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200+ Creepy Names From Fiction And Real Life To Inspire You

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Pop culture has so many amazing horror characters who with creepy names.

Not everyone wants a name that means sunshine and rainbows. Some find beauty in the darker side of life.

If you are looking for baby names that are uncommon and unique, like creepy Victorian names, evil names, or names that mean darkness, this list can help! To find the best spooky baby names and character names, take a look at this ultimate list of creepy baby names.

For more, check out these dark last names with meanings and history these Valkyrie names with meanings and pronunciation.

Creepy Fictional Kids' Names

Here are some scary baby names from movies.

1. Alice, the little girl with a creepy mask from ‘Alice Sweet Alice’. This is one of the best evil girl names.

2. Charlene, the girl from ‘Firestarter’ who starts fires and troubles her family.

3. Cole, the baby from ‘The Sixth Sense’ who can see ghosts.

4. Damien, this scary baby was an Antichrist in ‘The Omen’.

5. Esther, an evil girl name from the horror film, ‘Orphan’.

6. Gage, Pet Sematary’s baby is brought back from the dead by his family.

7. Henry, an emotionless child from ‘The Good Son’.

8. Isaac, the 12-year-old from ‘Children Of The Corn’ who starts a cult.

9. Karen, this baby becomes a zombie in ‘Night Of The Living Dead’.

10. Lonnie, Lonnie from ‘Deliverance’ plays an eerie tune in the movie.

11. Niles and Holland, the spooky identical twins from ‘The Other’.

12. Regan, a creepy girl name possessed by an evil spirit in ‘The Exorcist’.

13. Rhoda, a spooky girl name of a character that manipulates her family from ‘The Bad Seed’.

14. Samara, Samara from ‘The Ring’ is one of the best evil names for girls.

15. Tomas, this baby from ‘The Orphanage’ wears a creepy mask.

16. Toshio, the pale white, black eyed baby from ‘The Grudge’.

17. Virginia, Spider Baby’s Virginia is a spider-obsessed girl.

Evil Anime Characters' Names

Here are some scary character names from Anime.

18. Alluka, a soulless dark child from ‘Hunter X Hunter’.

19. Desil, Desil considers people as toys and kills them.

20. Hibana, Deadman Wonderland’s baby loves torturing people.

21. Killua, another creepy child from ‘Hunter X Hunter’.

22. Mariko, the popular villain from the ‘Elfen Lied’.

23. Messiah, Shin Sekai Yori’s baby was created to kill humanity.

24. Reisuke, this anime baby uses his family for his benefit.

25. Selim, Selim is portrayed as apathetic in ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’.

26. Barragan, the creepy elderly man from ‘Bleach’.

27. Caster, the creepy name from ‘Fate Zero’ with no morality.

28. Enma, one of the scary names for girls from the anime ‘Hell Girl’.

29. Gotou, an emotionless character name from ‘Parasyte: The Maxim’.

30. Monokuma, this cute teddy bear is a killer in anime. This is one of the best spooky names.

31. Rena, Rena from ‘Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni’ has a split personality.

32. Sachiko, this is an evil baby character from ‘Corpse Party’.

33. Shion, a character from ‘Higurashi’ who despises her family.

34. Shiro, Deadman Wonderland’s Shiro has a split personality.

35. Tetsu, Tetsuo from ‘Akira’ is a dangerous character.

36. Urado, Ghost Hunt’s monster who kills people to live longer.

37. Zanku, this villain from ‘Akame Ga Kill’ is known for beheading people.

Creepy Animated Characters

Here are some evil cartoons you can use as baby names or character names. If you are looking for scary names, darkness names, ghostly names or names for Halloween, check the list below.

Choose a name from among the creepy animated characters.

38. Bilbo, one of the great Halloween baby names from ‘The Hobbit’.

39. Bowser, the evil dragon character from the Super Mario franchise.

40. Chernabog, a demon name for boys taken from ‘Fantasia’.

41. Claude, the antagonist from ‘The Hunchback Of Notre Dame’.

42. Cruella, a scary monster name for baby girls.

43. Darla, one of the great Halloween baby names inspired by ‘Finding Nemo’.

44. Hades, one of the wonderful baby boy names inspired by ‘Hercules’.

45. Harley, inspired by the scary girl character name Harley Quinn.

46. Henry, derived from the evil baby boy names from ‘Monsters, Inc’.

47. Hexxus, the destructive entity from ‘Fern Gully’.

48. Hopper, a cute Halloween baby name inspired by ‘A Bug’s Life’.

49. Koh, the face stealer from ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’.

50. Mumm-Ra, the creepy sorcerer from ‘Thundercats’.

51. Sabrina, a cute baby girl name taken from 'Pokémon'.

52. Scar, a cool baby name from ‘The Lion King’.

53. Sid, the child villain from ‘Toy Story’.

54. Ursula, an interesting Halloween baby name.

55. Yzma, a demon girl name from ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’.

Creepy Halloween Names

Here are some Halloween baby names you can select. If you are a person who loves demon girl names, names meaning evil, scary girl names, or creepy names for girls, check the list below.

56. Adam, a scary name from ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’.

57. Angelus, an evil name for boys.

58. Bella, Twilight’s Bella is a popular baby girl name.

59. Blair, a popular baby name from ‘The Blair Witch Project’.

60. Buffy, this is derived from 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'.

61. Carrie, a scary girl name from the Stephen King novel.

62. Der, one of the best Halloween character names.

63. Edward, Edward is terrific scary name for boys.

64. Eli, the vampire inspired scary name for girls.

65. Gachnar, one of the scary monster names.

66. Glory, an evil girl name from ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’.

67. Gnarl, a dark sounding name from ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’.

68. Gomez, a creepy last name from ‘The Addams Family’.

69. Jason, the scary killer from ‘Friday The 13th’.

70. Kevin, the evil character from ‘Split’.

71. Laurie, the main girl character name from ‘Halloween’.

72. Lurch, a dark name for boys from ‘The Addams Family’.

73. Lurconis, an evil boy name from ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’.

74. Maleficent, a wonderful dark name for girls.

75. Morticia, an evil name from ‘The Addams Family’.

76. Quint, a scary boy name from ‘Jaws’.

77. Red, a horror name for girls from ‘Us’.

78. Rose, the creepy antagonist of ‘Get Out’.

79. Rosemary, derived from the film ‘Rosemary’s Baby’.

80. Spike, the vampire from ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’.

81. Thomasin, an elegant baby name from ‘The Witch’.

82. Wednesday, a creepy baby name from ‘The Addams Family’.

83. Willow , a dark girl name from ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’.

Goth Names

Take a look at some Gothic baby names. If you are looking for dark sounding names, evil names for boys, names that mean evil, or horror names, our list has you covered.

84. Asmodeus, meaning “demon of wrath”.

85. Astaroth, derived from the name of the Great Duke of Hell.

86. Avarice, a darkness name meaning “excessive greed”.

87. Belladonna, derived from the poisonous plant name.

88. Cain , a baby name meaning the “one who started evil”.

89. Chalice, inspired by the cup used in religious events.

90. Chaos, in Ancient Greek, it means an “empty void”.

91. Diti, Diti was the “Mother of Demons”.

92. Draconia, inspired by a death metal band.

93. Eris, Eris is the Greek Goddess of conflict.

94. Foxglove, the name of a poisonous plant.

95. Grimoire, the American meaning of Grimoire is “spirits”.

96. Lamia, an evil spirit name in Greece. One of the best dark girl names.

97. Lucifer, a popular name for the devil.

98. Maalik, in Islam, Maalik is an angel in Hell.

99. Mallory, the name means “misfortune”.

100. Melancholia, a dark name for girls.

101. Melantha, meaning “a dark flower”.

102. Mortifera, the evil girl name means “fatal”.

103. Salem, inspired by the scary ‘Salem Witch Trails'.

104. Shabriri, Shabriri was the Demon of blindness.

105. Tempest, derived from the tragic play by Shakespeare.

106. Tenebrae, meaning “darkness”.

107. Umbra, the name means “ghost”.

108. Wolfe, the Old German name for "wolf".

Dark Fictional Characters

Here are some sinister fictional names. If you are on the look out for dark names for boys, creepy girl names, names that mean demon or names meaning darkness, check out our list.

109. Annabelle, this sinister doll is a great scary girl name.

110. Annie, Misery’s Annie is an evil name for girls.

111. Anton, the scary character from ‘No Country For Old Men’.

112. Billy, an evil name for boys derived from Saw’s creepy puppet.

113. Candyman, Candyman makes for a superb Halloween character name.

114. Chucky, the scary living doll from makes a great dark name for boys.

115. Fiona, a popular baby girl name that appeared in ‘Kill List’.

116. Freddy, the serial killer from ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’.

117. Hannibal, the creepy villain from ‘The Silence Of The Lambs’.

118. Jack, the crazy protagonist of ‘The Shining’.

119. Kane, Poltergeist’s Kane is a popular baby name.

120. Leatherface, this scary character is another amazing Halloween name.

121. Minnie, Minnie is a creepy character from ‘Rosemary's Baby’.

122. Norman, derived from the movie ‘Psycho’, Norman is a scary boy name.

123. Pennywise, Pennywise is a popular Halloween character name.

124. Pinhead, Hellraiser’s Pinhead is a spooky name for baby boys.

125. Ratched, a great name for Halloween from ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest’.

126. Sadako, Ring’s Sadako is a scary girl name.

127. Stephen, the ruthless antagonist from ‘Django Unchained’.

128. Toby, a ghostly name from ‘Paranormal Activity’.

129. Vidal, Pan's Labyrinth villain makes a great name for boys.

130. Willy, a great name for Halloween inspired by Willy Wonka.

Dark And Deathly Names For Halloween

Below are some haunting names related to death. Check our list for scary boy names and spooky girl names for characters at Halloween.

131. Abaddon, great as a Halloween name meaning “destruction”.

132. Abigor, a name that means “demon”.

133. Achlys, name that means “darkness”.

134. Adaliah, a dark sounding name meaning “someone that draws death”.

135. Ah Puch, in Mayan, Ah Puch is the God of death.

136. Ammit, a female demon name from Ancient Egypt.

137. Anubis, Anubis is the God of death.

138. Lefu, another name that means “death”.

139. Libitina, in Ancient Rome, Libitina was the Goddess of funerals.

140. Markandeya, it translates as “someone who can conquer over death”.

141. Merikh, a Persian name that signifies death.

142. Morana, in Slavic origin, she is the Goddess of death.

143. Mort, this Latin word translates to “death”.

144. Mrithun, Mrithun is the name of the Lord of death.

145. Necro, the Greek word translates to “death”.

146. Omisha, she is the Goddess of death and birth.

147. Requiem, the word means a “mass for the dead”.

148. Shivani, the Hindu girl name translates as “life and death”.

149. Thana, the name also means “death”.

150. Thanatos, in Ancient Greek, Thanatos was death personified.

151. Tuwile, meaning “death is unbeatable”.

152. Valdis, Valdis is a name of a “Death Goddess”.

153. Yama, derived from Yamaraja, the Deity of death.

Evil Names

Below are some of the names of the most monstrous characters in literature.

154. Alex, the creepy name from ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

155. Audley, a creepy Victorian name from ‘Lady Audley's Secret’.

156. Boo, the recluse from the ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.

157. Dolores, the emotionless witch from ‘Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix’.

158. Heathcliff, the sinister character name from ‘Wuthering Heights’.

159. Hyde, the evil boy name from ‘Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde’.

160. Iofur, the dark sounding name from ‘Northern Lights’.

161. Mary, this scary girl name from ‘Lamb To The Slaughter’.

162. Merricat, Merricat from ‘We Have Always Lived In The Castle’ is a scary character.

163. Steerpike, the scary boy name from ‘Gormenghast’.

Dark And Scary Names For Boys And Girls

Below are some eerie baby names or character names you can choose from.

164. Adrienne, meaning “the dark one”.

165. Akuji, the name means “dead and awake”.

166. Alvah, name that means “evil”.

167. Azazel, in Jewish legends, the name signifies a demon. One of the dark names for girls.

168. Belial, Belial is the leader of all the devils.

169. Brona, a great Halloween name that means “sorrow”.

170. Desdemona, this name means “cursed”.

171. Darkul, in Romanian culture, this name means “the devil”.

172. Dyrk, a Gothic name for someone who enjoys the nighttime.

173. Hekate, the mythological name of the “Queen of the underworld”.

174. Iezabel, the name of a cruel Queen eaten by dogs.

175. Lilith , in Jewish folk, Lilith is a female demon.

176. Morrigan, derived from the myth meaning “nightmare Queen”.

177. Natassa, translated as the “resurrection”.

178. Nerezza, the name means “darkness”.

179. Nightshade, the name of a deadly plant.

180. Pandora, derived from the mythology where Pandora opened the jar of evils.

181. Persephone, it has multiple meanings including “bringing death”.

182. Raven, derived from the black bird considered as a bad omen.

183. Ren, derived from Kylo Ren of Star Wars family.

184. Samael, the name of an “Archangel of death”.

185. Ubel, another name meaning “evil”.

186. Verin, a Demon Lord from ‘Dungeons & Dragons’.

187. Xic, this name translates to “someone who brings death”.

188. Zilla, the dark name means “shadow”.

Wicked Names

Take a look at these character and baby names with scary meanings.

189. Amon, derived from Ancient Egypt, meaning “the hidden one”.

190. Balaam, the Biblical name translated as “the wicked one”.

191. Banshee, a Banshee is a spirit who wails to warn people about deaths.

192. Corentin, meaning a “violent storm”.

193. Hela, the Queen of death from ‘Thor’.

194. Ivy, Ivy creates dangerous toxins to defeat Batman.

195. Krasue, a real-life spirit name that was found in Thailand.

196. Leviathon, a name in Demonology and the gatekeeper of Hell.

197. Lilin, means “spirits found in the night”.

198. Malacoda, a demon name from Dante’s Inferno.

199. Orobas, another demon name known as “Hell’s Great Prince”.

200. Puck, this old English name has multiple meanings including “the devil”.

201. Ravana, the antagonist from the Sanskrit epic, 'Ramayana'.

202. Shadow, shadow would make a bewitching dark name.

203. Tynan, literally translated as "dark”.

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