnish origin), meaning "snowstorm".

32. Satan (Hebrew origin), meaning "adversary", represents God's enemy.

33. Sephtis (Persian origin), the name means "eternal death".

34. Tavarious (American origin), meaning "misfortune".

35. Ubel (German origin), meaning "evil".

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Names Of Imps Inspired By Popular Fiction

Do you want to pick an imp name inspired by popular fiction? Here's a list of names to inspire you.

36. Alaris (Latin origin), meaning "noble leader". A character name from the 'Vampire Diaries'.  

37. Annabelle (Hebrew origin), the name means "one favored by God". Name of the allegedly haunted doll from 'The Conjuring', kept in Ed and Lorraine Warren's occult museum.  

38. Balrog (Sindarin origin), meaning "demon of might". A monster from J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Silmarillion' as well as 'Lord Of The Rings'.

39. Barbariccia (Italian origin), meaning "curly beard". A demon in the inferno from Dante's 'Divine Comedy'.

40. Belfagor (Hebrew origin), the name means "Lord of the gap". The demon from Niccolo Machiavelli's novella, 'Belfagor Arcidiavolo'.

41. Belial (Hebrew origin), meaning "worthless". One of the six demons popularized by the film, 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose'.

42. Blackheart, the fictional demon from 'Marvel Comics' who is Ghost Rider's adversary, first seen in 'Daredevil'.

43. Cain (Hebrew origin), meaning "acquired". One of the six demons popularized by the film, 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose'.  

44. Carmilla (Hebrew origin), the name means "fruitful place". The vampire from Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's gothic novella of the same name.

45. Grendel (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning "legend". Character from the Viking epic poem, 'Beowulf'.  

46. Judas (Hebrew origin), meaning "praise". One of the six demon names popularized by the film, 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose'.

47. Kinkach Martinko (Slavic origin), the imp from 'Fairy Tales Of The Slav Peasants And Herdsmen'.

48. Legion (Latin origin), the name means "speaks intelligently". One of the six demons popularized by 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose'.

49. Lestat (French origin), meaning "status". Name of the vampire from Anne Rice's 'The Vampire Chronicles'.

50. Lucifer (Latin origin), the name means "bearer of light". The fallen angel depicted in 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose'.

51. Nero (Sabine), meaning "strength". One of the six demons from 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose'.

52. Rumpelstiltskin (German origin), meaning "make noise". The imp from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of the same name. The tale was first published in the 'Children's And Household Tales' in 1812 edition.

53. Selene (Greek origin), the name means "bright flame". The most powerful vampire from the 'Underworld' film series.

54. Tom Tit Tot (English origin), the name of the imp in 'English Fairy Tales' by Joseph Jacobs.

55. Whuppity Stoorie (Scottish origin), the imp from Robert Chambers' fairy tale in 'Popular Rhymes From Scotland'.

Imp Names Inspired By Mythology

Do you want the name of your imp to be inspired by mythology? Choose any of these male or female imp names.

56. Ahriman (Persian origin), meaning "evil spirit". The God of death, destruction and darkness.

57. Ambrogio (Italian origin), the name means "immortal". Considered to be the name of the first vampire in Greek mythology.

58. Apep (Egyptian origin), meaning "to slither". Apep was evil personified as a massive dragon or serpent in Egyptian mythology.

59. Boruta (Slavic origin), meaning "demon". This demon ruled over forests.

60. Chernobog (Slavic origin), the name of the God of evil and darkness.

61. Demogorgon (Greek origin), meaning "demon" or "grim". God of the underworld.

62. Dionysus (Greek origin), the God of madness in Greek mythology.

63. Eris (Greek origin), Goddess of discord in Greek mythology.

64. Erlik (Turkish origin), refers to the God of death.

65. Euronymous (Greek origin), the Prince of death in Greek mythology.

66. Hecate (Latin origin), meaning "worker from far off". Goddess of the Underworld in Greek mythology.

67. Lamashtu (Sumerian origin), meaning "one who erases'. Name of a demon in Mesopotamian mythology.

68. Lamia (Arabic origin), the name means "fiend". Name of a monster in Greek mythology.

69. Lilith (Hebrew origin), meaning "of the night". The storm demon who brings about diseases and death.  

70. Mantus (Etruscan origin), meaning "God of the underworld".  

71. Mara (Hebrew origin), the name means "bitter". The cause of nightmares in Scandinavian folklore.

72. Medusa (Greek origin), meaning "cunning". Name of the Gorgon from Greek mythology who turned anyone who looked at her to stone.

73. Pan (Greek origin), God of the wild in Greek mythology.

74. Pandora (Greek origin), meaning "all gift". The first person to unleash evil upon the world.  

75. Samael (Jewish origin), the "destroyer" who is considered the Grim Reaper in Jewish mythology.

76. Seth (Egyptian origin), the name means "one who dazzles". God of chaos and the storm in Egyptian mythology.

77. Shakuni (Indian origin), meaning "bird". Name of the trickster from the 'Mahabharata'.

78. Tokoloshe (African origin), the dwarf-like evil spirit from Zulu mythology.

Names That Denote An Impish Nature

Looking for names that mean "crazy", "trickster", "tricky", or other mischievous names for these fantasy creatures? Pick a name you like from this list.  

79. Aella (Greek origin), meaning "whirlwind".

80. Anansi (African origin), refers to the "spider trickster". One of the good trickster names.

81. Anwir (English origin), the name means "liar".

82. Charlie (German origin), meaning "free".

83. Dubheasa (Irish origin), meaning "dark beauty".

84. Fachnan (Irish origin), the name means "malicious".

85. Ignacia (Latin origin), meaning "burning".

86. Iniko (Nigerian origin), meaning "time of trouble".

87. Jaakobah (Israeli origin), among the names that mean "trickster" or "deceiver".

88. Loki (Scandinavian origin), meaning "trickster".

89. Medea (Greek origin), the name means "cunning".

90. Nyx (Greek origin), meaning "night".

91. Odysseus (Greek origin), meaning "wrathful".

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Gaming Imp Names

Do you want to explore some Warlock pet names or choose an imp name from the 'World Of Warcraft'? Here's a list of WoW imp names for you.

92. Blazing Trickster, a demon imp that can be released during the Arcatraz Harbinger Skyriss encounter.

93. Fiznak, a minion of Unjari Feltongue, the warlock trainer in Orgrimmar's Valley of Spirits.

94. Fizzle, one of the Warlock pet names for Ellrys Duskhallow's imp that serves Kael'thas on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

95. Gazakroth, a  level 70 elite demon imp in Zul'Aman.

96. Gizput, the imp minion of Kurgul, the demon trainer in Cleft of Shadow from the 'World Of Warcraft'.

97. Impsy, a minion of Niby the Almighty in Felwood's Shatter Scar Vale. A level 56 imp.

98. Kil'rek, a minion of Terestian Illhoof.

99. Pimgib, a level 56 humanoid imp accompanying Lethtendris in the Dire Maul East.

100. Pusillin, a level 57 mini-boss imp in Dire Maul East.

101. Terrorspark, a level 55 demon in the Burning Steppes.

Funny Imp Names

Looking for a funny name for your imp character? Here are some names you may like.  

102. Ahuatzi (Aztec origin), meaning "small oak".  

103. Asghar (Arabic origin), meaning "smaller".

104. Chibi (Japanese origin), the name means "to become shorter".

105. Kennedy (Irish, Scottish origin), meaning "ugly head".

106. Mallory (Norman origin), meaning "unfortunate".

107. Rue (French origin), the name means "regret".

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